Hindi, a member of the Indic language family, can best be described as a dialect continuum, a range of dialects spreading across a geographical region, where the dialect is similar in close geographical areas and dissimilar as the distance increases. This language prevails in India’s northern plains, an area bordered by Nepal in the north, Bengal in the east, and Punjab in the northwest. Many of these Hindi dialects are not mutually intelligible. However, there is also a Standard Hindi, which is one of 22 official languages in India. It’s used by the central government as a language for administration. Hindi is predominately spoken in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Harvana, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, and Bihar. In the urban areas of Hyderabad, Calcutta, and Mumbai many versions of Hindi are spoken. Outside India, Hindi is prevalent in Hindi-speaking communities in Tobago, Trinidad, Suriname, Mauritius, Guyana, and Fiji. Many Indian emigrants have also created communities in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. It’s estimated that about 40% of India’s population speak some form of Hindi. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Hindi channels offer 14 radio stations from India, broadcast from Delhi or a webcast. These station broadcasts include Ethnic programs from Ar Rahman, Religious programs from Devotional channels, Oldies from Indian Oldies, and Folklore from Nimbooda Radio.

WorldTVTuner gives Hindi speakers access to a huge variety of listening choices, and your favorite interests are sure to be included in this wide assortment available on this unique internet streaming service. Try it free. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a broad mixture of Hindi radio stations.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Hindi

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
Click on station name to open information page
Ar RahmanIndiaEthnic16New Delhi732
DevotionalIndiaReligious16New Delhi266
Hindi Devotional RadioIndiaReligious16New Delhi379
IlayarajaIndiaEthnic16New Delhi242
Indian OldiesIndiaOldies16New Delhi599
Mast RadioIndia128New Delhi570
Nimbooda RadioIndiaFolklore192Webcast391
Radio Teen TaalIndiaFolklore128Webcast319
Tamil FMIndiaEthnic16New Delhi238
TeluguOne RadioIndiaFolklore32Webcast159
TeluguOne Radio AustraliaIndiaFolklore56Webcast82
TeluguOne Radio GMTIndiaFolklore56Webcast109
TeluguOne Radio USA-EasternIndiaFolklore32Webcast145
TeluguOne Radio USA-PacificIndiaFolklore56Webcast139

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