Korean, the official language of both North and South Korea, is a language spoken by an estimated 78 million people. It’s even spoken, as an official language in a part of China, the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture.

Korean as a language is a subject of debate amongst linguists. Some argue that it is an isolated language, others argue that it is a remote dialect of Japanese because of the syntax and morphology, and yet others argue that it is traceable to the Altaic language. Even the Korean language script is subject to controversy, because it used Hanja Chinese characters until the 15th century, but then, under the ruler, Seiong the Great, a new form of writing called Hangul was commissioned--so there is a huge discrepancy between historical writing and post-commission writings. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Korean channels offer many radio stations from Korea broadcasting from the cities of Seoul, Cheonju, Chonghu, Chuncheon, Sokcho, Gwangju, Daejeon, Jeju, Changwon, Yeongdong, Pohang, Mokpo, and Ulsan. You can hear numerous channels from a wide selection of radio stations; for example, News & Talk from Andong MBC 1017 AM, General Station from Cheonju MBC 1017 AM, Adult Content from Chonju MBC 99.1 FM 4U, and Religious Programs from PBC 105.3 In addition, you can find a number of different music preferences, including Jazz & Blues from Blues on Air, Top 40 from Chongju MBC 99.7 FM, and Classical from Gwangju MBC 93.9 FM. WorldTVTuner gives Korean speakers access to many radio stations broadcasting a variety of talk and music programs. Whatever your interest, you’re sure to find a few favorites here. Try it at no cost right now. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for an enjoyable selection of Korean radio stations.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Korean

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Andong MBC 1017 AMKoreaNews/Talk64Seoul72
Andong MBC 91.3 FMKoreaGeneral Station64Seoul47
Blues on AirKoreaJazz & Blues96Webcast53
Cheonju MBC 1017 AMKoreaGeneral Station64Cheonju25
Cheonju MBC 99.7 FMKoreaAdult Cont.64Cheonju37
Chongju MBC 107.1 FMKoreaGeneral Station64Chonghu2
Chongju MBC 99.7 FMKoreaTop 4064Chonghu25
Chonju MBC 99.1 FM 4UKoreaAdult Cont.216Seoul23
Chonju MBC AMKoreaGeneral Station128Seoul12
Chuncheon MBC 774 AMKoreaGeneral Station20Chuncheon14
Chuncheon MBC 94.5 FMKoreaGeneral Station48Chuncheon12
Chung-Ju MBC AMKoreaGeneral Station32Seoul13
Chung-Ju MBC FMKoreaGeneral Station32Seoul13
DG MBC AMKoreaGeneral Station32Sokcho8
DG MBC FMKoreaGeneral Station32Sokcho7
FEBC 1188 AMKoreaNews/Talk32Seoul2
GN MBC 1287 AMKoreaNews/Talk20Seoul7
GN MBC 94.3 FMKoreaNews/Talk20Seoul11
Green 92.3 FMKoreaGeneral Station128Seoul12
GTB Fresh FMKoreaGeneral Station96Seoul14
Gwangju MBC 93.9 FMKoreaClassical64Gwangju16
Gwangju MBC AMKoreaGeneral Station64Gwangju5
HLAD 93.3 FMKoreaAdult Cont.32Daejeon15
HLAZ 1566 AMKoreaNews/Talk32Jeju6
HLDD 98.1 FMKoreaGeneral Station32Changwon2
HLDY 90.1 FMKoreaAdult Cont.64Yeongdong8
HLDZ 90.3 FMKoreaAdult Cont.32Pohang6
HLKW 100.5 FMKoreaAdult Cont.56Mokpo10
HLQR 107.3 FMKoreaAdult Cont.32Ulsan5
Jeju MBC AMKoreaGeneral Station64Seoul4
Jeju MBC FMKoreaAdult Cont.64Seoul6
Jeonju MBC 94.3 FMKoreaGeneral Station64Jeonju7
Jeonju MBC AMKoreaGeneral Station64Jeonju1
JTV 90.1 FMKoreaGeneral Station64Jeonju7
KBC FMKoreaGeneral Station64Seoul15
Masan MBC 98.9 FMKoreaAdult Cont.64Seoul10
Masan MBC 990 AMKoreaGeneral Station64Seoul5
Mokpo MBC 102.3 FMKoreaGeneral Station48Mokpo3
Mokpo MBC AMKoreaGeneral Station48Mokpo3
PBC 105.3 FMKoreaReligious32Seoul6
Samcheok MBC AMKoreaGeneral Station64Seoul6
Samcheok MBC FMKoreaGeneral Station64Seoul13
TBC Dream FMKoreaAdult Cont.96Seoul61
TBS 95.1 FMKoreaAdult Cont.64Seoul20
Ulsan MBC 98.7 FMKoreaGeneral Station64Seoul17
Ulsan MBC AMKoreaGeneral Station64Seoul3
Wonju MBC 1242 AMKoreaGeneral Station64Seoul7
Wonju MBC 98.9 FMKoreaGeneral Station64Seoul10
Yeosu MBC AMKoreaGeneral Station96Seoul3
Yeosu MBC FMKoreaGeneral Station96Seoul11

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