French, a Romance language, is the official language of 28 countries. It’s spoken in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, and the islands of the Pacific Ocean. In Europe, it is spoken in France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Monaco. In Africa, it is spoken in Cameroon, Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire, and 28 other Francophone countries, with the largest population in the Democratic Republic of the Conge. In North America, it is spoken in both Canada and the United States. In Canada, it’s spoken in Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick, and in the United States, it’s spoken in Louisiana and Maine. It’s estimated that more than 500 million people in 57 countries speak it. 110 million consider it their first language, 190 million consider it their second language, and 200 million have learned to speak it as an acquired language. Moreover, French is an official language of the United Nations and the third most spoken language in the European Union, after English and German. French, like Catalan, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, originated from the Latin spoken in the Roman Empire. WorldTVRadio Tuner offers many French radio programs from countries like France, Reunion, Belgium, Haiti, Guadeloupe, Canada, Switzerland, Martinique, Madagascar, Benin, Mauritius, Senegal, Congo, Ivory Coast, French Polynesia, Tunisia, Morocco, New Caledonia, and Algeria. These radio stations cover news, general station, adult content, community, ethnic, cultural, and religious programs. In addition, the music programs include genres such as oldies, 70s, 80s, classical rock, funk, rock & pop, top 40, classical, hip-hop, electronica, Caribbean, reggae, funk, salsa, and dance, trance, and techno. You’re sure to find something that you truly enjoy on this special internet streaming service. Try it free. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a diverse selection of French Radio stations.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: French

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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100% RadioFranceAdult Cont.20Paris539
102 FM Reunion Island RadioReunionTop 4096Saint Pierre107
13 97.6 FMFranceGeneral Station21Marseille0
13 FM 97.6 FMFranceAdult Cont.20Marseille4
4U 80sFrance80s64Webcast205
4U Classic RockFranceClassic Rock128Webcast244
4U Funky ClasssicsFranceFunk64Webcast254
4U Rock N MetalFranceRock & Pop128Webcast107
7 FM 106.4BelgiumTop 40128Gouvy48
A7J RadioFranceAdult Cont.20Paris0
ABF - Alternative Bass Fr?quenceFranceElectronica192Paris106
ABF - AnalogFrance80s160Paris59
ABF - UndergroundFranceDance, Trance & Techno160Paris0
Accent 4FranceClassical128Strasbourg68
Activ Radio 90 FMFranceTop 40128Montbrison86
ADO 97.8 FMFranceHip-Hop20Paris0
Agora 94 FMFranceTop 4021Grasse70
Agora FM Alternative StreamFranceHip-Hop20Grasse0
Akout Web RadioFranceGeneral Station32Paris36
Aktiv Radio / CoxiradioFranceDance, Trance & Techno192Beiziers55
Alouette 92.8 FMFranceTop 40128Les Herbiers113
Alpes 1 101.6 FMFranceGeneral Station20Grenoble53
Alpes 1 du Sud 90.9 FMFranceGeneral Station128Gap26
Alta FrequenzaFranceGeneral Station64Ajaccio74
Alternantes 98.1 FMFranceGeneral Station128Nantes35
Antipode Radio 105.5 FMBelgiumAdult Cont.32Brabant wallon30
ARL 92.9 FMFranceRock & Pop20Langon34
Atila RadioFranceAdult Cont.128Reims0
AYP 99.5 FMFranceEthnic20Paris26
Barousse FMFranceGeneral Station32Paris40
Beaub 89 FMFranceRock & Pop20Limoges22
Beho FMBelgiumTop 4096Charleroi15
Bel RTLBelgiumAdult Cont.56Brussels52
Berbere RadioFranceEthnic20Paris244
Best RadioFranceRock & Pop192Webcast79
Beur 106.7 FMFranceCommunity32Paris118
BFM 101.4BelgiumNews/Talk24Charleroi48
Bide et MusiqueFrance70s128Webcast134
Black Dog RadioFrance70s128Webcast0
Blackbox 103.7 FMFranceJazz & Blues20Bordeaux59
Booster 106.8 FMFranceHip-Hop192Toulouse83
Booster 80France80s160Toulouse92
Bruaysis FMFranceAdult Cont.20Paris23
BXL La City RadioBelgiumAdult Cont.128Webcast1
C9 RadioFranceTop 40128Lyon35
Cambos FMFranceElectronica192Paris0
Canal 7FranceDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast65
Canal AcademieFranceCultural32Paris55
Canal B 94 FMFranceCultural108Rennes21
Canal MarineFranceGeneral Station128Webcast43
Canal Sambre AvesnoisFranceGeneral Station40Aulnoye-Aymeries19
Caraibes 94.5 FMHaitiNews/Talk56Port-au-Prince278
Caribbean Net RadioGuadeloupeFull Service21Pointe-a-Pitre48
Catalogne NordFranceGeneral Station20Perpignan25
CBAF 98.3 FM Radio CanadaCanadaNews/Talk32Moncton33
CBC Radio One Quebec CityCanadaPublic32Quebec City44
CBGA Radio Canada 102.1 FMCanadaNews/Talk32Matane24
CBJ Radio Canada Saguenay Lac Saint-Jean 93.7 FMCanadaNews/Talk20Matane33
CBKF Radio-Canada 97.7 FMCanadaNews/Talk20Regina20
CBOF Radio Canada La Premiere 90.7 FMCanadaNews/Talk32Ottawa31
CBON Radio Canada La PremiereCanadaNews/Talk20Sudbury48
Centrale 91.7 FMHaitiGeneral Station16Port-au-Prince79
