English is one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet. With more than 400 million native English speakers and 1,400 million second language speakers, it’s no wonder that there are also a wide number of English radio stations. Only, most English speakers only get to listen to a handful of those stations, since many English station are not offered through regular radio satellite companies.

At WorldTVRadio Tuner, we are different from all the other companies out there. Instead of offering you one or two English radio stations, we have many different English radio stations for you to select from. We have stations from the United States, Port Douglas, Bridgend, the Gold Coast, Nassau, and many other locations from around the globe.

If you like Dance and Techno music, then you’ll love 101.7 Groove FM broadcasting live from Perth, Australia. If you enjoy Top 40 music, then tune into 102.9 FM Hot Tomato from the Gold Coast. We also have sports stations such as 1116 AM SEN Sports SENtral (broadcasting live from Melbourne), and plenty of news and talk radio stations from across the world.

Whether English is your first language or simply a language that you know, you will find that WorldTVRadio Tuner has the best selection of English language radio stations in the world. Whenever you want to tune into an engaging English program, simply choose the station that you want to listen to, and get ready to hear the sounds of the world through WorldTVRadio Tuner. From England to Australia and everywhere in-between, we have your English radio covered.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: English

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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FMKKIQ 101.7 FMUSA CaliforniaGeneral Station23CA, Pleasanton255
1 XX Radio Bay of PlentyNew ZealandGeneral Station32Whakatane102
1.FM 50s and 60sUnited StatesOldies128US, Webcast328
1.FM 80sUnited States80s128US, Webcast455
1.FM 90sUnited States90s128US, Webcast336
1.FM BluesUnited StatesJazz & Blues32US, Webcast298
1.FM Bombay BeatsUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno32US, Webcast179
1.FM Channel XUnited StatesRock & Pop32US, Webcast141
1.FM Chill Out LoungeUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno32US, Webcast231
1.FM Club ChannelUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno32US, Webcast171
1.FM Country ChannelUnited StatesCountry32US, Webcast290
1.FM Dance HitsUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno32US, Webcast410
1.FM Disco BallUnited StatesDisco32US, Webcast341
1.FM Flashback AlternativesUnited StatesAlternative32US, Webcast118
1.FM High VoltageUnited StatesRock & Pop32US, Webcast90
1.FM JamzUnited StatesUrban R&B32US, Webcast88
1.FM Luxuria MusicUnited StatesGeneral Station32US, Webcast54
1.FM Opera ChannelUnited StatesClassical32US, Webcast132
1.FM Ottos Baroque MusickUnited StatesClassical32US, Webcast125
1.FM Ottos Classical MusickUnited StatesClassical32US, Webcast166
1.FM ParanormalUnited StatesAdult Cont.8US, Webcast73
1.FM Reggae TradeUnited StatesReggae32US, Webcast368
1.FM Smooth JazzUnited StatesJazz & Blues32US, Webcast175
1.FM Top 40United StatesTop 40128US, Webcast180
1.FM Trance ChannelUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno32US, Webcast155
1.FM Urban Adult ChoiceUnited StatesUrban R&B32US, Webcast286
1.FM Urban GospelUnited StatesUrban R&B32US, Webcast83
100 Jamz RadioBahamasUrban R&B32Nassau83
101.7 Groove FMAustraliaDance, Trance & Techno32Perth210
101.9 Joy FMBahamasGospel32Nassau101
102.9 FM Hot TomatoAustraliaTop 4032Gold Coast109
104.7 iFM DagupanPhilippinesGeneral Station138Dagupan379
106.3 Bridge FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Bridgend134
106.3 FM Velvet RadioAustraliaTop 4040Port Douglas80
106.5 FM Ultra 106 FiveAustraliaAdult Cont.48Hobart73
106.9 NXFMAustraliaTop 4032Newcastle52
1116 AM SEN Sports SENtralAustraliaSports12Melbourne106
1611 AM Radio 1611 Double XAustralia80s32Melbourne119
1CBR 106.3 FM MixAustraliaAdult Cont.64Canberra62
2-Ten 97.0 FMUnited KingdomClassic Hits128Reading147
2AAA 107.1 FMAustraliaCommunity40Wagga Wagga28
2BAY Bay FM 99.9AustraliaCommunity24Byron Bay26
2BL 702 ABC SydneyAustraliaNews/Talk40Sydney83
2BR 99.8 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Burnley56
2CCC Coast 96.3 FMAustraliaAdult Cont.128Gosford44
2CCH Hits 'n' Country 94.1 FMAustraliaCountry32Sydney195
2CFM 101.3 Sea FMAustralia90s40Gosford112
2CH Easy 1170 AMAustraliaEasy Listening32Sydney73
2DAY 104.1 FMAustraliaAdult Cont.32Sydney32
2GB 873 AMAustraliaNews/Talk32Sydney55
2GLF 89.3 FMAustraliaGeneral Station65Fairfield13
2GO 107.7 FMAustraliaAdult Cont.40Gosford15
2HPCanadaDance, Trance & Techno128Toronto47
2JJJ ABC Triple JAustraliaAdult Cont.128Newcastle40
2KY 1016 AMAustraliaClassical20Parramatta34
2MAX FM 91.3 Voice of the NorthwestAustraliaCommunity32Narrabri23
2MCE Community Radio 92.3 FMAustraliaCommunity20Bathurst14
2MCR 100.3 FM Macarthur Community RadioAustraliaCommunity64Campbelltown8
2MFM 92.1 Muslim Community RadioAustraliaReligious32Sydney19
2MMM 104.9 FM Triple MAustraliaRock & Pop32Sydney33
2ONE 96.1 FM The EdgeAustraliaHip-Hop36Sydney145
2PB ABC News RadioAustraliaNews/Talk40Canberra78
2PTV Vega 95.3 FMAustraliaClassic Hits32Sydney38
2RN ABC Radio NationalAustraliaNews/Talk40Canberra44
2ROC 104.7 FM CamberraAustraliaAdult Cont.64Canberra13
2SER 107.3 Real RadioAustraliaCommunity20Sydney4
2SM 1269 AM Talk RadioAustraliaNews/Talk24Sydney52
2SWR FM 99.9AustraliaCommunity32Blacktown1
2SYD Nova 96.9 FMAustraliaAdult Cont.32Sydney23
2UE 954 AM Talking SydneyAustraliaNews/Talk10Sydney41
2UNE Tune 106.9 FMAustraliaCollege96Armidale21
2UUS WSFM 101.7 Classic HitsAustraliaClassic Hits20Sydney54
2WFM Mix 106.5 FMAustraliaEasy Listening20Sydney56
2WIN i98 FMAustraliaTop 4020Sydney9
3ABN RadioUSA CaliforniaReligious128CA, Los Angeles56
3ABN RadioUSA IllinoisReligious32IL, West Frankfort14
3AW Talking Melbourne 1278 AMAustraliaNews/Talk10Melbourne30
3BDG 91.9 Star FMAustraliaTop 40100Bendigo15
3C Continuous Cool CountryUnited KingdomCountry64London146
3CR 855 AM Community RadioAustraliaCommunity48Melbourne2
3FOX 101.9 FMAustraliaAdult Cont.32Melbourne27
3GG 531 AMAustraliaClassic Hits44Warrigal0
3GGR 96.3 Rhema FMAustraliaChristian Cont.20Geelong22
3HOT Sunraysia Community RadioAustraliaCommunity24Robinvale7
3KKZ Gold 104.3 FMAustraliaClassic Hits20Melbourne42
3LO 774 ABC MelbourneAustraliaNews/Talk40Melbourne38
3MBS 103.5 FM Classically MelbourneAustraliaClassical20Melbourne64
3MDR 97.1 FM Mountain District RadioAustraliaCommunity128Emerald11
3MEL Nova 100.3 FMAustraliaAdult Cont.32Melbourne52
3MMM Triple M 101.5 FMAustraliaRock & Pop32Melbourne17
3MP 1377 AM Pacific Star NetworkAustraliaEasy Listening32Melbourne21
3NNN 102.1 FM The EdgeAustraliaAdult Cont.32Wangaratta0
3PBS 106.7 FMAustraliaElectronica32Melbourne44
3PTV Vega 91.5 FMAustraliaGeneral Station32Melbourne24
3RIM 97.9 FM Community RadioAustraliaCommunity24Melbourne6
3RRR 102.7 Triple R FMAustraliaCommunity32Melbourne7
3SER 97.7 FM Radio CaseyAustraliaCommunity128Melbourne10
3SYN 90.7 FMAustraliaCollege128Melbourne0
3TR 107.5 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Warminster51
3TTT Mix 101.1 FMAustraliaAdult Cont.20Melbourne19
3UZ Sports 927 AMAustraliaSports32Melbourne51
3WPR 101.3 Oak FMAustraliaCommunity24Wangaratta3
4BAY 100.3 Bay FMAustraliaCommunity32Brisbane0
4BBB B-105 105.3 FMAustraliaDance, Trance & Techno32Brisbane31
4BC 1116 AMAustraliaNews/Talk20Brisbane7
4BFM 97.3 FMAustraliaAdult Cont.20Brisbane49
4BH 882 AMAustraliaClassic Hits20Brisbane15
4BI Switch 1197 AMAustraliaTop 40128Brisbane19
4BNE Nova 106.9 FMAustraliaAdult Cont.32Brisbane3
4CA 102.7 FM Cairns RadioAustraliaAdult Cont.32Cairns6
4CBL 101 FMAustraliaCommunity32Logan2
4CCC 89.3 Rainbow FMAustraliaCommunity24Warwick0
4EB 98.1 FM Ethnic RadioAustraliaEthnic24Brisbane28
4FRB 96.5 96 Five FMAustraliaAdult Cont.56Brisbane13
4GLD Gold 92.5 FMAustraliaClassic Hits56Gold Coast0
4K1G 107.1 FM Too Deadly RadioAustraliaEthnic32Townsville12
4KQ Classic Hits 693 AMAustraliaClassic Hits20Brisbane68
4KZ 531 AM Innisfail RadioAustraliaGeneral Station20Innisfail5
4MBS Classic 103.7 FMAustraliaClassical192Brisbane50
4MET Radio Metro 105.7 FMAustraliaDance, Trance & Techno128Gold Coast69
4MIX 94.9 River FMAustraliaClassic Hits128Ipswich28
4MMM Triple M 104.5 FMAustraliaRock & Pop32Brisbane9
4SCR 90.3 ABC Coast FMAustraliaClassic Hits40Nambour16
4SDB 89.3 Rainbow FMAustraliaGeneral Station32Warwick11
4SEA 90.9 Sea FMAustraliaRock & Pop32Gold Coast14
5 FMSouth AfricaAdult Cont.22Cape Town76
567 Cape Talk AMSouth AfricaNews/Talk16Cape Town38
5AA FiveAA 1395 AMAustraliaSports32Adelaide16
5ADD Mix 102.3 FMAustraliaTop 4032Adelaide21
5ADL Nova 91.9 FMAustraliaAdult Cont.20Adelaide5
5FBI 92.7 Fresh FMAustraliaDance, Trance & Techno128Adelaide31
5RAM 107.9 Life FMAustraliaChristian Cont.96Adelaide24
5SSA SA FM 107.1AustraliaAdult Cont.32Adelaide7
5TAB Tab Radio 88.0 FMAustraliaSports32Mount Gambier9
5UV Radio Adelaide 531 AMAustraliaCollege192Adelaide17
6CCR Radio Fremantle 107.9 FMAustraliaCommunity64Fremantle5
6FMS WA 106.5 FMAustraliaTop 4020Karratha9
6MIX 94.5 FMAustraliaTop 4032Perth18
6NOW 96 FMAustraliaTop 4040Perth6
6PER Nova 93.7 FMAustraliaAdult Cont.32Perth40
6PPM 92.9 FMAustraliaAdult Cont.32Perth11
6PR News Talk 882 AMAustraliaNews/Talk20Perth26
6RED 94.5 Red FMAustraliaClassic Rock64Karratha67
6RR Racing Radio 1206 AMAustraliaSports16Perth0
6RTR 92.1 FMAustraliaAdult Cont.32Perth5
6TCR 87.9 TwinCities FMAustraliaAdult Cont.65Wanneroo5
6YMS 101.7 Grove FMAustraliaDance, Trance & Techno32Perth32
720 ABC PerthAustraliaNews/Talk40Perth14
77.4 FM The 80sAustralia80s64Gold Coast133
7EDG 99.3 FM Edge RadioAustraliaElectronica128Hobart70
7EX 1008 AM The ToteAustraliaSports32Hobart12
8 TOP 104.1 Territory FMAustraliaCollege21Darwin2
87.6 FM Big Country RadioAustraliaCountry64Gold Coast135
87.6 Port Hedland FMAustraliaCountry20Port Hedland46
87.8 Kiss FMAustraliaDance, Trance & Techno48Melbourne98
87.8 Noise FMAustraliaTop 4032Ballarat11
89.9 Light FMAustraliaNews/Talk64Melbourne12
8SUN 96.9 The Sun FMAustraliaTop 40137Alice Springs22
91 ZM 90.9 FMNew Zealand80s32Auckland90
91.1 Hot 91 FMAustraliaTop 4040Maroochydore37
93 KHJAmerican SamoaTop 4032Pago Pago59
93.7 Karratha FMAustraliaCountry20Karratha45
93.9 iFMPhilippinesEasy Listening32Manila1
94.5 FM FBI RadioAustraliaAlternative64Sydney51
95b FMNew ZealandAlternative32Auckland19
96 FMIrelandGeneral Station64Cork City33
96.4 BRMB FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128Birmingham65
96.9 Chiltern FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Bedford51
97.4 FM Stereo 974AustraliaCommunity48Melbourne23
97.6 Chiltern FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Luton45
98.5 FM The Pulse of The ValleysAustraliaCommunity24Shepparton2
98.5 Sonshine FMAustraliaAdult Cont.64Perth9
98.9 FM KIX CountryAustraliaCountry32Townsville40
99-100 More FMNew ZealandTop 4032Wellington7
99.1 Smart FMAustraliaFull Service128Swan Hill13
99.4 Rebel FMAustraliaRock & Pop24Gold Coast17
A Net StationAntarticaGeneral Station24Antartica159
ABC 105.7 FM DarwinAustraliaNews/Talk40Darwin18
ABC 612 AM BrisbaneAustraliaNews/Talk40Brisbane20
ABC 666 AM CanberraAustraliaNews/Talk40Canberra12
ABC 702 AM SydneyAustraliaNews/Talk40Sydney21
ABC 720 AM PerthAustraliaNews/Talk40Perth8
ABC 774 AM MelbourneAustraliaNews/Talk40Melbourne15
ABC 89.1 FM AdelaideAustraliaNews/Talk40Adelaide15
ABC 93.6 FM HobartAustraliaNews/Talk40Hobart8
ABC Classic FMAustraliaClassical128Canberra85
ABC Coast 91.7 FMAustraliaNews/Talk40Melbourne10
ABC DigAustraliaAdult Cont.80Canberra4
ABC Dig CountryAustraliaCountry128Canberra59
ABC Dig JazzAustraliaJazz & Blues128Canberra90
ABC Gold and Tweed CoastsAustraliaNews/Talk40Canberra8
ABC Radio Australia EnglishAustraliaNews/Talk40Canberra34
Abundant Life Radio 103.9 FMAntigua & BarbudaGospel21St. John's101
Acaza HitsUnited StatesTop 4032US, Webcast38
Acaza RockUnited StatesRock & Pop32US, Webcast65
Acaza VibeUnited StatesHip-Hop32US, Webcast85
ACRN All Campus Radio Network 99.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege112OH, Athens48
Adom 106.3 FMGhanaGeneral Station20Accra39
AFN America News Network 1360 AMUSA ColoradoNews/Talk24CO, Johnstown62
AFR American Family Radio ClassicsUSA MississippiChristian Cont.32MS, Tupelo48
AFR American Family Radio ContemporaryUSA MississippiChristian Cont.32MS, Tupelo30
AFR American Family Radio InspirationalUSA MississippiReligious32MS, Tupelo28
AFR American Family Radio KidzradioUSA MississippiReligious32MS, Tupelo8
Afterhours RadioCanadaDance, Trance & Techno192Webcast103
Akash RadioUnited KingdomEthnic32London47
Alpha 103.2 FMUnited KingdomClassic Hits24Darlington55
Antioch Old-Time Radio 1710 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk24WI, Antioch32
Arrow 107.8 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Hastings31
Asempa 94.7 FMGhanaGeneral Station24Accra39
Atlantic 105.1 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Cornwall57
Atlantic Radio 80's Time MachineCanada80s64St. John's221
Atlantic Radio Classic RockCanadaClassic Rock64St. John's246
Atlantic Radio Dance Club FMCanadaDance, Trance & Techno64St. John's132
Atlantic Radio East Coast CountryCanadaCountry64St. John's99
Atlantic Radio East OldiesCanadaOldies64St. John's67
Atlantic Radio Modern RockCanadaRock & Pop64St. John's85
Atlantic Radio Smooth FMCanadaJazz & Blues64St. John's81
Atlantic Radio The RideCanadaTop 4064St. John's14
Atlantic Radio Your Hot FMCanadaTop 4064St. John's36
Bahamas Radio More 94 FMBahamasTop 4064Nassau53
Bath 107.9 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Bath23
BBC 6 MusicUnited KingdomGeneral Station45London145
BBC 7United KingdomComedy45London170
BBC Asian NetworkUnited KingdomNews/Talk45London62
BBC London 94.9 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45London321
BBC OneUnited KingdomNews/Talk36London151
BBC Radio 1United KingdomTop 4045London307
BBC Radio 1xtraUnited KingdomGeneral Station45London76
BBC Radio 2United KingdomGeneral Station45London85
BBC Radio 3United KingdomClassical64London325
BBC Radio 4United KingdomNews/Talk44London253
BBC Radio 5 Live International VersionUnited KingdomNews/Talk45London177
BBC Radio 5 Live Sports ExtraUnited KingdomSports45London101
BBC Radio BerkshireUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Berkshire16
BBC Radio Bristol 95.5 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Bristol24
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 96 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Cambridgeshire42
BBC Radio Cleveland 95 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station44Cleveland13
BBC Radio Coventry 94.8 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Coventry11
BBC Radio CumbriaUnited KingdomNews/Talk44Cumbria27
BBC Radio CymruUnited KingdomNews/Talk45Wales8
BBC Radio Derby 104.5 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Derby5
BBC Radio Essex 103.5 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Essex177
BBC Radio FoyleIrelandNews/Talk32Foyle26
BBC Radio FoyleUnited KingdomNews/Talk32Foyle11
BBC Radio Hereford And Worcester 104 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Hereford5
BBC Radio Humberside 95.9 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Humberside10
BBC Radio Kent 96.7 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Kent10
BBC Radio Lancashire 103.9 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Lancashire15
BBC Radio Leeds 92.4 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Leeds22
BBC Radio Leicester 104.9 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Leicester13
BBC Radio Licolnshire 94.9 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Lincolnshire13
BBC Radio Manchester 95.1 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Manchester50
BBC Radio Merseyside 95.8 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Merseyside11
BBC Radio NewcastleUnited KingdomGeneral Station44Newcastle39
BBC Radio Norfolk 95.1 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Norfolk5
BBC Radio NorthamptonUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Northampton8
BBC Radio Nottingham 95.5 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Nottingham15
BBC Radio OxfordUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Oxford53
BBC Radio Radio Cornwall 103.9 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Cornwall6
BBC Radio Radio Devon 103.4 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Devon9
BBC Radio Radio Gloucestershire 104.7 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Gloucestershire5
BBC Radio Radio Guernsey 93.2 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Guernsey6
BBC Radio Radio Jersey 88.8 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Jersey14
BBC Radio ScotlandUnited KingdomNews/Talk45Scotland52
BBC Radio Sheffield 104.1 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Sheffield12
BBC Radio Shropshire 98 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Shropshire5
BBC Radio Solent 96.1 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Solent4
BBC Radio Stoke 94.6 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Stoke9
BBC Radio Suffolk 95.5 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Suffolk5
BBC Radio UlsterUnited KingdomNews/Talk32Ulster30
BBC Radio UlsterIrelandGeneral Station32Ulster15
BBC Radio WalesUnited KingdomNews/Talk44Wales24
BBC Radio Wiltshire 103.6 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Wiltshire6
BBC Radio WM 95.6 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45London9
BBC Radio York 103.7 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45York33
BBC Somerset Sound 1566 AMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Somerset11
BBC Southern Counties Radio 104.8 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Southern Counties18
BBC Three Counties Radio 98 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station45Three Counties15
BBC World ServiceUnited KingdomNews/Talk17London177
Beacon Radio 103.1 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128Shropshire25
Beacon Radio 97.2 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128Wolverhampton25
Beat 102-103 102 FMIrelandTop 4032Waterford8
Beat BoxCanadaDance, Trance & Techno128Montreal99
Beirut NightsLebanonDance, Trance & Techno96Beirut154
BFBS Radio 1287 AMIrelandFull Service32Lisburn11
BFBS Radio Belize 1BelizeGeneral Station32Belize City30
BFBS Radio Belize 2BelizeGeneral Station32Belize City13
BFBS Radio Belize 3 GurkhaBelizeGeneral Station32Belize City14
BGR 108 FMEstoniaCountry44Tallinn21
Big L 1035 AMUnited KingdomOldies64London19
Bob 102.3 FMCanadaClassic Hits64London18
Bondi 88.0 FMAustraliaGeneral Station64Bondi3
Bright 106.4 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Burgess Hill12
Brunel 107.7 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Swindon9
Bush Radio 89.5 FMSouth AfricaCommunity16Cape Town21
Buzz 88.8 FMSpainSoul32Lanzarote143
Buzz 97.1 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128Wirral25
C 103 North 102.6 FMIrelandClassic Hits20Mallow23
C 103 West 103.7 FMIrelandClassic Hits20Bandon13
C-Span RadioUSA North CarolinaPolitics & Gov.32D.C. Washington29
C-VUE 105.9 FM Sunshine Coast RadioCanadaCommunity20Gibsons15
Calvary Chapel RadioUnited KingdomReligious32London10
Capital 98.4 FMKenyaTop 4020Nairobi106
Capital DisneyUnited KingdomKids128London170
Capital Gold RadioUnited KingdomOldies128London108
Capital LifeUnited KingdomClassic Hits128London39
Capital RadioUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128London280
Catholic RadioAntigua & BarbudaReligious20St. John's25
CBC Radio One CharlottetownCanadaPublic32Charlottetown35
CBC Radio One FrederictonCanadaPublic32Fredericton12
CBC Radio One HalifaxCanadaPublic32Halifax10
CBC Radio One LondonCanadaPublic32London27
CBC Radio One MonctonCanadaPublic32Moncton4
CBC Radio One MontrealCanadaPublic32Montreal39
CBC Radio One OttawaCanadaPublic32Ottawa14
CBC Radio One ReginaCanadaPublic32Regina5
CBC Radio One Saint JohnCanadaPublic32Saint John6
CBC Radio One St. John'sCanadaPublic32St. John's5
CBC Radio One SudburyCanadaPublic32Sudbury6
CBC Radio One SydneyCanadaPublic32Sydney10
CBC Radio One Thunder BayCanadaPublic32Thunder Bay7
CBC Radio One TorontoCanadaPublic32Toronto25
CBC Radio One VancouverCanadaPublic32Vancouver19
CBC Radio One VictoriaCanadaPublic32Victoria4
CBC Radio One WindsorCanadaPublic32Windsor6
CBC Radio One WinnipegCanadaPublic32Winnipeg6
CBC Radio TwoCanadaPublic32Toronto6
CBR 1010 AM CBC Radio OneCanadaPublic32Calgary43
CBX 740 AM CBC Radio OneCanadaPublic32Edmonton48
CDIC Z-103.5 FMCanadaTop 4032Toronto4
Central 103.1 FMUnited KingdomClassic Hits24Stirling33
Century 100 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Teesside23
Century 105.4 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station128Manchester25
Century DigitalUnited KingdomClassic Hits128London28
CFAN The River 99.3 FMCanadaFull Service32Miramichi6
CFAX 1070 AMCanadaNews/Talk32Victoria7
CFBR 100.3 FM The BearCanadaRock & Pop42Edmonton80
CFBT The Beat 94.5 FMCanadaTop 4032Vancouver7
CFCA Kool 105.3 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Waterloo19
CFCW 790 AMCanadaCountry32Edmonton31
CFCY 95.1 FMCanadaCountry32Charlottetown18
CFEQ Freq 107 FMCanadaRock & Pop32Winnipeg7
CFFF Trent Radio 92.7 FMCanadaCommunity98Peterborough4
CFGO The Team 1200 AMCanadaSports162Ottawa15
CFHK Fresh 103.1 FMCanadaEasy Listening24London22
CFIC Hot Country 105.1 FMCanadaCountry32Listuguj59
CFIE Aboriginal Voices RadioCanadaEthnic48Toronto0
CFJB Rock 95 FMCanadaRock & Pop32Barrie32
CFLG Variety 104.5 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Cornwall12
CFM RadioUnited KingdomRock & Pop31Carlisle13
CFMC C95 FM Classic HitsCanadaClassic Hits32Saskatoon26
CFMG 104.9 FM EZ RockCanadaSoft Rock42Edmonton88
CFMU 93.3 FMCanadaCommunity32Hamilton5
CFMX Classical 96.3 FMCanadaClassical96Toronto39
CFNR Canada's First Nation RadioCanadaClassic Rock32Terrace77
CFNY The Edge 102 FMCanadaRock & Pop24Toronto6
CFOS 560 AMCanadaOldies16Owen Sound8
CFOS Mix 106 FMCanadaClassic Hits16Owen Sound19
CFOX The Fox 99.3 FMCanadaRock & Pop24Vancouver19
CFPL 96 FMCanadaRock & Pop24London6
CFQM Magic 104 FMCanadaSoft Rock32Moncton63
CFQR Q 92 FMCanadaTop 4024Montreal5
CFQX QX 104 FMCanadaCountry32Winnipeg13
CFRA News Talk Radio 580 AMCanadaNews/Talk20Ottawa26
CFRB News Talk 1010 AMCanadaNews/Talk20Toronto12
CFRL The New Hot 98.7 FMCanadaCollege32London11
CFRM 101.1 FMCanadaCommunity40Little Current4
CFRN 1260 AM The TeamCanadaSports32Edmonton32
CFRO Co-op Radio 102.7 FMCanadaGeneral Station32Vancouver4
CFRQ Q 104 FMCanadaRock & Pop32Halifax5
CFRU 93.3 FMCanadaCollege96Guelph9
CFTR News 680 AMCanadaNews/Talk20Toronto8
CFUL Fuel 90.3 FMCanadaAdult Cont.40Calgary8
CFUN 1410 AMCanadaNews/Talk20Vancouver7
CFUR 88.7 FMCanadaCollege128Prince George4
CFUV 101.9 FMCanadaCollege56Victoria7
CFWF 104.9 FM The WolfCanadaRock & Pop32Regina9
CFWH 570 AM CBC Radio OneCanadaPublic32Whitehorse12
CFWM Bob 99.9 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Winnipeg11
CFXH The Fox 92.5 FMCanadaGeneral Station32Hinton8
CFXJ Flow 93.5 FMCanadaHip-Hop20Toronto76
CFXU 92.5 FM The FoxCanadaCollege128Antigonish15
CFXW The Rig 96.7 FMCanadaRock & Pop32Whitecourt6
CFYI Mojo 730 AMCanadaSports24Toronto5
CHAK 860 AM CBC Radio OneCanadaPublic32Inuvik12
CHAM 820 AMCanadaCountry32Hamilton12
Champion 103 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128North Wales22
Channel 103.7 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.20Jersey16
CHAY The New Chay 93.1 FMCanadaClassic Hits24Barrie8
CHBE 107.3 Kool FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Victoria8
CHED 630 AMCanadaNews/Talk24Edmonton15
CHER Max 98.3 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Sydney8
CHFI 98.1 FMCanadaEasy Listening40Toronto97
CHFX Country 101 FMCanadaCountry32Halifax50
CHFX Country 101 FM - Signal TwoCanadaCountry32Halifax0
ChillUnited KingdomElectronica128London131
CHLQ Magic 93 FMCanadaSoft Rock32Charlottetown46
CHLY 101.7 FM Radio MalaspinaCanadaCommunity24Nanaimo6
CHMA 106.9 FMCanadaCommunity32Sackville3
CHMJ 630 AM Mojo RadioCanadaSports24Vancouver1
CHML 900 AMCanadaNews/Talk24Hamilton4
CHMR 93.1 FMCanadaCollege64St. John's10
CHMY MYFM 96.1 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Renfrew4
CHNL Radio NL 610 AMCanadaNews/Talk32Kamploops6
CHNO Big Daddy 103.9 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Sudbury11
Choice 107.1 FMUnited KingdomHip-Hop128London123
CHOK Country 1070 AMCanadaCountry20Sarnia35
CHOM 97.7 FMCanadaRock & Pop37Montreal23
CHQM 103.5 QM FMCanadaSoft Rock40Vancouver30
CHQT Cool 880 AM The BossCanada70s24Edmonton119
CHRI Family Radio 99.1 FMCanadaChristian Cont.192Ottawa20
Christian Rock 88.3 FMUSA MissouriRock & Pop96MO, Springfield22
