Indonesian, a Malay dialect, became the official language of Indonesia after the 1945 declaration of Independence. However, Indonesians refer to their language as “Bahasa Indonesia,” which means “the language of Indonesia.” A member of the Austronesian language family, this language is spoken in Southeast Asia by about 200 million people, and of this number, only 17 million are native speakers in Indonesia. Since Indonesia has the fourth highest population on earth, this makes Indonesian one of the most popular languages on the planet. Despite this huge number of speakers, Indonesians speak other regional languages like Javanese, Sundanese, and Minangkabau. These languages are used within the indigenous communities while formal education, business communication and national media uses Indonesian. Besides Indonesia, the language is spoken in East Timor, was once an Indonesian province. Although the official language in East Timor is Tetum and Portuguese, it recognizes Indonesian, alongside English, as a working language. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Indonesian channels offers 19 radio stations from Indonesia, broadcasting from Bandung, Semarrang, Jakarta, Surabaya, Tasikmalaya, and Banda Aceh. You can hear a broad choice of programs like Adult Content from 99ERS 100 FM, News & Talk from Gajahmada 102.4 FM, and General Station from i-Radio 89.6 FM. In addition, popular music stations include Rock & Pop, Top 40, and Jazz & Blues. WorldTVTuner gives Indonesian speakers access to many fabulous programs. Whatever type of radio shows you enjoy, you’re likely to find it on this exceptional internet streaming service. Try it free. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a comprehensive selection of Indonesian television stations.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Indonesian

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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99ERS 100 FMIndonesiaAdult Cont.32Bandung179
Gajahmada 102.4 FMIndonesiaNews/Talk19Semarrang232
Hard Rock 87.6 FMIndonesiaRock & Pop20Jakarta248
Hard Rock 89.7 FMIndonesiaTop 4020Surabaya187
i-Radio 89.6 FMIndonesiaGeneral Station20Jakarta445
Istara 101.1 FMIndonesiaGeneral Station20Jakarta202
Keilove 107.3 FMIndonesiaAdult Cont.32Tasikmalaya73
KLCBS 100.4 FM Jazz AllianceIndonesiaJazz & Blues32Bandung103
Mercury 96 FMIndonesiaNews/Talk20Surabaya115
MG RadioIndonesiaGospel24Bandung88
Prambors 102.2 FMIndonesiaAdult Cont.46Jakarta276
Radio DJ 94.8 FMIndonesiaTop 4020Surabaya115
Radio Nafiri 107.1 FMIndonesiaAdult Cont.32Surabaya56
Radio Serambi 90.6 FMIndonesiaGeneral Station20Banda Aceh50
Radio Sonara 98.0 FMIndonesiaAdult Cont.32Surabaya166
Rase 102.3 FMIndonesiaGeneral Station24Bandung73
RRI Pro3 Radio Republik IndonesiaIndonesiaNews/Talk40Jakarta173
Suara SurabayaIndonesiaGeneral Station20Surabaya1
Triangle Voice RadioIndonesiaAdult Cont.20Webcast71

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