CFAI Rock 105 FMCanadaRock & Pop32Edmunston16
CFAK Radio Campus 88.3 FMCanadaCollege128Sherbrooke15
CFGL Rythme 105.7 FMCanadaEasy Listening22Montreal26
CFIM 92.7 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Cap-Aux-Meules11
CFIX Rock Detente 102.9 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Rimouski23
CFIX Rock Detente 94.9 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Gatineau26
CFIX Rock Detente 96.9 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Saguenay22
CFLM 1240 AMCanadaGeneral Station64La Turque11
CFM Castel 92 FMFranceGeneral Station64Casteljaloux13
CFOM 102.9 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Quebec City21
CFOU 89.1 FM Radio Campus de Trois-RivieresCanadaCollege128Trois Rivieres18
CFRH 88.1 FMCanadaGeneral Station32Penetanguishene6
CFXM M105 104.9 FMCanadaTop 4032Granby3
CHAA 103.3 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Longueuil10
Champagne FMFranceGeneral Station20Reims51
Chante FranceFranceGeneral Station128Webcast94
Cherie Concerts LiveFranceAdult Cont.128Webcast49
Cherie FMFranceAdult Cont.128Webcast289
Cherie FrenchyFranceAdult Cont.128Webcast61
Cherie GoldsFranceAdult Cont.128Webcast41
Cherie Love SongsFranceLove Songs128Webcast172
Cherie Summer HitsFranceAdult Cont.128Webcast44
Cherie ZenFranceAdult Cont.128Webcast33
CHEY Rock Detente 94.7 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Mauricie16
CHFA Radio Canada La Premiere 680 AMCanadaNews/Talk32Edmonton15
CHIK Energie 98.9 FMCanadaTop 4032Quebec22
CHIK Radio Energy 98.9 FMCanadaGeneral Station32Quebec City13
CHLM 103.1 FM Radio CanadaCanadaNews/Talk22Abitibi15
CHLN 550 AMCanadaNews/Talk22Trois Rivieres14
CHLT 630 AMCanadaNews/Talk32Sherbrooke15
CHOC 104.9 FMCanadaTop 4096Saint-Remi10
CHOQ FMCanadaAlternative96Montreal13
CHOW 91.7 Giant FMCanadaClassic Hits36Welland6
CHOX 97.5 FMCanadaGeneral Station40La Pocatiere4
CHOY Choix 99.9 FMCanadaCountry32Moncton45
CHRC Info 800 AMCanadaGeneral Station32Sainte Foy8
CHUK 107.3 FMCanadaAdult Cont.28Lac-St.-Jean13
CHYC 98.9 FMCanadaAdult Cont.40Sudbury6
CHYZ 94.3 FMCanadaCollege24Sainte Foy8
CIBL 101.5 FM Radio MontrealCanadaGeneral Station128Montreal22
CIBM 107.1 FMCanadaTop 4040Riviere-du-Loup6
CIEL 107 FMCanadaGeneral Station32Riviere Du Loup13
Ciel AMFranceEthnic32Paris0
Ciel RadioBelgiumAdult Cont.64Seraing32
CIEU 94.9 FM La RadioCanadaGeneral Station16Carleton10
CIFA 104.1 FMCanadaCommunity24Saulnierville9
Cigale FMFranceGeneral Station20Reims37
CIGB Energie 102.3 FMCanadaTop 4032Trois-Rivieres13
CIHW 100.3 FMCanadaEthnic20Wendake11
CIKI Energie 98.7 FMCanadaTop 4032Rimouski19
CIMB Radio Ntetemuk 95.1 FMCanadaGeneral Station96Pessamit20
CIMI 103.7 FMCanadaNews/Talk20Quebec City11
CIMO Energie 106.1 FMCanadaTop 4032Sherbrooke10
CIMO Radio Energie 98.9 FMCanadaTop 4024Estrie16
CINF Info 690 AMCanadaNews/Talk24Montreal10
CIRA Radio Villa-Marie 91.3 FMCanadaReligious128Montreal14
CISM 89.3 FMCanadaCollege32Montreal5
CITE Rock Detente 102.7 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Estrie21
CITE Rock Detente 107.3 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Montreal17
CITF Rock Detente 107.5 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Quebec City21
CJAB Energie 94.5 FMCanadaTop 4032Saguenay16
CJDM Energie 92.1 FMCanadaTop 4032Drummondville11
CJLE 92.9 FM La SuperStationCanadaAdult Cont.32Caraquet8
CJLM M 103.5 FMCanadaAdult Cont.96Joliette8
CJMF Le 93.3 FMCanadaClassic Rock22Quebec City18
CJMM Energie 99.1 FMCanadaTop 4032Rouyn-Noranda5
CJMS Radio 1040 AMCanadaCountry24St-Constant33
CJMV Energie 102.7 FMCanadaTop 4032Val D'Or7
CJPN Radio Fredericton 90.5 FMCanadaCommunity16Fredericton5
CJRC 1150 AMCanadaCommunity16Ottawa6
CJRS RadioCanadaClassic Hits128Montreal22
CJSO 101.7 FM L'essentielCanadaGeneral Station48Bas-Richelieu8
CKAC 730 Am La Voix du QuebecCanadaNews/Talk24Montreal17
CKAJ 92.5 FMCanadaGeneral Station32Saguenay4
CKIA 88.3 FMCanadaNews/Talk20Quebec City9
CKJM Radio Cheticamp 106.1 FMCanadaCommunity20Cheticamp13
CKLE 92.9 FM La SuperStationCanadaGeneral Station48Bathurst8
CKMF Energie 94.3 FMCanadaTop 4032Montreal11
CKOD 103 FMCanadaAdult Cont.40Valleyfield6
CKOO 98.5 FMCanadaNews/Talk32Montreal4
CKRL 89.1 FMCanadaNews/Talk24Quebec City4
CKRO 97.1 FM Radio PeninsuleCanadaGeneral Station20Inkerman4
CKRS 98.3 La Voix de SaguenayCanadaNews/Talk20Saguenay9
CKTF Energie 104.1 FMCanadaTop 4032Gatineau7
CKUM Radio J 93.5 FMCanadaAdult Cont.24Moncton7
CKUT 90.3 FMCanadaPublic64Montreal4
CKVL Radio Tele InternetCanadaAdult Cont.24Montreal20
CKXL Envol 91 FMCanadaCommunity40St Boniface4
CKYK Lattitude Rock 95.7 FMCanadaRock & Pop48Saguenay7
CKZW 1650 AM French Gospel RadioCanadaGospel24Montreal27
Click n RockFranceRock & Pop128Paris27
Club in ONEFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast67
Cocktail 103.2 FMFranceTop 40128Caen35
Collines FMFranceGeneral Station20Bressuire21
Coloriage Web RadioFranceGeneral Station20Montbard14
ContactFranceDance, Trance & Techno64Lille68