CHRQ Q-104 FMCanadaRock & Pop32Halifax4
CHRW 94.9 FMCanadaGeneral Station128London5
CHRY 105.5 FMCanadaCommunity128Toronto6
CHSU SUN 99.9 FMCanadaTop 4032Kelowna3
CHTM 610 AMCanadaClassic Hits24Thompson4
CHTT Jack 103.1 FMCanadaGeneral Station32Victoria2
CHTZ 97.7 FM Best RockCanadaRock & Pop37St. Catharines13
CHUM 1050 AMCanadaOldies64Toronto13
CHUO 89.1 FMCanadaCollege192Ottawa10
CHYM 96.7 FMCanadaSoft Rock20Kitchener31
CIBK Vibe 98.5 FMCanadaTop 4042Calgary7
CIBU The Bull 94.5 FMCanadaAdult Cont.48Wingham5
CICY NCI 105.5 FM Aboriginal RadioCanadaEthnic32Winnipeg17
CIGM 790 AMCanadaNews/Talk32Sudbury3
CIGO The Hawk 101.5 FMCanadaGeneral Station40Port Hawkesbury4
CIHT Hot 89.9 FMCanadaTop 4064Ottawa16
CIJL Z 99 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Regina5
CILK Silk 101.5 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Kelowna10
CILQ Q 107 FMCanadaClassic Rock24Toronto45
CILV Live 88.5 FMCanadaGeneral Station64Ottawa3
CIMJ Magic 106.1 FMCanadaAdult Cont.24Guelph9
CIMY MYFM 104.9 FMCanadaGeneral Station32Pembroke2
CING The New Country 95.3 FMCanadaCountry24Hamilton35
CINW News 940 AMCanadaNews/Talk32Montreal7
CIOC Ocean 98.5 FMCanadaSoft Rock32Victoria24
CIOK K100 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Saint John6
CIOO C-100 FMCanadaGeneral Station32Halifax2
CIQB B 101 FMCanadaTop 4024Barrie6
CIQM Q 97.5 FMCanadaSoft Rock32London6
CIQX California XL 103 FMCanadaAdult Cont.64Calgary23
CISL 650 AMCanadaOldies34Vancouver2
CISN Country 103.9 FMCanadaCountry20Edmonton28
CITI 92 FMCanadaClassic Rock20Winnipeg39
CITR 101.9 FMCanadaCollege44Vancouver7
City 89 FMPakistanTop 4018Karachi197
City Sound 97.5 FMGrenadaReggae32Saint George's166
Citybeat 96.7 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Belfast18
CIUT 89.5 FMCanadaCollege33Toronto4
CIWV Wave 94.7 FMCanadaJazz & Blues32Hamilton28
CIWW Oldies 1310 AMCanadaOldies32Ottawa31
CIXK Mix 106.5 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Owen Sound10
CIXL Giant 91.7 FMCanada80s40Niagara52
CIXX The Mix 106 FMCanadaClassic Hits16Owen Sound17
CIZL Z 99 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Regina7
CJAD 800 AMCanadaNews/Talk32Montreal8
CJAQ Jack 92.5 FMCanadaSoft Rock40Toronto9
CJAT KBS RadioCanadaRock & Pop20Kootenay7
CJAY 92 FMCanadaRock & Pop32Calgary4
CJBK 1290 AMCanadaRock & Pop32London5
CJBX BX 93 FMCanadaCountry40London20
CJCB 1270 AMCanadaCountry48Sydney10
CJCL The Fan 590 AMCanadaSports16Toronto5
CJCS 1240 AMCanadaClassic Hits21Stratford3
CJCW Favourites 590 AMCanadaClassic Hits32Sussex10
CJDV Dave 107.5 FMCanada80s64Cambridge44
CJET Jack 92.3 FMCanadaGeneral Station32Smiths Falls2
CJEZ 97.3 FM EZ RockCanadaSoft Rock36Toronto14
CJFM Mix 96 FMCanadaTop 4036Montreal13
CJFY Life 107.5 FMCanadaChristian Cont.96Blackville14
CJIB Kiss 107.5 FMCanadaTop 4036Vernon12
CJKL 101.5 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Kirkland Lake4
CJKR Power 97 FMCanadaRock & Pop24Winnipeg13
CJKX KX 96 FMCanadaCountry22Oshawa8
CJLF Life 100.3 FMCanadaChristian Cont.32Barrie12
CJLS The WaveCanadaAdult Cont.36Yarmouth3
CJLY Kootenay Co-Op Radio 93.5 FMCanadaCommunity64Nelson6
CJMJ Majic 100 FMCanadaSoft Rock32Ottawa15
CJMK Magic 98.3 FMCanadaGeneral Station32Saskatoon8
CJMO C 103 FMCanadaSoft Rock32Moncton5
CJMQ 88.9 FMCanadaCommunity128Lennoxville2
CJNE The Storm 94.7 FMCanadaAdult Cont.48Nipawin5
CJOA 95.1 FMCanadaChristian Cont.64Thunder Bay6
CJOB 68 AMCanadaNews/Talk24Winnipeg6
CJOC Lounge Radio 94.1 FMCanadaGeneral Station64Lethbridge4
CJOY 1460 AMCanadaOldies24Guelph6
CJRI 94.7 FMCanadaReligious96Fredericton4
CJRT Jazz 91 FMCanadaJazz & Blues24Toronto73
CJRW Spud 102.1 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Summerside7
CJRY Shine 105.9 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Edmonton9
CJSF 90.1 FMCanadaCollege128Burnaby2
CJSR 88.5 FMCanadaCommunity56Edmonton1
CJSS 1220 AMCanadaNews/Talk20Cornwall4
CJSS Classic Rock 101.9 FMCanadaRock & Pop32Cornwall20
CJSS Variety 104.5 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Cornwall6
CJSW 90.9 FMCanadaCommunity128Calgary1
CJTK K 95.5 FMCanadaChristian Cont.128Sudbury7
CJTT 104.5 FMCanadaRock & Pop32New Liskeard7
CJUK Magic 99.9 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Thunder Bay8
CJUM Campus Radio 101.5 FMCanadaCollege24Winnipeg10
CJVR 100.3 FMCanadaCountry40Melfort5
CJWW 600 AMCanadaCountry32Saskatoon6
CJXL XL 96.9 FMCanadaCountry36Moncton8
CJXY Y-108 FMCanadaRock & Pop24Hamilton4
CJYC Big John 98.9 FMCanadaClassic Rock32Saint John48
CJYQ Radio Newfoundland 630 AMCanadaCommunity20St. John's0
CJZN The Zone 91.3 FMCanadaRock & Pop48Victoria9
CKAU 90.1 FMCanadaNews/Talk32Sept-Iles5
CKBI Prince Albert's Country 900 AMCanadaCountry24Prince Albert18
CKCB The Peak 95.1 FMCanadaCommunity24Collinwood2
CKCU The Migthy 93.1 FMCanadaCollege21Ottawa5
CKCW K 94.5 FMCanadaTop 4032Moncton7
CKDK The Hawk 103.9 FMCanadaClassic Rock24Woodstock44
CKDM The Parkland's Best Music 730 AMCanadaOldies48Dauphin15
CKDU 88.1 FMCanadaCollege128Halifax5
CKDX Foxy 88.5 FMCanadaOldies32Toronto11
CKEC 1320 AMCanadaAdult Cont.16New Glasgow6
CKGL News 570 AMCanadaNews/Talk16Kitchener3
CKGM The Team 990 AMCanadaSports20Montreal3
CKGY KG Country 95.5 FMCanadaCountry32Red Deer27
CKIQ Raven Rock 99.9 FMCanadaGeneral Station32Iqaluit5
CKIS Jack 96.9 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Calgary4
CKIX Hits 99.1 FMCanadaTop 4032St. John's4
CKKL Bob 93.9 FMCanada80s16Ottawa51
CKKY Key 83 FMCanadaCountry32Lloydminster8
CKKZ Z-95 FMCanadaTop 4032Richmond1
CKLF Star 94.7 FMCanadaTop 4096Brandon9
CKLH K-Lite 102.9 FMCanadaEasy Listening36Hamilton18
CKLM The Goat 106.1 FMCanadaRock & Pop32Lloydminster6
CKLN 88.1 FMCanadaCollege80Toronto6
CKLQ 880 AMCanadaCountry96Toronto19
CKMB Kool 107.5 FMCanadaGeneral Station36Barrie3
CKMM Hot 103 FMCanadaTop 4032Winnipeg9
CKMO Village 900 AMCanadaCountry48Victoria10
CKMX Classic country 1060 AMCanadaCountry32Calgary50
CKNW 980 AMCanadaNews/Talk24Vancouver3
CKNX 102 101.7 FM The OneCanadaGeneral Station48Wingham1
CKOC Oldies 1150 AMCanadaOldies32Hamilton28
CKOE 107.3 FMCanadaEasy Listening128Moncton20
CKPC 1380 AMCanadaGeneral Station20Brantford1
CKPC 92.1 FMCanadaGeneral Station20Brantford1
CKPE The Cape 94.9 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Sydney3
CKPR 580 AM News RadioCanadaClassic Hits20Thunder Bay8
CKR K 97.6 FMIrelandGeneral Station48Kildare4
CKRA Capital 96.3 FMCanadaGeneral Station32Edmonton2
CKRU 980 AM KRUZ RadioCanadaNews/Talk20Peterborough3
CKRY Country 105 FMCanadaCountry20Calgary32
CKST Team 1040 AMCanadaSports20Vancouver5
CKTB 610 AMCanadaNews/Talk20Niagara3
CKUA Radio NetworkCanadaPublic20Edmonton4
CKUL Kool 96.5 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Barrie6
CKUW 95.9 FMCanadaCollege32Winnipeg3
CKWF The Wolf 101.5 FMCanadaClassic Rock20Peterborough34
CKWM Magic 94.9 FMCanadaGeneral Station32Kentville2
CKWR 98.5 FMCanadaCommunity96Waterloo2
CKWX News 1130 AMCanadaNews/Talk20Vancouver3
CKXA The Farm 101.1 FMCanadaCountry32Brandon13
CKXM The Zone 91.3 FMCanadaRock & Pop48Victoria4
CKXX K-Rock 103.9 FMCanadaRock & Pop40Corner Brook25
CKYM MYFM 88.7 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Napanee3
CKZZ Z 95.3 FMCanadaTop 4032Vancouver2
Clare 2 95.9 FMIrelandGeneral Station32Dublin5
Clare 95.6 FMIrelandAdult Cont.32Dublin9
Class 95 FMSingaporeAdult Cont.16Singapore28
Classic 102.7 FMSouth AfricaClassical20Cape Town87
Classic Hits 1530 AMUnited KingdomClassic Hits20Worcester66
Classic Hits OnlineNew ZealandClassic Hits32Aukland40
Club Asia 963 AMUnited KingdomTop 4032London9
Clyde 1 102.5 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop64Glasgow62
Clyde 2 1152 AMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Glasgow44
Coast 101.1 FMCanadaGeneral Station96St. John's1
Coast 105.4 FMNew ZealandClassic Hits32Aukland8
Coast 96.3 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128North Wales12
Colorful RadioUnited KingdomNews/Talk128London20
Community Radio Hamilton 106.7 FMNew ZealandCommunity32Hamilton19
Concert FMNew ZealandClassical64Auckland44
Contact 89.7 FMRwandaGeneral Station20Kigali20
Cool 96 FMBahamasAdult Cont.32Nassau36
Cool 97.4 FMIrelandGeneral Station32Belfast0
Cool Blue RadioNew ZealandJazz & Blues128Webcast90
Cool FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop32Belfast61
CoreUnited KingdomRock & Pop128London6
Cosmopolitan 90.4 FMIndonesiaAdult Cont.20Jakarta229
Country Mix 106.8 FMIrelandCountry32Dublin59
County Sound Radio 1566 AMUnited KingdomGeneral Station20Guildford17
CRI Capital ServiceChinaNews/Talk4Beijing21
CRIK FM - The Lynx Classic RockCanadaClassic Rock96Calgary85
CRIK FM - The Lynx DiscoCanadaDisco96Calgary132
CRIK FM The Lynx Classic HitsCanadaClassic Hits96Calgary14
CRIK FM The Lynx Retro 80sCanada80s96Calgary89
CRNC 90.1 FM The New HeatCanadaCollege128Niagara7
Cruise 1323 AMAustraliaClassic Hits32Adelaide7
Crusade RadioUnited StatesChristian Cont.16US, Webcast26
Crusader Radio 107.5 FMAntigua & BarbudaGeneral Station32St. John's30
Dance One RadioSlovak RepublicDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast107
DBS RadioDominicaFull Service20Roseau53
DBS RadioDominicaNews/Talk20Roseau0
DBS Radio Alternate StreamDominicaNews/Talk20Roseau35
Dee 106.3 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Chester12
Digitally I Sky Best of The 80sUnited States80s96US, Webcast214
Digitally I Sky Classic GuitarUnited StatesOther96US, Webcast50
Digitally I Sky Classic RapUnited StatesHip-Hop96US, Webcast125
Digitally I Sky CountryUnited StatesCountry96US, Webcast89
Digitally I Sky FM Alternative RockUnited StatesClassic Rock96US, Webcast84
Digitally I Sky FM Classic RockUnited StatesClassic Rock96US, Webcast117
Digitally I Sky FM Datempo LoungeUnited StatesOther96US, Webcast16
Digitally I Sky FM Indie RockUnited StatesClassic Rock96US, Webcast42
Digitally I Sky FM Mostly ClassicalUnited StatesClassical96US, Webcast85
Digitally I Sky FM New AgeUnited StatesEasy Listening96US, Webcast138
Digitally I Sky FM Top HitsUnited StatesTop 4096US, Webcast50
Digitally I Sky FM WorldUnited StatesWorld Music96US, Webcast154
Digitally I Sky Hits 70sUnited States70s96US, Webcast227
Digitally I Sky Modern JazzUnited StatesJazz & Blues96US, Webcast65
Digitally I Sky OldiesUnited StatesOldies96US, Webcast70
Digitally I Sky Roots ReggaeUnited StatesReggae96US, Webcast183
Digitally I Sky SalsaUnited StatesSalsa & Tropical96US, Webcast93
Digitally I Sky Smooth JazzUnited StatesJazz & Blues96US, Webcast57
Digitally I Sky Smooth Jazz UptempoUnited StatesJazz & Blues96US, Webcast53
Digitally I Sky Urban JamzUnited StatesUrban R&B96US, Webcast31
Digitally Imported Radio AmbientUnited StatesElectronica96US, Webcast120
Digitally Imported Radio BreaksUnited StatesElectronica96US, Webcast85
Digitally Imported Radio ChilloutUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno96US, Webcast98
Digitally Imported Radio Classic ElectronicaUnited StatesElectronica96US, Webcast122
Digitally Imported Radio DJ MixesUnited StatesElectronica96US, Webcast149
Digitally Imported Radio Drum n BassUnited StatesElectronica96US, Webcast104
Digitally Imported Radio Euro DanceUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno96US, Webcast123
Digitally Imported Radio GabberUnited StatesElectronica96US, Webcast50
Digitally Imported Radio Goa-Psy TranceUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno96US, Webcast110
Digitally Imported Radio Hard CoreUnited StatesElectronica96US, Webcast69
Digitally Imported Radio Hard DanceUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno96US, Webcast71
Digitally Imported Radio HouseUnited StatesHouse96US, Webcast184
Digitally Imported Radio HouseUnited StatesHouse96US, Webcast201
Digitally Imported Radio LoungeUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno96US, Webcast35
Digitally Imported Radio ProgressiveUnited StatesElectronica96US, Webcast78
Digitally Imported Radio TechnoUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno96US, Webcast99
Digitally Imported Radio TranceUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno96US, Webcast94
Digitally Imported Radio Vocal TranceUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno96US, Webcast69
DJ WebradioUnited StatesDisco192US, Webcast191
Downtown RadioIrelandGeneral Station32Belfast22
Downtown Radio 102.4 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Londonderry10
Dublin 98 FMIrelandAdult Cont.32Dublin30
Durham 102.8 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Durham7
Durham City Central Radio The WaveCanadaAdult Cont.128Oshawa9
DWRT 99.5 RTPhilippinesTop 4020Manila137
DZEC 1062 AMPhilippinesNews/Talk24Manila96
East Coast FMIrelandTop 4032Bray12
Easy Digital Radio 103.5 FMUnited KingdomCountry20London31
Easy FM 91.5ChinaGeneral Station32Beijing13
EdgeRadio 106.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative96OH, Kingsville51
Energy 89.1 FMPhilippinesSoft Rock32Manila547
Energy 90.3 FMPhilippinesClassic Hits32Manila952
Energy 92.7 FMUSA ArizonaDance, Trance & Techno64AZ, Phoenix79
Energy 98.6 FMUnited KingdomClassic Hits32Isle of Man29
Energy FMAdult Cont.32Douglas8
Engage Internet RadioUSA MassachusettsAlternative40MA, Southbridge44
EWTN RadioUnited KingdomReligious16London15
EWTN Radio EnglishUSA AlabamaReligious16AL, Birmingham64
EWTN Radio UKUnited KingdomReligious32London6
Exercise Radio Boxing ChannelUnited StatesOther128US, Webcast12
Exercise Radio Strength ChannelUnited StatesOther128US, Webcast19
Family RadioUnited KingdomReligious24London19
Fire 107.6 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop24Bournemouth26
Five 100.5 FMIrelandAdult Cont.32Newry7
Flaming FishCanadaElectronica128Lacombe32
Flava Hip HopNew ZealandHip-Hop32Webcast204
Fleet 88.3 FMNew ZealandGeneral Station64Auckland1
Flirt 105.6 FMIrelandCollege96Galway1
FM 100 LahorePakistanGeneral Station16Lahore266
FM 104IrelandTop 4032Dublin16
FM 104.7 KNWJAmerican SamoaChristian Cont.16Pago Pago95
FM 5280 Smooth JazzUnited StatesJazz & Blues128US, Webcast49
FM 97.1 ZDK Liberty RadioAntigua & BarbudaReggae20St. John's122
Forth 2 1548 AMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Edinburg34
Forth One 97.3 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop64Edinburg30
Forth One 97.3 FMUnited KingdomClassic Hits64London22
Forth Two 1548 AMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32London21
Fox 102.6 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128Oxford57
Free Radio San Diego 96.9 FMUSA CaliforniaPublic96CA, San Diego115
Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1 FMUSA CaliforniaGeneral Station128CA, Santa Cruz80
Fresh 103.2 FMAustraliaChristian Cont.64Sydney10
Fresh Radio 93.6 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.48Yorkshire11
Fun RadioUnited KingdomKids32London64
G FM RadioGhanaEthnic64Accra43
Galway Bay 95.8 FMIrelandGeneral Station20Galway Bay21
Gemini 96.4 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Exeter10
Gemini 97.0 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Torbay10
George 96.8 FMNew ZealandDance, Trance & Techno128Auckland17
George Classic DanceNew ZealandDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast22
George JazzNew ZealandJazz & Blues128Webcast66
Global Radio 96.5 FMSpainGeneral Station32Malaga36
Globecast RadioUnited KingdomGeneral Station48London9
Gold 90.5 FMSingaporeClassic Hits16Singapore37
Gold MXAustraliaClassic Hits24Albany16
Good Hope 94 FMSouth AfricaGeneral Station22Cape Town19
Gospel CityCanadaGospel32Montreal67
Grenada Broadcast RadioGrenadaGeneral Station128Webcast14
GWR 103 FMUnited KingdomTop 40128Bath6
GWR 96.3 FMUnited KingdomTop 40128Bristol2
GWR 97.2 FMUnited KingdomTop 40128Wiltshire1
Hallam FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.64Sheffield11
Harbour Light RadioGrenadaReligious32Carriacou3
Hauraki 1017 AMNew ZealandClassic Rock32Christchurch24
Hauraki 93.1 FMNew ZealandClassic Rock32Weillington14
Hauraki 99 FMNew ZealandClassic Rock32Aukland13
HBR 107.5 FM (Heart Beat Radio)AnguillaGeneral Station20Crocus Hill31
Heart 103.2 FMAustraliaChristian Cont.64Sydney10
Heat RadioUnited KingdomClassic Hits64London33
Hereward 102.7 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128Peterborough7
Hern Net RadioUnited StatesNews/Talk32US, Webcast13
Hertbeat 106.7 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.20Hertfordshire19
Highland RadioIrelandGeneral Station20Donegal16
Highland RadioIrelandFull Service32Co Donegal12
Highveld Stereo 94.7 FMSouth AfricaGeneral Station22Gauteng53
Hit Radio 100GuamTop 4056Hagatna20
Hitz 91.9 FMAntigua & BarbudaTop 4032St. John's35
Hober RadioUnited StatesWorld Music128US, Webcast86
Holiday Radio 102.6 FMSpainTop 4064Costa Blanca42
Home 107.9 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Huddersfield9
Home Radio 97.9 FMPhilippinesEasy Listening32Manila847
Home Town Radio 94.3 FMUSA CaliforniaOldies24CA, Jackson85
Horizon Radio 103.3 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Milton Keynes7
Hott 107.f FMBermudaTop 4032Hamilton45
Hott FMGrenadaTop 4064Saint George's9
Houndog RadioUnited StatesJazz & Blues64US, Webcast37
House AfrikaSouth AfricaDance, Trance & Techno22Johannesburg69
I 94 FMGuamGeneral Station256Hagatna4
IM4Radio WFLOUnited StatesGospel32US, Webcast38
Imagine 104.9 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Manchester19
InspireAustraliaChristian Cont.64Sydney4
Integrity RadioBelizeAdult Cont.20Belize City18
Invicta 103.1 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Maidstone76
IRIB Radio Maaref EnglishIranNews/Talk20Tehran20
Isla 61 AMGuamGeneral Station16Hagatna2
Islam RadioUnited KingdomReligious20London20
Island Music RadioCanadaPublic32Charlottetown7
Isle of Wight Radio 107 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Isle of Wight11
Ivel 105.6 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Yeovil2
Jazz Beat RadioUnited StatesJazz & Blues24US, Webcast84
Jazz Excursion RadioUnited StatesJazz & Blues128US, Webcast69
Jazz FMUnited KingdomJazz & Blues32South Wales103
Jazz RadioSpainJazz & Blues32Webcast140
JOY 94.9 FMAustraliaGeneral Station128Melbourne5
Joy 99.7 FMGhanaGeneral Station24Accra39
Joy FMGrenadaReggae64St. Lucia65
Juice 107.2 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Brighton9
K HAHA Comedy FMUSA CaliforniaComedy24CA, Sherman Oaks105
K-57 RadioMicronesiaNews/Talk360Guam23
K-Jack 1680 AMUSA ArizonaCollege128AZ, Flagstaff29
K100 FMCanadaClassic Hits32Saint John5
K57 News Talk RadioGuamNews/Talk24Hagatna15
KAAF Country 92.9 FMUSA ArizonaCountry49AZ, Flagstaff71
KAAM Legends 770 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies32TX, Dallas21
KAAN 870 AMUSA MissouriNews/Talk20MO, Bethany8
KABL 92.1 FMUSA CaliforniaOldies35CA, Oakland53
KACV 89.9 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative32TX, Amarillo32
KADI Hit 99.5 FMUSA MissouriChristian Cont.32MO, Republic10
KAFM 88.1 FMUSA ColoradoCommunity40CO, Grand Junction17
KAFX KFox 95.5 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032TX, Lufkin13
KAGG Aggie 96 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Bryan16
KAIM The Fish 95.5 FMUSA HawaiiChristian Cont.32HI, Honolulu56
Kairi 91.1 FMDominicaGeneral Station32Roseau43
Kairi 93.1 FMDominicaFull Service32Roseau29
KAIW Air 1 Radio 88.9 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious32WY, Larramie12
KAJA KJ-97 97.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, San Antonio21
KAJM Mega 104.3 FMUSA ArizonaJazz & Blues64AZ, Payson37
KAJX 91.5 FMUSA ColoradoNews/Talk128CO, Grand Junction17
KAKC Buzz 1300 AMUSA North CarolinaFinancial News32OK, Tulsa12
KALF 95.7 FMUSA CaliforniaCountry33CA, Chico37
KALW 91.7 FMUSA CaliforniaPublic40CA, San Francisco38
KALX 90.7 FMUSA CaliforniaGeneral Station128CA, Berkeley31
KALZ Alice 96.7 FMUSA CaliforniaRock & Pop40CA, Fresno36
KAMP 1570 AMUSA ArizonaCollege24AZ, Tucson14
KAMU 90.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege176TX, Bryan7
Kamu Radio 90.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege180TX, Tamu12
KANM 99.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128TX, Bryan8
KANU 91.5 FMUSA KansasPublic32KS, Lawrence20
KANZ High Plains Public Radio 91.1 FMUSA KansasPublic24KS, Garden City18
KAOS 89.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128WA, Olympia11
KAPL 1300 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious20OR, Jacksonville2
KARS Oldies 102.9 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32WY, Larramie32
KASC The Blaze 1260 AMUSA ArizonaCollege128AZ, Temple11
KATI Kat Country 94.3 FMUSA MissouriCountry32MO, Columbia33
KATJ Kat Country 100.7 FMUSA CaliforniaCountry40CA, Victorville76
KATM KAT Country 103 FMUSA CaliforniaCountry33CA, Modesto72
KATT The Katt 100.5 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32OK, Oklahoma City11
KATY 101.3 FMUSA CaliforniaAdult Cont.48CA, Temecula27
KATZ Allelujah 1600 AMUSA MissouriGospel32MO, Saint Louis38
KAWZCSN International 89.9 FMUSA IdahoReligious32ID, Twin Falls9
KAXE 91.7 FMUSA MinnesotaCommunity96MN, Grand Rapids15
KAXG YNP Radio 89.7 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious32WY, Gillete5
Kaya 95.9 FMSouth AfricaAdult Cont.22Johannesburg35
KAYS Eagle Radio Station 1400 AMUSA KansasGeneral Station24KS, Hays11
KAZC The Gospel Radio 88.3 FMUSA North CarolinaGospel20OK, Tishomingo50
KAZU 90.3 FMUSA CaliforniaPublic48CA, Monterrey24
KBAC Radio Free Santa Fe 98.1 FMUSA New MexicoOldies32NM, Santa Fe61
KBAD ESPN Radio 920 AMUSA North CarolinaSports30PA, Pittsuburgh16
KBAL Texas 106.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, San Saba58
KBAL Texas 1410 AMUSA North CarolinaCountry24TX, San Saba45
KBAQ 89.5 FMUSA ArizonaClassical96AZ, Mesa38
KBBG 88.1 FMUSA IowaGeneral Station56IA, Waterloo9
KBBM Buzz 100.1 FMUSA MissouriRock & Pop32MO, Jefferson City8
KBBT The Beat 98.5 FMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32TX, San Antonio49
KBBZ B The Classic Rock Statrion 98 FMUSA MontanaClassic Rock48MT, Kalispell61
KBCO 97.3 FM News Music ChannelUSA ColoradoRock & Pop32CO, Denver26
KBCO 97.3 FM RegularUSA ColoradoRock & Pop32CO, Denver12
KBCO 97.3 FM Studio C ChannelUSA ColoradoClassic Rock32CO, Denver31
KBCS 91.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege96WA, Bellevue6
KBCU Bethel College Radio 88.1 FMUSA KansasCollege32KS, North Newton14
KBCW 90.1 FMUSA North CarolinaClassical100OK, Edmond19
KBEC Classic Country 1390 AMUSA North CarolinaCountry27TX, Waxahachie47
KBEQ Q 104.3 FMUSA MissouriCountry32MO, Kansas City10
KBER 101.1 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32UT, Salt Lake City7
KBEZ 92.9 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32OK, Tulsa8
KBFM Wild 104 FMUSA North CarolinaLatin Hits32TX, Harlingen71
KBFM Wild HD2USA North CarolinaLatin Hits32TX, Harlingen47
KBGO Oldies 95.1 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32TX, Waco22
KBHL Praise FM 103.9USA MinnesotaChristian Cont.32MN, Osakis25
KBHR Big Bear 93.3 FMUSA CaliforniaGeneral Station48CA, Big Bear City29
KBIA 2 ClassicalUSA MissouriClassical32MO, Columbia23
KBIA 91.3 FMUSA MissouriPublic32MO, Columbia5
KBIG 104.3 FMUSA CaliforniaAdult Cont.40CA, Los Angeles26
KBJS 90.3 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious32TX, Jacksonville8
KBKS Kiss 106.1 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WA, Seattle11
KBLE Sacred Heart Radio 1050 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious64WA, Kirkland9
KBME The Sports Animal 790 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32TX, Houston14
KBNJ 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32TX, Austin9
KBNP 1410 AMUSA North CarolinaFinancial News20OR, Portland12
KBOI Broncos Radio 670 AMUSA IdahoNews/Talk32ID, Boise6
KBOO 90.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCommunity32OR, Portland4
KBOS B-95 94.9 FMUSA CaliforniaTop 4040CA, Fresno14
KBPI 106.7 FMUSA ColoradoHard Rock32CO, Denver80
KBPK 90.1 FMUSA CaliforniaClassic Hits20CA, Los Angeles33
KBPS All Classical 89.9 FMUSA North CarolinaClassical32OR, Portland36
KBQI Big I 107.9 FMUSA New MexicoCountry32NM, Albuquerque38
KBQI Big I HD2USA New MexicoCountry32NM, Albuquerque23
KBRQ The Bear 102.5 FMUSA North CarolinaHard Rock32TX, Waco54
KBRT 740 AMUSA CaliforniaReligious32CA, Los Angeles12
KBSG 97.3 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32WA, Seattle4
KBSU Boise State Radio 730 AMUSA IdahoCultural32ID, Boise6
KBUL K-Bull 98 FMUSA NevadaCountry32NV, Reno28
KBUW Wyoming Public Radio 90.5 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic44WY, Buffalo7
KBVU The Edge 97.5 FMUSA IowaCollege32IA, Storm Lake6
KBXL Inspirational Family Radio 94.1 FMUSA IdahoNews/Talk32ID, Caldwell5
KBYU Classical 89.1 FMUSA North CarolinaClassical35UT, Provo23
KBZE The Breeze 105.9 FMUSA LouisianaGeneral Station32LA, Morgan City19
KBZU The Buzz 96.3 FMUSA New MexicoNews/Talk32NM, Albuquerque19
KCAA 1050 AMUSA CaliforniaGeneral Station32CA, Loma Linda12
KCBI 90.9 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious20TX, Fort Worth10
