Greek, the official language of Greece and Cyprus, is spoken by about 13 million people, including minority groups and emigrant populations around the world. Greek is the longest recorded Indo-European language and historical documents go as far back as 34 centuries. The Greek language has undergone major changes in time, and these are designated by different names to identify different periods. Proto-Greek, originating in 2nd millennium BC, was the original spoken language. Mycenaean Greek, spoken from the 14th century on, hails back to the Mycenaean civilization. Ancient Greek arose during the ancient Greek Civilization, and it was used throughout the Roman Empire, surviving as the official language of the Byzantine era. Koine Greek designates the Athenian dialect that was spread by Alexander the Great from Egypt to India and it was the original Greek used in the New Testament. Medieval Greek, as the name implies was used during the medieval ages and it faded away with the demise of the Byzantine Empire during the 15th century. Finally, modern Greek is the Standard Greek whose roots go back as far as the 11th century, incorporating many of the earlier Greek variations. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Greek channels offer numerous radio stations broadcast from Greece, Australia, and Cyprus. You can hear General Station, Full Service, News & Talk, Adult Content, Ethnic, Folklore, Community, Politics & Government, and Sports. Music stations offer a broad spectrum of choices, including Rock & Pop, Top 40, Classic Hits, Love Songs, Hard Rock, Alternative, Urban R&B, 80s, Electronica, and Dance, Trance & Techno. Try it today at no charge. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a comprehensive selection of Greek radio stations.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Greek

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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1431 AMGreeceHard Rock56Webcast47
2MM 1665 AM Greek RadioAustraliaEthnic36Sydney25
89 Rainbow 89 FMGreeceRock & Pop48Thessaloniki44
Active RadioGreeceGeneral Station112Webcast32
Ageri 102 FMGreeceGeneral Station20Rhodes23
Alfa Radio 106.2 FMGreeceFull Service40Heraklion40
Alithia Radio 95.7 FMGreeceFull Service20Chios17
Alpha 100.5 FMGreeceRock & Pop64Lamia32
Alpha 98.9 FMGreeceNews/Talk20Athens0
Alpha Isimeria 102.3 FMGreeceFull Service22Nafplio10
Amore 107.9 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Rethymno29
Ana-Mpa RadioGreeceNews/Talk64Webcast15
Anatolikos 95.8 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Argos43
Andromeda Net RadioGreeceAdult Cont.64Athens14
Anemos 92 FMGreeceTop 4032Thessaly1
Angel 88.9 FMGreeceAdult Cont.64Athens17
ANT1 97.2 FMGreeceNews/Talk32Athens40
ANT1 97.5 FMGreeceNews/Talk32Thessaloniki18
ANT1 Aigaiou 105 FMGreeceFull Service32Chios12
Antenna 97.0 FMGreeceNews/Talk32Athens22
Antenna Kerkyra 92.6 FMGreeceFull Service20Corfu13
Aqualand Radio 94.8 FMGreeceDance, Trance & Techno48Corfu17
Aquarius Fm 105,5GreeceGeneral Station32Peloponnesus5
Arion 4 EurovisionGreeceTop 4033Webcast9
Arion RadioGreeceGeneral Station50Webcast12
Arion Radio LaikosGreeceEthnic33Webcast33
Astra 92.8 FMCyprusGeneral Station32Nicosia28
Astra 97.3 FMGreeceFull Service32Volos15
Astro 96.4 FMGreeceTop 4048Rethymno8
Astros RadioGreeceGeneral Station50Webcast4