Couleur 3 100.1 FMSwitzerlandAlternative32Lausanne18
Couleur 3 89.3 FMFranceGeneral Station128Lyon20
Couleur JazzCanadaJazz & Blues32Montreal31
CRKA Radio Kue Attinukan 106.9 FMCanadaEthnic20Matimekush Schefferville8
Crock FM WebradioFranceRock & Pop128Gambais16
Da Tempo Lounge RadioFranceElectronica32Paris91
Delta 100.7 FMFranceAdult Cont.128Gravelines25
Dife RadioMartiniqueCaribbean128Fort-de-France0
Dife RadioMartiniqueTop 40128Fort-de-France27
Direct 92.8 FMFranceGeneral Station20Metz27
DiscoID WebradioFranceElectronica128Perpignan59
Divergence 93.9 FMFranceGeneral Station128Montpellier18
Diwan FMBelgiumEthnic36Brussels9
DRS Dago radio SoundMadagascarGeneral Station48Antananarivo37
Ecleccia 106.6 FMFranceReligious64Nimes22
ECN 98.1 FMFranceHip-Hop32Mulhouse39
Electra RadioFranceDance, Trance & Techno192Webcast92
Electro City RadioFranceElectronica128Bordeaux1
ElectrOne WebradioFranceElectronica128Paris91
Energie 101.7 FMHaitiGeneral Station24Port-au-Prince102
Enjoy StationFranceUrban R&B160Webcast56
Espace 2SwitzerlandClassical32Geneve55
Espace 98.8 FMFranceGeneral Station32Clichy32
Espoir 93.1 FMFranceOther40Agen29
Europe 1FranceFull Service36Paris181
Europe 2 Rock AlternativeFranceRock & Pop128Paris1
Europe 2 Rock ClassicsFranceClassic Rock128Paris3
Europe 2 Rock UK 80FranceClassic Rock128Paris1
Europe 2 Rock US 80FranceClassic Rock128Paris1
Evasion FMFranceAdult Cont.32Fontainebleau50
FC Radio L EssentielFranceGeneral Station36Webcast30
FG DJ Dance by HakimakliFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast102
FG DJ RadioFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Paris144
FG DJ Radio AmericaFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast69
FG DJ Radio ChicFranceAdult Cont.128Paris30
FG DJ Radio Plus 6FranceTop 40128Paris37
FG DJ Radio UndergroundFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Paris62
FG DJ Radio VintageFranceClassic Rock128Paris45
FGL Frequence Grands LacsFranceGeneral Station20Biscarosse17
Florival FMFranceGeneral Station128Alsace10
Flux 4FranceTop 40128Webcast10
FMC Radio 101.3 FMFranceAdult Cont.128Creil31
France Maghreb 99.5 FMFranceNews/Talk64Paris140
Fraternite FM 96.5BeninFull Service24Parakou51
Frecuence Banane 92.4 FMSwitzerlandCollege137Lausanne22
Frequence 3FranceTop 40192Paris38
Frequence 4 100.6 FMFranceGeneral Station24Paris19
Frequence CaribouCanadaAdult Cont.160Quebec City15
Frequence Horizon 100.8 FMFranceClassic Hits128Lens28
Frequence Jazz 97.3 FMFranceJazz & Blues128Lyon84
Frequence K 103.4 FMFranceGeneral Station80Nice11
Frequence Mistral 92.8 FMFranceGeneral Station32Manosque14
Frequence Mix 94.6 FMFranceTop 40128Cavaillon0
Frequence Paris Plurielle 106.3 FMFranceGeneral Station96Paris42
Frequence PlusFranceTop 40128Webcast27
Frequence QuebecCanadaTop 4064Quebec City19
Frequence Sille 97.9 FMFranceGeneral Station20Le Mans0
Frequence Soleil 92.6 FMFranceGeneral Station20Toulouse42
Fun RadioFranceTop 40128Webcast164
Fun RadioBelgiumDance, Trance & Techno48Webcast69
Gay Radio QuebecCanadaGeneral Station64Montreal48
Generation Disco FunkFranceDisco128Webcast191
Generation DoFranceRock & Pop128Paris0
Generations 88.2 FMFranceTop 40128Paris30
Golfe FM 105.7BeninFull Service16Cotonou41
Graffiti Urban Radio 88.6 FMFranceHip-Hop128La Roche sur Yon59
Hag FMFranceGeneral Station96Webcast9
Happy 89.8 FMFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Reims22
Hit & Sport 98.4 FMFranceGeneral Station20Lyon27
Hit West Brest 96.9 FMFranceTop 40128Brest15
Hit West Nantes 100.9 FMFranceTop 4020Nantes21
Hit West Rennes 99.2FranceTop 4020Rennes0
Hollyzook RadioGuadeloupeReggae128Webcast82
Hot Mix Radio 100% HitsFranceTop 4064Webcast197
Hot Mix Radio 80sFrance80s64Paris281
Hot Mix Radio 90sFrance90s64Paris187
Hot Mix Radio FunkyFranceDisco64Paris247
Hot Mix Radio RockFranceRock & Pop64Webcast28
Hot Mix RadioDanceFranceDance, Trance & Techno64Paris194
Hot RadioFranceTop 4020Grenoble42
Ici et Maintenant 95.2 FMFranceGeneral Station64Paris17
ID 98.0 FMFranceGeneral Station128Enghein5
ImixxFranceRock & Pop128Webcast22
Impact 106.3 FMFranceOldies128Lyon15
Info Concert RadioFranceGeneral Station128Webcast11
Jet 91.2 FMFranceGeneral Station128Saint Herblain10
Jet FM 98.5BelgiumGeneral Station64Brussels8
Jordanne FMFranceGeneral Station20Aurillac15
JTMR RadioCanada80s24Drummondville0
Judaica 102.9 FMFranceGeneral Station20Strasbourg5
Judaiques 94.8 FMFranceEthnic32Paris9
Kernews 91.5 FMFranceAdult Cont.96Nantes6
Kiss 94.6 FMFranceAdult Cont.128Nice43
KixXnetCanadaTop 40128Montreal19
Kol MevasserFranceReligious20Paris0
Kool FMMauritiusRock & Pop40Port Louis27
Kreol 94.2 FMReunionGeneral Station64Saint Paul34
L Eko des Garrigues 88.5 FMFranceCommunity32Montpellier8
La 1ereSwitzerlandGeneral Station32Geneve14
La Grosse RadioFranceRock & Pop192Paris29
La Radio de la MerFranceOther32Paris71
La Radio de SebbFranceGeneral Station128Paris5
La Radio PlusFranceGeneral Station20Annecy22
Lamp 97.4 FMSenegalGeneral Station32Touba84
Launge 97.2 FMMartiniqueReligious20Fort-de-France30
