Estonian, a Uralic language similar to Finnish, is the official language of the Republic of Estonia, and it is spoken by approximately 1.25 million people in Estonia and emigrant populations around the world. The recognition of Estonian as a state language is very dear to the hearts of Estonians because during the second world war, Estonia was subjugated by the Soviet Union and Russian was considered the most important official language. However, in June 1987, Perestroika initiated by Soviet leader Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev introduced political and economic reforms in Estonia and by January 1989, The Law on the Status of the Estonian Language was adopted. Finally, when the Soviet Union collapsed, Estonia got it’s independence and Estonian returned to its status as the only official state language. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Estonian channels offer numerous radio stations broadcast from different cities in Estonia. You can hear news and talk shows from Kuressaare Pereraadio 89.0 FM in Saaremaal, general service broadcasts from 24x7 Sinu Raadio as a webcast, classical music from Klassika Raadio in Tallinn, adult content from Raadio 2 102.6 FM, oldies music from Raadio Kuku 1007.7 FM in Tallinn, top 40 music from Raadio Parnu 92.7 FM in Parnu, rock and pop music from Radio Mania 88.8 FM in Tallinn, and religious programs from Tartuskoje Semeinoje Radio in Narva. In addition, there are many more radio stations covering news and talk shows, general service broadcasts, adult content, religious programs, and different music genres. Whatever your interest, you’re likely to find it on this exclusive internet streaming service. Try it gratis today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a broad diversity of Estonian Radio stations.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Estonian

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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24x7 Sinu RaadioEstoniaGeneral Station128Webcast17
Klassika RaadioEstoniaClassical48Tallinn16
Kuressaare Pereraadio 89.0 FMEstoniaNews/Talk48Saaremaal7
Raadio 2 102.6 FMEstoniaAdult Cont.48Kesk-Eesti12
Raadio 3 98.3 FMEstoniaAdult Cont.64Parnus5
Raadio Kadi 90.5 FMEstoniaNews/Talk64Tallinn5
Raadio Kuku 1007.7 FMEstoniaOldies32Tallinn12
Raadio Parnu 92.7 FMEstoniaTop 4096Parnu8
Raadio Ring 104.7 FMEstoniaTop 40128Louna6
Raadio Ruut 96.6 FMEstoniaGeneral Station64Tallinn4
Raadio Tallinn 103.5 FMEstoniaGeneral Station48Tallinn6
Raadio Uuno 97.2 FMEstoniaAdult Cont.48Tallinn6
Raadio Viru 92.5 FMEstoniaDance, Trance & Techno96Rakvere17
Radio Mania 88.8 FMEstoniaRock & Pop192Tallinn10
Star 96.6 FMEstoniaTop 4064Tallinn9
Sun 102.1 FMEstoniaAdult Cont.128Tartu1
Tartu Family RadioEstoniaGeneral Station96Tartu3
Tartu Pereraadio 88.7 FMEstoniaReligious96Tartu3
Tartuskoje Semeinoje RadioEstoniaReligious20Narva1
Vikerraadio 105.6 FMEstoniaAdult Cont.48kuressaare6

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