Athens Dee Jay 95.2 FMGreeceTop 4040Athens13
Athens PartyGreeceDance, Trance & Techno50Webcast33
Athina 98.4 FMGreeceGeneral Station10Athens18
Athina Community RadioGreeceCommunity32Athens5
Athina International Radio 104.4 FMGreeceNews/Talk64Athens15
Athletic Radio 104.2 FMGreeceSports50Heraklion11
Avanti 107.6 FMGreeceAdult Cont.64Larisa7
Avanti 98.3 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Skiathos9
Beautiful Radio 105.7 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Patra16
Best 103.3 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Pyrgos18
Best 93.3 FMGreeceGeneral Station56Larisa10
Best 98.1 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Mytilene8
Best Radio 92.6 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Athens14
Bravo 89.6 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Zakynthos4
Capital Radio 90.7 FMGreeceTop 4032Rethymno7
CHIR FM Greek Radio StationCanadaEthnic32Toronto16
Church of Greece 89.5 FMGreeceReligious20Athens6
City 103.8 FMGreeceTop 4048Kalamata13
City 93 FMGreeceGeneral Station21Kos19
City 99.5 FMGreeceNews/Talk96Athens6
City FM 100GreeceAdult Cont.32Heraklion5
Club RadioGreeceDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast22
Cool 106.8 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Rethymno6
Cool FM Radio 90.7 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Argolida7
Cool RadioGreeceAdult Cont.128Webcast5
Cosmo Radio 95.1 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Thessaloniki25
Cosmos 96.5 FMGreeceFull Service20Argostoli20
Creta Planet RadioGreeceFolklore32Webcast27
Cybc1 - Proto ProgrammaCyprusFolklore16Nicosia29
Cybc3 - Trito ProgrammaCyprusGeneral Station32Nicosia9
Cyprus Radio DeeJayCyprusTop 4032Nicosia20
Dance Radio Chill OutGreeceElectronica128Webcast63
Dance Radio ElectronicaGreeceElectronica128Webcast133
Dance Radio TranceGreeceDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast97
Delta RadioGreeceAdult Cont.64Webcast5
Derti 104.9 FMGreeceEthnic65Rhodes91
Derti 98.6 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Athens21
DiathetikiGreeceUrban R&B32Webcast15
Diesi 101.3 FMGreeceGeneral Station64Athens11
Dimotiko Tripolis 91.5 FMGreeceNews/Talk32Tripoli11
Dimotiko Volou 104.6 FMGreeceFull Service32Volos7
Diva Radio 91.6 FMGreeceAdult Cont.48Kozani14
Dolce Radio 89.5 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Volos5
Dream 103.5 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Webcast14
Dream 91 FMGreeceAdult Cont.40Heraklion5
Dromos 89.8 FMGreeceAdult Cont.64Athens17
Dytikos 103.7 FMGreeceFull Service32Kato Axaia9
Ekfrasi 92.4 FMGreeceGeneral Station64Thessaloniki8
Ellada 96.7 FMGreeceGeneral Station48Sparti9
Ellada 98.7 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Alexandroupoli7
Elliniko ParadosiakoGreeceFolklore65Webcast33
Ellinikos 88.9 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Alexandroupoli25
Ellinikos 92.8 FMGreeceGeneral Station48Thessaloniki46
En Lefko 87.7 FMGreeceGeneral Station20Lefko15
En Leuko 87.7 FMGreeceNews/Talk20Athens0
Energy Radio 88.9 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Drama10
Epidavros Radio 93.8 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Epidavros6
Epikinonia 94.0 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Neo Iraklio2
ERA 1 105.8 FMGreeceNews/Talk17Athens15
ERA 2 1386 AMGreeceFolklore17Athens22