Lausanne 103.3 FMSwitzerlandClassic Hits128Lausanne37
Le Funk BoatFranceFunk192Paris138
Ledjam RadioFranceElectronica128Webcast32
Lets go ZikFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Strasbourg1
Linas JazzFranceJazz & Blues128Linas57
Lor FMFranceGeneral Station20Thionville0
LSL LinasunlineFranceHip-Hop192Linas28
LuNe 91.2 FMSwitzerlandGeneral Station128Neuchatel3
Lyon 1ere 90.2 FMFranceGeneral Station20Lyon18
M 103.5 FMCanadaLove Songs96Joliette56
M Plus MMonacoAdult Cont.128Monte Carlo27
M Plus Music MovieFranceOther96La Turbie37
M.K.M RadioFranceSalsa & Tropical128Paris44
Madras Hot SoundFranceReggae56Paris50
Magic RadioFrance80s192Paris86
Mangembo 99.7 FMCongo DRGeneral Station48Kinshasa72
Maurice Radio LibreFranceGeneral Station20Paris9
Max La RadioFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast31
Media TropicalFranceSalsa & Tropical32Paris2
Mega FMFranceClassic Hits128Orleans28
Melodie 103.3 FMHaitiGeneral Station32Port-au-Prince75
Melodie FMBelgiumGeneral Station128Nivelles23
Meltin Pot WebradioFranceGeneral Station32Webcast3
Meyrin 99.0 FMSwitzerlandAdult Cont.128Geneve9
MFMFranceClassic Hits20Orleans28
Mint FMBelgiumRock & Pop56Gout7
Mint Nouvelle SceneBelgiumRock & Pop56webcast5
Mint RockBelgiumRock & Pop56webcast9
Mix La Radio Etudiante 89.5 FMFranceCollege128Orange25
Mixx RadioFranceDance, Trance & Techno64Webcast65
Mona 99.8 FMFranceGeneral Station128Lille10
Montagne 100.7 FMFranceGeneral Station20Modane11
Music Hitz FMFranceDance, Trance & Techno192Webcast51
Music Plus MovieFranceSoundtracks128Webcast72
Musique RadioFranceTop 40128Webcast26
Must FMBelgiumTop 4032Webcast0
Muzik ParadiseCanadaAdult Cont.64Bromont0
Net 80 WebradioFrance80s128Paris65
Net FMBelgiumDance, Trance & Techno128Brussels10
Net FMBelgiumDance, Trance & Techno48Webcast11
NetG RadioFranceOther128Paris0
NewzicFranceTop 40112Cholet0
Normandie FMFranceGeneral Station20Alencon12
Nostalgie 60sFranceOldies64Webcast91
Nostalgie 70sFrance70s64Webcast235
Nostalgie British and American LegendFranceOldies64Webcast56
Nostalgie Chansons FrancaisesFranceOldies64Webcast227
Nostalgie Classiques 80France80s64Webcast174
Nostalgie DanceFranceDisco64Webcast159
Nostalgie La LegendeFranceOldies64Webcast81
Nostalgie Rock LegendFranceRock & Pop64Webcast31
Nostalgie Slows de LegendeFranceOldies64Webcast66
Nostalgie Soul LegendFranceSoul64Webcast94
NRJFranceTop 4032Paris205
NRJ 80sFrance80s128Paris103
NRJ 93.5 FMNew CaledoniaTop 4071Noumea0
NRJ AntillesGuadeloupeTop 4064Pointe-a-Pitre52
NRJ AntillesMartiniqueTop 4064Fort-de-France42
NRJ BelgiqueBelgiumTop 40128Brussels23
NRJ DanceFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Paris101
NRJ GrooveFranceUrban R&B128Paris56
NRJ HitFranceTop 40128Paris96
NRJ LoungeFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Paris22
NRJ Master MixFranceHip-Hop128Paris0
NRJ News TalkFranceNews/Talk128Paris11
NRJ Pop/RockFranceRock & Pop128Paris0
NRJ TweeniesFranceAdult Cont.128Paris14
Oceane 100.3 FMFranceTop 40128Vannes10
ODS Radio 92.6 FMFranceGeneral Station128Chambery4
Ombilikal WebradioFranceElectronica128Toulouse23
One FM 107.0SwitzerlandTop 40128Geneve46
Only Rai 94.6 FMFranceUrban R&B128Webradio38
Option MusiqueSwitzerlandAdult Cont.32Geneve15
ORTB RadioBeninFull Service24Cotonou0
Ouest 98.7 FMFranceGeneral Station20Angers9
Oui 102.3 FMFranceRock & Pop32Paris30
Paradise FMFranceGeneral Station128Webcast28
Paris One DanceFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Paris71
Paris One DeeperFranceHouse128Paris126
Paris One DJ webradioFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Paris72
Paris One ReverseFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Paris25
Paris One TranceFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Paris182
Perrine 98.4 FMFranceGeneral Station128Annemasse8
Phare FMFranceChristian Cont.128Mulhouse49
Plein Air Radio 99.1 FMFranceGeneral Station128Morteau8
PLR Paris Live Radio 963 AMFranceClassic Hits64Paris0
Plus 89.4 FMFranceTop 4024Blois11
Prun 92 FMFranceGeneral Station128Nantes4
Puissance Jeun ZFranceRock & Pop128Webcast23
Puissance RadioFranceGeneral Station160Webcast12
Puls RadioFranceDance, Trance & Techno64Laning46
Pure France WebradioFranceAdult Cont.33Paris1
R-Courchevel 93.2 FMFranceGeneral Station64Courchevel4
Radio 13FranceClassic Hits128Webcast5
Radio 16 99.2 FMFranceCommunity20Besseges6
Radio 4FranceGeneral Station32Villereal9
Radio 404FranceCommunity128Paris9
Radio 4VEHHaitiReligious20Port-au-Prince191
Radio 6 100.4 FMFranceGeneral Station24Calais7
Radio 666FranceRock & Pop128Webcast10
Radio 74FranceCultural20Archamps6
Radio 8 98.6 FMFranceTop 4020Sedan27
Radio AFranceEthnic20Valence0
Radio ActifCanadaTop 4064Quebec City0
Radio Actif Hip-HopCanadaHip-Hop64Quebec City84
Radio Actif JazzCanadaJazz & Blues64Quebec City32
Radio Actif LoungeCanadaEasy Listening64Quebec City13
Radio Actif PopCanadaRock & Pop64Quebec City14
Radio Actif RockCanadaRock & Pop64Quebec City11
Radio Actif Soft RockCanadaSoft Rock64Quebec City22