KCBQ 1170 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk10CA, San Diego14
KCBS Jack 93.1 FMUSA CaliforniaGeneral Station100CA, Los Angeles29
KCBX 90.1 FMUSA CaliforniaPublic64CA, San Luis Obispo10
KCCK All That Jazz 88.3 FMUSA IowaJazz & Blues32IA, Cedar Rapids41
KCCN 100 FMUSA HawaiiTop 4032HI, Honolulu21
KCCQ Channel Q 105.1 FMUSA IowaRock & Pop32IA, Des Moines9
KCCU 102.9 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic64OK, Lawton4
KCCY 96.9 FMUSA ColoradoCountry32CO, Colorado Springs26
KCDX 103.1 FMUSA ArizonaRock & Pop64AZ, Florence14
KCEA Memories 89 One 89.1 FMUSA CaliforniaOldies64CA, San Carlos46
KCEE The Fish 103.9 FMUSA CaliforniaGeneral Station20CA, Sacramento24
KCEO 1000 AMUSA CaliforniaFinancial News128CA, San Diego16
KCFO 970 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OK, Tulsa7
KCFR 1340 AMUSA ColoradoPublic38CO, Denver5
KCFX The Fox 101.1 FMUSA MissouriClassic Rock32MO, Harrisonville14
KCFX The Fox 101.1 FMUSA KansasClassic Rock32KS, Kansas City32
KCFY 88.1 FMUSA ArizonaChristian Cont.20AZ, Yuma19
KCHO 91.7 FMUSA CaliforniaPublic20CA, Chico17
KCIS 630 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious32WA, Seattle2
KCJZ Power 106.7 FMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32TX, San Antonio56
KCLQ The Coyote 107.9 FMUSA MissouriCountry96MO, Lebanon27
KCLR 96 FMIrelandAdult Cont.20Kilkenny6
KCLR Clear 99 FMUSA MissouriCountry32MO, Columbia6
KCLU 102.3 FMUSA CaliforniaPublic32CA, Santa Barbara21
KCLW Classic Country 900 AMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Hamilton39
KCMO 94.9 FMUSA MissouriOldies32MO, Kansas City6
KCMO 95 FMUSA KansasOldies32KS, Kansas City9
KCMO FOX News 710 AMUSA MissouriNews/Talk32MO, Kansas City11
KCMP MPR The Current 89.3 FMUSA MinnesotaPublic128MN, Minneapolis6
KCMQ The Rocker 96.7 FMUSA MissouriRock & Pop32MO, Columbia11
KCMS Spirit 105.3 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32WA, Seattle12
KCNV Classical Radio 89.7 FMUSA NevadaClassical44NV, Las Vegas44
KCOL 600 AMUSA ColoradoNews/Talk38CO, Fort Collins15
KCPR 91.3 FMUSA CaliforniaCollege10CA, San Luis Obispo14
KCPW 1010 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32UT, Tooele5
KCR 98.9 FMUSA CaliforniaCollege128CA, San Diego14
KCRG The Zone 1600 AMUSA IowaSports32IA, Cedar Rapids7
KCRW 89.9 FMUSA CaliforniaGeneral Station32CA, Santa Monica11
KCRZ Z 104.9 FMUSA CaliforniaClassic Hits32CA, Tulare12
KCSF Radio Cable The Zone 90.9 FMUSA CaliforniaCollege96CA, San Francisco33
KCSI Country Sunshine 95.3 FMUSA IowaCountry32IA, Red Oak28
KCSM 91.1 FMUSA CaliforniaJazz & Blues64CA, San Mateo33
KCSN Arts & Roots 88.5 FMUSA CaliforniaGeneral Station128CA, Northbridge18
KCSP The Football Channel 610 AMUSA MissouriSports21MO, Kansas City32
KCSU 90.5 FMUSA ColoradoCollege64CO, Fort Collins8
KCTI 1450 AMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Gonzales5
KCUR 89.3 FMUSA MissouriPublic128MO, Kansas City2
KCUV 1510 AMUSA ColoradoCountry32CO, Denver10
KCVO Spirit FMUSA MissouriReligious32MO, Camdenton10
KCWJ The Light 1030 AMUSA MissouriReligious128MO, Kansas City4
KCWU The Burg 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128WA, Ellensburg4
KCWW 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic32WY, Evanston3
KCXL 1140 AMUSA MissouriNews/Talk32MO, Liberty6
KCXX x 103.9 FMUSA CaliforniaRock & Pop64CA, San Bernardino20
KCYE Coyote Country 104.3 FMUSA NevadaCountry52NV, Las Vegas62
KCYY Y100 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, San Antonio7
KD Radio 99.1 FMUSA CaliforniaOldies20CA, Thousand Oaks24
KDAL 610 AMUSA MinnesotaNews/Talk128MN, Duluth11
KDAY 93.5 FMUSA CaliforniaHip-Hop64CA, Los Angeles48
KDBN The Bone 93.3 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32TX, Dallas4
KDBR The Bear 106.3 FMUSA MontanaCountry48MT, Kalispell18
KDDK Classic Country 106.7 FMUSA ArkansasCountry40AR, Little Rock57
KDFC Classical 102.1 FMUSA CaliforniaClassical64CA, San Francisco62
KDGE The Edge 102.1 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32TX, Dallas9
KDHX 88.1 FMUSA MissouriGeneral Station128MO, Saint Louis0
KDIA 1640 AMUSA CaliforniaReligious64CA, San Francisco12
KDJE The Edge 100.3 FMUSA ArkansasRock & Pop32AR, Little Rock10
KDKA 1020 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32PA, Pittsburgh5
KDMX Mix 102.9 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32TX, Dallas14
KDNN Island 98.5 FMUSA HawaiiReggae32HI, Honolulu99
KDNW Life 97.3 FMUSA MinnesotaChristian Cont.20MN, Saint Paul15
KDOT 104.5 FMUSA NevadaRock & Pop32NV, Reno6
KDRF 103.3 FMUSA New MexicoAdult Cont.32NM, Albuquerque12
KDSK Sound Souvenirs 92.7 FMUSA New MexicoOldies32NM, Grants26
KDUR 93.9 FMUSA ColoradoRock & Pop128CO, Durango11
KDWA 1460 AMUSA MinnesotaNews/Talk32MN, Hasting10
KDWB 101.3 FMUSA MinnesotaTop 4032MN, Minneapolis12
KEAO Manao Radio 91.5 FMUSA HawaiiGeneral Station96HI, Wailuku27
KEBE 1400 AMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station128TX, Jacksonville3
KEDJ The edge 103.9 FMUSA ArizonaRock & Pop49AZ, Gilbert8
KEEH Positive Life Radio FM 104.9USA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32WA, Spokane7
KEEY 102.1 FMUSA MinnesotaCountry32MN, Minneapolis12
KEFX Effect Radio 88 FMUSA IdahoChristian Cont.32ID, Twin Falls11
KELZ Power 106.7 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32TX, San Antonio6
KEMB 94.1 FMUSA IowaAdult Cont.24IA, Emmetsburg3
KEMC Yellowstone Public Radio 91.7 FMUSA MontanaPublic24MT, Billings18
KENO FOX Sports Radio 1460 AMUSA NevadaSports32NV, Las Vegas47
KENZ The End 101.9 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative32UT, Salt Lake City16
KEOL La Grande 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege32OR, La Grande2
KERA 90.1 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic24TX, Dallas3
KERN 1410 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk20CA, Bakersfield10
Kerrang RadioUnited KingdomHard Rock64London128
Kestrel 107.6 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Basingstoke5
KESZ 99.9 FMUSA ArizonaAdult Cont.32AZ, Phoenix10
KEUN Air America 1490 AMUSA LouisianaNews/Talk24LA, Eunice15
KEUN Best Country 105.5 FMUSA LouisianaCountry48LA, Eunice51
KEX 1190 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OR, Portland3
KEXP 90.3 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic160WA, Seattle5
Key 103 FMUnited KingdomTop 4064Manchester7
KEYE 1400 AMUSA North CarolinaCountry20TX, Perryton5
KEYE 96.1 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Hits32TX, Perryton5
KEYW The Key 98.3 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Hits32WA, Othello4
KEZE Wired 96.9 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032WA, Spokane1
KEZW 1430 AMUSA ColoradoOldies32CO, Denver2
KFAB 1110 AMUSA NebraskaNews/Talk32NE, Omaha14
KFAD 94 1/2 FMUSA AlaskaCountry128AK, Anchorage67
KFAI 90.3 FMUSA MinnesotaGeneral Station44MN, Minneapolis5
KFAN 1130 AMUSA MinnesotaSports32MN, Minneapolis8
KFBN Heaven 88.7 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious32ND, Fargo6
KFCK 88.1 FMUSA CaliforniaCollege24CA, Fresno13
KFEG The Eagle 104.7 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32OR, Klamath Falls19
KFFR The Fire FM 97.7USA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32WA, Pullman4
KFHS 98.3 FMUSA KansasCollege128KS, Hays8
KFI 640 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk32CA, Los Angeles13
KFIA 710 AMUSA CaliforniaReligious16CA, Sacramento8
KFIS 104.1 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.20OR, Portland7
KFJC 89.7 FMUSA CaliforniaCollege128CA, Los Altos14
KFJM PrairiePublic Radio 90.7 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic128ND, Fargo2
KFKA 1310 AMUSA ColoradoNews/Talk32CO, Fort Collins4
KFKF 94.1 FMUSA MissouriCountry32MO, Kansas City8
KFM 106.9 FMNew ZealandSoul64Auckland51
KFM 97.6 FMIrelandAdult Cont.32Naas6
KFMA 92.1 FMUSA ArizonaRock & Pop20AZ, Tucson8
KFMB 760 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk64CA, San Diego9
KFMD The Party 95.7 FMUSA ColoradoTop 4032CO, Denver16
KFMF 93.9 FMUSA CaliforniaClassic Rock33CA, Chico24
KFMK Jammin 105.9 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32TX, Austin6
KFMY The Eagle 97.7 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32WA, Tacoma10
KFNK Funky Monkey 104.9 FMUSA North CarolinaHard Rock32WA, Seattle53
KFNN 1510 AMUSA ArizonaFinancial News16AZ, Phoenix9
KFNS The Fan 590 AMUSA MissouriSports16MO, Saint Louis2
KFNW 1200 AMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.20ND, Fargo5
KFNW 97.9 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32ND, Fargo3
KFNX 1100 AMUSA ArizonaNews/Talk32AZ, Phoenix11
KFOG 104.5 FMUSA CaliforniaRock & Pop33CA, San Francisco17
KFOR 1240 AMUSA NebraskaNews/Talk32NE, Lincoln9
KFQD 750 AMUSA AlaskaNews/Talk32AK, Anchorage42
KFSH The Fish 95.9 FMUSA CaliforniaAdult Cont.21CA, Glendale17
KFSI 92.9 FMUSA MichiganChristian Cont.16MI, Rochester13
KFSR 90.7 FMUSA CaliforniaJazz & Blues48CA, Fresno28
KFTE Planet Radio 96.5 FMUSA LouisianaRock & Pop32LA, Lafayette16
KFTK Talk 97.1 FMUSA MissouriNews/Talk32MO, Saint Louis5
KFUO 850 AMUSA MissouriReligious32MO, Saint Louis4
KFUO Classic 99.1 FMUSA MissouriClassical48MO, Saint Louis18
KFYI 550 AMUSA ArizonaNews/Talk32AZ, Phoenix14
KGAB 650 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32WY, Orchard Valley2
KGB 101 FMUSA CaliforniaClassic Rock32CA, San Diego29
KGBI 100.7 FMUSA NebraskaChristian Cont.20NE, Omaha11
KGBX 105.9 FMUSA MissouriSoft Rock32MO, Springfield7
KGBY Y 92.5 FMUSA CaliforniaAdult Cont.32CA, Sacramento14
KGCB Arizona's Lighthouse 90.9 FMUSA ArizonaReligious20AZ, Prescott16
KGDP 660 AMUSA CaliforniaReligious64CA, Santa Maria4
KGGI 99.1 FMUSA CaliforniaHip-Hop32CA, Riverside42
KGIR ESPN 1220 AMUSA MissouriSports32MO, Cape Girardeau9
KGLI KG 95.0 FMUSA IowaAdult Cont.64IA, Sioux City5
KGMZ Oldies 107.9 FMUSA HawaiiOldies32HI, Honolulu36
KGNC FM 97.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Amarillo3
KGNU 88.5 FMUSA ColoradoPublic64CO, Boulder5
KGNZ 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious32TX, Austin1
KGO 810 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk20CA, San Francisco11
KGON 92.3 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop33OR, Portland2
KGOU 106.3USA North CarolinaPublic32OK, Norman0
KGSO Sports Radio 1410 AMUSA KansasSports24KS, Wichita13
KGSR 107.1 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.20TX, Austin1
KGTS 91.3 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious32WA, College Place3
KGUR 95 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege24WA, Pullman0
KHBZ The Buzz 94.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative32OK, Oklahoma City19
KHBZ The Buzz HD2USA North CarolinaAlternative32OK, Oklahoma City15
KHCB Radio Network 105.7 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious96TX, Houston2
KHDR The Drive 96.9 FMUSA NevadaRock & Pop32NV, Las Vegas7
KHEV The Rock of New Orleans 104.1 FMUSA LouisianaRock & Pop32LA, New Orleans21
KHFI Kiss 96.7 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032TX, Austin4
KHFI New CHR HD2USA North CarolinaTop 4032TX, Austin1
KHGE Big Country 102.7 FMUSA CaliforniaCountry32CA, Fresno50
KHHT Hot 92 Jamz 92 FMUSA CaliforniaJazz & Blues32CA, Los Angeles45
KHIB FMUSA KansasChristian Cont.32KS, Wichita7
KHIT 107 FMUSA North CarolinaDance, Trance & Techno160WA, Seattle16
KHJZ Smooth Jazz 95.7 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32TX, Houston48
KHKE 89.5 FMUSA IowaCultural44IA, Cedar Valley1
KHKK The Hawk 104.1 FMUSA CaliforniaClassic Rock32CA, Modesto14
KHKS Kiss 106.1 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032TX, Dallas9
KHKS Kiss 106.1 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032TX, Dallas7
KHKS Kiss HD2USA North CarolinaTop 4032TX, Dallas1
KHKX Country Kicks 99.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry20TX, Oddesa22
KHKZ Hot Kiss 106.3 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TX, McAllen6
KHKZ Hot Kiss 106.3 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032TX, Dallas7
KHKZ Hot Kiss HD2USA North CarolinaTop 4032TX, Dallas5
KHLL The Hill 100.9 FMUSA LouisianaChristian Cont.20LA, West Monroe9
KHLR Hallelujah 94.9 FMUSA ArkansasGospel32AR, Little Rock31
KHMX Mix 96.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TX, McAllen4
KHMX Mix 96.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TX, Houston2
KHMX Mix HD2USA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TX, McAllen3
KHOP 95.1 FMUSA CaliforniaRock & Pop32CA, Modesto9
KHOW 630 AMUSA ColoradoNews/Talk32CO, Denver6
KHOY Catholic Radio 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious20TX, Laredo166
KHQN 1480 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk24UT, Delta2
KHTB The Blaze 94.9 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32UT, Salt Lake City4
KHTE Hot 96.5 FMUSA ArkansasHip-Hop32AR, Little Rock51
KHTQ Rock 94/2 94.5 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32WA, Spokane23
KHTS Channel 933 93.3 FMUSA CaliforniaTop 4032CA, San Diego15
KHTT K-Hits 106.9 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032OK, Tulsa8
KHWY 98.1 FMUSA NevadaCountry32NV, Las Vegas16
KHYI 95.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Plano6
KHYL V 101.1 FMUSA CaliforniaCollege32CA, Sacramento7
KHYM 99.1 FMUSA KansasReligious32KS, Meade8
KIBT The Beat 96.1 FMUSA ColoradoHip-Hop32CO, Colorado Springs47
KIBZ The Blaze 106.3 FMUSA NebraskaRock & Pop32NE, Lincoln7
Kick 105.6 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.64Newbury6
KICX 104.1 FMCanadaCountry32Midland8
KICX 106.7 FMCanadaCountry32Waterloo9
KIDO NewsRadio 580 AMUSA IdahoNews/Talk32ID, Boise11
KIFM Smooth Jazz 98.1 FMUSA CaliforniaJazz & Blues32CA, San Diego61
KIFR Free 106.9 FMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk24CA, San Francisco21
KIHT K-Hits 96 FMUSA MissouriClassic Hits32MO, Saint Louis6
KIIS Siik 102.7 FMUSA CaliforniaTop 4032CA, Los Angeles15
KIIZ Z 92.3 FMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32TX, Killeen33
KIJZ Smooth Jazz 105.9 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32OR, Portland25
KIJZ Smooth Jazz HD2USA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32OR, Portland36
KIK 91.5 FMAustraliaDance, Trance & Techno96Darwin12
KIKI Hot 93.9 FMUSA HawaiiHip-Hop34HI, Honolulu50
KILT 100.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Houston2
KILT Sports Radio 610 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32TX, Houston5
KIMN Mix 100 FMUSA ColoradoClassic Hits32CO, Denver9
KINE Hawaiian 105 FMUSA HawaiiAdult Cont.32HI, Honolulu41
KING Classical 98.1 FMUSA North CarolinaClassical20WA, Seattle31
Kingdom 95.2 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Fife126
KINK 102 FMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station32OR, Portland1
KIOC Big Dog 106.1 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32TX, Beaumont2
KIOI Star 101.3 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32PA, Johnstown3
KIOI Star HD2USA North Carolina80s32PA, Johnstown30
KIOZ 105.3 FMUSA CaliforniaHard Rock32CA, San Diego47
KIPO 89.3 FMUSA HawaiiPublic20HI, Honolulu16
KIRO 710 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk21WA, Seattle2
Kismat Radio 1035 AMUnited KingdomEthnic20London15
KISQ Kiss 98.1 FMUSA CaliforniaUrban R&B32CA, San Francisco61
Kiss 100 FMUnited KingdomHip-Hop64London127
Kiss 100 FMUnited KingdomHip-Hop64London189
Kiss 101 FMUnited KingdomHip-Hop64Wales74
Kiss 105.3 FMCanadaRock & Pop32Ottawa21
Kiss 105.8 FMUnited KingdomHip-Hop64East of England57
KISU 91.1 FMUSA IdahoCollege32ID, Pocatello3
KISW 99.9 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32WA, Seattle1
KITS Live 105 FMUSA CaliforniaAdult Cont.68CA, San Francisco12
KIWC 103.9 FMUSA NevadaLove Songs32NV, Boulder City103
Kiwi 93.8 FMNew ZealandFolklore32Auckland15
KIXA Kool 106.5 FMUSA CaliforniaClassic Rock68CA, Victorville22
KIXI 880 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies32WA, Seattle3
KIXL The Word 970 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious16TX, Austin1
KIXQ 102.5 FMUSA MissouriCountry32MO, Joplin7
KIXW 107.3 FMUSA NevadaCountry32NV, Las Vegas11
KIZN Kissin 92.3 FMUSA ColoradoCountry32CO, Denver12
KJAC Jack 105.5 FMUSA ColoradoAdult Cont.32CO, Denver7
KJAK Christian Radio 92.7 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious16TX, Lubbock12
KJAQ Jack 96.5 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32WA, Seattle5
KJCD Smooth Jazz 104.3 FMUSA ColoradoJazz & Blues32CO, Denver34
KJHK 90.7 FMUSA KansasAlternative128KS, Lawrence22
KJIC Christian Music 90.5 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.24TX, Santa Fe27
KJIC Gospel Music Blue 90.5 FMUSA North CarolinaGospel24TX, Santa Fe46
KJIL 105.7 FMUSA KansasGeneral Station32KS, Meade1
KJIL 99.1 FMUSA KansasGeneral Station32KS, Meade3
KJKK Jack 100.3 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32TX, Dallas2
KJLH Radio Free 102.3 FMUSA CaliforniaUrban R&B33CA, Los Angeles28
KJLU 88.9 FMUSA MissouriJazz & Blues32MO, Jefferson City18
KJMJ Radio Maria 580 AMUSA LouisianaReligious16LA, Alexandria6
KJMS Smooth 101.1 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32TN, Memphis24
KJMS Smooth HD2USA North CarolinaJazz & Blues84TN, Memphis24
KJMY My 99.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32UT, Salt Lake City3
KJR 950 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32WA, Seattle2
KJR 97.5 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32WA, Seattle0
KJRB The Fan 790 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32WA, Spokane3
KJRT Kingdom Keys Network 88.3 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious128TX, Amarillo3
KJSL 630 AMUSA MissouriReligious32MO, Saint Louis2
KJSM LP Radio 97.1 FMUSA CaliforniaReligious128CA, Yucca Valley17
KJSR Star 103.3 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32OK, Tulsa10
KJTH The House 89.7 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.20OK, Ponka City5
KJUG 106.7 FMUSA CaliforniaCountry20CA, Fresno18
KJUL 104.3 FMUSA NevadaOldies64NV, Las Vegas7
KJWL K-Jewel 99.3 FMUSA CaliforniaOldies20CA, Fresno17
KJYO KJ 103.3 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TX, Nacogdoches2
KJYO KJ HD2USA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TX, Nacogdoches1
KJZS 92.1 FMUSA NevadaJazz & Blues32NV, Reno18
KJZZ 91.5 FMUSA ArizonaJazz & Blues40AZ, Phoenix19
KKAD 1550 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies32OR, Portland2
KKAN 1490 AMUSA KansasAdult Cont.56KS, Phillisburg6
KKAR 1290 AMUSA NebraskaNews/Talk32NE, Omaha8
KKAT Country Legends 107.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32UT, Salt Lake City18
KKBT The Beat 100.3 FMUSA CaliforniaUrban R&B32CA, Los Angeles40
KKBZ 99.3 FMUSA IowaAdult Cont.20IA, Shenandoah4
KKCM Spirit 102.3 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32OK, Tulsa7
KKCW K103 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Hits32OR, Portland2
KKCW K103 HD2USA North CarolinaClassic Hits128OR, Portland5
KKDM Kiss 100.7 FMUSA IowaTop 4032IA, Des Moines6
KKDV 92.1 FMUSA CaliforniaGeneral Station23CA, Walnut Creek8
KKEA ESPN 1420 AMUSA HawaiiSports32HI, Honolulu24
KKFI 90.0 FMUSA MissouriCommunity32MO, Kansas City2
KKFM Classic Rock 98.1 FMUSA ColoradoClassic Rock32CO, Colorado Springs48
KKGL The Eagle 96.9 FMUSA IdahoClassic Rock32ID, Boise16
KKHS Student RadioUSA North CarolinaCollege56TX, Dallas3
KKHT The Word 100.7 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious16TX, Houston3
KKJL K-Jewel 1400 AMUSA CaliforniaOldies24CA, San Luis Obispo12
KKJM Spirit 92.9 FMUSA MinnesotaChristian Cont.32MN, Sauk Rapids12
KKLA 99.5 FMUSA CaliforniaReligious16CA, Los Angeles16
KKLI kLite 106.3 FMUSA ColoradoAdult Cont.32CO, Colorado Springs7
KKLZ 96.3 FMUSA NevadaClassic Rock32NV, Las Vegas12
KKMG Magic 98.9 FMUSA ColoradoTop 4032CO, Colorado Springs7
KKMS 980 AMUSA MinnesotaReligious32MN, Saint Paul6
KKMX Kiss 104.5 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032OR, Roseburg2
KKNG King Country 93.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32OK, Oklahoma City21
KKNW Alternative Talk 1150 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk24WA, Seattle6
KKOB 770 AMUSA New MexicoNews/Talk32NM, Albuquerque14
KKOB The Pop Music Channel 93.3 FMUSA New MexicoRock & Pop32NM, Albuquerque36
KKOH 780 AMUSA NevadaNews/Talk32NV, Reno8
KKPL The Point 99.9 FMUSA ColoradoAlternative32CO, Fort Collins14
KKPL The Point 99.9 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative32WY, Cheyenne17
KKQZ Max 94.3 FMUSA ColoradoClassic Rock32CO, Fort Collins14
KKRB Sunny 107 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32OR, Klamath Falls10
KKRW The Arrow 93.7 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32TX, Houston9
KKRW The Loop HD2USA North CarolinaClassic Rock32TX, Houston6
KKRZ Z100 100 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032OR, Portland4
KKRZ Z100 HD2USA North CarolinaTop 4032OR, Portland3
KKSF 103.7 FMUSA CaliforniaJazz & Blues35CA, San Francisco16
KKSM 1320 AMUSA CaliforniaCollege32CA, San Marcos8
KKSR Kiss 96.7 FMUSA MinnesotaTop 4032MN, Saint Cloud9
KKTR Tri 102 FMUSA ColoradoSoft Rock32CO, Fort Collins8
KKUS The Ranch 104.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Tyler22
KKUU U-92.7 FMUSA CaliforniaTop 4032CA, Palm Springs9
KKVV 1060 AMUSA NevadaReligious32NV, Las Vegas5
KKWF The Wolf 100.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32WA, Seattle12
KKZN 760 AMUSA ColoradoNews/Talk32CO, Denver3
KKZR Spirit 93.3 FMUSA ArkansasChristian Cont.32AR, Little Rock8
KLA UCLA RadioUSA CaliforniaCollege128CA, Los Angeles20
KLAQ 95.5 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32TX, El Paso2
KLAS 89.7 FMUSA CaliforniaAdult Cont.20CA, Los Angeles15
Klassic 540 AMGrenadaOldies64Saint George's15
KLAT La Tremenda 1010 AMUSA North CarolinaLatin Hits32TX, Dallas50
KLAW 101 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32OK, Lawton5
KLBB 1220 AMUSA MinnesotaOldies32MN, Stilwater4
KLBJ 590 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk16TX, Austin2
KLBJ 93.7 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32TX, Austin1
KLCC 89.7 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic30OR, Eugene1
KLEY ESPN Sports Radio 1130 AMUSA KansasSports20KS, Wichita11
KLFC Life 88.1 FMUSA MissouriChristian Cont.48MO, Branson4
KLFF K-Life 89.3 FMUSA CaliforniaReligious96CA, San Luis Obispo22
KLGO The Word 99.3 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious16TX, Austin6
KLIN 1400 AMUSA NebraskaNews/Talk32NE, Lincoln4
KLJC Calvary 88.5 FMUSA MissouriReligious32MO, Kansas City3
KLLC Radio Alice 97.3 FMUSA CaliforniaAdult Cont.68CA, San Francisco19
KLLI Free 105.3 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TX, Dallas4
KLOL Mega 101.1 FMUSA North CarolinaLatin Hits32TX, Houston44
KLOS 95.5 FMUSA CaliforniaRock & Pop40CA, Los Angeles15
KLOU Oldies Radio 103.3 FMUSA MissouriOldies32MO, Saint Louis18
KLRC 101.1 FMUSA ArkansasChristian Cont.32AR, Siloam Springs9
KLRZ The Rajun Kajun 100.3 FMUSA LouisianaCountry32LA, Larose15
KLSA Red River Radio 90.7 FMUSA LouisianaPublic24LA, Shreveport12
KLSD 1360 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk33CA, San Diego6
KLSY Movin 92.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WA, Bellevue2
KLTI Lite 104.1 FMUSA IowaAdult Cont.32IA, Des Moines3
KLTY 94.1 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.24TX, Dallas3
KLUC 98.5 FMUSA NevadaTop 4032NV, Las Vegas3
KLUP 930 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk20TX, San Antonio2
KLUX 89.5 FMUSA North CarolinaEasy Listening32TX, Corpus Christi12
KLVI 560 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TX, Beaumont2
KLVV Praise 88.7 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32OK, Ponka City5
KLWC K Love 89.1 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32WY, Casper4
KLYT M 88.3 FMUSA New MexicoChristian Cont.64NM, Albuquerque6
KLZZ The Loon 103.7 FMUSA MinnesotaClassic Rock32MN, Saint Cloud13
KM 106 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Canterbury17
KM 107.2 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Thanet8
KM 107.6 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Ashford5
KM 107.9 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Medway2
KM 96..2 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Tunbridge2
KM 96.4 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Shepway5
KM FM DigitalUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Kent9
KMA 960 AMUSA IowaNews/Talk20IA, Shenandoah1
KMAK Truth Radio 100.3 FMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk16CA, Orange Grove14
KMAN Sports Radio 1350 AMUSA KansasSports24KS, Manhattan7
KMAX 550 AMUSA CaliforniaUrban R&B20CA, Los Angeles19
KMBH 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic32TX, Harlingen2
KMBI 107.9 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious32WA, Spokane6
KMBZ 980 AMUSA MissouriNews/Talk32MO, Kansas City4
