Lithuanian is the official language of the state of Lithuania and one of the officially recognized European Union languages. Although a tiny country, with Vilnius, a capital city so small that it looks like a suburb of Paris or London, there are 2.96 million Lithuanian speakers. Lithuanian communities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Belarus, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Uruguay, Russia, and Kazakhstan add the number of speakers to 170,000. Lithuania was not always a tiny country. It was once an empire and Lithuanian was spoken from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Lithuanian, a Baltic language, shares linguistic roots with Latvian, but these languages are not mutually intelligible. The written language uses a variation of the Roman script. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Lithuania offers radio stations with General Station, Religious Programs, and Adult Content. Radio Maria Lithuania is a Catholic radio station that offers theological commentary and live church services. National Radio, the public radio station, has many lively sponsored programs, the latest news show, fascinating talk shows and many informative documentaries. Those interested in music can find top of the charts performance from leading vocalists and bands from Top 40 stations like Mazeikiu Aidas FM 100.4 and Power Hit Radio 95.9 FM, as well as Rock & Pop stations like Radijo Stotis LIETUS. Those who like their music a little more mellow will enjoy Oldies from KTU Guadeamus. Lithuanian listeners will enjoy WorldTVRadio Tuner radio stations for news and talk shows, religious and cultural programs, and older or contemporary music programs from Lithuania, broadcasting out of the city of Vilnius.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Lithuanian

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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A2 Radijo Stotis 96.4 FMLithuaniaGeneral Station128Vilnius0
KF Kaufo Fonas 105.4 FMLithuaniaGeneral Station64Vilnius24
KTU GuadeamusLithuaniaOldies128Vilnius17
LRT Internet RadioLithuaniaGeneral Station128Vilnius15
Mazeikiu Aidas FM 100.4LithuaniaTop 4064Vilnius23
National RadioLithuaniaGeneral Station32Vilnius25
Power Hit Radio 95.9 FMLithuaniaTop 4040Vilnius58
Radijo Stotis LIETUSLithuaniaRock & Pop96Vilnius1
Radio Maria LithuaniaLithuaniaReligious10Vilnius21
Tau FM Tarakono RadijasLithuaniaAdult Cont.64Vilnius1
Ziniu Radijas 104.7 FMLithuaniaGeneral Station40Vilnius19

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