Radio Actif TechnoCanadaDance, Trance & Techno64Quebec City46
Radio Al ManarBelgiumEthnic64Brussels11
Radio Albatros 88.2 FMFranceGeneral Station192La Havre6
Radio Albiges 95.4 FMFranceCommunity20Albi0
Radio AlbiguesFranceCommunity20Albi0
Radio Aleo 104.8 FMFranceAdult Cont.128Macon5
Radio Algerie Chaine 3AlgeriaGeneral Station20Algiers613
Radio Armenie 102.6 FMFranceEthnic16Lyon7
Radio ArverneFranceGeneral Station96Gerzat4
Radio Atlantique 102.1 FMSaint PierreGeneral Station24Saint Pierre15
Radio Balade 102.3 FMHaitiReggae96Port-au-Prince118
Radio Beton 93.6 FMFranceGeneral Station24Tours0
Radio BizzzCanadaHard Rock128Quebec City43
Radio Blagon Ambiance CoolFranceEasy Listening128Blagon14
Radio Blagon Canal HardFranceRock & Pop128Blagon0
Radio Blagon Canal SoftFranceRock & Pop192Blagon5
Radio Blagon DJ MixFranceDance, Trance & Techno160Blagon0
Radio Blagon Festif EtrangeFranceAlternative128Blagon9
Radio Blagon Mix CompleteFranceGeneral Station128Blagon12
Radio Blagon Reggae IlesFranceReggae192Blagon154
Radio Blagon Rock FrancaisFranceRock & Pop128Blagon6
Radio Bonheur 99.1 FMFranceGeneral Station20Saint Brieuc20
Radio Bonne NouvelleFranceGeneral Station20Bayonne15
Radio Boomer 1570 AMCanadaOldies32Laval18
Radio Boomerang 89.7 FMFranceGeneral Station48Webcast12
Radio Bro-GwenedFranceNews/Talk32Pontivy6
Radio Bruaysis 99.2 FMFranceGeneral Station20Bruay-La-Buissiere2
Radio Campus Grenoble 90.8 FMFranceCollege112Grenoble9
Radio Campus Lille 106.6 FMFranceCollege128Lille9
Radio Campus Orleans 88.3 FMFranceCollege128Orleans6
Radio Campus Paris 93.9 FMFranceCollege96Paris16
Radio Campus Toulouse 94 FMFranceCollege128Toulouse0
Radio Canada International FrenchCanadaGeneral Station16Ottawa61
Radio Canut 102.2 FMFranceGeneral Station128Lyon5
Radio CigogneFranceClassic Hits128Cernay11
Radio Clapas 93.5 FMFranceCommunity64Montpellier0
Radio ClassiqueFranceClassical128Paris130
Radio Cocktail 88.9 FMFranceGeneral Station128Gerardmer10
Radio ContactBelgiumTop 4065Brussels16
Radio Contact 2 99.0 FMBelgiumTop 4064Diest0
Radio Contact Plus 107.3 FMBelgiumAdult Cont.65Bertrix12
Radio Cote dAmourFranceGeneral Station20Saint Nazaire20
Radio Coteaux 104.5 FMFranceGeneral Station64Saint Blancard4
Radio Country ClubFranceCountry112Grasse0
Radio Courchevel 93.2 FMFranceOldies32Courchevel9
Radio CourtoisieFranceGeneral Station20Paris5
Radio CristalFranceGeneral Station20Evreux2
Radio des Boutieres 88.3 FMFranceGeneral Station64Le Cheylard5
Radio Dialogue 89.6 FMFranceReligious128Marseille12
Radio Dijon Campus 92.2 FMFranceCollege128Dijon12
Radio Dio 89.5 FMFranceGeneral Station64Saint Etienne0
Radio Dreyeckland 104.6 FMFranceClassic Hits48Strasbourg8
Radio Ecclesia 100.8 FMFranceReligious128Nimes10
Radio EFM 106.5 FMFranceGeneral Station96Bondoufle5
Radio Ellebore 105.9 FMFranceEasy Listening80Chambery5
Radio EquiNoXFranceClassic Rock128Webcast32
Radio EspaceFranceGeneral Station128Lyon24
Radio EsperanceFranceReligious24Saint-Etienne53
Radio Espoir 93.1 FMFranceGeneral Station40Agen1
Radio EssentielFranceGeneral Station128Lyon11
Radio Est 100.7 FMFranceGeneral Station20Saverne2
Radio Fajet 94.2 FMFranceGeneral Station128Nancy2
Radio FideliteFranceCommunity24Nantes10
Radio FlamFranceGeneral Station64Webcast5
Radio FlemmeFranceEasy Listening192Paris47
Radio Florival 98.6 FMFrance80s20Mulhouse32
Radio FM 43FranceGeneral Station96Haute Loire12
Radio France Bleu AlsaceFranceGeneral Station16Strasbourg6
Radio France Bleu ArmoriqueFranceGeneral Station20Armorique14
Radio France Bleu AuxerreFranceGeneral Station16Auxerre7
Radio France Bleu AzurFranceGeneral Station16Cannes13
Radio France Bleu Basse NormandieFranceGeneral Station16Flers8
Radio France Bleu BearnFranceGeneral Station32Bearn5
Radio France Bleu Belfort MontbeliarFranceGeneral Station16Belfort6
Radio France Bleu BerryFranceGeneral Station32Berry2
Radio France Bleu BesanconFranceGeneral Station16Besancon2
Radio France Bleu BourgogneFranceGeneral Station16Dijon4
Radio France Bleu Breiz IzelFranceGeneral Station16Breiz Izel5
Radio France Bleu ChampagneFranceGeneral Station16Reims3
Radio France Bleu CotentinFranceGeneral Station16Cotentin2
Radio France Bleu CreuseFranceGeneral Station16Gueret5
Radio France Bleu Drome ArdecheFranceGeneral Station16Valence12
Radio France Bleu Frecuenza MoraFranceGeneral Station32Berry4
Radio France Bleu Gard LozereFranceGeneral Station16Nimes2
Radio France Bleu GascogneFranceGeneral Station16Mont de Marsan17
Radio France Bleu GirondeFranceGeneral Station16Bordeaux5
Radio France Bleu Haute NormandieFranceGeneral Station32Normandie2
Radio France Bleu HeraultFranceGeneral Station16Montpellier6
Radio France Bleu Ile de FranceFranceGeneral Station32Paris17
Radio France Bleu IsereFranceGeneral Station32Grenoble9
Radio France Bleu La RochelleFranceGeneral Station32La Rochelle3
Radio France Bleu LimousinFranceGeneral Station32Limousin10
Radio France Bleu Loire OceanFranceGeneral Station32Nantes11
Radio France Bleu Lorraine NordFranceGeneral Station32Metz4
