Solidarity - that's what's kept Polish people together, both as a nation and a culture.矔As a country, the Polish have often found themselves torn between warring interests, but each time, the Polish spirit emerges from the turmoil, strong as ever. Much of this has to do with the connective cultural touchstones that Polish speaking families and individuals rally behind, both in Poland as well as in the many Polish immigrant communities across the world. At WorldTVRadio Tuner, we help facilitate the indomitable Polish heritage that emanates from Eastern Europe but thrives in every corner of the globe by offering free radio stations broadcast in Polish.

Whether you live in Chicago or Warsaw, you're only a click away from genuine Polish language radio stations. Commune with the Catholic traditions that have helped define and center many Polish families for generations by tuning in to FIAT Katolickie Radio 94.7 FM from Czestochowa or hear the sounds that drive the pulse of Polish youth from Polskie Radio Bis, a dance, trance and techno radio station out of Warsaw. We even carry Polish speaking stations from other countries, such as Radio Zet out of Brest, Belarus and WNVR Polskie Radio 1030 AM out of Chicago, Illinois.

It doesn't matter where you live or what language your neighbors and coworkers speak - if you're Polish, you know it and you celebrate it. WorldTVRadio Tuner lets Polish communities and families keep their roots strong by providing a connection back to Poland, the land that birthed their ancestors as well as their cultural identity. Tune in for free - we have plenty of quality Polish radio stations that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Polish

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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FIAT Katolickie Radio 94.7 FMPolandReligious16Czestochowa0
Hype RadioPolandClassic Hits128Webcast522
Katolickie Radio Zamosc 90.1 FMPolandReligious24Zamosc0
Kiss 93.5 FMPolandGeneral Station176Poznan651
Muzyczne RadioPolandGeneral Station96Wroclaw757
Polskie Radio BisPolandDance, Trance & Techno16Warsaw519
Polskie Radio DwojkaPolandClassical64Warsaw392
Polskie Radio JedynkaPolandFolklore16Warsaw740
Polskie Radio ParlamentPolandPolitics & Gov.16Warsaw112
Polskie Radio TrojkaPolandRock & Pop16Warsaw1270
Radio Afera 98.6 FMPolandElectronica64Poznan307
Radio Alfa 102.4 FMPolandClassic Hits64Krakow279
Radio Bialystok 99.4 FMPolandTop 4020Bialystok191
Radio Bieszczady 104.9 FMPolandClassic Hits96Bieszczady1
Radio Bit FMPolandTop 4064Szczecin3
Radio Blue 103.4 FMPolandRock & Pop268Poznan284
Radio FaMa 100.8 FMPolandElectronica48Kielce280
Radio HerzAustriaEthnic24Vienna0
Radio Kielce 90.4 FMPolandGeneral Station24Kielce227
Radio Kolor 103 FMPolandEasy Listening64Wroclaw220
Radio Koszalin 103.1 FMPolandGeneral Station56Koszalin146
Radio Lublin 89.9 FMPolandHard Rock64Lublin225
Radio MaryjaPolandReligious40Warsaw352
Radio MaryjaPolandReligious40Warsaw313
Radio Nadzieja 103.6 FMPolandGeneral Station48Ostroleka93
Radio OlsztynPolandGeneral Station32Olsztyn158
Radio OpolePolandGeneral Station24Opole149
Radio Park 93.9 FMPolandTop 4048Wasza103
Radio PIK Pomorza I Kujaw 100.1 FMPolandGeneral Station64Bydgoszcz226
Radio Plus Opole 107.9 FMPolandGeneral Station32Opole126
Radio Polnoc 95.9 FMPolandTop 4032Koszalin124
Radio Polskiego InstytutuPolandCollege32Webcast70
Radio PulsarPolandDance, Trance & Techno48Wroclaw186
Radio Rzeszow 106.7 FMPolandGeneral Station45Rzeszow203
Radio Zak 88.8 FMPolandCollege176Lodz215
Radio ZetPolandGeneral Station32Warszawa1327
Radio ZetBelarusAdult Cont.32Brest597
Radiosfera Kanal DancePolandDance, Trance & Techno48Webcast555
Radiosfera Kanal MixPolandTop 4048Webcast474
Radiosfera Kanal OldPolandClassic Hits48Webcast171
RDC Radio Dla CiebiePolandAdult Cont.32Warszawa362
RMF ClassicPolandClassical64Warsaw373
RMF Classic 87.8 FMPolandClassical32Krakow335
RMF FMPolandGeneral Station16Krakow1795
RMF MaxxxPolandTop 4032Warsaw1671
RMF Maxxx 95.8 FMPolandDance, Trance & Techno48Warzawa3133
VIA Katolickie Radio Rzeszow 103.8 FMPolandGeneral Station32Rzeszow177
WNVR Polskie Radio 1030 AMUSA IllinoisEthnic64IL, Chicago99

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