Norway is one of the world capitals of chart topping pop, metal and other genres of music. In fact, one of the biggest exports from Scandanavia is in fact, music and some of the most recognizable up-and-coming artists from the area sing (or scream) in Norwegian. Whereas the more established artists often look to broaden their audiences by switching from Norwegian to English, many of Norway's top musicians continue to create art in their mother tongue. Whether you've had your interest piqued by a internationally renowned Norwegian artist or you're simply inteščöested in the local politics, culture and news in Norway, WorldTVRadio Tuner has a great selection of Norwegian speaking radio stations right here.

All of the Norwegian radio stations you see are accessible absolutely free - so don't hesitate to drop in on a few different ones. These are all broadcast live - what you hear through your computer speakers is exactly what someone tuning in with an FM tuner in Norway would hear. Check out Klem FM for adult contemporary hits out of Oslo or Radio 1 Bergen out of Bergen, Norway for top 40 songs. Have more discerning tastes? Check out Trondheim Underground Radio, a Norwegian-language webcast that delves into music, news and commentary that doesn't fall into the mainstream.

WorldTVRadio Tuner is a veritable kaleidoscope of cultures, languages and world views. With thousands of radio stations to choose from, hundreds of free TV channels to watch and countless international cities and intriguing countries to visit, no one WorldTVRadio Tuner experience is alike. Tell your friends about all the free radio and online TV available so you can explore the world together, swap your favorite radio stations and share the hidden gems you'll find when listening to free radio stations right here at WorldTVRadio Tuner.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Norwegian

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Adressa JukeboxNorwayClassic Hits48Webcast12
Aftenbladet 100.5 FMNorwayAdult Cont.48Stavanger7
B-2000NorwayTop 4048Webcast5
Blink JukeboxNorwayTop 4048Webcast7
Boogie 75Norway70s48Webcast70
Glasnost84NorwayClassic Hits48Webcast6
JukeboxNorwayAdult Cont.48Webcast9
Kanal 24NorwayAdult Cont.40Fredrikstad8
Klem FMNorwayAdult Cont.48Oslo6
Lofotradioen 104.4 FMNorwayAdult Cont.64Lofoten0
NRJ Radio Energy 106.7 FMNorwayTop 4096Oslo17
NRK Alltid FolkemusikkNorwayFolklore51Oslo23
NRK Alltid KlassiskNorwayClassical51Oslo14
NRK Alltid NyheterNorwayFolklore51Oslo4
NRK MP3NorwayDance, Trance & Techno51Oslo18
NRK P1NorwayClassic Hits51Oslo5
NRK P1 OslofjordNorwayGeneral Station51Oslo3
NRK P2NorwayClassical51Oslo6
NRK P3NorwayGeneral Station51Oslo3
NRK P3 UrortNorwayElectronica51Oslo26
NRK RetroNorwayOldies51Oslo9
NRK Sami RadioNorwayClassical51Oslo15
NRK StortingetNorwayGeneral Station51Oslo2
P4 BalladeNorwayLove Songs40Webcast23
P4 HitsNorwayTop 4040Webcast7
P4 NorskNorwayGeneral Station40Webcast8
P4 OldiesNorwayOldies40Webcast12
P4 Radio Hele NorgeNorwayAdult Cont.40Oslo9
P7 RadioNorwayClassic Hits48Webcast5
Radio 1 100.5 FMNorwayTop 4096Oslo2
Radio 1 BergenNorwayTop 4048Bergen5
Radio 1 OsloNorwayTop 4048Oslo78
Radio 1 StavangerNorwayTop 4048Stavanger5
Radio 1 TrondheimNorwayTop 4048Trondheim9
Radio 102NorwayGeneral Station48Haugesund3
Radio 3NorwayGeneral Station128Bodo6
Radio Absolutt RogalandNorwayAdult Cont.48Webcast6
Radio AdressaNorwayGeneral Station48Trondheim2
Radio Bo 107.6 FMNorwayGeneral Station160Vesteralen5
Radio GjovikNorwayAdult Cont.48Webcast3
Radio Haugaland 105.6 FMNorwayAdult Cont.48Haugesund3
Radio SunnmorspostenNorwayAdult Cont.48Oslo5
Radio Tromso 105.6 FMNorwayGeneral Station128Tromso10
The Voice 104.8 FMNorwayHip-Hop48Oslo26
Trondheim Underground RadioNorwayUnderground48Webcast84

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