ERA 3 107.7 FMGreeceCultural17Athens8
ERA Herakleio 97.5 FMGreeceFull Service20Herakleio3
ERA Sport 100.9 FMGreeceSports17Athens27
Era Sport 101.8 FMGreeceSports10Athens24
Erotas RadioGreeceAdult Cont.65Webcast16
Eroticos 94.8 FMGreeceLove Songs96Thessaloniki129
Erotiko 99.5 FMGreeceGeneral Station48Kozani28
ERT 3 102 FMGreeceFolklore20Thessaloniki14
ERT 3 95.8 FMGreeceAdult Cont.20Thessaloniki10
ERT 3 TritoGreeceGeneral Station20Thessaloniki4
Face 95.6 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Samos0
Faros 104 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Syros16
Fasma 103 FMGreeceGeneral Station20Ptolemaida0
Flash 96.0 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Athens9
Flash Radio 96 FMCyprusGeneral Station32Nicosia11
Fly 95.9 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Rethymno2
Fly Radio 89.7 FMGreeceNews/Talk32Sparti8
FM 100GreeceFull Service32Thessaloniki10
Free Radio 98 FMGreeceClassic Hits32Athens3
Galaxy 92 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Athens15
Gavdos 88.8 FMGreeceFull Service32Webcast3
Gnet RadioGreeceTop 4096Webcast1
Grecca 99.4 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Pyrgos6
Greek Radio 106.9 FMGreeceAdult Cont.128Crete21
Heart 93.1 FMGreeceClassic Hits48Thessaloniki7
Heat Radio 88.3 FMGreeceAdult Cont.128Alexandroupoli5
Hot 99 FMGreece80s48Rhodes18
House Motion FMGreeceHouse48Webcast153
Hxo Fm 99,8GreeceGeneral Station32Crete3
Hydrogeios 106.9 FMGreeceAdult Cont.65Crete3
IEK Delta RadioGreeceClassic Rock64Webcast11
Imagine 89.7 FMGreeceAdult Cont.64Thessaloniki3
Ionian Galaxy 90.8 FMGreeceFull Service22Kefallonia7
Ionion 95.8 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Pyrgos6
Ixos 94.2 FMGreeceGeneral Station22Rethymno6
John Greek 88.6 FMGreeceRock & Pop64Athens13
Juke BoxGreeceRock & Pop64Webcast4
Just Radio 93 FMGreeceAdult Cont.48Evia3
Kanali 20 107.5 FMGreeceGeneral Station48Kalamata13
Kanali 3 104 FMGreeceGeneral Station33Florina10
KastoriaFm 91.5GreeceNews/Talk32Kastoria12
King RadioGreeceAdult Cont.64Webcast4
kiss 100.4 FMGreeceAdult Cont.128Karditsa14
Kiss 101.3 FMGreeceTop 4048Mytilene13
Kiss 92.9 FMGreeceClassic Hits64Athens28
Kiss Radio 96.1 FMGreeceAdult Cont.48Crete14
Klik 98.5 FMGreeceAdult Cont.33Kozani6
Knossos 100.6 FMGreeceGeneral Station33Heraklion21
KosmoRadio 95.1 FMGreeceAdult Cont.48Thessaloniki25
Kosmos 90.7 FMGreeceFull Service32Agrinio14
Kosmos 93.6 FMGreecePublic22Athens17
Kriti 87.5 FMGreeceFolklore32Athens17
Kritikos 88.7 FMGreeceFolklore32Heraklion12
Ksenyxtis MytilinisGreeceGeneral Station32Webcast40
Kyma Radio 90.3 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Corfu12
Kyparissia Radio 93.6 FMGreeceFull Service32Kyparissia5
Laikos 87.6 FMGreeceGeneral Station48Thessaloniki45
Lamia Star 97.1 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Webcast11
Lampsi 106.3 FMGreeceGeneral Station56Kozani12
Lampsi 92.3 FMGreeceFolklore32Athens12
Lampsi 92.9 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Heraklion6
Lato 103.3 FMGreeceFull Service20Ag. Nikolaos6
Lava Radio 107.7 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Heraklion9
Lesxi 97.6 FMGreeceFull Service32Trikala6
LGR London Greek RadioUnited KingdomEthnic24London21
Libero 107.4 FMGreeceSports20Thessaloniki7
Life Radio 102.9 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Corfu4