Radio France Bleu MayenneFranceGeneral Station32Laval2
Radio France Bleu NordFranceGeneral Station32Lille17
Radio France Bleu NormandieFranceGeneral Station32Caen0
Radio France Bleu OrleansFranceGeneral Station32Orleans9
Radio France Bleu Pays BasqueFranceGeneral Station32Pays Basque7
Radio France Bleu Pays d AuvergneFranceGeneral Station32Pays d Auvergne6
Radio France Bleu Pays de SavoieFranceGeneral Station32Chambery12
Radio France Bleu PerigordFranceGeneral Station32Perigueux13
Radio France Bleu PicardieFranceGeneral Station32Abbeville3
Radio France Bleu PoitouFranceGeneral Station32Amiens2
Radio France Bleu ProvenceFranceGeneral Station32Aix en Provence16
Radio France Bleu RoussillonFranceGeneral Station32Perpignan8
Radio France Bleu Sud LorraineFranceGeneral Station32Nancy4
Radio France Bleu TouraineFranceGeneral Station32Touraine1
Radio France Bleu VaucluseFranceGeneral Station32Avignon3
Radio France Chemins de la ConnaissanceFranceCultural128Webcast19
Radio France CultureFranceCultural64Paris48
Radio France FIPFranceJazz & Blues64Paris69
Radio France InfoFranceNews/Talk22Paris115
Radio France InterFranceNews/Talk60Paris294
Radio France Le MouvFranceRock & Pop64Paris21
Radio France MusiqueFranceCultural64Paris75
Radio France Sentiers de la Cr?ationFranceCultural128Webcast6
Radio France VivaceFranceCultural64Paris19
Radio FreiburgSwitzerlandAdult Cont.128Freiburg18
Radio Frequence Metz Clubbing and DanceFranceDance, Trance & Techno192Webcast43
Radio Frequence Metz Relax and SmoothFranceEasy Listening192Webcast19
Radio Frequence Metz RnB and FashionFranceUrban R&B192Webcast37
Radio Frequence Metz Rock and BritishFranceRock & Pop192Webcast2
Radio Frequence Metz WoippyFranceTop 40192Webcast6
Radio Fribourg 89.4 FMSwitzerlandAdult Cont.128Fribourg13
Radio Fusion FMMartiniqueCaribbean20Fort-de-France2
Radio GFranceGeneral Station96Angers7
Radio GeneriqueFranceOther40Paris11
Radio Grenouille 88.8 FMFranceGeneral Station128Marseille12
Radio GresivaudanFranceGeneral Station48Crolles2
Radio Ibo 98.5 FMHaitiGeneral Station40Port-au-Prince51
Radio Intensite 103.8 FMFranceNews/Talk48Chateaudun9
Radio Jam 99.3 FMIvory CoastTop 4020Abidjan98
Radio Jazz InternationalSwitzerlandJazz & Blues128Crissier55
Radio Jerico 102 FMFranceGeneral Station20Metz10
Radio Jeunes Reims 106.1 FMFranceGeneral Station128Reims3
Radio JMFranceGeneral Station96Marseille8
Radio Jokko FMSenegalGeneral Station24Dakar64
Radio Judaica 90.2 FMBelgiumEthnic24Webcast10
Radio JuniorFranceKids128Paris51
Radio KaleidoscopeFranceMulticultural32Grenoble21
Radio KiskeyaHaitiFull Service20Port-au-Prince86
Radio Kol Aviv 101 FMFranceReligious64Toulouse6
Radio Kol HachalomFranceEthnic20Grenoble0
Radio Lac 91.8 FMSwitzerlandRock & Pop196Geneve11
Radio Latina 99 FMFranceSalsa & Tropical32Paris93
Radio Latitude 95.8 FMFranceDance, Trance & Techno40Troyes15
Radio Le MansFranceSports32Le Mans7
Radio LFOFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast6
Radio Liberte 91.5 FMFranceGeneral Station128Alsace8
Radio LumiereHaitiReligious20Port-au-Prince127
Radio MadaMadagascarGeneral Station20Antananarivo51
Radio Maeba FMBelgiumAdult Cont.128Brussels3
Radio MaohiFrench PolynesiaTop 4064Tahiti0
Radio MaranathaBeninFull Service16Cotonou35
Radio Maria FranceFranceReligious20Paris13
Radio Maritima 97.9 FMFranceGeneral Station20Martigues9
Radio Mau Nau 90.6 FMFranceGeneral Station80Champagne1
Radio MBSMadagascarGeneral Station64Antananarivo34
Radio Mc One 98.2 FMMonacoAdult Cont.128Monte Carlo29
Radio Mediterranee 88.6 FMFranceGeneral Station20Paris0
Radio Mega 99.2 FMFranceCommunity20Valence5
Radio Melody 95.9 FMFranceGeneral Station128Pau1
Radio Mercure 93 FMFranceGeneral Station128Loise4
Radio Mont BlancFranceGeneral Station20Sallanches13
Radio Montlucon Bourbonnais RMB 100 MhzFranceAdult Cont.128Montlucon7
Radio Morbihan PlusFranceGeneral Station96Riantec1
Radio MorisMauritiusGeneral Station96Port Louis31
Radio Moris Channel 2MauritiusGeneral Station96Port Louis31
Radio Mosaique 94.9 FMTunisiaFolklore16Tunis673
Radio MTIFranceTop 4020Montelimar2
Radio Narbonne M?diterranee 92.5 FMFranceGeneral Station20Narbonne3
Radio NEO 95.2 FMFranceAdult Cont.128Paris8
Radio Nevers 99 FMFranceGeneral Station128Nevers3
Radio NohainFranceGeneral Station20Gien4
Radio Nord Bretagne 100.5 FMFranceGeneral Station64Morlaix1
Radio Nostalgie 88 FMLebanonOldies20Beirut120
Radio Notre Dame 100.7 FMFranceCultural128Paris17
Radio NovaFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Paris47
Radio Nova 7FranceRock & Pop128Webcast16
Radio NTI 93.4 FMFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Nantes6
Radio NTI 93.4 FM (Alternate stream)FranceTop 40128Nantes3
Radio Occitania 98.3 FMFranceEthnic24Toulouse7
Radio OkapiCongo DREthnic24Kinshasa89
Radio One 101.7 FMMauritiusGeneral Station32Port Louis22
Radio One 90.1 FMHaitiGeneral Station20Port-au-Prince47
Radio Orient 106.7 FMFranceGeneral Station64Lyon23
Radio Oxigene 106.6 FMFranceGeneral Station128Montereau12
Radio P.R.O.S 105.8 FMBelgiumOldies64Denderhoutem10