KMEL 106 FMUSA CaliforniaHip-Hop34CA, San Francisco25
KMFA 89.5 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic128TX, Austin0
KMFC Joy 92.1 FMUSA MissouriReligious32MO, Centralia5
KMGA Magic 99.5 FMUSA New MexicoSoft Rock32NM, Albuquerque15
KMGL Magic 104.1 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32OK, Oklahoma City3
KMHD 89.1 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues48OR, Portland13
KMIH X104 FM 104.5USA North CarolinaHip-Hop160WA, Mercer Island31
KMIL 1330 AMUSA North CarolinaCountry24TX, Cameron5
KMJI Magic 93.3 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.68TX, Texarkana2
KMJM Majic 104.9 FMUSA MissouriHip-Hop32MO, Saint Louis31
KMJX Magic 105.1 FMUSA ArkansasClassic Rock40AR, Little Rock15
KMLB 1440 AMUSA LouisianaNews/Talk32LA, Monroe10
KMNR 89.7 FMUSA MissouriCollege32MO, Rolla3
KMNS Sports Radio 620 AMUSA IowaSports64IA, Sioux City9
KMNT Country 104.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32WA, Centralia23
KMOD 97.5 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop82OK, Tulsa1
KMOX 1120 AMUSA MissouriNews/Talk32MO, Saint Louis4
KMPC The Ticket 1540 AMUSA CaliforniaSports16CA, Los Angeles5
KMPS 94.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32WA, Seattle2
KMRE American Museum of Radio 102.3 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies24WA, Bellingham8
KMSC Dragon Radio 1500 AMUSA MinnesotaCollege96MN, Moorhead5
KMTS The Best Country 99.1 FMUSA ColoradoCountry22CO, Glenwood Springs36
KMTT The Mountain FM 103.7USA North CarolinaAlternative32WA, Tacoma17
KMUD 91.1 FMUSA CaliforniaCommunity32CA, Gaverville8
KMUN 91.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCommunity20OR, Astoria0
KMUW 89.1 FMUSA KansasPublic128KS, Wichita5
KMXK Mix 94.9 FMUSA MinnesotaAdult Cont.32MN, Saint Cloud11
KMXP Mix 96.9 FMUSA ArizonaAdult Cont.32AZ, Phoenix10
KMXV 93.3 FMUSA MissouriRock & Pop32MO, Kansas City2
KNACUSA CaliforniaPunk and Metal32CA, Long Beach63
KNAK 540 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk24UT, Delta2
KNAU 88.7 FMUSA ArizonaPublic32AZ, Flagstaff5
KNBQ Q-Country 102.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32WA, Centralia14
KNBR 1050 AMUSA CaliforniaSports34CA, San Francisco2
KNCO 94.1 FMUSA CaliforniaGeneral Station20CA, Grass Valley15
KNCO Newstalk 830 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk20CA, Grass Valley17
KNDD The End 107.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative32WA, Seattle13
KNDL The Candle 88.9 FMUSA CaliforniaChristian Cont.20CA, Angwin14
KNDS Thunder Radio 105.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege160ND, Fargo4
KNEV Magic 95.5 FMUSA NevadaAdult Cont.32NV, Reno5
KNEW Talk 910 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk36CA, Oakland12
KNFX Fox 99.5 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32TX, Bryan2
KNHC 89.5 FMUSA North CarolinaDance, Trance & Techno32WA, Seattle6
KNIX 102.5 FMUSA ArizonaCountry32AZ, Phoenix12
KNLB FM Christian RadioUSA ArizonaChristian Cont.32AZ, Lake Havasu City9
KNLE Candle 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.20TX, Austin2
KNMI Vertical Radio 88.9 FMUSA New MexicoChristian Cont.20NM, Farmington14
KNON 89.3 FMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station32TX, Dallas0
KNOW MPR News 91.1 FMUSA MinnesotaNews/Talk128MN, Minneapolis6
KNPR 88.9 FMUSA NevadaPublic45NV, Las Vegas0
KNRJ 101.1 FMUSA ArizonaDance, Trance & Techno64AZ, Payson15
KNRK Alternative Portland 94.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative33OR, Portland30
KNRS 570 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32UT, Salt Lake City4
KNSI 1450 AMUSA MinnesotaNews/Talk32MN, Saint Cloud4
KNTH 1070 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TX, Houston1
KNTU 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege32TX, Denton0
KNUS 710 AMUSA ColoradoNews/Talk32CO, Denver4
KNUU K-News 970 AMUSA NevadaNews/Talk32NV, Las Vegas10
KNWS Life 1090 AMUSA IowaCollege20IA, Waterloo6
KO-FM 102.9 FMAustraliaAdult Cont.32Newcastle5
KOA 850 AMUSA ColoradoNews/Talk32CO, Denver6
KOAI Smooth Jazz 107.5 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32TX, Dallas19
KODA Sunny 99.1 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TX, Houston2
KODA Sunny HD2USA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TX, Houston2
KODJ 94.1 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32UT, Salt Lake City4
KODL 1440 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies32OR, The Dalles4
KOHM South Plains Public Radio 89.1 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic64TX, Lubbock0
KOHO FM 101.1USA North CarolinaAdult Cont.20WA, Lavenworth3
KOIT 96.5 FMUSA CaliforniaSoft Rock64CA, San Francisco13
KOJK Jack FM 97.3 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32OK, Oklahoma City2
KOKO 94 FMUSA CaliforniaOldies33CA, Los Angeles6
KOL 1300 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk48WA, Seattle1
KOLL K-106.3 FMUSA ArkansasOldies32AR, Little Rock7
KOLW Cool 97.5 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32WA, Othello5
KOMA 92.5 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32OK, Oklahoma City1
KOMO 1000 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk48WA, Seattle3
KOMP 92.3 FMUSA NevadaRock & Pop74NV, Las Vegas2
KONP 1450 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32WA, Port Angeles2
KOOI 106.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TX, Longview3
Kool 97 FMJamaicaTop 4096Kingston224
Kool FM 103.3AnguillaGeneral Station20Crocus Hill27
KOOP 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCommunity56TX, Austin1
KOPB Oregon Public Broadcasting 91.5 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic24OR, Portland1
KOSI 101.5 FMUSA ColoradoSoft Rock32CO, Denver5
KOSS The Oasis 105.5 FMUSA CaliforniaClassic Hits68CA, Lancaster15
KOST 103.5 FMUSA CaliforniaAdult Cont.32CA, Los Angeles10
KOSU OPR Oklahoma Public Radio 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic96OK, Stillwater2
KOSY 106.5 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32UT, Salt Lake City5
KOTO 91.7 FMUSA ColoradoPublic20CO, Telluride5
KOVE Recuerdo 106.5 FMUSA North CarolinaLatin Hits32TX, Houston49
KOXY 104.7 FMUSA CaliforniaCollege128CA, Los Angeles12
KOZI 93.5 FMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32WA, Chelan1
KOZT The Coast 95.3 FMUSA CaliforniaRock & Pop32CA, Fort Bragg13
KOZZ 105.7 FMUSA NevadaClassic Rock32NV, Reno11
KPAM 860 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OR, Portland2
KPAW The Bear 107.9 AMUSA ColoradoClassic Rock32CO, Fort Collins17
KPBR The Bar 105.9 FMUSA MontanaCountry32MT, Billings18
KPBS 89.5 FMUSA CaliforniaPublic128CA, San Diego10
KPBX NPR 91 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic24WA, Spokane1
KPCC 89.3 FMUSA CaliforniaPublic32CA, Pasadena7
KPCL Passion Radio 95.7 FMUSA New MexicoChristian Cont.20NM, Farmington24
KPCW 91.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCommunity32UT, Park City0
KPEK The Peak 100.3 FMUSA New MexicoRock & Pop32NM, Albuquerque7
KPEK The Peak HD2USA New MexicoRock & Pop32NM, Albuquerque4
KPFA 94.1 FMUSA CaliforniaPublic24CA, Berkeley11
KPFK 90.7 FMUSA CaliforniaGeneral Station80CA, North Hollywood11
KPFT 90.1 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic24TX, Houston2
KPHF 88.3 FMUSA ArizonaReligious32AZ, Phoenix10
KPHT Hot 95.5 FMUSA ColoradoAdult Cont.32CO, Colorado Springs10
KPHW Power 104.3 FMUSA HawaiiTop 4032HI, Honolulu15
KPLA 101.5 FMUSA MissouriSoft Rock32MO, Columbia4
KPLN Planet 106.7 FMUSA MontanaAdult Cont.32MT, Billings12
KPLU 88.5 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues20WA, Seattle27
KPNT The Point 105.7 FMUSA MissouriAlternative32MO, Saint Louis7
KPOA Island Sounds 93.5 FMUSA HawaiiFolklore32HI, Kahului37
KPOF 910 AMUSA ColoradoReligious20CO, Denver6
KPOJ 620 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OR, Portland2
KPRC 950 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TX, Houston2
KPRQ Yellowstone Public Radio 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic24WY, Sheridan3
KPRZ 1210 AMUSA CaliforniaReligious20CA, San Diego8
KPSU 98.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128OR, Portland3
KPTK 1090 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32WA, Seattle2
KQBW The Brew 96.1 FMUSA NebraskaRock & Pop32NE, Omaha5
KQED 88.5 FMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk20CA, San Francisco9
KQFC The Big 98 FMUSA IdahoCountry32ID, Boise8
KQKE The Quake 960 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk36CA, San Francisco9
KQKS 197.5 FMUSA ColoradoHip-Hop32CO, Denver27
KQLF MY 97.9 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WY, Cheyenne3
KQLL Kool 106.1 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32OK, Tulsa4
KQLL Kool HD2 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies100OK, Tulsa5
KQLX 106.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32ND, Lisbon5
KQMA 92.5 FMUSA KansasGeneral Station32KS, Phillisburg2
KQMT The Mountain 99.5 FMUSA ColoradoClassic Rock32CO, Denver18
KQMV Movin 92.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WA, Seattle4
KQOB Bob 96.9 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32OK, Oklahoma City5
KQOL The Party 93.1 FMUSA NevadaClassic Hits32NV, Las Vegas6
KQPN ESPN Radio 730 FMUSA North CarolinaSports32TN, Memphis8
KQPT The Point 107 FMUSA CaliforniaRock & Pop33CA, Chico8
KQQB Live 104.5 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4048WA, Spokane3
KQQL Kool 108 107.9 FMUSA MinnesotaClassic Hits32MN, Minneapolis7
KQRC The Rock 98.9 FMUSA MissouriRock & Pop32MO, Kansas City12
KQRP 106.1 FMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk32CA, Salida9
KQRS 92 FMUSA MinnesotaClassic Rock32MN, Minneapolis7
KQRX Bob 95.1 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop20TX, Midland2
KQV 1410 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32PA, Pittsburgh7
KQXL 106.5 FMUSA LouisianaSoul32LA, Baton Rouge26
KQXT Q 101.9 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock20TX, San Antonio5
KQXT Q Smooth Jazz HD2USA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32TX, San Antonio13
KQXX Classic Rock HD2USA North CarolinaClassic Rock32TX, McAllen35
KQXX Oldies 105.5 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32TX, McAllen13
KRAV Mix 96.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32OK, Tulsa1
KRBB B 98 97.9 FMUSA KansasAdult Cont.32KS, Wichita4
KRBZ The Buzz 96.5 FMUSA KansasAlternative32KS, Kansas City7
KRCC 91.5 FMUSA ColoradoPublic96CO, Colorado Springs8
KRCN 1060 AMUSA ColoradoNews/Talk48CO, Longmont13
KREF 1400 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32OK, Norman2
Krem RadioBelizeAdult Cont.32Belize City12
KRFA 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32WA, Pullman3
KRFC 88.9 FMUSA ColoradoPublic128CO, Fort Collins3
KRFH Radio Free Humboldt 610 AMUSA CaliforniaCollege64CA, Arcata8
KRFP Radio Free Moscow 92.5 FMUSA IdahoNews/Talk32ID, Moscow4
KRFX The Fox 103.5 FMUSA ColoradoClassic Rock32CO, Denver14
KRIZ 1420 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies32WA, Seattle2
KRLA 870 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk16CA, Glendale6
KRLD 1080 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TX, Dallas0
KRLX 88.1 FMUSA MinnesotaCollege128MN, Northfield3
KRMD Super Talk 1340 AMUSA LouisianaNews/Talk32LA, Shreveport14
KRMG 740 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OK, Tulsa1
KRNG Renegade Radio 101.3 FMUSA NevadaDance, Trance & Techno96NV, Fallon19
KROCK Echo WebradioUSA CaliforniaRock & Pop64CA, Palm Springs13
KRPT The Outlaw 92.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, San Antonio9
KRQQ 93.7 FMUSA ArizonaTop 4032AZ, Tucson6
KRRR 104.9 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32WY, Cheyenne5
KRRX 106 X 106 FMUSA CaliforniaRock & Pop32CA, Redding7
KRSB Best Country 103 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32OR, Roseburg32
KRSC 91.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128OK, Claremore1
KRSH The Krush 95.9 FMUSA CaliforniaRock & Pop64CA, Santa Rosa7
KRSK The Buzz 105 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32OR, Portland4
KRSP The Arrow 103.5 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32UT, Salt Lake City6
KRST 92.3 FMUSA New MexicoCountry32NM, Albuquerque9
KRTR Krater 96.3 FMUSA HawaiiAdult Cont.32HI, Kailua11
KRTU Jazz 91.7USA North CarolinaJazz & Blues128TX, San Antonio25
KRTY 95.3 FMUSA CaliforniaCountry20CA, San Jose13
KRUX Las Cruces 91.5 FMUSA New MexicoCollege96NM, Las Cruces17
KRVE The River 96.1 FMUSA LouisianaAdult Cont.32LA, Baton Rouge7
KRVM 91.9 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic64OR, Eugene2
KRVS Radio Acadie 88.7 FMUSA LouisianaPublic24LA, Lafayette8
KRWG 90.7 FMUSA New MexicoPublic32NM, Santa Fe7
KRWM Warm 106.9 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32WA, Seattle4
KRXA 540 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk24CA, Seaside8
KRXQ 98 Rock 98.5 FMUSA CaliforniaHard Rock33CA, Sacramento80
KRZQ 100.9 FMUSA NevadaRock & Pop32NV, Reno2
KRZR 103.7 FMUSA CaliforniaRock & Pop33CA, Fresno9
KRZS Star 97.5 FMUSA ArizonaOldies24AZ, Flagstaff7
KSBJ Enter His Gateso 89.3 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.20TX, Humble2
KSBJ God Listens Radio 89.3 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32TX, Humble7
KSBN Money Talk 1230 AMUSA North CarolinaFinancial News64WA, Spokane9
KSBR Jazz 88.5 FMUSA CaliforniaJazz & Blues32CA, Mission Viejo26
KSCB 1270 AMUSA KansasNews/Talk32KS, Liberal2
KSCF Free 103.7 FMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk32CA, San Diego7
KSCJ 1360 AMUSA IowaNews/Talk32IA, Sioux City3
KSCO Talk Back Radio 1080 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk32CA, Santa Cruz13
KSCR 1560 AMUSA CaliforniaCollege128CA, Los Angeles6
KSD The Bull 93.7 FMUSA MissouriRock & Pop32MO, Saint Louis0
KSDT 95.7 FMUSA CaliforniaCollege160CA, La Jolla8
KSEG The Eagle 96.9 FMUSA CaliforniaClassic Rock32CA, Sacramento28
KSER 90.7 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic32WA, Lynnwood0
KSEV The Voice 700 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk20TX, Houston6
KSEZ Z 98.0 FMUSA IowaRock & Pop32IA, Sioux City2
KSFA 860 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TX, Lufkin2
KSFC NPR 91.9 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic24WA, Spokane0
KSFI 100.3 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Hits32UT, Salt Lake City2
KSFN Spike 1140 AMUSA NevadaNews/Talk32NV, Las Vegas4
KSFO 560 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk20CA, San Francisco5
KSFT Kiss 107.1 FMUSA IowaAdult Cont.32IA, Sioux City9
KSGN 89.7 FMUSA CaliforniaChristian Cont.32CA, Riverside4
KSHA 104.3 FMUSA CaliforniaSoft Rock32CA, Redding5
KSHE Real Rock Radio 94.7 FMUSA MissouriRock & Pop32MO, Saint Louis9
KSHN All Nine Radio 99.9 FMUSA North CarolinaFull Service20TX, Liberty6
KSHP Radio Shopping 1400 AMUSA NevadaShopping32NV, Las Vegas18
KSII Kiss 93.1 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TX, El Paso3
KSJB 600 AMUSA North CarolinaCountry32ND, Jamestown4
KSJC 92.5 FMUSA ColoradoPublic32CO, Silverton3
KSJE 90.9 FMUSA New MexicoPublic20NM, Farmington12
KSJM Jamz 107.9 FMUSA KansasHip-Hop32KS, Wichita33
KSJN MPR Classical 99.5 FMUSA MinnesotaClassical128MN, Minneapolis17
KSKSON Country 97.3 FMUSA CaliforniaCountry33CA, San Diego29
KSKY 660 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TX, Dallas2
KSL X Newsradio 1160 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk24UT, Salt Lake City4
KSLG ESPN 1380 AMUSA MissouriSports32MO, Saint Louis3
KSLR The Word 630 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious20TX, San Antonio1
KSLU Alternative Public Radio 90.9 FMUSA LouisianaCollege128LA, Hammond9
KSLZ 107.7 FMUSA MissouriTop 4032MO, Saint Louis4
KSNE Sunny 106.5 FMUSA NevadaSoft Rock32NV, Las Vegas11
KSNN 96 FMUSA ArkansasCountry32AR, Little Rock10
KSOFSoft Rock 98.9 FMUSA CaliforniaSoft Rock34CA, Fresno29
KSPD 790 AMUSA IdahoNews/Talk32ID, Boise5
KSPK 102.3 FMUSA ColoradoCountry20CO, Walsenburg8
KSPZ Peak 92.9 FMUSA ColoradoOldies32CO, Colorado Springs5
KSRC Star 102.1 FMUSA MissouriAdult Cont.32MO, Kansas City3
KSSJ Smooth Jazz 94.7 FMUSA CaliforniaJazz & Blues32CA, Sacramento33
KSSZ The Eagle 93.9 FMUSA MissouriGeneral Station32MO, Columbia1
KSTE Talk 650 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk35CA, Sacramento15
KSTJ Star 102.7 FMUSA NevadaClassic Hits52NV, Las Vegas4
KSTL 690 AMUSA MissouriReligious32MO, Saint Louis1
KSTP 1500 AMUSA MinnesotaNews/Talk32MN, Minneapolis0
KSTP K-95 94.5 FMUSA MinnesotaClassic Hits32MN, Minneapolis5
KSTZ Star 102.5 FMUSA IowaAdult Cont.32IA, Des Moines5
KSUI 91.7 FMUSA IowaCollege44IA, Iowa City1
KSUT Four Corners Public Radio 91.3 FMUSA ColoradoPublic24CO, Ignacio6
KSVY Free Range Radio 91.3 FMUSA CaliforniaCommunity128CA, Sonoma13
KSWF The Wolf 100.5 FMUSA MissouriCountry32MO, Springfield8
KSWH Pulse 99.9 FMUSA ArkansasCollege40AR, Arkadelphia9
KSWM 940 AMUSA MissouriNews/Talk32MO, Aurora1
KSWP 90.9 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32TX, Lufkin1
KSYN Kissin 92.5 FMUSA MissouriTop 4032MO, Joplin1
KSYU Hot 95.1 FMUSA New MexicoClassic Hits32NM, Albuquerque9
KSYU Hot HD2USA New MexicoAdult Cont.32NM, Albuquerque6
KTAO K-TAOS 101.7 FMUSA New MexicoAlternative64NM, Taos22
KTAO K-TAOS Music ChannelUSA New MexicoGeneral Station32NM, Taos8
KTAR News 620 AMUSA ArizonaNews/Talk32AZ, Phoenix9
KTBG The Bridge 90.9 FMUSA MissouriPublic128MO, Warrensburg2
KTBJ Calvary Radio 89.3 FMUSA MissouriReligious32MO, Festus1
KTBT The Beat 92.1 FMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32OK, Tulsa31
KTBT The Beat HD2 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 40100OK, Tulsa4
KTBZ Liquid Buzz HD2USA North CarolinaAlternative32TX, Houston6
KTBZ The Buzz 1430 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32OK, Tulsa2
KTBZ The Buzz 94.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative32TX, Houston8
KTCL Channel 93.3 FMUSA ColoradoRock & Pop32CO, Denver6
KTCT The Ticket 1050 AMUSA CaliforniaSports34CA, San Francisco5
KTCU The Choice 88.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege64TX, Fort Worth1
KTCZ 97.1 FMUSA MinnesotaTop 4032MN, Minneapolis3
KTDY 99.9 FMUSA LouisianaAdult Cont.32LA, Lafayette3
KTEG The Edge 104.7 FMUSA New MexicoAlternative32NM, Albuquerque13
KTEG The Edge HD2USA New MexicoAlternative32NM, Albuquerque15
KTEP 88.5 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic21TX, El Paso0
KTEX 100.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Harlinghen5
KTEX Classic Country HD2USA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Harlinghen23
KTGR The Tiger ESPN Radio 1580 AMUSA MissouriSports32MO, Columbia2
KTGV The Groove 105.1 FMUSA LouisianaUrban R&B32LA, Jonesville24
KTHR The Road 107.3 FMUSA KansasClassic Rock32KS, Wichita21
KTHR The Road HD2 StreamUSA KansasClassic Rock32KS, Wichita16
KTHX 100.1 FMUSA NevadaAdult Cont.32NV, Reno5
KTIE News Talk 590 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk16CA, Glendale13
KTIK The Ticket 1350 AMUSA IdahoSports16ID, Boise4
KTIS Life 900 AMUSA MinnesotaReligious32MN, Saint Paul4
KTIS Life 98.5 FMUSA MinnesotaReligious32MN, Saint Paul12
KTIS Life 98.5 FMUSA MinnesotaChristian Cont.32MN, Saint Paul2
KTKK K-Talk 630 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32UT, South Jordan4
KTKL Progressive Talk 1150 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk33CA, Los Angeles5
KTKR The Ticket 760 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32TX, San Antonio0
KTKZ News Talk 105.5 FMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk20CA, Sacramento15
KTKZ Sports 1380 AMUSA CaliforniaSports20CA, Sacramento16
KTLF Light Praise 90.5 FMUSA ColoradoReligious50CO, Colorado Springs4
KTLK 100.3 FMUSA MinnesotaSports32MN, Minneapolis2
KTLV 1220 AMUSA North CarolinaGospel32OK, Oklahoma City10
KTLW 89.9 FMUSA CaliforniaChristian Cont.32CA, Lancaster6
KTMG 1370 AMUSA ColoradoNews/Talk24CO, Johnstown3
KTNF Air America 950 AMUSA MinnesotaNews/Talk32MN, Minneapolis7
KTOK 1000 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OK, Oklahoma City1
KTOO 104.3 FMUSA AlaskaPublic24AK, Juneau44
KTOZ Alice 95.5 FMUSA MissouriAdult Cont.32MO, Springfield1
KTPI 103.1 FMUSA CaliforniaCountry68CA, Lancaster9
KTPK Country Legends 106.9 FMUSA KansasCountry32KS, Topeka35
KTRH 740 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TX, Houston1
KTRH Newsradio HD2USA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TX, Houston3
KTRO 93.1 FMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OR, Portland2
KTRR Tri 102 FMUSA ColoradoSoft Rock32CO, Fort Collins12
KTRS 104.7 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032WY, Casper0
KTRS The Big 550 AMUSA MissouriNews/Talk20MO, Saint Louis3
KTRU 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege44TX, Houston0
KTSA 550 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk24TX, San Antonio0
KTSL Spirit 101.9 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious32WA, Spokane3
KTST The Twister 101.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32OK, Oklahoma City3
KTST The Twister HD2USA North CarolinaCountry32OK, Oklahoma City6
KTSU NPR 90.9 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic192TX, Houston1
KTSY 89.5 FMUSA IdahoChristian Cont.32ID, Boise3
KTTB The Beat 96.3 FMUSA MinnesotaTop 4032MN, Minneapolis10
KTTN Hit Country 92.3 FMUSA MissouriCountry24MO, Trenton21
KTUH 90.3 FMUSA HawaiiAlternative128HI, Honolulu31
KTWV The Wave 94.7 FMUSA CaliforniaJazz & Blues36CA, Los Angeles23
KTXK 91.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege22TX, Texarcana2
KTXY Y 107 FMUSA MissouriTop 4032MO, Columbia3
KTYM 1460 AMUSA CaliforniaReligious36CA, Los Angeles5
KTYS The Twister 96.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Arlington6
KUAD K 99 FMUSA ColoradoCountry32CO, Fort Collins10
KUAF 91.3 FMUSA ArkansasPublic128AR, Fayetteville3
KUAR 89 FMUSA ArkansasPublic24AR, Little Rock8
KUAT Classical Radio 90.5 FMUSA ArizonaClassical128AZ, Tucson27
KUAZ News 89.1 FMUSA ArizonaNews/Talk128AZ, Tucson9
KUBE 93.3 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032WA, Seattle1
KUBE Xtreme Hip-Hop HD2USA North CarolinaHip-Hop128WA, Seattle104
KUBL K-Bull 93.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32UT, Salt Lake City5
KUCD Star 101.9 FMUSA HawaiiAlternative32HI, Pearl City19
KUCI 88.9 FMUSA CaliforniaCollege56CA, Irvine5
KUCR 88.3 FMUSA CaliforniaCollege128CA, Riverside4
KUDL 98.1 FMUSA MissouriTop 4032MO, Kansas City2
KUER 90.1 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic64UT, Salt Lake City0
KUFX Kfox 98.5 FMUSA CaliforniaClassic Rock36CA, San Jose12
KUHF 88.7 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic128TX, Houston0
KUIC 95.3 FMUSA CaliforniaAdult Cont.23CA, San Francisco8
KUKN 105.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry20WA, Kelso8
KUMR 88.5 FMUSA MissouriPublic45MO, Rolla1
KUMX Hallelujah Worldwide 106.7 FMUSA LouisianaGospel64LA, New Orleans24
KUNC 91.5 FMUSA ColoradoCommunity24CO, Greeley6
KUNI 91 FMUSA IowaPublic32IA, Cedar Falls3
KUNR 88.7 FMUSA NevadaPublic20NV, Reno3
KUOI 89.3 FMUSA IdahoCollege128ID, Moscow4
KUOM Radio K 770 AMUSA MinnesotaCollege32MN, Minneapolis1
KUOW 94.9 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic128WA, Seattle1
KUR 88.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege32PA, Kutztown2
KURB 98.5 FMUSA ArkansasSoft Rock32AR, Little Rock7
KURE 88.5 FMUSA IowaCollege100IA, Ames3
KUSC Classical Radio 91.5 FMUSA CaliforniaClassical96CA, Los Angeles38
KUSP 88.9 FMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk128CA, Santa Cruz8
KUSP 88.9 FMUSA CaliforniaPublic128CA, Santa Cruz8
KUSU 89.5 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic32UT, Logan2
KUT 90.5 FMUSA North CarolinaFull Service32TX, Austin3
KUT2 90.5 FMUSA North CarolinaFull Service32TX, Austin2
KUTR 820 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies32UT, Salt Lake City1
KUTY News Talk 1470 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk23CA, Los Angeles7
KUVO Jazz 89.3 FMUSA ColoradoJazz & Blues64CO, Denver24
KVCH 104.1 FMUSA CaliforniaChristian Cont.128CA, San Jose8
KVCR 91.9 FMUSA CaliforniaPublic128CA, San Bernardino9
KVCU 1190 AMUSA ColoradoCollege64CO, Boulder3
KVDW Victory 1530 AMUSA ArkansasReligious20AR, England7
KVEG Hot 97.5 FMUSA NevadaTop 4032NV, Las Vegas5
KVET 98.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Austin0
KVET HD2USA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Austin4
KVET The Zone 1300 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32TX, Austin0
KVHS The Edge 90.5 FMUSA CaliforniaCollege80CA, Concord7
KVI FOX News Radio 570 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk48WA, Seattle4
KVLC Gold 101.1 FMUSA New MexicoOldies32NM, Las Cruces16
KVLU 91.3 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic128TX, Beaumont1