Linhari 91.7 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Rhodes13
Live 89.6 FMGreeceGeneral Station96Webcast3
Loud Radio 88.8 FMGreeceTop 4033Thessaly1
Love Radio 97.5 FMGreeceLove Songs32Athens99
MAD RadioGreeceTop 4032Athens0
Mad Radio 106.2 FMGreeceRock & Pop32Athens10
Magic 98.2 FMGreeceGeneral Station64Chania3
Mango RadioGreeceAdult Cont.64Webcast7
Max 100.2 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Chania3
Media 92GreeceClassic Hits64Syros4
Mega Creta 103.1 FMGreeceFolklore32Heraklion16
Melodia 88 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Lamia17
Melodikos 96.8 FMGreeceGeneral Station48Thessaloniki6
Melody 98.7 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Heraklion8
Metal ZoneGreecePunk and Metal64Webcast49
Methorios 96 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Orestiada4
Metro 90.3 FMGreeceFolklore22Esterea Ellada1
Metro Radio 89.2 FMGreeceRock & Pop32Heraklion1
Mix FMCyprusTop 4032Nicosia20
Mojo Radio 107.7 FMGreeceClassic Hits32Patras4
Mousiko Kanali 101.3 FMGreeceFolklore64Rethymno16
Mousiko Kanali 105.1 FMGreeceAdult Cont.33Heraklion8
Mousiko Kanali Elassonas 107.3 FMGreeceAdult Cont.48Elassona27
MRB Radio 101GreeceRock & Pop64Chania0
Music Club 105.8 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Heraklion5
Music HeavenGreeceRock & Pop32Webcast6
Music RadioGreeceAdult Cont.32Athens8
Musik 101.3 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Kos7
Nemesis - Dimokratiki AnagennisiGreecePolitics & Gov.32Webcast5
Neo Radio 102.3 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Heraklion2
Neo Radiofono 97.9 FMGreeceAdult Cont.64Corfu4
NET 105.8 FMGreeceNews/Talk16Athens4
Net Radio Radio EroticGreeceLove Songs128Webcast52
Nitro Radio 102.5 FMGreeceTop 4032Athens5
Noize Radio 93.5 FMGreeceTop 4064Serres0
Notes RadioGreeceAdult Cont.32Webcast2
Nova Radio 93.1 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Xanthi6
NRG Radio 89.5 FMGreeceAdult Cont.40Kozani1
Oasis 88 FMGreeceAdult Cont.20Athens14
Ola 91.4 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Thessaloniki10
Orange 93.2 FMGreeceTop 4032Athens9
Ort 92.3 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Pyrgos1
Palmos 94.1 FMGreeceGeneral Station48Chios5
Palmos 96.5 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Thessaloniki10
Panorama 101.8 FMGreeceGeneral Station22Ptolemaeda10
Paradise Radio 104.6 FMGreeceRock & Pop32Webcast9
Paradise Radio 90.3 FMGreeceTop 4032Xanthi4
Paros 93.7 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Paros-Antiparos8
Patras Radio DeeJay 98.2 FMGreeceTop 4024Patra5
Peiratikos 107.7 FMGreeceNews/Talk41Thessaloniki14
Piraiki EcclesiaGreeceReligious24Athens3
Plaisio RadioGreeceTop 4096Webcast2
Planet Radio 90.6 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Ierapetra5
Plus Radio 102.6 FMGreeceAdult Cont.48Thessaloniki15
PlusDJGreeceAdult Cont.21Webcast4
Polis 102.6 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Alexandroupoli2
Politia 90.7 FMGreeceGeneral Station40Sparti9
Pop FM 89.1GreeceRock & Pop33Evia3
PopFM 102.1GreeceGeneral Station32Corfu2
Power 100.2 FMGreeceTop 4032Volos2
Power FM 105.3GreeceAdult Cont.64Larisa2
Prisma virus 93.8 FMGreeceAdult Cont.48Peloponnesus0
PrismaVirus 93.8 FMGreeceAdult Cont.48Xylokastro0
Radio 1 99 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Thessaloniki5
