Although a member of the Uralic language family, Hungarian is unrelated to most of the other European languages. Hungarian, the official language in Hungary and the European Union, is spoken by about 14 million people. Out of this number, about 10 million live in Hungary while the rest are scattered across the world. Hungarian is considered a regional language in Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Austria. In the Ukraine and Croatia, it’s given some official rights. Prior to the treaty of Trianon in 1920, the Kingdom of Hungary included many neighboring territories. Hungarians themselves call their language “Magyar.” And the English phrase, “the Mighty Magyars” defined the old Hungarian Empire. However, since the dissolution of the empire, Hungarians have spread in the millions across the world, and in the United States alone, the Hungarian community is estimated to be over a hundred thousand. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Hungarian channels offer numerous radio stations from Hungary, broadcast from the cities of Budapest, Musora, Heves, Zalaegerszeg, Dunaujvaros, Debrecen, Sarvar, Godollo, Tokol, Gyomro, Kecel, Kecskemet, Nakykoros, and Eger. These station broadcasts include Adult Content, General Station, Folklore, Religious, Community, and Comedy. A wide variety of music programs are offered, including Rock & Pop, Classical, Jazz & Blues, Top 40, Classic Hits, Hip Hop, Hard Rock, Oldies, Love Songs, 70s, 80s, 90s, Electronica, and Dance, Trance & Techno. WorldTVTuner gives Hungarian speakers access to a wide selection of interesting programs. Your favorite programs are sure to be included in this fascinating range available on this unique internet streaming service. Try it at no cost today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a wide blend of Hungarian radio stations.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Hungarian

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Adai Radio 107.7 FMHungaryRock & Pop24Budapest49
Aktiv Radio 92.2 FMHungaryDance, Trance & Techno128Musora1
Bartok Radio 105.3 FMHungaryClassical41Musora61
Civil Radio 98 FMHungaryAdult Cont.32Budapest28
Cool 107.3 FMHungaryTop 40128Budapest25
Csaba Radio 104 FMHungaryAdult Cont.96Budapest35
Danubis Radio 103.3 FMHungaryJazz & Blues48Budapest0
Dio Radio 93.7 FMHungaryTop 4064Heves28
Egerszeg Radio 92.9 FMHungaryTop 4096Zalaegerszeg0
El-Do Radio 93.1 FMHungaryTop 4022Dunaujvaros16
Evangeliumi RadioHungaryReligious26Budapest0
Fiksz Radio 98 FMHungaryCommunity24Budapest21
Fortuna RadioHungaryGeneral Station96Budapest23
Friss Radio 90 FMHungaryGeneral Station128Debrecen18
Gazdasagi RadioHungaryTop 4064Budapest16
Golgota RadioHungaryAdult Cont.128Budapest17
Hazafi RadioHungaryRock & Pop64Budapest27
Hit RadioHungaryTop 40256Budapest35
Hobby RadioHungaryClassic Hits96Budapest14
Info RadioHungaryNews/Talk64Budapest44
Isis Radio 96.5 FMHungaryTop 4080Sarvar13
Juventus Radio 89.5 FMHungaryGeneral Station160Budapest95
Kando FMHungaryDance, Trance & Techno160Budapest0
Kapos Radio 99.9 FMHungaryAdult Cont.96Budapest12