Radio PaconetCanadaTop 40128Montreal0
Radio PateFranceGeneral Station192Montpellier2
Radio Pluriel 91.5 FMFranceGeneral Station20Lyon4
Radio Plus 106.8 FMFranceGeneral Station64Toulouse6
Radio Plus FMReunionGeneral Station32Saint Denis27
Radio PresenceFranceGeneral Station96Toulouse1
Radio Puisaleine 100.9 FMFranceGeneral Station64Carlepont1
Radio PulsarFranceAlternative128Poitiers6
Radio QuarzBelgiumTop 4032Webcast3
Radio QuebecCanadaCommunity64Quebec City26
Radio RC2 94.4 FMFranceCollege20Canteleu3
Radio RDMFranceGeneral Station128Mirande1
Radio RGB 99.2 FMFranceGeneral Station48Cergy0
Radio RireFranceComedy64Webcast40
Radio RVAFranceGeneral Station20Clermont Ferrand1
Radio SalamFranceEthnic192Lyon24
Radio Scoop Bourg 89.2 FMFranceTop 4048Bourg5
Radio Scoop Clermond Ferrand 98.8 FMFranceTop 4048Clermont Ferrand1
Radio Scoop Lyon 92.0 FMFranceTop 4064Lyon35
Radio Scoop St. Etienne 91.3 FMFranceTop 4048St. Etienne8
Radio Sea FMFranceGeneral Station32Coutances2
Radio SoleilMoroccoGeneral Station20Rabat366
Radio StarFranceTop 4032Vesoul12
Radio Star 92.3 FMFranceTop 4020Marseille13
Radio Sud Est 89.3 FMMartiniqueAdult Cont.48Fort-de-France22
Radio Sun TropicCanadaReggae32Montreal2
Radio Superstar 102.8 FMHaitiAdult Cont.32Port-au-Prince66
Radio SynergieFrance80s320Paris34
Radio Tam TamSenegalGeneral Station64Dakar158
Radio TeenTaalFranceEthnic128Paris9
Radio TFM 105.6 FMFranceGeneral Station20Montelimar1
Radio Top 107 FMSenegalGeneral Station24Dakar68
Radio Top SideFrance70s128Code d Azur64
Radio TotemFranceGeneral Station20Rodez4
Radio Tounes BlediTunisiaGeneral Station24Webcast82
Radio Trait d Union 89.8 FMFranceNews/Talk64Lyon4
Radio UDL 90.2 FMFranceGeneral Station128St. Laurent du Maroni0
Radio VagFranceGeneral Station40Artenay0
Radio Valdisere 96.1 FMFranceGeneral Station128Valdisere1
Radio Vallee 96.6 FMFranceGeneral Station128Lognes1
Radio Verdon 96.5 FMFranceGeneral Station20St. Julien3
Radio Vibration 89.9 FMBelgiumDance, Trance & Techno128Brussels23
Radio Vision 2000 99.3 FMHaitiGeneral Station22Port-au-Prince73
Radio VitamineFranceTop 4020Toulon10
Radio WalianeSenegalGeneral Station96Webcast44
Radio Windsor ClubFranceDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast9
Radio XtremeFranceTop 40192Pontarlier15
Radio YabiladiMoroccoEthnic128Rabat335
Radio ZinzineFranceGeneral Station24Forcalquier0
RadiOceanFranceGeneral Station20Qimper9
RadiostivalFranceGeneral Station128Webcast3
Radyo Ginen 92.9 FMHaitiGeneral Station22Port-au-Prince93
Radyonne 90.5 FMFranceFull Service128Auxerre4
RAM Radio Alpine Meilleure 93.7 FMFranceGeneral Station64Gap4
RBR 103.4 FMMartiniqueCaribbean128Fort-de-France100
RBS Radio Bienvenue Strasbourg 91.9 FMFranceUrban R&B96Strasbourg19
RCF AubeFranceFull Service24Webcast3
RCF AudeFranceFull Service32Webcast4
RCF Charente MaritimeFranceFull Service32Webcast7
RCF CorsicaFranceFull Service32Webcast5
RCF Cote d AzurFranceFull Service32Cote d Azur9
RCF Cotes d Armor 100.6 FMFranceFull Service32Cotes d Armor5
RCF DromeFranceFull Service64Webcast2
RCF Email LimousinFranceFull Service64Limousin1
RCF Haute AlpesFranceFull Service64Haute Alpes3
RCF Haute SavoieFranceFull Service64Haute Savoie5
RCF Jerico NancyFranceFull Service64Jerico3
RCF JuraFranceFull Service64Jura2
RCF Le PuyFranceFull Service64Le Puy2
RCF LiegeFranceFull Service64Liege6
RCF LyonFranceFull Service64Lyon11
RCF MediterraneeFranceFull Service64Webcast8
RCF Nord Pas de CalaisFranceFull Service64Calais2
RCF OrleansFranceFull Service64Orleans3
RCF ParaboleFranceFull Service64Dijon7
RCF Pays TarnaisFranceFull Service64Tarnais0
RCF Radio Dijon 88.3 FMFranceGeneral Station32Dijon4
RCF Radio Dole 103.2 FMFranceGeneral Station32Dole2
RCF Radio Macon FMFranceGeneral Station32Macon5
RCF Radio Reims 87.9 FMFranceGeneral Station32Reims1
RCF Radio T.O 95.1 FMFranceGeneral Station32Douay2
RCF Rivages 89 FMFranceFull Service64Brest4
RCF VivaraisFranceFull Service64Vivarais4
RCI 98.7 FMMartiniqueGeneral Station64Fort-de-France37
RCI Radio Caraibes International 98.6 FMGuadeloupeGeneral Station64Pointe-a-Pitre0
RCT 99.3 FMFranceGeneral Station20Villeurbanne6
ResonanceFranceGeneral Station20Haute Normandie5
Retro FMFranceOldies128Webcast26
RFI AfriqueFranceNews/Talk32Paris197
RFI MondeFranceNews/Talk32Paris217
RFI MusiqueFranceGeneral Station64Paris85
RFJ Frecuence JuraSwitzerlandAdult Cont.128Delemont11
RFM 104.9 FMHaitiGeneral Station24Port-au-Prince60
RFM Love 80France80s64Paris99
RFM Night FeverFrance80s64Paris50
RFM Party 80France80s64Paris63
RFM Radio Futurs MediasSenegalGeneral Station24Dakar353
RFO GuadeloupeGuadeloupeGeneral Station32Pointe-a-Pitre66
RFO MartiniqueMartiniqueNews/Talk32Fort-de-France61
RFO MartiniqueMartiniqueNews/Talk32Fort-de-France2
RFO MayotteMayotteNews/Talk20Mamoudzou18
RFO Nouvelle CaledonieNew CaledoniaGeneral Station32Noumea25
RFO Polynesia RadioFrench PolynesiaNews/Talk32Bora Bora61
RFO ReunionReunionNews/Talk32Saint Denis30
RGB 99.2 FMFranceGeneral Station64Cergy3