Radio 1 Rodos 88 FMGreeceTop 4032Rodos3
Radio 24GreeceUrban R&B64Webcast9
Radio 98 FMGreeceAdult Cont.48Athens0
Radio 98.4 FMGreeceGeneral Station64Athens3
Radio 99.6 FMGreeceTop 4036Chania4
Radio Active 91.3 FMGreeceRock & Pop65Sifnos1
Radio AirGreeceElectronica96Webcast16
Radio Alexandros 98.2 FMGreeceFull Service22Nea Peramos7
Radio Amfissa 104.4 FMGreeceFull Service32Amfissa5
Radio Argos 97.4 FMGreeceFull Service32Argos Orestiko4
Radio Argostoli 100.6 FMGreeceFull Service128Kefallonia5
Radio Arhagelos 94.1 FMGreeceAdult Cont.65Aegean Islands4
Radio AthinaCyprusAdult Cont.32Nicosia14
Radio Blackman 101.3 FMGreeceEthnic64Athens19
Radio Cosmos 95.2 FMCyprusGeneral Station32Nicosia12
Radio Dee Jay 94.2 FMGreeceRock & Pop33Korinthos4
Radio Deth 104.9 FMGreeceRock & Pop32Thessaloniki2
Radio Deytero 103.7 FMGreeceAdult Cont.22Athens3
Radio Energy 96.6 FMGreeceTop 4064Kavala1
Radio Entasi 93.5 FMGreeceRock & Pop96Chania2
Radio Eros 93.0 FMGreeceLove Songs32Serres28
Radio Evenos 106.6 FMGreeceNews/Talk32Paros-Antiparos5
Radio Faros 91.8 FMGreeceFolklore32Chania21
Radio Florina 101.5 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Florina8
Radio Galatini 92.6 FMGreeceNews/Talk64Kozani3
Radio Gamma 94 FMGreeceFull Service64Patra5
Radio Gold 103.3 FMGreeceTop 4064Athens22
Radio GreeceGreeceGeneral Station20Athens15
Radio Greneva 101.5 FMGreeceFull Service20Greneva5
Radio Hlektra 98.8 FMGreeceAdult Cont.48Webcast5
Radio HxoramaGreeceGeneral Station65Webcast2
Radio Hxos Maik 100.5 FMGreeceGeneral Station21Rhodes6
Radio ImagoItalyAlternative56Rome10
Radio Island 88.6 FMGreeceDance, Trance & Techno33Zakynthos15
Radio Kalloni 95.8 FMGreeceFull Service50Kalloni3
Radio Kardama 102 FMGreeceFolklore32Kardamas0
Radio Karpenisi 97.5 FMGreeceFull Service32Karpenisi6
Radio Klick FMCyprusGeneral Station32Nicosia13
Radio Kosmos 100GreeceRock & Pop33Evia4
Radio Krestena 101,3GreeceGeneral Station32Peloponnesus13
Radio Kriti 101.5 FMGreeceFolklore20Heraklio30
Radio Lehovo 97.1 FMGreeceGeneral Station64Florina2
Radio Mastixa 107.7 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Chios9
Radio Mesologgiou 92 FMGreeceFull Service32Mesologgi2
Radio Messatida 98 FMGreeceGeneral Station21Patra0
Radio MiresGreeceFull Service128Heraklion3
Radio Niki 96.4 FMGreeceFull Service22Filiatra1
Radio Pafos 92.5 FMCyprusNews/Talk32Nicosia16
Radio Paleoxora 88.4 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Chania4
Radio Palmos 90.5 FMGreeceNews/Talk32Amfissa12
Radio Patra 106.5 FMGreeceGeneral Station20Patra12
Radio Pella 103.2 FMGreeceEthnic64Webcast11
Radio PointGreeceRock & Pop96Webcast0
Radio Pontos 100.7 FMGreeceFolklore22Alexandroupoli16
Radio Rock StarGreeceRock & Pop128Webcast2
Radio Santorini 106.4 FMGreeceFull Service32Santorini9
Radio Sfera 102.2 FMGreeceFolklore32Athens107
Radio Stork 89.8 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Larisa4
Radio Super FMCyprusGeneral Station32Nicosia19
Radio Symban 93.3 FMAustraliaEthnic48Sydney8
Radio Thessaloniki 94.5 FMGreeceGeneral Station56Thessaloniki31
Radio TzatzikiGreeceTop 4096Webcast27
Radio Underground 100.3 FMGreeceRock & Pop32Xhanti4
Radio Velika 92.2 FMGreeceGeneral Station33Larisa11
Radiofono 108 FMGreeceRock & Pop48Mytilene7
Radiokimata 102.6 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Rethymno7
Radiokimata 104.4 FMGreeceAdult Cont.64Thessaloniki12