KVMR 89.5 FMUSA CaliforniaAdult Cont.32CA, Nevada City7
KVMR 99.3 FMUSA CaliforniaCommunity64CA, Nevada City7
KVMV 97 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.64TX, McAllen2
KVNF 90.9 FMUSA ColoradoPublic48CO, Paonia6
KVNO Classical 90.7 FMUSA NebraskaClassical132NE, Omaha22
KVOD 90.1 FMUSA ColoradoClassical33CO, Denver13
KVOO 98.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32OK, Tulsa2
KVOR Newsradio 740 AMUSA ColoradoNews/Talk33CO, Colorado Springs5
KVPI Oldies 92.5 FMUSA LouisianaOldies32LA, Ville Platte20
KVRX 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege40TX, Austin0
KVSC 88.1 FMUSA MinnesotaPublic128MN, Saint Cloud3
KVSS 88.9 FMUSA NebraskaReligious32NE, Omaha8
KVTA 1520 AMUSA CaliforniaCommunity20CA, Ventura3
KVTT the TRUTH 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious32TX, Dallas5
KVTT The Truth 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious20TX, Dallas3
KVUU MY 99.9 FMUSA ColoradoAdult Cont.32CO, Colorado Springs9
KWAR The One 89.1 FMUSA IowaRock & Pop32IA, Waverly8
KWAX 91.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128OR, Eugene2
KWAY Y 99.9 FMUSA IowaRock & Pop128IA, Waverly7
KWBU 103.3 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic32TX, Waco0
KWCW 90.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128WA, Walla Walla1
KWEN 95.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32OK, Tulsa2
KWGS Public Radio Tulsa 89.5 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic24OK, Tulsa0
KWHR 9.930 SWUSA HawaiiReligious17HI, Naalehu9
KWIT 90.3 FMUSA IowaPublic32IA, Sioux City6
KWJJ The Wolf 99.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32OR, Portland8
KWJK Jack 93.1 FMUSA MissouriAdult Cont.32MO, Columbia3
KWJZ Smooth Jazz 98.9 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32WA, Seattle13
KWKJ 98.5 FMUSA MissouriAdult Cont.32MO, Windsor3
KWKZ C 106.1 FMUSA MissouriCountry32MO, Charleston1
KWMR 90.5 FMUSA CaliforniaCommunity128CA, Point Reyes Station10
KWMU 90.7 FMUSA MissouriNews/Talk32MO, Saint Louis2
KWMY Classic Hits 92.5 FMUSA MontanaClassic Hits32MT, Billings22
KWNA 1400 AMUSA NevadaOldies20NV, Winnemucca3
KWNA 92.7 FMUSA NevadaOldies20NV, Winnemucca3
KWND The Wind 88.3 FMUSA MissouriChristian Cont.24MO, Springfield2
KWNR New Country 95.5 FMUSA NevadaCountry32NV, Las Vegas15
KWOF The Spirit 89.1 FMUSA IowaChristian Cont.96IA, Waterloo5
KWOL Kool 105.1 FMUSA MontanaOldies32MT, Kallispell14
KWOS 950 AMUSA MissouriNews/Talk32MO, Cape Girardeau0
KWPZ Praise 106.5 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32WA, Lynden5
KWRD WORD 100.7 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious32TX, Dallas0
KWSC K-92 91.9 FMUSA NebraskaCollege21NE, Wayne5
KWSS 106.7 FMUSA ArizonaAlternative128AZ, Scottsdale17
KWSU 1250 AMUSA North CarolinaClassical64WA, Pullman3
KWTU Public Radio Tulsa 88.7 FMUSA North CarolinaClassical24OK, Tulsa8
KWTX 97.5 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032TX, Waco1
KWUF The Wolf 106.3 FMUSA ColoradoAdult Cont.32CO, Denver4
KWUF The Wolf 1400 AMUSA ColoradoAdult Cont.32CO, Denver4
KWUR 90.3 FMUSA MissouriUnderground128MO, Saint Louis82
KWVA 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege221OR, Eugene2
KWVE K-Wave 107.9 FMUSA CaliforniaReligious96CA, San Clemente9
KWWJ Gospel Radio 1360 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious32TX, Houston8
KWYA Way FM 90.7USA KansasGeneral Station48KS, Wichita0
KWYL Wild 102.9 FMUSA NevadaTop 4032NV, Reno2
KWYQ Way 90.3 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.16OR, Astoria2
KXAM Independent 1310 AMUSA ArizonaNews/Talk20AZ, Scottsdale14
KXCI 91.3 FMUSA ArizonaCommunity56AZ, Tucson3
KXCL Flash 103.9 FMUSA CaliforniaOldies23CA, Sacramento13
KXCV 90.5 FMUSA MissouriPublic32MO, Maryville1
KXDG Big Dog 97.9 FMUSA MissouriClassic Rock32MO, Joplin10
KXEN 1010 AMUSA MissouriReligious16MO, Saint Louis3
KXEN 1010 AMUSA IllinoisReligious16IL, Mitchell7
KXEZ The Possum 92 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Plano8
KXHT Hot 107.1 FMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32TN, Memphis34
KXJZ Capital Public Radio 90.9 FMUSA CaliforniaPublic40CA, Sacramento12
KXKS Kiss Country 93.7 FMUSA LouisianaCountry32LA, Shreveport24
KXL Newsradio 750 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OR, Portland0
KXLY Spokane River 99.9 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32WA, Spokane1
KXMS Fine Arts Radio 88.7 FMUSA MissouriCollege20MO, Joplin0
KXNO 1460 AMUSA IowaSports32IA, Des Moines2
KXNT 840 AMUSA NevadaNews/Talk32NV, Las Vegas1
KXOJ 100.9 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.20OK, Tulsa3
KXPR Capital Public Radio 88.9 FMUSA CaliforniaClassical40CA, Sacramento19
KXPT Point 97.1 FMUSA NevadaClassic Rock74NV, Las Vegas10
KXRJ 91.9 FMUSA ArkansasCollege128AR, Russelville9
KXRX 97 Rock 97 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32WA, Pasco6
KXTE X-treme Radio 107.5 FMUSA NevadaAlternative32NV, Las Vegas24
KXUL 91X 91.1 FMUSA LouisianaCollege10LA, Monroe3
KXUS US 97 97.0 FMUSA MissouriClassic Rock32MO, Springfield8
KXWA WAY 89.7 FMUSA ColoradoAdult Cont.48CO, Denver11
KXXM Mix 96.1 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032TX, San Antonio4
KXXR 93X Rocks 93.7 FMUSA MinnesotaHard Rock32MN, Minneapolis53
KXXY 96.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32OK, Oklahoma City4
KXXY HD2USA North CarolinaCountry32OK, Oklahoma City5
KYCC 90.1 FMUSA CaliforniaReligious32CA, Stockton9
KYCH 97.1 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32OR, Portland1
KYCR The Patriot II 1570 AMUSA MinnesotaNews/Talk32MN, Minneapolis2
KYFR 920 AMUSA IowaChristian Cont.32IA, Shenandoah1
KYIS Kiss 98.9 FMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station32OK, Oklahoma City0
KYKR Kicker 95.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Beaumont4
KYKS The Country Leader 105.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Lufkin8
KYKX 105.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Longview2
KYLD Wild 94.9 FMUSA CaliforniaTop 4035CA, San Francisco8
KYMV Movin 100.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32UT, Salt Lake City1
KYOT Smooth Jazz 95.5 FMUSA ArizonaJazz & Blues32AZ, Phoenix22
KYOT Smooth Jazz 95.5 FMUSA ArizonaJazz & Blues34AZ, Phoenix17
KYRS Thin Air Community Radio 95.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCommunity24WA, Spokane1
KYSR Star 98.7 FMUSA CaliforniaRock & Pop32CA, Chico9
KYW Newsradio 1060 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32PA, Philadelphia5
KYXY Soft Rock 96.5 FMUSA CaliforniaSoft Rock35CA, San Diego31
KYYS 99.7 FMUSA MissouriClassic Rock32MO, Kansas City9
KZAN The Bone 107.7 FMUSA CaliforniaClassic Rock34CA, San Francisco11
KZAP Club 967 96.7 FMUSA CaliforniaHip-Hop33CA, Chico45
KZBD The Buzzard 105.7 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32WA, Spokane1
KZBR Max 95.7 FMUSA CaliforniaAdult Cont.64CA, San Francisco3
KZBS Santa Barbara News 1290 AMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk20CA, Santa Barbara22
KZCH Channel 963 96.3 FMUSA KansasTop 4032KS, Wichita10
KZCH Pushion Dance HD2USA KansasTop 4032KS, Wichita13
KZCS 88.1 FMUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk64CA, Santa Cruz4
KZDR 93.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32WY, Cheyenne1
KZHT 97.1 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032UT, Salt Lake City0
KZIA 102.9 FMUSA IowaAdult Cont.64IA, Cedar Rapids6
KZJK Jack 104.1 FMUSA MinnesotaAdult Cont.32MN, Minneapolis4
KZMG 93.1 FMUSA IdahoTop 4032ID, Boise3
KZMU 89.7 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic56UT, Moab0
KZPS 92.5 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32TX, Dallas7
KZPS Lone Star HD2USA North CarolinaClassic Rock32TX, Dallas6
KZQX 101.9 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32TX, Longview1
KZRR Rock 94 FMUSA New MexicoRock & Pop32NM, Albuquerque24
KZRR Rock HD2USA New MexicoRock & Pop32NM, Albuquerque16
KZSN Classic Country HD2USA KansasCountry32KS, Wichita26
KZSN Kissin Country 102.1 FMUSA KansasCountry32KS, Wichita22
KZUM 89.3 FMUSA NebraskaCommunity40NE, Wayne3
KZUU 90.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128WA, Pullman0
KZXY Y-102 102.3 FMUSA CaliforniaAdult Cont.64CA, Victorville6
KZYX &Z 88.1 FMUSA CaliforniaCommunity20CA, Philo7
KZZP Kiss 104.7 FMUSA ArizonaTop 4032AZ, Mesa7
KZZP Kiss 104.7 FMUSA ArizonaHip-Hop33AZ, Mesa36
KZZQ 99.5 FMUSA IowaChristian Cont.32IA, Waukee5
KZZY 103.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry40ND, Devils Lake2
L 107 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Lanarkshire4
Lagniappe Jazz RadioUnited StatesJazz & Blues128US, Webcast24
Lakeland Radio 100.1 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station24South Lakes7
Language Studio AM 1008ChinaCultural32Beijing6
Lantern 96.2 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop32Barnstaple7
LBC 97.3 FMUnited KingdomNews/Talk32London26
LBC News 1152 AMUnited KingdomNews/Talk32London24
Leicester Sound 105.4 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station128Leicester14
Liberty RadioUnited KingdomLove Songs20London111
Libra RadioSloveniaOther40Maribor16
Life 99.8 FMNew ZealandAdult Cont.32Auckland5
Lincs 102.2 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.20Lincolnshire8
Live 95 FMIrelandTop 4064Limerick7
Live 95 FMIrelandGeneral Station32Limerick7
Live Ireland Radio 1IrelandFolklore56Dublin55
Live Ireland Radio 2IrelandAdult Cont.56Dublin19
Live Ireland Radio 3 Emerald ChannelIrelandAdult Cont.56Dublin19
LM 95.8 FMIrelandGeneral Station32Drogheda6
Lotus FMSouth AfricaGeneral Station22Cape Town14
Lounge MotionFMGreeceElectronica32Webcast45
Lounge RadioSwitzerlandAdult Cont.65Zurich17
Love 101 FMJamaicaReligious32Kingston206
Love 97 FMBahamasAdult Cont.22Nassau34
Love 97.2 FMSingaporeLove Songs16Singapore200
Love FM 2000 90.5 FMBelizeSalsa & Tropical20Belize City78
Lush 99.5 FMSingaporeSoft Rock16Singapore21
M FM 103.4 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128Wrexham16
Magic 105.4 FMUnited KingdomOldies64London39
Magic 1278 AMAustraliaClassic Hits22Melbourne7
Manx Radio AMUnited KingdomGeneral Station20Isle of Man9
Manx Radio FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station20Isle of Man8
Mareco BacoldPhilippinesEasy Listening32Bacold55
Mareco CebuPhilippinesOldies32Cebu92
Mareco QC CDPhilippinesJazz & Blues48Manila50
Mareco QC FMPhilippinesJazz & Blues32Manila92
Masti RadioUnited KingdomGeneral Station20Bradford3
Mercia 97.0 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128Coventry8
Mercury 96.6 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Watford17
Metro 94.6 FMSouth AfricaClassic Hits22Johannesburg96
Metro RadioUnited KingdomGeneral Station64Tyne22
MetroInfo 97.7 FMChinaFinancial News20Hong Kong8
MetroPlus 104.4 FMChinaFinancial News33Hong Kong11
MFR Moray Firth RadioUnited KingdomRock & Pop32Inverness25
Michigan RadioUSA MichiganNews/Talk32MI, Ann Arbor22
Midwest Irish RadioIrelandGeneral Station32Webcast10
Midwest Irish Radio LocalIrelandGeneral Station32Dublin9
MikeyRadioUnited StatesAdult Cont.32US, Webcast19
Mix 104.4 FMLebanonTop 4024Beirut1
Mix 107.4 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24High Wycombe17
Mix 96.2 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Aylesbury12
MKXX Mix 102.9 FMUSA AlabamaTop 4020AL, Attalla33
MMORadioUnited StatesOther96US, Webcast15
Modern Drummer RadioUnited StatesJazz & Blues128US, Webcast39
Monkey Radio GrooveUnited StatesUrban R&B192US, Webcast39
Monster Radio RX 93.1 FMPhilippinesRock & Pop32Manila422
More 92.1 FMNew ZealandTop 4032Christchurch1
More 92.2 FMNew ZealandAdult Cont.32Manawatu5
MUNT 88.5 FMNew ZealandCollege32Wellington3
Mutha FMSouth AfricaDance, Trance & Techno22Cape Town32
MYFM 105.7 FMCanadaAdult Cont.32Strathroy5
NativeRadioUnited StatesFolklore128US, Webcast57
NBC Radio 107.5 FMGrenadaSalsa & Tropical80St. Vincent46
NEAR 101.6 FM (North East Access Radio)IrelandCommunity16Dublin8
NET FM Internet RadioAustraliaGeneral Station64Webcast7
Net Musique FlaresoundCanadaJazz & Blues128Toronto10
Net Musique HousemusiqueCanadaHouse128Toronto110
Net Musique JazzmusiqueCanadaJazz & Blues128Toronto1
Net Musique L'ElectriqueCanadaElectronica128Toronto49
News Center FM 84.6ChinaNews/Talk32Beijing12
Newstalk 106 FMIrelandNews/Talk64Dublin13
Newstalk ZB 109.8 FMNew ZealandNews/Talk32Christchurch10
Newstalk ZB 89.4 FMNew ZealandNews/Talk32Aukland9
NHPR Public Radio 89.1 FMUSA New HampshirePublic32NH, Concord3
North Norfolk Radio 96.2 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Cromer10
Northants 96.6 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Northamptonshire13
Northsound 1 96.9 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Aberdeen19
Northsound 2 1035 AMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Aberdeen36
NRJ Energy 99 FMLebanonTop 4032Beirut78
NU 107.5 FMPhilippinesRock & Pop32Manila133
Oak 107 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.20Loughborough6
Oasis FMSpainAdult Cont.64Tenerife30
Observer Radio 91.1 FMAntigua & BarbudaGeneral Station32St. John's54
Ocean 96.7 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128South Hampshire18
Old Rock RadioPolandClassic Rock96Webcast266
Orchard 96.5 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Yeovil5
Park Radio 101.1 FMCanadaNews/Talk56Banff5
Party 107 FMUSA MissouriElectronica160MO, Nixa51
Passion 107.9 FMUnited KingdomTop 40128Oxford10
Peak 107.4 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Chesterfield4
Peoples RadioBelizeAdult Cont.20Belize City0
Phantom 105.2 FMIrelandGeneral Station48Dublin9
Pirate 102.2 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Cornwall12
Pirate 99.9 FMSpainGeneral Station24Moraira27
Planet RockUnited KingdomClassic Rock128London78
PlasticAge Online RadioAustraliaElectronica128Adelaide35
Plymouth Sound 97 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Plymouth16
Positive Vibes RadioBelizeGeneral Station20Belize City12
Power 102 FMTrinidad and TobagoTop 4032Port of Spain68
Power 103.2 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station128South Hampshire11
Power 106 FM Go JamaicaJamaicaGeneral Station24Kingston252
Power 98 FMSingaporeAdult Cont.20Singapore34
Power FM Gran Canaria StreamSpainTop 4056Gran Canaria29
Power FM Lanzarote StreamSpainTop 4056Lanzarote16
Power FM Tenerife StreamSpainTop 4056Tenerife20
Premier Christian RadioUnited KingdomReligious96London10
Pulse Classic Gold 1278 AMUnited KingdomClassic Hits32Bradford26
Pulse Rated RadioUnited KingdomGeneral Station64London3
Q 102 Lite 102.2 FMIrelandEasy Listening20Galway Bay13
Q 102.9 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.52Londonderry4
Q 103 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Cambridge4
Q 4MusicUnited KingdomGeneral Station64London13
Q 95 FM Alternate streamDominicaReggae64Roseau89
Q 96 96.3 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Renfrewshire2
Q 97.2 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.102Coleraine3
Q West 101.2 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.52Omagh4
Q-FM Cakafete IncUSA MichiganCaribbean64MI, Ypsilanti95
Q101.2 FM WestIrelandClassic Hits32Londonderry4
Q95 FMDominicaCaribbean32Roseau143
Q97 97.2 FMIrelandAdult Cont.64Coleraine6
Qatar Radio EnglishQatarTop 4032Doha45
QFM 94.3SpainJazz & Blues128Tenerife18
Raadio Elmar 91.5 FMEstoniaGeneral Station48Tallinn5
Raadio Kuma 101.0 FMEstoniaRock & Pop32Paide7
Radio 98.7 FMSingaporeTop 4016Singapore32
Radio AbeokutaNigeriaFolklore24Lagos0
Radio Active 89 FMNew ZealandAlternative128Wellington24
Radio Active 89 FMPakistanRock & Pop128Karachi149
Radio Aire 96.3 FMUnited KingdomClassic Hits64Leeds6
Radio AmericaUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32DC, Washington14
Radio Anguilla 95.5 FMAnguillaGeneral Station24Crocus Hill34
Radio Antioch 1710 AMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk24IL, Antioch7
Radio Base 107.3 FMNew ZealandAdult Cont.96Wellington6
Radio Broadland 102.4 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Norwich6
Radio Canada International EnglishCanadaGeneral Station16Ottawa12
Radio Cayman 89.9 FMCayman IslandsFull Service32George Town48
Radio City 96.7 FMUnited KingdomClassic Rock64Liverpool36
Radio DisneyUSA CaliforniaKids74CA, Los Angeles149
Radio Dunedin 1305 AMNew ZealandGeneral Station40Dunedin5
Radio Energy Boston 1620 AMUSA MassachusettsGeneral Station32MA, Boston14
Radio Free PhoenixUnited StatesRock & Pop128US, Webcast44
Radio GCN NetworkUSA MinnesotaReligious16MN, Burnsville5
Radio GibraltarGibraltarClassic Hits64Gibraltar28
Radio His KidsUSA MichiganKids32MI, Grand Rapids61
Radio Independence 88.7 FMUSA FloridaEthnic32FL, Fort Myers42
Radio Jackie 107.8 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station96London9
Radio Kaapverdie FMCape VerdeEthnic32Praia1
Radio Kerry 96.2 FMIrelandGeneral Station20Tralee9
Radio Kudu FMNamibiaGeneral Station20Windhoek31
Radio KushiAustraliaEthnic32Webcast10
Radio LuxembourgLuxembourgAdult Cont.128Luxembourg50
Radio MargaritavilleUnited StatesAlternative32US, Webcast33
Radio MegaMix FMUnited StatesClassic Hits50US, Webcast35
Radio Monash University Student RadioAustraliaCollege64Melbourne4
Radio New Zealand ConcertNew ZealandClassical64Auckland27
Radio New Zealand InternationalNew ZealandGeneral Station64Auckland22
Radio New Zealand NationalNew ZealandNews/Talk48Auckland17
Radio Norwich 99.9 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Norwich9
Radio Nueva Vida FMUSA CaliforniaChristian Cont.20CA, Fresno20
Radio One 91 FMNew ZealandTop 4032Dunedin12
Radio ParadisosAustraliaEthnic24Sydney19
Radio Pembrokeshire 102.5 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Pembrokeshire7
Radio PhoenixZambiaAdult Cont.16Lusaka56
Radio Power Progressive RadioUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32US, Webcast1
Radio Q FMZambiaAdult Cont.16Lusaka38
Radio RhemaNew ZealandChristian Cont.32Auckland8
Radio RwandaRwandaGeneral Station20Kigali21
Radio Samoa 1593 AMAmerican SamoaGeneral Station22Pago Pago79
Radio Soleil D'HaitiUSA New YorkFolklore20NY, New York136
Radio SportNew ZealandSports32Aukland25
Radio TempoBelgiumDance, Trance & Techno20Webcast27
Radio The Rooster 101.9 FMCayman IslandsCountry64George Town30
Radio Tygerberg 104 FMSouth AfricaReligious22Cape Town15
Radio VerulamUnited KingdomAdult Cont.64West Hertfordshire6
Radio Wave 96.7 FMNamibiaGeneral Station20Windhoek20
Radio YatsaniZambiaReligious16Lusaka38
RadiokozUnited StatesJazz & Blues64US, Webcast20
Radiom Palmwine Afro Hip-Hop ChannelNigeriaHip-Hop24Lagos0
Radiom Palmwine Igbo ChannelNigeriaFolklore24Lagos0
Radiom Palmwine RPW Mixed ChannelNigeriaFolklore24Lagos0
Radiom Palmwine RPW Yoruba ChannelNigeriaFolklore24Lagos0
Rainbow RadioUnited KingdomEthnic32London22
RAM 102.8 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station128Derby9
Rangkaian Pelangi 91.4 FMBruneiGeneral Station128Bandar Seri Begawan12
Rangkaian Pilihan 95.9 FMBruneiGeneral Station128Bandar Seri Begawan14
Rathergood RadioUnited KingdomTop 40128Webcast4
RAW FMAustraliaDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast17
Reading 107 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Reading9
Real Radio 100 101 FMUnited KingdomNews/Talk32Central Scotland21
Real Radio 105 106 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Wales13
Real Radio 106 108 FMUnited KingdomNews/Talk32Yorkshire12
Red 104 FMIrelandGeneral Station32Cork City9
Red Dragon 97.4 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128Cardiff26
Red Hot Radio 98.5 FMAntigua & Barbuda32St. John's32
Reign Radio 1United StatesHard Rock128US, Webcast74
Reign Radio 2United StatesHard Rock128US, Webcast34
Ridge RadioCanadaCommunity32Oakville3
River 103.4 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32West Lothian9
Riviera Radio 106.3 FMMonacoAdult Cont.32Monte Carlo22
Rock 97.4 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop64Preston32
Rock.com 1st Fifty Years of RockUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast30
Rock.com 70s PopUnited States70s64US, Webcast262
Rock.com 80s ClubUnited States80s64US, Webcast124
Rock.com 80s PopUnited States80s64US, Webcast179
Rock.com 90s PopUnited States90s64US, Webcast179
Rock.com All Female RockUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast18
Rock.com Alternative RockUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast36
Rock.com Alternative Rock 80sUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast36
Rock.com Alternative Rock 90sUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast17
Rock.com Alternative Rock Today HitsUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast40
Rock.com BluesUnited StatesJazz & Blues64US, Webcast68
Rock.com CelticUnited StatesOther64US, Webcast20
Rock.com Classic CountryUnited StatesCountry64US, Webcast40
Rock.com Classic RockUnited StatesClassic Rock64US, Webcast68
Rock.com Classical IUnited StatesClassical64US, Webcast19
Rock.com Dave Navarro Live StationUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast10
Rock.com FolkUnited StatesCountry64US, Webcast9
Rock.com Hard RockUnited StatesHard Rock64US, Webcast124
Rock.com Hard Rock LiveUnited StatesHard Rock64US, Webcast106
Rock.com Heavy Metal 80sUnited StatesPunk and Metal64US, Webcast125
Rock.com House / DanceUnited StatesHouse64US, Webcast112
Rock.com JazzUnited StatesJazz & Blues64US, Webcast31
Rock.com Mellow / Adult RockUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast15
Rock.com Mixed RockUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast18
Rock.com Modern RockUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast14
Rock.com Modern Rock 80s hitsUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast14
Rock.com Modern Rock 90s hitsUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast18
Rock.com PopUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast15
Rock.com Pop 80s 90s TodayUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast29
Rock.com Punk / New WaveUnited StatesPunk and Metal64US, Webcast103
Rock.com ReggaeUnited StatesReggae64US, Webcast113
Rock.com Rock and Roll OldiesUnited StatesRock & Pop64US, Webcast26
Rock.com SoulUnited StatesSoul64US, Webcast46
Rock.com Today CountryUnited StatesCountry64US, Webcast24
Rock.com TranceUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno64US, Webcast40
Round the clockChinaNews/Talk128Beijing6
RTE 1 Radio Telifis Eireann 81.5 FMUnited KingdomNews/Talk16Ireland4
RTE 2 Radio Telifis Eireann 2 90.4 FMUnited KingdomDance, Trance & Techno20Ireland13
RTE ChoiceIrelandGeneral Station32Dublin4
RTE Digital Radio NewsIrelandNews/Talk32Dublin8
RTE JuniorIrelandGeneral Station32Dublin7
RTE Lyric FMUnited KingdomCultural32Ireland8
RTE PulseIrelandTop 4032Dublin5
RTE Radio 1IrelandNews/Talk16Dublin12
RTE Radio 1 ExtraIrelandNews/Talk32Dublin8
RTE Radio 2 FMIrelandAdult Cont.21Dublin10
RTE Radio Lyric FMIrelandClassical32Dublin25
SA 104 FMSouth AfricaGeneral Station20Cape Town37
Saga 105.2 FMUnited KingdomOldies40Glasgow8
Saga 105.7 FMUnited KingdomOldies32West Midlands5
Saga 106.6 FMUnited KingdomOldies32East Midlands5
Samoa Radio 540 AMAmerican SamoaNews/Talk40Pago Pago48
Say RadioCanadaRock & Pop32Toronto6
Severn Sound 102.4 FMUnited KingdomTop 40128Gloucester14
SGR 96.1 FMUnited KingdomTop 40128Colchester3
Shannonside Northtern SoundIrelandGeneral Station32Monaghan9
Shirley and SpinozaUSA CaliforniaAlternative128CA, Oakland31
Signal 1 102.6 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Cheshire3
Signal 2 1170 AMUnited KingdomClassic Hits32Cheshire3
Silk 106.9 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Macclesfield6
Smart Radio Club PlaySingaporeDance, Trance & Techno16Webcast44
Smart Radio CruiseSingaporeAdult Cont.16Webcast6
Smart Radio JK-PopSingaporeRock & Pop16Webcast16
Smash Hits RadioUnited KingdomRock & Pop64London59
Smooth 100.4 FMUnited KingdomEasy Listening32Manchester42
Smooth 102.2 FMUnited KingdomEasy Listening32London27
Smooth BeatsUnited StatesHip-Hop128US, Webcast115
Smooth ChoiceUnited StatesJazz & Blues128US, Webcast44
Smooth JazzUnited StatesJazz & Blues32US, Webcast46
Smooth Jazz 87.6 FMAustraliaJazz & Blues64Sydney38
Smooth MotionFMGreeceJazz & Blues32Webcast14
SnakeNet Metal RadioUnited StatesPunk and Metal128US, Webcast95
Solar RadioUnited KingdomOldies128London12
Solas FMIrelandReligious56Dublin0
Solid Gold 93.8 FMNew Zealand70s40Auckland155
Soma FM Beat BlenderUnited StatesHouse128US, Webcast58
Soma FM Boot LiquorUnited StatesFolklore128US, Webcast18
Soma FM Cliqhop IDMUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno128US, Webcast21
Soma FM DoomedUnited StatesPunk and Metal128US, Webcast77
Soma FM Drone ZoneUnited StatesElectronica128US, Webcast46
Soma FM Groove SaladUnited StatesOther56US, Webcast16
Soma FM Illinois Street LoungeUnited StatesJazz & Blues128US, Webcast34
Soma FM Indie Pop RocksUnited StatesRock & Pop128US, Webcast15
