Inuktitut is spoken in Canada by about 35,000 Inuit people. It’s spoken on the Yukon coast off the Arctic Ocean; in northeastern Manitoba and the Nunavut region in the Northwest Territories; and in Quebec, Labrador, and Newfoundland. Recognized as an official language in Nunavut and in the Northwest Territories, it’s also recognized as an official language for Inuit schools in Nunavik, which is part of Quebec. In addition, it’s attained some recognition in Nunatsiavut, a section of Labrador. Inuktitut is part of the Inuit language, which belongs to the Eskimo-Aleut language family. Dialect, region, and history has shaped the written language. In the 1760s in Greenland, Moravian missionaries taught Roman orthography to the Inuit people to introduce them to Christianity and the teachings of the Bible and this created the Inuktitut writing system. Then in the 1800s, Moravian missionaries took this Inuktitut writing with them to convert the Inuit people in Labrador. However, during this period, other missionaries developed a writing system called Qaniujaaqpait which they used to convert the Cree tribe and they taught the Eastern Canadian Inuit this form. Meanwhile, the Inupiat and the Yupik in Alaska developed their own hieroglyphics. Thus today, the Inuktitut writing system differs from one region to another. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Inuktitut channels offers two public radio stations from Canada, broadcasting CFFB 1230 AM CBC Radio One from the city of Iqaluit and CFYK 1340 AM CBC Radio One from the city of Yellowknife. WorldTVTuner gives Inuktitut speakers a unique internet streaming service to access public radio programs. Listen to it free today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for Inuktitut radio stations.

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Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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CFFB 1230 AM CBC Radio OneCanadaPublic32Iqaluit8
CFYK 1340 AM CBC Radio OneCanadaPublic32Yellowknife7

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