Radion Net 101.9 FMGreeceSports32Lamia2
Real 97.8 FMGreeceNews/Talk32Athens4
Republic Radio 100.3 FMGreeceAdult Cont.64Thessaloniki1
Rock 105.5 FMGreeceRock & Pop50Thessaloniki8
Rock 96.9 FMGreeceRock & Pop32Athens9
Rock 98.5 FMCyprusRock & Pop32Nicosia8
Rock MachineGreeceHard Rock32Webcast59
Rock Radio 104.7 FMGreeceRock & Pop64Thessaloniki6
RSA 92.7 FMGreeceGeneral Station40Peloponnesus0
RSO 91.7 FMGreeceOldies32Thessaloniki11
Rythmos 103.3 FMGreeceGeneral Station56Argolida19
Rythmos 104,5GreeceGeneral Station32Heraklion15
Rythmos 94.3 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Zakynthos28
Rythmos 94.9 FMGreeceTop 4024Athens23
Safari 104.7 FMGreeceDance, Trance & Techno128Ioannina16
Safari 107.1 FMGreeceDance, Trance & Techno128Thessaloniki19
Sagapo 96.1 FMGreeceLove Songs64Thessaloniki21
Sferikos 99.3 FMGreeceGeneral Station40Alexandroupoli7
Sindos 101.7 FMGreeceGeneral Station128Thessaloniki55
Sky 100.7 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Orestiada10
Sky 99.7 FMGreeceFull Service32Ptolomaeda6
Sky Radio Ioannina 99.2 FMGreeceEthnic32Epirus13
Sok 104.8 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Evia8
Sport FM Xanthi 98.4GreeceSports36Xanthi9
Sport Time 89.2 FMGreeceSports48Athens2
Star 88.8 FMGreeceAdult Cont.128Corfu25
Star 92.9 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Nafplio4
Star 97.1 FMGreeceClassic Hits48Thessaloniki5
Star Dramas 93.5 FMGreeceGeneral Station20Webcast7
Star West Greece 93,3GreeceGeneral Station66Grevena8
Sthatmos Radio 101.3 FMGreeceGeneral Station64Thessaloniki9
Stigma Radio 97.6 FMGreeceDance, Trance & Techno33Zakynthos5
Sto Kokkino 105.5 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Athens14
Stoxos 98.9 FMGreeceGeneral Station50Kavala6
Studio 4 101.2 FMGreeceGeneral Station21Ptolemaida3
Studio 5 89.7 FMGreeceFolklore32Thessaloniki0
Studio 7 99.7 FMGreeceFolklore32Macedonia4
Studio 98 FMGreeceFull Service32Rethymno3
Studio A 102.4 FMGreeceFolklore32Chania3
Studio E 103 FMGreeceRock & Pop32Ioannina1
Studio FM1 105.4 FMGreeceRock & Pop56Heraklion1
Studio Lefkatas 90.5 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Lefkada4
Style 100 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Sitia5
Style 91 FMGreeceGeneral Station22Patmos2
Super 100.8 FMGreeceFull Service48Kos2
Super Sport 94.6 FMGreeceSports20Athens20
SupeRadio 90.4 FMGreeceAdult Cont.32Heraklion65
Team 102 FMGreeceAdult Cont.48Rethymno7
Tessaliko 93.2 FMGreeceSports40Larisa7
Thraki Fm 99.8 FMGreeceNews/Talk40Alexandroupoli12
Top 96.9 FMGreeceGeneral Station21Xanthi8
Top FM 97.2GreeceAdult Cont.32Ioannina10
Top Melody 104.9 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Santorini17
Toxotis 96.3 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Giannitsa10
Traffic 91.8 FMGreeceGeneral Station128Heraklion47
Trip RadioGreeceRock & Pop128Webcast1
Tripa RadioGreeceGeneral Station32Webcast3
UpliftedGreeceTop 4048Webcast1
Venus 105.1 FMGreeceTop 4048Amaliada69
Vima 90.1 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Ioannina5
WHCI Hellenic Radio 107.5 FMUSA IllinoisEthnic64IL, Chicago78
X 94.3 FMGreeceGeneral Station32Ano Liosia3
You FM 100.1 FMGreeceRock & Pop48Patra4
Zizanio 89.2 FMGreeceGeneral Station20Argostoli15
ZooRadio 90.8 FMGreeceAdult Cont.64Thessaloniki41

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