Soma FM Secret AgentUnited StatesSoundtracks56US, Webcast70
Soma FM Space StationUnited StatesElectronica128US, Webcast56
Soma FM Tags Trance TripUnited StatesDance, Trance & Techno128US, Webcast39
South East RadioIrelandFull Service32Wexford16
South Hams RadioUnited KingdomEasy Listening32South Hams18
South West Sound 97 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Dumfries6
Southern 102.4 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128Brighton12
Southern Star 882 AMNew ZealandChristian Cont.48Auckland4
Soverign Radio 107.5 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station24Eastbourne3
Spiceislander RadioGrenadaReggae96Saint George's66
Spiritco 1United StatesGospel128US, Webcast18
Splash 107.7 FMUnited KingdomOldies24Worthing12
Sporting News RadioUSA New YorkSports16NY, New York86
Star 104.5 FMAustraliaRock & Pop32Gosford8
Static 88.1 FMNew ZealandCollege32Aukland0
Storm 106.2 FMIrelandDance, Trance & Techno128Dublin35
Sukh Sagar RadioUnited KingdomReligious20London8
Sun 103.4 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Sunderland7
Sunrise 1458 AMUnited KingdomEthnic20London18
Sunrise Radio 103.2 FMUnited KingdomEthnic20Yorkshire23
Sunshine 855 AMUnited KingdomClassic Hits32Ludlow8
Swansea Sound 1170 AMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Swansea5
Symphony 92.4 FMSingaporeClassical16Singapore54
T 96.6 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.64Teesside5
Talk 107 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station24Swansea14
Talk 2 RadioUSA CaliforniaNews/Talk24CA, Santa Ana21
Talk Radio 702 AMSouth AfricaNews/Talk16Cape Town35
Talksport 1089 AMUnited KingdomSports20London16
Tay 102.8 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Dundee10
Tay 1161 AMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Dundee18
TBN RadioUSA CaliforniaReligious16CA, Costa Mesa14
TekLabUnited StatesElectronica128US, Webcast18
Telford 107.4 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Telford2
Ten-17 101.7 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station128Harlow7
The Bay 96.9 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station48Morecambe Bay5
The Beach 103.4 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Great Yarmouth12
The Beat 94.5 FMCanadaTop 4048Vancouver22
The Bee 107 FMUnited KingdomOldies24Blackburn7
The Breeze 100.6 FMAustraliaClassic Hits40Gold Coast7
The Breeze 93.4 FMNew ZealandEasy Listening32Aukland22
The Breeze 94.1 FMNew ZealandEasy Listening32Wellington19
The Breeze 94.5 FMNew ZealandEasy Listening32Christchurch12
The Breeze 98 FMNew ZealandEasy Listening32Wellington10
The Breeze 99.3 FMNew ZealandEasy Listening32Waikato8
The Breeze Regional NSWAustraliaClassic Hits40Biloela7
The Breeze Regional QueenslandAustraliaClassic Hits40Queensland15
The Cheese 88.4 FMNew ZealandClassic Hits32Wainuiomata4
The Eagle 96.4 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Guildford6
The Edge 97.8 FMNew ZealandTop 4040Hamilton3
The Flea 88.2 FMNew ZealandClassic Hits64Auckland7
The Fox 99.9 FMCanadaSoft Rock32Sarnia12
The hitsUnited KingdomTop 4064London38
The Oldies ChannelUSA IndianaOldies48IN, Bedford35
The Pulse 97.5 FMUnited KingdomTop 4032Bradford16
The Quay 107.4 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Portsmouth4
The Refuge RadioUSA MinnesotaChristian Cont.32MN, Duluth2
The River FM 92.7USA North CarolinaReligious64OH, Zanesville4
The Rock 90.2 FMNew ZealandRock & Pop32Auckland20
The Rocket 106.7 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Knowsley16
The Severn 106.5 FMUnited KingdomClassic Hits64Shrewsbury3
The Severn 107.1 FMUnited KingdomClassic Hits64Oswestry4
The Voice of SamoaAmerican SamoaGeneral Station22Internet48
The Wave 96.4 FMUnited KingdomTop 4032Swansea8
The Wolf 107.7 FMUnited KingdomClassic Hits32Wolverhampton13
The Wyre 107.2 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Kidderminster8
The X 106.9 FMCanadaCollege32London5
Time 106.6 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station48Slough4
Time 107.5 FMUnited KingdomClassic Hits48Romford9
Tipp 95.3 FMIrelandGeneral Station48Tipperary6
TKO 91.9 FMSpainClassic Hits64Algorfa18
Today 100 - 102 FMIrelandFull Service32Cork City12
Touch 101.6 FMUnited KingdomClassic Hits32Burton10
Touch 107.6 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Banbury5
Touch 96.2 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Coventry5
Tower 107.4 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Bolton8
Trent 96 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128Nottingham10
TWR United KingdomUnited KingdomChristian Cont.32London10
U 105 FMUnited KingdomGeneral Station128Belfast1
U105 105.8 FMIrelandAdult Cont.32Belfast5
UCB BibleUnited KingdomReligious48London6
UCB EuropeUnited KingdomReligious64London3
UCB InspirationUnited KingdomReligious64London7
UCB TalkUnited KingdomReligious48London3
UJ FM Campus RadioSouth AfricaCollege22Johannesburg18
Ukhozi FMSouth AfricaGeneral Station22Cape Town49
URH 1640 AMUSA HawaiiCollege128HI, Hilo18
Vale 96.6 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Shaftesbury3
Valleys Radio 999 AMUnited KingdomGeneral Station32Ebbw Vale8
Viking 96.9 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.64Humberside12
Vinyl VortexCanadaUnderground160Ottawa0
VIP RadioUnited KingdomSoul64London39
Virgin Radio Classic RockUnited KingdomClassic Rock100London95
Virgin Radio GrooveUnited KingdomDisco100London124
Virgin Radio UKUnited KingdomAdult Cont.80London113
Virgin Radio XtremeUnited KingdomDance, Trance & Techno100London39
Vision Radio NetworkAustraliaReligious48Underwood4
VOB Voice of Barbados 92.9 FMBarbadosGeneral Station32Bridgetown70
VOCM News Talk Radio 590 AMCanadaNews/Talk32St. John's11
VOG Voice of Grenada 88.9 FMGrenadaFull Service56Saint George's22
Voice of Africa RadioUnited KingdomCommunity64London13
Voice of GrenadaGrenadaReggae56Webcast56
Voice of LifeDominicaReligious20Roseau0
VPR Classical 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaClassical128VT, Colchester27
VPR Vermont Public Radio 107.9 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic96VT, Colchester2
WAAF 107.3 FMUSA MassachusettsRock & Pop96MA, Boston12
WAAL The Whale 99.1 FMUSA New YorkClassic Rock32NY, Binghamton68
WAAM 1600 AMUSA MichiganNews/Talk32MI, Ann Arbor5
WABE 90.1 FMUSA GeorgiaPublic32GA, Atlanta15
WABE 90.1 FM ClassicalUSA GeorgiaClassical32GA, Atlanta30
WABE 90.1 FM NewsUSA GeorgiaNews/Talk32GA, Atlanta11
WABS Sonlight 780 AMUSA MarylandNews/Talk20MD, Baltimore14
WABX 107.5 FMUSA IndianaClassic Rock32IN, Evansville13
WACO 100 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, Waco6
WAEB B104 104 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Hits32PA, Allentown4
WAER 88.3 FMUSA New YorkPublic32NY, Syracuse104
WAFJ 88.3 FMUSA GeorgiaChristian Cont.64GA, Augusta11
WAFT 101.1 FMUSA GeorgiaReligious24GA, Valdosta7
WAFX The Fox 106.9 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32VA, Chesapeake2
WAFY Key 103 FMUSA MarylandSoft Rock32MD, Frederick8
WAGG Heaven 610 AMUSA AlabamaGospel32AL, Birmingham35
WAIF Radio Cincinnati 88.3 FMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station64OH, Cincinnati0
WAIJ He's Alive RadioUSA MarylandReligious32MD, Grantsville6
WAIL 99.5 FMUSA FloridaClassic Rock32FL, Key West26
WAJZ 96.3 FMUSA New YorkHip-Hop32NY, Latham86
WAKS Kiss 96.5 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032OH, Cleveland1
WAKS Kiss HD2USA North CarolinaTop 4032OH, Cleveland1
WAKW 93.3 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32OH, Cincinnati0
WALK 97.5 FMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Long Island62
WALN 92 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32PA, Allentown0
WALV Alive 105 104.9 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032TN, Chattanooga2
WAMC Northeast Public radio 90.3 FMUSA New YorkPublic64NY, Albany89
WAMC NPR HD2 channelUSA New YorkPublic64NY, Albany42
WAMH 89.3 FMUSA MassachusettsCollege128MA, Amherst8
WAMO 106.7 FMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32PA, Pittsburgh18
WAMU 88.5 FM Channel 1USA North CarolinaCollege32DC, Washington0
WAMU 88.5 FM Channel 2USA North CarolinaCollege32DC, Washington0
WAMX 106.3 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32WV, Milton0
WAMZ 97.5 FMUSA KentuckyCountry32KY, Louisville13
WANR 1570 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies48OH, Warren0
WAOK 1380 AMUSA GeorgiaNews/Talk32GA, Atlanta5
WAOR 95.3 FMUSA IndianaClassic Rock32IN, South Bend4
WAPE 95.1 FMUSA FloridaTop 4032FL, Jacksonville43
WAPN 91.5 FMUSA FloridaGospel20FL, Daytona Beach20
WAPS The Summit 91.3 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32OH, Akron2
WAQV The Joy 91.5 FMUSA FloridaReligious64FL, Crystal River17
WAQX 95X Rock Radio 95.7 FMUSA New YorkHard Rock32NY, Syracuse126
WAQY 102.0 FMUSA MassachusettsClassic Rock32MA, East Longmeadow6
WARC 90.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege96PA, Meadville0
WARE Real Oldies 1250 FMUSA MassachusettsOldies40MA, Ware21
WARH The Arch 106.5 FMUSA MissouriClassic Hits64MO, Saint Louis5
WARM 103.3 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32PA, York4
WARN Weather Radio Amateur NetworkUSA North CarolinaWeather16OH, Cincinnati34
Warna 94.2 FMSingaporeAdult Cont.16Singapore31
WARV 1590 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious32RI, Providence1
WASH 97.1 FMUSA MarylandSoft Rock34MD, Rockville8
WATD 95.9 FMUSA MassachusettsGeneral Station56MA, Marshfield5
WATQ Moose 106.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32WI, Eau Claire4
WAUK ESPN Radio 1510 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32WI, Milwaukee8
Wave 102 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Dundee10
Wave 105.2 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32The Solent5
Wave 89.1 FMPhilippinesEasy Listening32Manila396
Wave Radio 105.9 FMBelizeAdult Cont.20Belize City12
Waves Radio 101.2 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Peterhead9
WAVV 101.1 FMUSA FloridaAdult Cont.50FL, Fort Myers23
WAVZ The Voice 1300 AMUSA ConnecticutNews/Talk32CT, Hamden15
WAWZ Star 99.1 FM Channel 1USA New JerseyChristian Cont.32NJ, Zarepath27
WAWZ Star 99.1 FM Channel 2USA New JerseyReligious20NJ, Zarepath22
WAXI 89.7 FMUSA IndianaOldies20IN, Terre Haute7
WAXX 104.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32WI, Eau Claire3
WAXY The Ticket 790 AMUSA FloridaSports32FL, Miami18
WAYA Cat Country 93.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TN, Athens11
WAYF FM 88.1 FMUSA FloridaReligious48FL, West Palm Beach20
WaYfm 89.9 FMUSA MichiganChristian Cont.32MI, Grand Rapids4
WAYJ FM 88.7 FMUSA FloridaReligious48FL, Fort Myers10
WAYL The Promise 91.1 FMUSA FloridaGospel80FL, St. Augustine21
WAYM 88.7 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.48TN, Nashville0
WAYQ 88.3 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.48TN, Clarksville1
WAYT Way 88.1 FMUSA GeorgiaChristian Cont.48GA, Thomasville4
WAYV 95.1 FMUSA New JerseyAdult Cont.32NJ, Atlantic City12
WAZR Kiss 93.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32VA, Harrisonburg1
WBAA 101.3 FMUSA IndianaCollege128IN, West Lafayette6
WBAA 920 AMUSA IndianaCollege128IN, West Lafayette0
WBAB 102.3 FMUSA New YorkRock & Pop32NY, Long Island27
WBAC 1340 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TN, Cleveland1
WBACH 99.3 FMUSA MaineClassical32ME, Portland22
WBAI 99.5 FM Pacifica RadioUSA New YorkCommunity128NY, New York58
WBAP 820 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk24TX, Dallas0
WBAR 87.9 FMUSA New YorkCollege128NY, New York39
WBBE Bob 97.9 FMUSA IndianaGeneral Station32IN, Bloomington7
WBBL 1340 AMUSA MichiganSports32MI, Grand Rapids3
WBBM B 96 FMUSA IllinoisHip-Hop32IL, Chicago23
WBBP 1480 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious32TN, Memphis1
WBBR Bloomberg Radio 1130 AMUSA New YorkFinancial News20NY, New York54
WBCB 1490 AMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station48PA, Bucks County0
WBCF Newstalk 1240 AMUSA AlabamaNews/Talk32AL, Florence21
WBCL 90.3 FMUSA IndianaReligious20IN, Fort Wayne7
WBCS 89.7 FMUSA MinnesotaCollege32MN, Saint Paul2
WBCT 93.7 FMUSA MichiganCountry32MI, Grand Rapids4
WBDR The Border 106.7 FMUSA New YorkTop 4032NY, Watertown30
WBEB B101 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock52PA, Bala Cynwyd1
WBEE 92.5 FMUSA New YorkCountry32NY, Rochester44
WBEN Ben 95.7 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4036PA, Philadelphia2
WBEN Club Ben HD2USA North CarolinaAdult Cont.68PA, Philadelphia3
WBER 90.5 FMUSA New YorkCollege96NY, Rochester25
WBEZ Chicago Public Radio 91.5 FMUSA IllinoisPublic32IL, Chicago29
WBFJ 89.3 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.20NC, Winston Salem0
WBFO 88.7 FMUSA New YorkNews/Talk128NY, Buffalo33
WBFX The Fox Rocks 101.3 FMUSA MichiganRock & Pop32MI, Grand Rapids9
WBGG 970 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32PA, Pittsburgh1
WBGG Big 105.9 FMUSA FloridaClassic Rock32FL, Fort Lauderdale24
WBGK Bug Country 99.7 FMUSA New YorkCountry40NY, Utica45
WBGL Family Friendly Radio 91.7 FMUSA IllinoisGeneral Station32IL, Champaign9
WBGO Jazz 88.3 FMUSA New YorkJazz & Blues64NY, Newark47
WBGO Jazz 88.3 FMUSA New JerseyJazz & Blues64NJ, Newark28
WBHJ Jamz 95.7 FMUSA AlabamaHip-Hop24AL, Midfield50
WBHK Kiss 98.7 FMUSA AlabamaJazz & Blues24AL, Warrior45
WBHM 90.3 FMUSA AlabamaClassical56AL, Birmingham14
WBHT 97.1 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032PA, Wilkes-Barre2
WBHY Power 88.5 FMUSA AlabamaChristian Cont.32AL, Mobile17
WBIG Radio Shopping Show 1280 AMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk32IL, Aurora4
WBIS Business Radio 1190 AMUSA MarylandFinancial News16MD, Annapolis10
WBIX The Business Station 1060 AMUSA MassachusettsFinancial News24MA, Boston9
WBIZ Sports Radio 1400 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32WI, Eau Claire3
WBIZ Z-100 100.0 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032WI, Eau Claire4
WBJB Brookdale Public Radio 90.5 FMUSA New JerseyPublic24NJ, Lincroft18
WBJZ Magic 104.7 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032WI, Ripon6
WBKR The Country Station 92.5 FMUSA KentuckyCountry32KY, Owensboro35
WBKS Kiss 107.1 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032WV, Huntington1
WBKY Bucky Country 95.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32WI, Portage9
WBLI 106.1 FMUSA New YorkTop 4032NY, Long Island17
WBLK 93.7 FMUSA New YorkHip-Hop32NY, Buffalo33
WBMW 106.5 FMUSA ConnecticutSoft Rock32CT, Ledyard12
WBNI 91.3 FMUSA IndianaClassical64IN, Fort Wayne7
WBNQ 101.5 FMUSA IllinoisTop 4032IL, Bloomington9
WBNQ 101.5 FMUSA IllinoisTop 4032IL, Bloomington6
WBNS Mix Music 97.1 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032OH, Cincinnati5
WBNS The Fan Sports Radio 1460 AMUSA North CarolinaSports22OH, Columbus4
WBNW Money Matters Radio 1120 AMUSA MassachusettsFinancial News16MA, Boston10
WBOG Oldies 1460 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies32WI, Tomah7
WBOI 91.3 FMUSA IndianaPublic64IN, Fort Wayne4
WBOS 92.9 FMUSA MassachusettsRock & Pop64MA, Boston7
WBOW B 102.7 FMUSA IndianaGeneral Station20IN, Terre Haute4
WBOZ Solid Gospel 104.9 FMUSA North CarolinaGospel20TN, Nashville23
WBPT The Eagle 106.9 FMUSA AlabamaClassic Hits32AL, Birmingham20
WBRS 100.1 FMUSA MassachusettsCollege40MA, Waltham6
WBSX X 97.9 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32PA, Wilkes-Barre0
WBT 1110 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk20NC, Charlotte5
WBTJ The Beat 106.5 FMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32VA, Richmond20
WBTP The Beat 95.7 FMUSA FloridaHip-Hop32FL, Tampa51
WBTS The Beat 95.5 FMUSA GeorgiaTop 4032GA, Atlanta12
WBTT The Beat 105.5 FMUSA FloridaHip-Hop32FL, Fort Myers37
WBTZ The Buzz 99.9 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative32VT, Burlington10
WBUF Jack 92.9 FMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Buffalo18
WBUG Bug Country 101.1 FMUSA New YorkCountry40NY, Utica33
WBUL 1620 AMUSA FloridaCollege128FL, Tampa11
WBUR 90.9 FMUSA MassachusettsNews/Talk24MA, Boston9
WBVB B 97.1 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32WV, Huntington1
WBVD The Beat 95.1 FMUSA FloridaHip-Hop32FL, Melbourne40
WBVI Mix 96.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32OH, Bowling Green1
WBVM Spirit Radio 90.5 FMUSA FloridaChristian Cont.40FL, Tampa25
WBWC The Sting 88.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege96OH, Berea1
WBWN B 104 FMUSA IllinoisCountry32IL, Bloomington8
WBWN B 104 FMUSA IllinoisCountry32IL, Bloomington5
WBWZ Star 93.3 FMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Poughkeepsie27
WBYA Frank 105.5 FMUSA MaineClassic Rock32ME, Kennebunk9
WBYH The Word 89.1 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32PA, Hawley1
WBYR The Bear 98.9 FMUSA IndianaAlternative32IN, Fort Wayne13
WBYT B 100 FMUSA IndianaCountry32IN, South Bend3
WBZ 1030 AMUSA MassachusettsNews/Talk32MA, Boston11
WBZA The Buzz 98.9 FMUSA New YorkOldies32NY, Rochester15
WBZC Z 88.9 FMUSA New JerseyCollege32NJ, Pemberton7
WBZI 1500 AMUSA North CarolinaCountry32OH, Xenia3
WBZK 980 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious64NC, Charlotte0
WBZO B 103.1 FMUSA New YorkOldies32NY, Farmingdale9
WBZT The Talk Station 1230 AMUSA FloridaNews/Talk32FL, West Palm Beach23
WBZY Project 96.1 FMUSA GeorgiaAlternative32GA, Atlanta9
WCAA Radio La Kalle 105.9 FMUSA New YorkLatin Hits32NY, New York91
WCAO Heaven 600 AMUSA MarylandGospel32MD, Baltimore12
WCAZ 990 AMUSA IllinoisSports9IL, Carthage4
WCBM 680 AMUSA MarylandNews/Talk20MD, Baltimore7
WCBN 88.3 FMUSA MichiganCollege32MI, Ann Arbor4
WCBS 101.1 FMUSA New YorkRock & Pop32NY, New York19
WCBS News Radio 880 AMUSA New YorkNews/Talk32NY, New York36
WCBU 89.9 FMUSA IllinoisClassical128IL, Peoria9
WCCC The Rock 106.9 FMUSA ConnecticutRock & Pop32CT, Hartford13
WCCE 90.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege24NC, Buies Creek1
WCCO 830 AMUSA MinnesotaNews/Talk32MN, Minneapolis10
WCCQ 98.3 FMUSA IllinoisCountry48IL, Joliet5
WCDB 90.9 FMUSA New YorkCollege64NY, Albany12
WCDG Cool 92.1 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32VA, Norfolk1
WCDR 90.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege40OH, Jackson0
WCDV Sunny 103.3 FMUSA LouisianaAdult Cont.32LA, Baton Rouge2
WCER 900 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious32OH, Canton0
WCFM 91.9 FMUSA MassachusettsCollege128MA, Williamstown3
WCIC Family Friendly Radio 91.5 FMUSA IllinoisChristian Cont.32IL, Peoria9
WCIZ Z-93 93.3 FMUSA New YorkClassic Hits32NY, Watertown10
WCJK Jack 96.3 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TN, Nashville1
WCKG Free 105.9 FMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk32IL, Chicago3
WCKY 103.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32OH, Findlay1
WCKY Homer 1530 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32OH, Findlay1
WCLK Jazz 91.9 FMUSA GeorgiaJazz & Blues20GA, Atlanta23
WCLM 1450 FMUSA North CarolinaFull Service32VA, Richmond1
WCLQ 89Q 89.5 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.24WI, Wausau0
WCLU 1490 AMUSA KentuckyNews/Talk32KY, Glasgow7
WCLZ 98.9 FMUSA MaineAlternative32ME, Portland9
WCNK Conch 98.7 FMUSA FloridaCountry32FL, Key West16
WCNN The Fan 680 AMUSA GeorgiaSports32GA, Atlanta19
WCNR The Corner 106.1 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32VA, Charlottesville2
WCNY 91.3 FMUSA New YorkPublic32NY, Liverpool20
WCOL 92.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32OH, Columbus7
WCOL HDUSA North CarolinaCountry52OH, Columbus2
WCOM 103.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCommunity112NC, Chapel Hill0
WCOW 97 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32WI, Sparta4
WCPE 89.7 FM The Classical StationUSA North CarolinaClassical96NC, Raleigh19
WCPN 90.3 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic32OH, Cleveland0
WCPR Castle Point RadioUSA New JerseyCollege128NJ, Hoboken5
WCPT 850 AMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk24IL, Chicago6
WCPV Champ 101.3 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32VT, Burlington7
WCPZ Mix 102.7 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32OH, Sandusky1
WCRB 102.5 FMUSA MassachusettsClassical32MA, Boston6
WCRD 91.3 FMUSA IndianaCollege32IN, South Bend3
WCRN 830 AMUSA MassachusettsNews/Talk24MA, Worcester5
WCRX 88.1 FMUSA IllinoisCollege32IL, Chicago4
WCRZ Cars 108 FMUSA MichiganAdult Cont.32MI, Flint6
WCSB 89.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128OH, Cleveland1
WCSG 91.3 FMUSA MichiganGospel32MI, Grand Rapids6
WCSU The Flight 610 AMUSA IllinoisCollege32IL, Chicago4
WCSX 94.7 FMUSA MichiganClassic Rock32MI, Detroit5
WCTC 1450 AMUSA New JerseyNews/Talk32NJ, New Brunswick7
WCTK Cat Country 98.1 FMUSA MassachusettsCountry32MA, New Bedford16
WCTK Cat Country 98.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32RI, Nwport13
WCTO 96.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32PA, Bethlehem1
WCTS 1030 AMUSA MinnesotaReligious128MN, Minneapolis3
WCTY 97.7 FMUSA ConnecticutCountry50CT, Norwich10
WCTY 97.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32VT, Norwich3
WCTZ The Coast 96.7 FMUSA ConnecticutAdult Cont.24CT, Norwalk9
WCUR 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege80PA, West Chester0
WCVM 94.7 FMUSA MichiganChristian Cont.128MI, Bronson4
WCVS Classic Rock 96.7 FMUSA IllinoisClassic Rock32IL, Springfield28
WCVZ The River 92.7 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32OH, Zanesville3
WCWM 90.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128VA, Williamsburg2
WCWP 88.1 FMUSA New YorkCollege128NY, Long Island18
WCWP WebradioUSA New YorkCollege128NY, Long Island18
WCYJ 88.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege48PA, Waynesburg0
WCYY 94.3 FMUSA MaineRock & Pop32ME, Portland4
WCZT The Coast FM 98.7USA New JerseyAdult Cont.32NJ, Villas7
WDAF The Wolf 106.5 FMUSA MissouriCountry32MO, Kansas City8
WDAQ 98.3 FMUSA ConnecticutGeneral Station32CT, Danbury10
WDAS Quiet Storm 105.3 FMUSA North CarolinaUrban R&B32PA, Bala Cynwyd12
WDAS Quiet Storm HD2USA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32PA, Bala Cynwyd2
WDAV 89.9 FMUSA North CarolinaClassical56NC, Davidson1
WDBO 580 AMUSA FloridaNews/Talk32FL, Orlando6
WDBX 91.1 FMUSA IllinoisCommunity64IL, Carbondale4
WDBZ The Buzz 1230 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OH, Cincinnati4
WDCB 90.9 FMUSA IllinoisJazz & Blues32IL, Glen Ellyn8
WDCD 1540 AMUSA New YorkChristian Cont.32NY, Albany9
WDCE 90.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege96VA, Richmond1
WDCV The Freq 88.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege32PA, Dickinson0
WDDD W3D 107.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TX, San Antonio8
WDEO 990 AMUSA MichiganReligious32MI, Ann Arbor0
WDET 101.9 FMUSA MichiganPublic96MI, Detroit0
WDEZ 101.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32WI, Wausau2
WDFB Christian Radio 88.1 FMUSA KentuckyReligious20KY, Danville11
WDFN 1130 AMUSA MichiganSports32MI, Detroit1
WDHA 105.5 FMUSA New JerseyRock & Pop32NJ, Morristown9
WDHP 1620 AMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station16VI, Christiansted0
WDIA 1070 AMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station32TN, Memphis0
WDIY 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic21PA, Allentown0
WDJC 93.7 FMUSA AlabamaChristian Cont.32AL, Birmingham10
WDJO 1160 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies40OH, Cincinnati1
WDJR The Big Dog Country 96.9 FMUSA AlabamaCountry32AL, Enterprise33
WDKF Channel 94.5 FMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station32OH, Dayton0
WDKF Channel HD2USA North CarolinaGeneral Station52OH, Dayton0
WDKS Kiss 106.1 FMUSA IndianaTop 4032IN, Evansville7
WDKX 103.9 FMUSA New YorkUrban R&B32NY, Rochester14
WDKX Gospel StreamUSA New YorkGospel32NY, Rochester29
WDLM Moody Broadcasting Network 89.3 FMUSA IllinoisReligious32IL, East Moline4
WDLS 900 AMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WI, Portage1
WDMT The Mountain 102.3 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock50PA, Wilkes-Barre9
WDNR 89.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege96PA, Chester0
WDPG Dayton Public Radio 89.9 FMUSA North CarolinaClassical20OH, Dayton11
WDRE 105.3 FMUSA New YorkDance, Trance & Techno32NY, Garden City17
WDRQ Doug 93.1 FMUSA MichiganTop 4042MI, Detroit2
WDRV The Dirve 97.1 FMUSA IllinoisClassic Rock16IL, Chicago9
WDSD 92.9 FMUSA DelawareCountry32DE, Dover10
WDSJ Smooth Jazz 106.5 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32OH, Dayton14
WDSO 88.3 FMUSA IndianaRock & Pop64IN, Chesterton1
WDST Radio Woodstock 100.1 FMUSA New YorkClassic Rock56NY, Woodstock53
WDST Radio Woodstock JamzUSA New YorkClassic Rock32NY, Woodstock29
WDTK 1400 AMUSA MichiganNews/Talk22MI, Detroit2
WDTW 1310 AMUSA MichiganNews/Talk32MI, Detroit5