Rire et Chansons LiveFranceComedy64Paris97
Rire et Chansons Nouveaux TalentsFranceComedy64Paris68
Rire et Chansons SketchesFranceComedy64Paris75
RJFMFranceClassic Hits20Montlucon17
RMN Radio Montagnes NoiresFranceGeneral Station20Locmine5
RNT Radio Noveaux Talents 1575 AMFranceGeneral Station128Puteaux8
ROC 97.6 FMFranceFull Service20Lille3
RockOneFranceRock & Pop192Webcast26
RockWebStationFranceRock & Pop160Paris7
RPL 99 FMFranceGeneral Station150Lambersat1
RQQG Radio Qui Quen Grogne 101 FMFranceGeneral Station96Bourbone2
RSL RadioFranceGeneral Station96La Riviere St. Louis2
RTBF Classic 21BelgiumClassic Hits128Brussels21
RTBF Classic 21 60sBelgiumOldies56Webcast25
RTBF Classic 21 80sBelgium80s56Webcast63
RTBF Classic 21 Les ClassiquesBelgiumOldies56Webcast20
RTBF Franco Sphere La PremiereBelgiumGeneral Station56Webcast10
RTBF La PremiereBelgiumFull Service128Brussels31
RTBF Mon Expo 58BelgiumOldies56Webcast8
RTBF Musiq 3BelgiumClassical128Brussels25
RTBF Musiq 3 BabelBelgiumGeneral Station56Webcast4
RTBF Pure FMBelgiumElectronica128Brussels37
RTBF Pure StreetBelgiumDance, Trance & Techno56Webcast8
RTBF Rock a PomponBelgiumRock & Pop56Webcast5
RTBF Viva HitsBelgiumTop 4056Webcast6
RTBF VivaCite ArlonBelgiumFull Service24Arlon4
RTBF VivaCite AutreBelgiumGeneral Station56Brussels3
RTBF VivaCite BruxellesBelgiumFull Service24Brussels14
RTBF VivaCite CharleroiBelgiumFull Service24Charleroi8
RTBF VivaCite En ConcertBelgiumGeneral Station56Webcast1
RTBF VivaCite LiegeBelgiumFull Service24Liege8
RTBF VivaCite LuxembourgBelgiumGeneral Station56Luxembourg5
RTBF VivaCite MonsBelgiumGeneral Station56Mons3
RTBF VivaCite NamurBelgiumFull Service24Namur7
RTBF VivaCite VerviersBelgiumFull Service24Verviers4
RTF 95.4 FMFranceDance, Trance & Techno32Limoges10
RTI Radio Cote de Ivoire IntIvory CoastGeneral Station36Abidjan2
RTLFranceGeneral Station18Paris187
RTL 2FranceRock & Pop18Paris110
RTN 95.8 FMSwitzerlandAdult Cont.24Marin3
RTR Radio RumantschSwitzerlandGeneral Station22Cuira9
RTS FMFranceTop 40128Sete7
RVM 88.6 FMFranceRock & Pop256Sedan7
Sain Tropez WebradioFranceGeneral Station64Saint Tropez15
Signal 90.5 FMHaitiReggae21Port-au-Prince90
Signal Ethik RadioFranceAlternative128Nice10
Sing Sing 96.7 FMFranceGeneral Station128Saint-Malo7
Skyrock FMFranceTop 4034Webcast341
Sound Beat RadioCanadaTop 4096Montreal15
Sport 99.9 FMFranceSports64Paris27
Stand-UP WebradioFranceGeneral Station64Paris0
Station FM WebradioFranceAlternative160Paris0
Station MilleniumFranceTop 40192Webcast7
Sud RadioFranceGeneral Station64Toulouse18
Sudio 5 88.8 FMFranceGeneral Station32Concarneau0
Sun 101.5 FMFranceSalsa & Tropical20Lyon0
Sunlight 93.8 FMFranceTop 4096St. Joseph4
Sunshine RadioLuxembourgTop 40128Luxembourg0
Sunshine RadioLuxembourgTop 40128Luxembourg25
Sunuker RadioSenegalGeneral Station24Webcast45
Superloustic 999 AMFranceKids10Paris0
Surf RadioFranceAdult Cont.100Paris15
Swing FMFranceJazz & Blues64Limoges0
Taal FMMauritiusGeneral Station40Port Louis16
TechnomusicFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Paris93
Tempomix 80sFrance80s128Webcast60
Tempomix ElectroFranceElectronica128Webcast62
Tempomix HitsFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast46
Tendance Ouest 95.2 FMFranceGeneral Station96Lessay1
Top FMMauritiusTop 4032Port Louis30
Top MusicFranceRock & Pop128Strasbourg44
Trafic FMFranceOther20Paris19
Tregor 96 FMFranceGeneral Station20Lannion0
Triangle 98.4 FMFranceGeneral Station128Elancourt3
TSF 89.9 FMFranceJazz & Blues128Paris24
Uzic Drum 'n' BreaksSwitzerlandHip-Hop128Webcast44
Uzic Electro HouseSwitzerlandElectronica128Webcast56
Uzic Techno MinimalSwitzerlandDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast46
VibrationFranceTop 40128Webcast22
Vire 107.3 FMFranceAdult Cont.20Vire3
Virgin Radio Hard RockFranceHard Rock128Webcast100
Virgin Radio New Wave 80sFrance70s128Webcast122
Virgin Radio Rock AlternativeFranceRock & Pop128Webcast21
Virgin Radio Rock ClassicsFranceClassic Rock128Webcast60
Virgin Radio Rock US 80sFranceRock & Pop128Webcast34
Virgin Radio Scene FrancaiseFranceAdult Cont.128Webcast71
Virgin Radio UK 80sFranceRock & Pop128Webcast27
Vittavi LiveFranceRock & Pop128Webcast6
Vivre FMFranceOther128Paris22
Vmix Accent MixFranceHouse128Paris41
Vmix Afternoon MixFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Paris37
Vmix Late MixFranceDance, Trance & Techno128Paris27
Voce NustraleFranceEthnic96Cervione21
Voltage 96.9 FMFranceTop 40128Paris23
W3 BluesradioFranceJazz & Blues128Webcast81
Warm FMBelgiumDance, Trance & Techno128Liege8
West Indies RadioGuadeloupeReggae128Pointe-a-Pitre70
WIT 100.8 FMFranceGeneral Station10Bordeaux11
WRPL Radio Club Culturiel 106.9 FMUSA FloridaGeneral Station20FL, Miami13
Xalima RadioSenegalGeneral Station64Webcast56
Zen RadioFrance128Webcast27
Zi-One Europole Radio 107.4 FMFrance80s128Lille133
Zone 80 95.0 FMBelgiumClassic Hits192Liege24
Zouk RadioGuadeloupeDance, Trance & Techno40Pointe-a-Pitre1

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