Kincsem RadioHungaryGeneral Station96Budapest20
KJF Vorosmarty RadioHungaryAdult Cont.128Budapest8
Klub Radio 95.3 FMHungaryGeneral Station24Budapest0
Kossuth Radio 107.8 FMHungaryGeneral Station40Budapest75
Masik Radio 93.6 FMHungaryGeneral Station196Godollo0
Mediterran Radio 101.2 FMHungaryTop 40128Budapest16
Mellesleg FM 100% MagyarHungaryAdult Cont.192Webcast29
Mellesleg FM FilmzeneHungaryOther192Webcast17
Mellesleg FM FoadoHungaryRock & Pop192Webcast13
Mellesleg FM GAYnessHungaryOther192Webcast13
Mellesleg FM HumorHungaryComedy32Webcast48
Mellesleg FM Magyar MulatosHungaryFolklore192Webcast74
Mellesleg FM MusicalHungaryOldies192Webcast11
Mellesleg FM Rap/SoulHungaryHip-Hop32Webcast19
Mellesleg FM Rock/AlterHungaryHard Rock192Webcast33
Mellesleg FM Szerelmes SlagerekHungaryLove Songs192Webcast67
Mellesleg FM Trance/HouseHungaryHouse192Webcast69
MGR Magyar Katolikus RadioHungaryReligious96Budapest12
Mix Radio 89.3 FMHungaryTop 4064Budapest0
Mogyoro AlterHungaryRock & Pop96Webcast5
Mogyoro Best of 60'sHungaryOldies96Webcast11
Mogyoro Best of 70'sHungary70s96Webcast63
Mogyoro Best of 80'sHungary80s96Webcast27
Mogyoro Best of 90'sHungary90s96Webcast62
Mogyoro BluesHungaryJazz & Blues96Webcast25
Mogyoro Drum & BassHungaryElectronica132Webcast31
Mogyoro FunkyHungaryHouse96Webcast28
Mogyoro Hard RockHungaryHard Rock96Webcast33
Mogyoro Hip-HopHungaryHip-Hop96Webcast26
Mogyoro HouseHungaryHouse96Webcast40
Mogyoro Hungarian RockHungaryRock & Pop96Webcast9
Mogyoro JazzHungaryJazz & Blues96Webcast14
Mogyoro PopHungaryRock & Pop96Webcast5
Mogyoro PunkHungaryRock & Pop96Webcast5
Mogyoro SoftHungarySoft Rock96Webcast12
Mogyoro TechnoHungaryDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast29
Nyugat Radio 88.4 FMHungaryTop 40128Budapest10
Oldies 80'sHungary80s128Budapest97
Oldies RadioHungaryOldies64Budapest30
Parti Radio 89.2 FMHungaryTop 4080Budapest12
Petofi Radio 94.8 FMHungaryGeneral Station41Budapest28
Pilis Radio 91.1 FMHungaryTop 40128Budapest10
Pont FM 88.1 Budapest RadioHungaryClassic Rock192Budapest25
Radio 1HungaryGeneral Station112Budapest0
Radio 17 96.8 FMHungaryGeneral Station96Budapest0
Radio 88 88 FMHungaryGeneral Station128Budapest23
Radio Caf? 98.6 FMHungaryGeneral Station128Budapest8
Radio Gong GyomroHungaryAdult Cont.128Gyomro2
Radio Gong KecelHungaryAdult Cont.128Kecel4
Radio Gong KecskemetHungaryTop 40128Kecskemet10
Radio Gong NagykorosHungaryAdult Cont.128Nakykoros8
Radio Gyomro 97.2 FMHungaryTop 40128Gyomro0
Radio HolidayHungaryAdult Cont.128Budapest0
Radio Junior 101 FM Just MusicHungaryElectronica128Webcast40
Radio Junior 101.3 FMHungaryRock & Pop64Tokol0
Radio Majsa 88.2 FMHungaryTop 40128Budapest9
Radio Maria HungaryHungaryReligious24Budapest21
Radio PluszHungaryTop 40256Budapest18
Roxy Radio 96.4 FMHungaryDance, Trance & Techno48Budapest0
Sopron RadioHungaryAdult Cont.56Budapest1
Sunshine 99.4 FMHungaryDance, Trance & Techno128Budapest35
Szabadkai Radio 89.6 FMHungaryClassic Hits56Webcast0
Szent Istvan 91.8 FMHungaryGeneral Station24Eger0
Szent Korona RadioHungaryGeneral Station64Budapest36

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