WDTW The Fox 106.7 FMUSA MichiganCountry32MI, Detroit6
WDUN 102.9 AMUSA GeorgiaNews/Talk32GA, Gainesville3
WDUQ 90.5 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues24PA, Pittsburgh6
WDVD 96.3 FMUSA MichiganTop 4042MI, Detroit5
WDVI The Drive 100.5 FMUSA New YorkAlternative32NY, Rochester18
WDVR 91.9 FMUSA New JerseyPublic44NJ, Sergeantsville6
WDVX 89.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry92TN, Knoxville3
WDWN 89.1 FMUSA New YorkCollege32NY, Auburn9
WDYN 89.7 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious20TN, Chattanooga1
WDYN Independent RadioUSA New YorkFolklore32NY, Rochester25
WEAE ESPN Radio 1250 AMUSA North CarolinaSports20PA, Pittsburgh1
WEAZ Positive Hits Z 88.1 FMUSA FloridaChristian Cont.64FL, Holly Hill18
WEBC The Fan 560 AMUSA MinnesotaSports32MN, Duluth3
WEBN 102.7 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32OH, Cincinnati2
WEBN HD2USA North CarolinaRock & Pop32OH, Cincinnati1
WEBR 94.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCommunity32VA, Fairfax0
WEBX The Rock 93.5 FMUSA IllinoisRock & Pop32IL, Champaign11
WECC The Lighthouse 89.3 FMUSA GeorgiaChristian Cont.32GA, St. Marys6
WECL The Big Cheese 92.9 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32WI, Eau Claire5
WECM Memories 1490 AMUSA FloridaOldies64FL, Milton16
WECS 90.1 FMUSA ConnecticutCollege48CT, Willimantic4
WEDG The Edge 103.3 FMUSA New YorkHard Rock32NY, Buffalo58
WEDJ Radio Latina 107.1 FMUSA IndianaLatin Hits56IN, Indianapolis79
WEDR JAMZ 99.1 FMUSA FloridaUrban R&B32FL, Miami27
Wee 93.3 FMGrenadaTop 4064Saint George's30
WEEI 850 AMUSA MassachusettsSports32MA, Boston4
WEGP The Talk of the County 1390 AMUSA MaineNews/Talk32ME, Presque Isle7
WEGR Rock 103 102.7 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32TN, Memphis9
WEGR Rock 103 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32TN, Memphis16
WEGR Rock 103 HD2USA North CarolinaRock & Pop32TN, Memphis5
WEGR Rock HD2USA North CarolinaClassic Rock32TN, Memphis16
WEIB Smooth 106.3 FMUSA MassachusettsJazz & Blues32MA, Northampton22
WEIU Hit Mix 88.9 FMUSA IllinoisTop 4032IL, Charleston7
WEKL Eagle 102.3 FMUSA GeorgiaClassic Rock32GA, Augusta9
WEKU 88.9 FMUSA KentuckyPublic24KY, Richmond5
WEKZ 93.7 FMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station20WI, Monroe1
WEKZ Big Radio 1260 AMUSA IllinoisGeneral Station20IL, Freeport4
WELH BSR 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128RI, Providence0
WELY 94.5 FMUSA MinnesotaCountry32MN, Ely9
WEMU 89.1 FMUSA MichiganCollege96MI, Ypsilanti1
WEND New Rock 106.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative32NC, Charlotte24
WENK 1240 AMUSA North CarolinaClassic Hits32TN, Union City1
WEOS Public Radio 89.7 FMUSA New YorkPublic24NY, Geneva20
WEPN ESPN RADIO 1050 AMUSA New YorkSports32NY, New York21
WEQX 102.7 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32VT, Manchester1
WERG 90.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative20PA, Erie2
WERS 88.9 FMUSA MassachusettsCollege64MA, Boston6
WERU 89.9 FMUSA MainePublic24ME, Blue Hill4
WERU Eagles 97.3 FMUSA FloridaCollege128FL, Daytona Beach12
WERV The River 95.9 FMUSA IllinoisRock & Pop32IL, Aurora6
WERX Max 94.1 FMUSA LouisianaTop 4032LA, Baton Rouge2
WERZ 107.1 FMUSA New HampshireClassic Hits32NH, Portsmuth8
WESM 91.3 FMUSA MarylandCollege20MD, Princess Anne8
Wessex 96 FMUnited KingdomOldies32Weymouth336
West 96.7 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128Ayr5
West Sound 1035 AMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Ayr17
WESU 88.1 FMUSA ConnecticutCommunity128CT, Middletown4
WETA 90.9 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic32DC, Washington0
WETS 89.5 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic21TN, Johnson City0
WEVL 89.9 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32TN, Memphis7
WEW 770 AMUSA MissouriOldies24MO, Saint Louis5
WEXL The Gospel Station 1340 AMUSA MichiganGospel32MI, Detroit12
WEXP 530 AMUSA North CarolinaCollege40PA, Philadelphia0
WEZB B 97 FMUSA LouisianaTop 4032LA, New Orleans2
WEZFStar 92.9 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Hits32VT, Burlington1
WEZN Star 99.9 FMUSA ConnecticutAdult Cont.24CT, Bridgeport5
WFAE 90.7 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic32NC, Charlotte1
WFAN The Fan 660 AMUSA New YorkSports32NY, New York12
WFAX 1220 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious32VA, Falls Church0
WFBE B 95.1 FMUSA MichiganCountry32MI, Flint3
WFBQ 94.7 FMUSA IndianaClassic Rock32IN, Indianapolis13
WFCF 88.5 FMUSA FloridaCollege96FL, St. Augustine11
WFCJ 93.7 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious128OH, Dayton4
WFCJ HD2USA North CarolinaReligious128OH, Dayton2
WFCR 88.5 FMUSA MassachusettsClassical64MA, Amherst3
WFDU 89.1 FMUSA New JerseyGospel32NJ, Teaneck19
WFED Federal News Radio 1050 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk21DC, Washington1
WFEZ ez 103.0 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32PA, Wilkes-Barre1
WFFH 94.1 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.20TN, Nashville0
WFGA Froggy 106.7 FMUSA IndianaAdult Cont.32IN, Fort Wayne6
WFGR Oldies 98.7 FMUSA MichiganOldies32MI, Grand Rapids4
WFHB 98.1 FMUSA IndianaCommunity128IN, Bloomington2
WFHM The Fish 95.5 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32OH, Cleveland0
WFIL 560 AMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32PA, Philadelphia0
WFIT 89.5 FMUSA FloridaCommunity21FL, Melbourne10
WFIU 95.1 FMUSA IndianaPublic45IN, Bloomington2
WFKB Frank 107.5 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32PA, Reading4
WFKL Fickle Radom Radio 93.3 FMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Rochester16
WFLC The Coast 97.3 FMUSA FloridaClassic Hits32FL, Miami13
WFLP Everglades radio Network 98.7 FMUSA FloridaCultural64FL, Fort Myers20
WFMB 104.5 FMUSA IllinoisCountry32IL, Springfield5
WFMD 930 AMUSA MarylandNews/Talk32MD, Frederick3
WFMF 102.5 FMUSA LouisianaTop 4064LA, Baton Rouge5
WFMK 99.1 FMUSA MichiganClassic Hits32MI, East Lansing3
WFMN SuperTalk 97.3 FMUSA MississippiNews/Talk16MS, Flora14
WFMP 107 FMUSA MinnesotaNews/Talk32MN, Saint Paul6
WFMR 106.9 FMUSA North CarolinaClassical32WI, Milwaukee5
WFMS 95.5 FMUSA IndianaCountry32IN, Indianapolis4
WFMU FM 91.1USA New JerseyGeneral Station32NJ, Newark8
WFNK Frank 107.5 FMUSA MaineClassic Rock32ME, Portland8
WFNP The Edge 88.7 FMUSA New YorkCollege32NY, New Pattz5
WFNX True Alternative 101.7 FMUSA MassachusettsAlternative32MA, Boston19
WFNY Free 92.3 FMUSA New YorkNews/Talk32NY, New York18
WFOB 1430 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OH, Bowling Green3
WFOS 88.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege48VA, Chesapeake0
WFOX The River 97.1 FMUSA GeorgiaOldies32GA, Atlanta5
WFPG 96.9 FMUSA New JerseySoft Rock32NJ, Atlantic City10
WFPK Radio Louisville 91.9 FMUSA KentuckyPublic32KY, Louisville10
WFRE Free Country 99.9 FMUSA MarylandCountry32MD, Frederick21
WFRG Big Frog 104.3 FMUSA New YorkCountry32NY, Utica13
WFRY Froggy 97 FMUSA New YorkCountry32NY, Watertown22
WFSH The Fish 104.7 FMUSA GeorgiaChristian Cont.20GA, Atlanta2
WFSQ 91.5 FMUSA FloridaClassical21FL, Tallahassee19
WFSU 88.9 FMUSA FloridaPublic21FL, Tallahassee8
WFSW 89.1 FMUSA FloridaNews/Talk21FL, Panama City9
WFUN Foxy 95.5 FMUSA MissouriUrban R&B32MO, Saint Louis14
WFUV 90.7 FMUSA New YorkPublic56NY, Fordham6
WFXF The Fox 95.1 FMUSA New YorkClassic Rock32NY, Rochester22
WFXF The Fox Vinyl Vineyard 95.1 FMUSA New YorkClassic Rock32NY, Rochester20
WFXX Fox 107 FMUSA AlabamaClassic Hits32AL, Georgiana14
WFYI 90.1 FMUSA IndianaPublic128IN, Indianapolis4
WFYR River Country 97.3 FMUSA IllinoisCountry32IL, Peoria25
WFYV Rock 105 FMUSA FloridaRock & Pop32FL, Jacksonville24
WFZH The Fish 105.3 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious32WI, Milwaukee1
WGAR 99.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32OH, Independence2
WGBF The River City Rocket 103.1 FMUSA IndianaRock & Pop32IN, Evansville7
WGBG Big Classic Rock 98.5 FMUSA DelawareClassic Rock32DE, Georgetown18
WGBH 89.7 FMUSA MassachusettsPublic64MA, Cambridge2
WGCA The Mix FM 88.5 FMUSA IllinoisAdult Cont.24IL, Quincy6
WGCH 1490 AMUSA ConnecticutNews/Talk32CT, Greenwich4
WGCI 107.5 FMUSA IllinoisHip-Hop32IL, Chicago22
WGCR 720 AMUSA North CarolinaGospel44NC, Pisgah Forest5
WGCU 90.1 FMUSA FloridaPublic64FL, Fort Myers8
WGCX Praise 95.7 FMUSA FloridaReligious32FL, Pensacola11
WGDR 91.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege32VT, Plainfield0
WGFX The Zone 104.5 FMUSA North CarolinaSports32TN, Nashville3
WGFX The Zone 104.5 FMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TN, Gallatin1
WGGY Froggy 95.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry48PA, Wilkes-Barre14
WGHT 1500 AMUSA New JerseyNews/Talk32NJ, Atlantic City6
WGIB Glen Iris Baptist MinisteriesUSA AlabamaReligious32AL, Birmingham12
WGIR Rock 101.1 FMUSA New HampshireRock & Pop32NH, Manchester9
WGKA 920 AMUSA GeorgiaNews/Talk20GA, Atlanta1
WGKC Classic Rock 105.9 FMUSA IllinoisClassic Rock32IL, Champaign20
WGKR The Sound of Life 105.3 FMUSA New YorkChristian Cont.32NY, Grand George16
WGKX Kix 106 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TN, Memphis5
WGKY Classic Country 96 95.9 FMUSA KentuckyCountry20KY, Wickliffe41
WGLO 95.5 FMUSA IllinoisClassic Rock32IL, Chicago7
WGLS Rowan Radio 89.7 FMUSA New JerseyCollege45NJ, Glassboro7
WGLT Blues 89.1 FMUSA IllinoisJazz & Blues128IL, Normal52
WGLT News 89.1 FMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk128IL, Normal7
WGMC Jazz 90.1FMUSA New YorkJazz & Blues96NY, Rochester42
WGMF 107.7 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies128PA, Scranton7
WGMU 1370 AMUSA North CarolinaCollege32VA, Fairfax0
WGMU 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege32DC, Washington0
WGN The Voice of Chicago 720 AMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk16IL, Chicago20
WGNA 107.7 FMUSA New YorkCountry32NY, Latham12
WGNR 97.9 FMUSA IndianaNews/Talk32IN, Anderson2
WGNZ 1110 AMUSA North CarolinaGospel20OH, Dayton4
WGOW 102.3 FMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TN, Chattanooga2
WGOW 1150 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TN, Chattanooga2
WGRB Inspiration 1390 AMUSA IllinoisGospel32IL, Chicago15
WGRC 91.9 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32PA, Lewisburg1
WGRD 97.9 FMUSA MichiganAlternative32MI, Grand Rapids2
WGRE 91.5 FMUSA IndianaCollege21IN, Greencastle2
WGRF 96.9 FMUSA New YorkRock & Pop32NY, Buffalo13
WGRN The Grin 89.5 FMUSA IllinoisChristian Cont.32IL, Greenville3
WGRQ 95.9 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32VA, Fredericksburg3
WGRV The Groove Radio 105.1 FMUSA MichiganJazz & Blues65MI, Melbourne197
WGST 640 AMUSA GeorgiaNews/Talk32GA, Atlanta3
WGTB Georgetown Radio 92.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128DC, Washington0
WGTD 91.1 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic20WI, Kenosha0
WGTE 91.3 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic64OH, Toledo0
WGTO 910 AMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk22IL, Chicago1
WGTO Oldies Radio 910 AMUSA MichiganOldies32MI, Cassopolis6
WGTS 91.9 FMUSA MarylandReligious32MD, Takoma Park9
WGTS 91.9 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32DC, Washington1
WGUC 90.9 FMUSA North CarolinaClassical64OH, Cincinnati6
WGUL Talk Radio 860 AMUSA FloridaNews/Talk20FL, Tampa15
WGVU 1480 AMUSA MichiganPublic24MI, Grand rapids1
WGVX Drive 105 FMUSA MinnesotaAlternative32MN, Minneapolis3
WGY 810 AMUSA New YorkNews/Talk32NY, Schenectady10
WHAL Hallelujah 95.7 FMUSA North CarolinaGospel32TN, Memphis12
WHAM 1180 AMUSA New YorkNews/Talk32NY, Rochester7
WHAS 840 AMUSA KentuckyNews/Talk32KY, Louisville5
WHAY Hay-98 98.3 FMUSA KentuckyCountry32KY, Whitley City5
WHB ESPN Radio 810 AMUSA MissouriSports32MO, Kansas City5
WHBQ Q 107.5 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032TN, Memphis5
WHBQ Sports 56 560 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32TN, Memphis1
WHCB 91.5 FMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk128TN, Bristol1
WHCF 88.5 FMUSA MaineChristian Cont.16ME, Bangor5
WHCL 88.7 FMUSA New YorkCollege56NY, Clinton6
WHCN The River 105.9 FMUSA ConnecticutClassic Rock32CT, Hartford6
WHCN The River Channel 2 105.9 FMUSA ConnecticutClassic Rock32CT, Hartford7
WHCR The Voiceof Harlem 90.3 FMUSA New YorkNews/Talk32NY, New York21
WHCY 106.3 FMUSA New JerseyAdult Cont.32NJ, Franklin7
WHDR Rock 93 FMUSA FloridaRock & Pop32FL, Miami16
WHEB 100.3 FMUSA New HampshireRock & Pop32NH, Portsmouth4
WHEP 1310 AMUSA AlabamaNews/Talk20AL, Foley6
WHFB 99.9 FMUSA MichiganCountry32MI, Benton Harbor2
WHFR 89.3 FMUSA MichiganCollege32MI, Dearborn0
WHGL Wiggle 100 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry20PA, Troy6
WHIL Classical 91.3 FMUSA AlabamaPublic40AL, Mobile13
WHIO 1290 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OH, Dayton3
WHJK Jack 95.3 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TN, Chattanooga2
WHJY 94.1 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32RI, Providence1
WHK 1420 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OH, Cleveland2
WHKF Kiss 99.3 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032PA, Harrisburg2
WHKO 99.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32OH, Dayton3
WHLH Hallelujah 95.5 FMUSA MississippiReligious32MS, Jackson17
WHLM 930 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk48PA, Bloomsburg1
WHMI 93.5 FMUSA MichiganClassic Hits64MI, Howell2
WHMX The Solution 105.7 FMUSA MaineChristian Cont.16ME, Bangor5
WHNN 96.1 FMUSA MichiganClassic Hits32MI, Saginaw2
WHO 1040 AMUSA IowaNews/Talk32IA, Des Moines5
Whole Wheat RadioUnited StatesOther32US, Webcast20
WHOM 94.9 FMUSA MaineSoft Rock32ME, Portland7
WHON 930 AMUSA IndianaNews/Talk128IN, Richmond2
WHOO ESPN 1080 AMUSA FloridaSports48FL, Orlando12
WHPT The Bone 102.5 FMUSA FloridaClassic Rock32FL, Tampa13
WHPZ Pulse FM 96.9USA IndianaChristian Cont.56IN, South Bend5
WHQG The Hog 102.9 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32WI, Milwaukee2
WHQR 91.3 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic24NC, Charlotte0
WHQT Hot 105 FMUSA FloridaUrban R&B32FL, Miami20
WHRK K 97.1 FMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32TN, Memphis11
WHRK K HD2 97.1 FMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32TN, Memphis13
WHRL Channel 103.1 FMUSA New YorkAlternative32NY, Albany18
WHRO 90.3 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic64VA, Norfolk0
WHRV 89.5 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic64VA, Norfolk0
WHRW 90.5 FMUSA New YorkCollege128NY, Binghamton15
WHSR 980 AMUSA FloridaGeneral Station12FL, Boca Raton4
WHTE Hot 101.9 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032VA, Charlottesville2
WHTK Hot Talk 1280 AMUSA New YorkNews/Talk32NY, Rochester17
WHTQ 96.5 FMUSA FloridaClassic Rock32FL, Orlando7
WHTS Hot 105.3 FMUSA MinnesotaTop 4032MN, Grand Rapids3
WHTT Mix 104.1 FMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Buffalo28
WHTZ Z 100.3 FMUSA New JerseyTop 4032NJ, Newark7
WHTZ Z-100 100.3 FMUSA New YorkTop 4032NY, New York15
WHUD 100.7 FMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Westchster7
WHUS 91.7 FMUSA ConnecticutCollege192CT, Storrs Mansfield2
WHWK The Hawk 98.1 FMUSA New YorkCountry32NY, Binghamton14
WHXQ The Bone 104.7 FMUSA MaineRock & Pop32ME, Portland4
WHYL 960 AMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station96PA, Carlisle0
WHYN Mix 93.1 FMUSA MassachusettsAdult Cont.32MA, Springfield2
WHYY 90.9 FMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk24PA, Philadelphia0
WIAA 88.7 FMUSA MichiganPublic32MI, Interlochen0
WIAL I-94 94.0 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WI, Milwaukee1
WIBA 1310 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32WI, Madison5
WIBC 1070 AMUSA IndianaNews/Talk32IN, Indianapolis4
WIBI Family Friendly Radio 89.7 FMUSA IllinoisChristian Cont.32IL, Mount Vernon5
WIBT The Beat 96.1 FMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32NC, Charlotte20
WIBW 580 AMUSA KansasNews/Talk32KS, Topeka9
WICA 91.5USA MichiganPublic32MI, Interlochen0
WIDB 104.3 FMUSA IllinoisHip-Hop64IL, Carbondale24
WIDB The Remedy 104.3 FMUSA IllinoisCollege128IL, Carbondale1
WIDR 89.1 FMUSA MichiganCollege128MI, Kalamazoo0
WIFC 95.5 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032WI, Wausau2
WIIL 95 Rock 95.1 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32WI, Kenosha5
WIIT 88.9 FMUSA IllinoisCollege156IL, Chicago0
WIJD Accent Radio Network 1270 AMUSA AlabamaNews/Talk32AL, Prichard9
WIKY 104.1 FMUSA IndianaClassic Hits32IN, Evansville6
WIL 1430 AMUSA MissouriCountry32MO, Saint Louis6
WIL 92.5 FMUSA MissouriCountry48MO, Saint Louis8
WILL 580 AMUSA IllinoisCollege64IL, Urbana1
WILM 1450 AMUSA DelawareNews/Talk32DE, Wilmington10
WILN Island 106.0 FMUSA FloridaDance, Trance & Techno64FL, Panama City22
WILV Love 100.3 FMUSA IllinoisOldies32IL, Chicago9
WILZ Wheelz 104.5 FMUSA MichiganClassic Rock32MI, Saginaw3
WIMG 1300 AMUSA New JerseyReligious32NJ, Trenton4
WIMZ Classic Rock 103.5 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32TN, Knoxville5
Win 107.2 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Winchester2
WIND 560 AMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk22IL, Chicago4
WINK 96.9 FMUSA FloridaGeneral Station32FL, Fort Myers8
WINS 1010 AMUSA New YorkNews/Talk32NY, New York14
WIOE Oldies 98.3 FMUSA IndianaOldies56IN, Warsaw9
WIOG 102.5 FMUSA MichiganTop 4032MI, Saginaw3
WIOQ Q 102 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032PA, Philadelphia1
WIOT 104.7 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32OH, Toledo2
WIP 610 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32PA, Philadelphia3
Wire 107.2 FMUnited KingdomTop 4032Warrington6
WIRP La Nueva 88.3 FMUSA FloridaLatin Hits64FL, Miami54
WIRY 1340 AMUSA New YorkNews/Talk32NY, Plattsburgh9
WISG The Song 93.9 FMUSA IndianaChristian Cont.36IN, Indianapolis5
Wish 102.4 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32Wigan11
WISM The Mix 98.1 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Hits32WI, Eau Claire3
WISN 1130 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32WI, Milwaukee2
WIST 690 AMUSA LouisianaNews/Talk56LA, New Orleans4
WISU 89.7 FMUSA IndianaCollege32IN, Terre Haute1
WISX My 106.1 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32PA, Philadelphia1
WISX My HD2 Smooth JazzUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32PA, Philadelphia11
WITF 89.5 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic32PA, Harrisburg1
WITH Hot 99.5 FMUSA MarylandTop 4032MD, Rockville6
WITL 100.7 FMUSA MichiganCountry32MI, Lansing7
WITR 89.7 FMUSA New YorkRock & Pop128NY, Rochester17
WIUP 90.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128PA, Indiana1
WIVK 107.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TN, Knoxville4
WIXC ESPN 1060 AMUSA FloridaSports48FL, Space Coast6
WIXO The X Rocks 99.9 FMUSA IllinoisRock & Pop32IL, Peoria6
WIXQ 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege96PA, Millersville0
WIXX 101.0 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032WI, Green Bay2
WIYY Rock Baltimore 97.9 FMUSA MarylandRock & Pop32MD, Baltimore14
WIZB His Radio 94.3 FMUSA AlabamaChristian Cont.48AL, Abbeville14
WIZN 106.7 FMUSA North CarolinaFull Service32VT, Burlington1
WJAS 1320 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies32PA, Pittsburgh2
WJAX 1220 AMUSA FloridaJazz & Blues64FL, Jacksonville6
WJBC 98.1 FMUSA IndianaNews/Talk24IN, Bloomington2
WJBC The Voice of McLean County 1230 AMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk24IL, Bloomington2
WJBO 1150 AMUSA LouisianaNews/Talk48LA, Baton Rouge6
WJBQ Q 97.9 FMUSA MaineTop 4032ME, Portland5
WJBR 1290 AMUSA DelawareGeneral Station32DE, Wilmington6
WJCD Smooth Jazz 107.7 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32VA, Norfolk16
WJCT 89.9 FMUSA FloridaCommunity48FL, Jacksonville3
WJCU 88.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege40OH, Cleveland1
WJCW 910 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TN, Johnson City3
WJEZ Lite Rock 98.9 FMUSA IllinoisSoft Rock32IL, Bloomington14
WJFF Radio Catskill 90.5 FMUSA New YorkPublic32NY, Jeffersonville11
WJFM Jimmy Swaggart Ministries 88.5 FMUSA LouisianaReligious32LA, Baton Rouge8
WJFP 91.1 FMUSA FloridaGospel32FL, Cocoa Beach17
WJGL The Eagle 96.9 FMUSA FloridaClassic Hits32FL, Jacksonville5
WJHS The Eagle 91.5 FMUSA IndianaAdult Cont.64IN, Columbia City1
WJIE 88.5 FMUSA KentuckyChristian Cont.128KY, Louisville5
WJIS The Joy 88.1 FMUSA FloridaChristian Cont.64FL, Sarasota4
WJJA 98.5 FMUSA KentuckyGospel16KY, London7
WJJM 94.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry9TN, Lewisburg5
WJJS Jammin 106.1 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4052VA, Roanoke1
WJKN Vibe 89.3 FMUSA MichiganCollege56MI, Spring Arbor2
WJKQ JQ 99.3 FMUSA MichiganChristian Cont.32MI, Zeeland1
WJKS 101.7 FMUSA DelawareUrban R&B40DE, Wilmington12
WJKS Kiss FM 101.7USA New JerseyHip-Hop40NJ, Canton47
WJLB FM 98 97.9 FMUSA MichiganUrban R&B32MI, Detroit6
WJLB HD2 97.9 FMUSA MichiganUrban R&B32MI, Detroit9
WJLK The Point 94.3 FMUSA New JerseyAdult Cont.32NJ, Long Beach6
WJLU The Corner Stone 89.7 FMUSA FloridaReligious32FL, Port Orange6
WJMB Real Talk AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TN, Memphis3
WJMI Jams 99.7 FMUSA MississippiHip-Hop32MS, Ridgeland43
WJMK Jack 104.3 FMUSA IllinoisClassic Hits32IL, Chicago3
WJML 1110 AMUSA MichiganNews/Talk32MI, Petoskey2
WJMN Jamn 94.5 FMUSA MassachusettsUrban R&B32MA, Boston16
WJMR Jammin 98.3 FMUSA North CarolinaUrban R&B32WI, Milwaukee16
WJOB 1230 AMUSA IndianaOldies24IN, Hammond2
WJOL 1340 AMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk32IL, Joliet2
WJR 760 AMUSA MichiganNews/Talk32MI, Detroit5
WJRZ Oldies 100.1 FMUSA New JerseyOldies32NJ, Manahawkin11
WJSE The Ace 102.7 FMUSA New JerseyRock & Pop32NJ, Atlantic City3
WJSJ Smooth Jazz 105.3 FMUSA FloridaJazz & Blues32FL, Jacksonville23
WJSM 92.7 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.16PA, Martinburg0
WJTF Joy 89.9 FMUSA FloridaChristian Cont.24FL, Panama City3
WJTL 90.3 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.64PA, Lancaster0
WJTT Power 94 FMUSA North CarolinaUrban R&B32TN, Chattanooga14
WJXA Mix 92.9 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32TN, Nashville3
WJXB 97.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TN, Knoxville1
WJYE 96.1 FMUSA New YorkClassic Hits32NY, Buffalo12
WJZA 103.5 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32OH, Dublin10
WJZD The Peoples Station 94.5 FMUSA MississippiAdult Cont.16MS, Gulfport16
WJZI Smooth Jazz 93.3 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32WI, Milwaukee12
WJZTThe Smooth Sound 97.9 FMUSA FloridaJazz & Blues32FL, Tallahassee24
WKAR 870 AMUSA MichiganPublic64MI, Detroit0
WKAR 90.5 FMUSA MichiganClassical176MI, Detroit11
WKAT Christian Talk 1360 AMUSA FloridaNews/Talk20FL, Miami7
WKBU Bayou 95.7 FMUSA LouisianaRock & Pop32LA, New Orleans5
WKCR 89.9 FMUSA New YorkCollege128NY, New York11
WKDD 96.5 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32OH, Akron1
WKDF 103.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TN, Nashville3
WKDU 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128PA, Philadelphia0
WKEE 100KEE 100.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WV, Huntington2
WKES Moody Radio 91.1 FMUSA FloridaChristian Cont.32FL, Tampa11
WKFS Kiss 107 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032OH, Cincinnati3
WKFS Kiss HD2USA North CarolinaTop 4032OH, Cincinnati2
WKGS Kiss 106.7 FMUSA New YorkTop 4032NY, Rochester18
WKHK K95 95 FMUSA GeorgiaCountry32GA, Atlanta6
WKHL The Coast 96.7 FMUSA ConnecticutClassic Hits24CT, Norwalk4
WKHR 91.5 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies24OH, Cleveland2
WKIS Kiss Country 99.9 FMUSA FloridaCountry51FL, Hollywood37
WKJY KJOY 98.3 FMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Long Island14
WKKF Kiss 102.3 FMUSA New YorkTop 4032NY, Albany27
WKKI K94 94.3 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop40OH, Celina0
WKKT The Kat 96.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32NC, Charlotte11
WKKV V100 100.7 FMUSA North CarolinaUrban R&B32WI, Milwaukee8
WKLB Country 102.5 FMUSA MassachusettsCountry32MA, Boston23
WKLH 96.5 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32WI, Milwaukee4
WKLJ ESPN 1290 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32WI, Sparta3
WKLQ 107.3 FMUSA MichiganRock & Pop32MI, Grand Rapids0
WKMB Harvest Radio AM 1070USA New JerseyReligious32NJ, Stirling8
WKMK 98.5 FMUSA New JerseyCountry32NJ, Neptune5
WKMS 91.3 FMUSA KentuckyPublic64KY, Murray3
WKNC The Revolution 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege64NC, Raleigh1
WKNL Kool 101 FMUSA ConnecticutOldies48CT, New London4
WKNN 99 FMUSA MississippiCountry32MS, Biloxi8
WKNO 91.1 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic32TN, Memphis0
WKNR Sports Talk Cleveland AMUSA North CarolinaSports273OH, Cleveland2
WKOK 1070 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32PA, Sunbury1
WKOL Kool 105 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32VT, Burlington3
WKOL Kool 105.1 FMUSA New YorkOldies32NY, Plattsburgh20
WKOS The Peak 104.9 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TN, Johnson City2
WKPS The Lion 90.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128PA, University Park0
WKQC 104.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32NC, Charlotte1
WKQI Channel 955 95.5 FMUSA MichiganTop 4032MI, Detroit3
WKQZ The Rock Station 93.3 FMUSA MichiganRock & Pop32MI, Saginaw8
WKRC 55KRC AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OH, Cincinnati5
WKRK Free 97.1 FMUSA MichiganNews/Talk32MI, Detroit3
WKRL KRock 100.9 FMUSA New YorkRock & Pop32NY, Syracuse24
WKRS 1220 AMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk32IL, Waukegan1
WKRZ 98.5 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4050PA, Wilkes-Barre1
WKSC KISS 103.5 FMUSA IllinoisTop 4032IL, Chicago9
WKSE Kiss 98.5 FMUSA New YorkTop 4032NY, Buffalo26
WKSF Kiss Country 99.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32NC, Asheville12
WKSO Kiss 97.3 FMUSA IllinoisTop 4032IL, Natchez39
WKSR 98.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TN, Pulaski4
WKSR KHOP 1420 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies20TN, Pulaski1
WKSS Kiss 95.7 FMUSA ConnecticutTop 4032CT, Hartford5
WKST Kiss 96.1 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032PA, Pittsburg1
WKST Kiss Dance HD2USA North CarolinaTop 4032PA, Pittsburg2
WKSU 89.7 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic128OH, Kent1
WKTG Power Rock 93.9 FMUSA KentuckyRock & Pop32KY, Madisonville12
WKTI 94.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WI, Milwaukee2
WKTU 103.5 FMUSA New YorkDance, Trance & Techno32NY, New York13
WKTZ Jones College Radio 90.9 FMUSA FloridaCollege32FL, Jacksonville6
WKUS Kiss 105.3 FMUSA North CarolinaUrban R&B32VA, Norfolk19
WKUY 106.1 FMUSA New YorkChristian Cont.40NY, Newport6
WKWH Buddy 94.3 FMUSA IndianaCountry32IN, Rushville6
WKWH Classic Hits 1520 AMUSA IndianaClassic Hits32IN, Rushville10
WKXD Kicks 106.9 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4048TN, Cookeville2
WKXW 101.5 FMUSA New JerseyOldies32NJ, Trenton9
WKYU 88.9 FMUSA KentuckyPublic24KY, Bowling Green3
WLAC Newsradio 1510 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TN, Nashville5
WLAN FM97 96.9 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032PA, Lancaster1
WLAP 630 AMUSA KentuckyNews/Talk32KY, Lexington5
WLAV Classic Rock 97 FMUSA MichiganClassic Rock32MI, Grand Rapids13
WLBF Faith Radio 89.1 FMUSA AlabamaReligious32AL, Montgomery11
WLFM 91.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege64WI, Appleton0
WLFW The Wolf 93.5 FMUSA IndianaCountry32IN, Evansville5
WLGZ Legends 990 FMUSA New YorkOldies32NY, Rochester21
WLHN 990 AMUSA IndianaReligious32IN, Muncie2
WLHT Lite Rock 95.7 FMUSA MichiganSoft Rock32MI, Grand Rapids7
WLIK 1270 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies20TN, Newport2
WLIR 107.1 FMUSA New YorkAlternative20NY, Garden City10
WLIT The Lite 93.9 FMUSA IllinoisSoft Rock32IL, Chicago5
WLIU 88.3 FMUSA New YorkPublic24NY, Southampton5
WLIX Radio X 94.7 FMUSA New YorkUnderground112NY, Long Island92
WLJS 92j 92.1 FMUSA AlabamaCollege128AL, Jacksonville8
WLJY Lite 96.7 FMUSA North CarolinaEasy Listening32WI, Plover9
WLKN Lake 98.1 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WI, Cleveland1
WLLD Wild 98.7 FMUSA FloridaHip-Hop32FL, St. Petersburg28
WLMG Magic 101.9 FMUSA LouisianaSoft Rock32LA, Metairie6
WLNG 600 AMUSA New YorkNews/Talk32NY, Riverhead10
WLNH 98.3 FMUSA New HampshireAdult Cont.32NH, Laconia4
WLNK The Link 107.9 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032NC, Charlotte5
WLNO 1060 AMUSA LouisianaReligious32LA, New Orleans5
WLOC 1150 AMUSA KentuckyCountry32KY, Munfordville7
WLOF 101.7 FMUSA New YorkReligious12NY, Buffalo10
WLOH Talk Radio 1320 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk20OH, Lancaster5
WLQT Lite 99.9 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32OH, Dayton3
WLQT Lite HD2USA North CarolinaSoft Rock32OH, Dayton1
WLR 95.1 FMIrelandFull Service20Waterford City9
WLRH Public Radio 89.3 FMUSA AlabamaPublic44AL, Huntsville6
WLRN 91.3 FMUSA FloridaNews/Talk48FL, Miami5
WLRN Classical HDUSA FloridaClassical128FL, Miami24
WLRT RaceTalk 1490 AMUSA North CarolinaSports20VA, Hampton0
WLRY 88.5 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32OH, Rushville0
WLS 890 AMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk24IL, Chicago5
WLSS 930 AMUSA FloridaNews/Talk32FL, Sarasota6
WLTE Lite 102.9 FMUSA MinnesotaSoft Rock32MN, Minneapolis5
WLTI Lite Rock 105.9 FMUSA New YorkSoft Rock32NY, Syracuse34
WLTJ Lite 92.9 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32PA, Pittsburg2
WLTL Rock 88.1 FMUSA IllinoisRock & Pop40IL, La Grande5
WLTM Lite 96.7 FMUSA GeorgiaAdult Cont.32GA, Atlanta3
WLTW Lite 106.7 FMUSA New YorkSoft Rock32NY, New York10
WLUE Louie 100.5 FMUSA KentuckyAdult Cont.32KY, Louisville3
WLUM 102.1 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative32WI, Milwaukee3
WLUR 91.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege32VA, Lexington0
WLUW 88.7 FMUSA IllinoisCommunity128IL, Chicago2
WLVF Gospel 90.3 FMUSA FloridaGospel32FL, Haines City26
WLVR 91.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege32PA, Bethlehem0
WLW 700 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OH, Cincinnati4
WLWD Wild 93.9 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032OH, Lima1
WLXQ 97X 97 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WI, Wausau2
WLXT Lite 96.7 FMUSA MichiganSoft Rock32MI, Petoskey3
WLYF Lite 101.5 FMUSA FloridaEasy Listening32FL, Miami14
WLYT Lite 102.9 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32NC, Charlotte1
WLZT Lite 93.3 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Hits32OH, Columbus3
WLZT Lite HD2USA North CarolinaClassic Hits32OH, Columbus4
WLZW 98.7 FMUSA New YorkSoft Rock32NY, Utica11
WLZX Lazer 99.3 FMUSA MassachusettsHard Rock32MA, East Longmeadow37
WMAL 630 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32DC, Washington3
WMAS 1450 AMUSA MassachusettsAdult Cont.32MA, Springfield2
WMAY 970 AMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk32IL, Springfield0
WMBC 560 AMUSA MarylandCollege184MD, Baltimore5
WMBM 1490 AMUSA FloridaGospel20FL, Miami7
WMBN 88.9 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious32TN, Chattanooga0
WMBR 88.1 FMUSA MassachusettsGeneral Station128MA, Cambridge2
WMBV 91.9 FMUSA AlabamaReligious21AL, Dixons Mills10
WMCE 88.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege20PA, Erie0
WMCR eRadio 99.5 FMUSA MarylandCollege128MD, Rockville6
WMCU Spirit 89.7 FMUSA FloridaChristian Cont.32FL, Miami6
WMCX The X 88.9 FMUSA New JerseyCollege128NJ, Long Branch5
WMEB 91.9 FMUSA MaineCollege56ME, Orono2
WMEH Maine Public Radio 90.9 FMUSA MainePublic32ME, Bangor5
WMEL 920 AMUSA FloridaNews/Talk64FL, Melbourne4
WMET 1160 AMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station32DC, Washington0
WMEX 106.5 FMUSA New HampshireOldies64NH, Rochester5
WMFE 90.7 FMUSA FloridaPublic40FL, Orlando7
WMFO 91.5 FMUSA MassachusettsCollege64MA, Medford2
WMGC Magic 105.1 FMUSA MichiganAdult Cont.32MI, Ferndale2
WMGK Classic Rock 102.9 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32PA, Bala Cynwyd26
WMGM The Shark 103.7 FMUSA New JerseyClassic Rock32NJ, Atlantic City10
WMGQ Magic 98.3 FMUSA New JerseySoft Rock32NJ, Somerset7
WMGS Magic 93.0 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32PA, Wilkes-Barre4
WMGT 1220 AMUSA MinnesotaGeneral Station32MN, Stilwater3
WMHT 89.1 FMUSA New YorkPublic56NY, Schenectady4
WMID Classic Oldies 1340 AMUSA New JerseyOldies32NJ, Atlantic City19
WMIL 106.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32WI, Milwaukee4
WMIT The Light 106.9 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32NC, Black Mountain0
WMJI Majic 105.7 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32OH, Columbus5
WMJJ Magic 96.5 FMUSA AlabamaOldies32AL, Birmingham9
WMJK The Coast 100.9 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32OH, Sandusky5
WMJR Real Life Radio 1380 AMUSA KentuckyReligious32KY, Lexington3
WMJX Magic 106.7 FMUSA MassachusettsAdult Cont.32MA, Boston8
WMJY Magic 93.7 FMUSA MississippiGeneral Station32MS, Biloxi14
WMKK Mike 93.7 FMUSA MassachusettsAdult Cont.32MA, Lawrence5
WMKL Call 91.7 FMUSA FloridaReligious32FL, Port Orange11
WMKO 91.7 FMUSA FloridaPublic64FL, Fort Myers4
WMKV Old Time Radio 89.3 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies20OH, Cincinnati9
WMLL The Mill 96.5 FMUSA New HampshireClassic Rock32NH, Manchester5
WMLX Mix 103.3 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32OH, Lima0
WMMM Triple M 105.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WI, Madison4
WMMQ 94.9 FMUSA MichiganClassic Rock32MI, Lansing3
WMMR 93.3 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32PA, Philadelphia1
WMMS 100.7 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32OH, Cleveland0
WMMX Mix 107.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32OH, Dayton3
WMMX Mix HD2USA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32OH, Dayton3
WMNF 88.5 FMUSA FloridaCommunity58FL, Tampa7
WMNR Fine Arts Radio 88.1 FMUSA ConnecticutPublic96CT, Monroe0
WMOP 900 AMUSA FloridaSports32FL, Ocala5
WMPG 90.9 FMUSA MaineCollege64ME, Portland1
WMPH Super 91.7 FMUSA DelawareDance, Trance & Techno64DE, Wilmington13
WMPN 91.3 FMUSA MississippiPublic128MS, Jackson6
WMPR 90.1 FMUSA MississippiGospel32MS, Jackson10
WMPS Radio Pig 107.5 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32TN, Memphis2
WMPW Kim 99 98.9 FMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32TN, Memphis23
WMPZ Groove 93 93.7 FMUSA North CarolinaSoul32TN, Chattanooga30
WMRQ Radio 104 FMUSA ConnecticutRock & Pop32CT, Hartford2
WMRR Total Rock 101.7 FMUSA MichiganRock & Pop32MI, Muskegon7
WMRS Sunny 107.7 FMUSA IndianaAdult Cont.64IN, Monticello3
WMSD 90.9 FMUSA MichiganReligious20MI, Lupton1
WMSI Miss 103 102.9 FMUSA MississippiCountry32MS, Jackson13
WMSJ Positive 89.3 FMUSA MaineReligious32ME, Portland7
WMSS Student Radio 91.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege32PA, Middletown0
WMSV 91.1 FMUSA MississippiCollege32MS, Jackson4
WMT 600 AMUSA IowaNews/Talk32IA, Cedar Rapids3
WMTR 1250 AMUSA New JerseyOldies32NJ, Morristown4
WMTU 91.9 FMUSA MichiganCollege229MI, Lansing1
WMUA The Radio Voice of UMASS 91.1 FMUSA MassachusettsCollege32MA, Amherst3
WMUB 88.5 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic24OH, Oxford1
WMUC 88.1 FMUSA MarylandCollege96MD, College Park4
WMUH 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128PA, Allentown0
WMUK 102.1 FMUSA MichiganCollege96MI, Kalamazoo0
WMUS The Moose 107.0 FMUSA MichiganCountry32MI, Muskegon6
WMUZ The Light 103.5 FMUSA MichiganChristian Cont.32MI, Detroit1
WMVB 1440 AMUSA New JerseyNews/Talk16NJ, Millville5
WMVP ESPN Radio 1000 AMUSA IllinoisSports30IL, Chicago2
WMVV New Life 90.7 FMUSA GeorgiaChristian Cont.24GA, Griffin7
WMVX Mix 106.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32OH, Cleveland2
WMVY 92.7 FMUSA MassachusettsAdult Cont.20MA, Vineyard Haven6
WMWX ClassX 88.9 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.96OH, Cincinnati2
WMXC Lite Mix 99.9 FMUSA AlabamaAdult Cont.32AL, Mobile10
WMXD Mix 92.3 FMUSA MichiganSoul32MI, Detroit34
WMXD Mix 92.3 FMUSA MichiganSoul32MI, Detroit34
WMXJ Majic 102.7 FMUSA FloridaOldies32FL, Pompano Beach14
WMXQ The Point 102.9 FMUSA FloridaAdult Cont.32FL, Jacksonville13
WMXX Kool 103 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies24TN, Jackson3
WMYU The Point 93.1 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32TN, Knoxville2
WMYX FM 99USA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WI, Hales Corners2
WMZQ 98.7 FMUSA MarylandCountry32MD, Rockville9
WNAH Audio 1 1360 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious24TN, Nashville4
WNAH Audio 2 1360 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious24TN, Nashville0
WNAR 1250 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies24PA, Tylersport1
WNAS 88.1 FMUSA IndianaCollege20IN, New Albany2
WNAV 1430 AMUSA MarylandNews/Talk16MD, Annapolis7
WNAZ 89.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege58TN, Nashville0
WNCI 97.9 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032OH, Columbus1
WNCI HD2USA North CarolinaTop 4052OH, Columbus0
WNCS The Point 104.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.48VT, Burlington1
WNCW 88.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128NC, Spindale0
WNCY 100.0 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32WI, Green Bay2
WNDE 1260 AMUSA IndianaSports32IN, Indianapolis1
WNDV U 93 FMUSA IndianaAdult Cont.32IN, South Bend2
WNED Public Arts Radio 94.5 FMUSA New YorkClassical32NY, Buffalo21
WNED Public Arts Radio 970 AMUSA New YorkPublic32NY, Buffalo9
WNIC 100.3 FMUSA MichiganAdult Cont.32MI, Detroit3
WNIN 88.3 FMUSA IndianaPublic20IN, Evansville2
WNIO 1390 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies32OH, Youngstown1
WNJA 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128PA, Washington0
WNJB FM 89.3USA New JerseyPublic20NJ, Bridgeton4
WNJC 1360 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk48PA, Philadelphia3
WNKU 89.7 FMUSA KentuckyPublic24KY, Newport4
WNNH 99.1 FMUSA New HampshireOldies32NH, Concord4
WNNJ 1360 AMUSA New JerseyOldies32NJ, Newton0
WNNJ Classic Rock 103.7 FMUSA New JerseyClassic Rock32NJ, Newton29
WNNO Mix 106.9 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032WI, Portage4
WNNS Lite Rock 99 FMUSA IllinoisSoft Rock32IL, Riverton8
WNNX 99X 99.7 FMUSA GeorgiaAlternative32GA, Atlanta9
WNOE 101.1 FMUSA LouisianaCountry32LA, New Orleans5
WNOI 104 FMUSA IllinoisTop 4096IL, Flora5
WNOP Sacred Hearth Radio 740 AMUSA KentuckyReligious20KY, Newport3
WNOR 99.1 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32VA, Norfolk0
WNOV 860 AMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32WI, Milwaukee13
WNOW 1030 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk64NC, Charlotte2
WNOX Newstalk 100.3 FMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TN, Knoxville3
WNPR 90.5 FMUSA ConnecticutPublic24CT, Hartford0
WNPS Sports Radio 105.5 FMUSA AlabamaSports24AL, Bay Minette12
WNPV 1440 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32PA, Landsdale1
WNRI 1380 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32RI, Woonsocket1
WNRN 91.9 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic64VA, Charlottesville0
WNSB Hot 91.1 FMUSA North CarolinaUrban R&B64VA, Norfolk18
WNSS ESPN Radio 1260 AMUSA New YorkSports32NY, Syracuse18
WNTA 1330 AMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk32IL, Rockford3
WNTI 91.9 FMUSA New JerseyPublic32NJ, Hackettstown1
WNTK 99.7 FMUSA New HampshireNews/Talk24NH, New London6
WNTN 1550 AMUSA MassachusettsNews/Talk9MA, Newton6
WNTP 990 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32PA, Philadelphia0
WNTQ 93Q 93 FMUSA New YorkTop 4032NY, Syracuse13
WNTR The Track 107.9 FMUSA IndianaGeneral Station32IN, Indianapolis2
WNUA Smooth Jazz 95.5 FMUSA IllinoisJazz & Blues32IL, Chicago18
WNUR 89.3 FMUSA IllinoisCollege128IL, Chicago1
WNWC 1190 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious20WI, Madison0
WNWC Life 102.5 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.20WI, Madison2
WNWR 1540 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk20PA, Philadelphia0
WNWV The Wave 107.3 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32OH, Cleveland14
WNYC 820 AMUSA New YorkPublic32NY, New York8
WNYC 93.9 FMUSA New YorkPublic32NY, New York11
WNYC HDUSA New YorkClassical128NY, New York12
WNYO 88.9 FMUSA New YorkCollege48NY, Osego5
WNYU 89.1 FMUSA New YorkCollege128NY, New York11
WNZR Lifeline 90.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege56OH, Mount Vernon3
WOAI 1200 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TX, San Antonio1
WOAK 90.9 FMUSA GeorgiaChristian Cont.64GA, La Grande2
WOBM 92.7 FMUSA New JerseySoft Rock32NJ, Toms River4
WOBO 88.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCommunity64OH, Batavia0
WOCM Ocean 98.1 FMUSA DelawareRock & Pop128DE, Selbyville10
WOCM Ocean 98.1 FMUSA MarylandAlternative128MD, Ocean City16
WOCQ OC 104 103.9 FMUSA MarylandHip-Hop32MD, Ocean City16
WODE The Hawk 99.9 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Hits32PA, Easton1
WODL New Country 97.3 FMUSA AlabamaCountry24AL, Birmingham37
WODT Sports Radio 1280 AMUSA LouisianaSports32LA, New Orleans2
WODZ Oldiez 96 FMUSA New YorkOldies32NY, Utica24
WOEZ 88 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32TN, Knoxville7
WOFM The Valley 99.9 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WI, Wausau1
WOFX The Fox 92.5 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32OH, Cincinnati10
WOFX The Fox HD2USA North CarolinaClassic Rock32OH, Cincinnati7
WOGK 93.7 FMUSA FloridaCountry32FL, Ocala10
WOGL 98.1 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32PA, Philadelphia0
WOI 640 AMUSA IowaNews/Talk32IA, Ames2
WOI 90.1 FMUSA IowaClassical176IA, Ames9
WOJB 88.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCommunity20WI, Hayward0
WOKO The BIG Station 98.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32VT, Burlington5
WOKV 690 AMUSA FloridaNews/Talk32FL, Jacksonville6
WOKY The Mighty 920 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies32WI, Milwaukee3
WOLX 94.9 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32WI, Madison2
WOMC 104.3 FMUSA MichiganOldies32MI, Fermdale1
WOMR 92.1 FMUSA MassachusettsCollege24MA, Provincetown3
WONB The Beat 94.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege60OH, Ada0
WONC Pure Rock 89.9 FMUSA IllinoisRock & Pop44IL, Naperville14
WOND 1400 AMUSA New JerseyNews/Talk32NJ, Atlantic City1
WONU Shine 89.7 FMUSA IllinoisCollege64IL, Bourbonnais3
WOOD Star FM 105.7 FMUSA MichiganClassic Hits32MI, Grand Rapids4
WOOL 100.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCommunity96VT, Bellows Falls1
WOON O-N 2 All News RadioUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk20RI, Woonsocket1
WOON O-N 3 Sports RadioUSA North CarolinaSports20RI, Woonsocket2
WOON O-N TV 1240 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk100RI, Woonsocket2
WOPP 1290 AMUSA AlabamaCommunity48AL, Opp8
WOR 710 AMUSA New YorkNews/Talk32NY, New York5
WORC Oldies 98.9 FMUSA MassachusettsOldies32MA, Worcester7
WORC Power 1310 AMUSA MassachusettsLatin Hits24MA, Worcester16
Word of Truth Radio- Acoustic Praise CafUnited StatesChristian Cont.32US, Webcast33
Word of Truth Radio- Relax Hymns StationUnited StatesChristian Cont.32US, Webcast39
Word of Truth Radio- Truth Talk StationUnited StatesNews/Talk32US, Webcast65
WORK The River 93.5 FMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Utica16
World 88.5 FMNew ZealandGeneral Station24Tawa4
WORQ 90.1 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32WI, Green Bay1
WOSU 820 AMUSA North CarolinaPublic176OH, Columbus0
WOSU 89.7 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic176OH, Columbus0
WOUB 1340 AMUSA North CarolinaPublic1OH, Athens0
WOUB 91.3 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic1OH, Athens0
WOUR The Rock 96.9 FMUSA New YorkRock & Pop32NY, Utica32
WOWI 103 Jamz 102.9 FMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32VA, Norfolk32
WOXY 97.7 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop64OH, Oxford3
WPAZ 1370 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk20PA, Pottstown1
WPBR 1340 AMUSA FloridaNews/Talk350FL, Lantana4
WPCV 97.5 FMUSA FloridaCountry48FL, Lakeland7
WPEB Radio Volta 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative96PA, Philadelphia11
WPEK The Revolution 880 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32NC, Asheville2
WPEN Sportstalk Radio 950 AMUSA North CarolinaSports24PA, Philadelphia0
WPER Christian Radio 89.9 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32VA, Warrenton2
WPFX The Fox 107.7 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32OH, Findlay7
WPGB 104 FMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk52PA, Pittsburg0
WPGC Heaven 1580 AMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32DC, Washington3
WPGC Jamz 95.5 FMUSA North CarolinaUrban R&B32DC, Washington15
WPGL Sound of Life Radio 93.9 FMUSA New YorkChristian Cont.48NY, Albany23
WPGU 107.1 FMUSA IllinoisAlternative128IL, Champaign17
WPHH Power 104.1 FMUSA ConnecticutHip-Hop32CT, Bridgeport22
WPHT The Big Talker 1210 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32PA, Philadelphia2
WPIP 880 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious64NC, Winston Salem6
WPKF Kiss 96.1 FMUSA New YorkTop 4032NY, Poughkeepsie10
WPKM Real Radio 88.7 FMUSA New YorkGeneral Station24NY, Montauk17
WPKN Real Radio 89.5 FMUSA ConnecticutGeneral Station24CT, Bridgeport5
WPKX Kix 97.9 FMUSA MassachusettsCountry32MA, Springfield6
WPLJ 95.5 FMUSA New YorkTop 4032NY, New York7
WPLN 1430 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic21TN, Nashville0
WPLN 90.3 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic45TN, Nashville0
WPLR 99.1 FMUSA ConnecticutRock & Pop32CT, New Haven3
WPMD 1700 AMUSA CaliforniaCollege20CA, Cerritos6
WPOC 93.1 FMUSA MarylandCountry32MD, Baltimore6
WPOI The Point 101.5 FMUSA Florida80s32FL, Tampa39
WPON 1460 AMUSA MichiganOldies24MI, Grand Rapids2
WPOW Power 96.5 FMUSA FloridaTop 4032FL, Miami16
WPOZ Z 88.3 FMUSA FloridaGospel100FL, Orlando16
WPPJ PPU Rock Radio 670 AMUSA North CarolinaCollege32PA, Pittsburg1
WPR Wisconsin Public Radio - Classical NetworkUSA North CarolinaClassical42WI, Madison16
WPR Wisconsin Public Radio - Ideas NetworkUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk42WI, Madison3
WPRB 103.3 FMUSA New JerseyClassical160NJ, Princeton15
WPRK 91.5 FMUSA FloridaCollege128FL, Winter Park5
WPRO 92 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032RI, Providence0
WPRV The Sound 94.9 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative32OH, Cincinnati10
WPSB 1320 AMUSA AlabamaNews/Talk23AL, Birmingham10
WPST 97.5 FMUSA New JerseyTop 4032NJ, Princeton3
WPSU 106.7 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic96PA, University Park2
WPTC 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128PA, Williamsport0
WPTE The Point 94.9 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32VA, Virginia Beach1
WPTI New Country 103.9 FMUSA KentuckyCountry32KY, Louisville20
WPTR Pulse 96.7 FMUSA New YorkChristian Cont.32NY, Albany7
WPTS 92.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege103PA, Pittsburg1
WPTT 1360 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32PA, Pittsburg2
WPUM 90.5 FMUSA IndianaCollege64IN, Rensselaer1
WPUR Cat Country 107.3 FMUSA New JerseyCountry32NJ, Atlantic City19
WPVM 103.5 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic128NC, Asheville0
WPWX Power 92 FMUSA IllinoisAdult Cont.32IL, Chicago4
WPYA Bob 93.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32VA, Norfolk1
WPYO Power 95.3 FMUSA FloridaTop 4032FL, Orlando17
WPYX 106 FMUSA New YorkClassic Rock32NY, Albany8
WQAM 560 AMUSA FloridaSports32FL, Miami4
WQBC The Word 1420 AMUSA MississippiReligious32MS, Vicksburg9
WQBK Q 103.5 FMUSA New YorkRock & Pop32NY, Albany2
WQBW The Brew 97.3 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32WI, Milwaukee0
WQED 89.3 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic256PA, Pittsburg1
WQEN The Q 103.7 FMUSA AlabamaHip-Hop32AL, Birmingham30
WQFL Positive Hit Radio 101.0 FMUSA IllinoisChristian Cont.32IL, Rockford8
WQHC The Fuse 87.9 FMUSA IndianaCollege64IN, Hutington0
WQHK 105 FMUSA IndianaCountry32IN, Fort Wayne4
WQHS Student Radio 720 AMUSA North CarolinaCollege128PA, Philadelphia0
WQJK Jack 95.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TN, Knoxville1
WQLK Kicks 96 96 FMUSA IndianaCountry64IN, Richmond4
WQLN 91.3 FMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station32PA, Erie0
WQLT Q107 107.3 FMUSA AlabamaClassic Hits44AL, Florence9
WQLZ The Rock Station 92.7 FMUSA IllinoisHard Rock32IL, Riverton51
WQNA The Edge 88.3 FMUSA IllinoisCollege128IL, Springfield3
WQNQ Star 104.3 FMUSA North Carolina80s32NC, Asheville50
WQNS Rock 104.9 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32NC, Asheville7
WQNZ Country 95.0 FMUSA MississippiCountry32MS, Natchez34
WQOS 98.9 FMUSA MichiganClassic Rock128MI, Mount Pleasant6
WQQB All the Hits Q 96 FMUSA IllinoisHip-Hop32IL, Chicago25
WQRB B-95 Radio 95.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32WI, Eau Claire4
WQRK Super Oldies 102.5USA IndianaOldies64IN, Bedford13
WQRP Praise 89.5 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious64OH, Dayton2
WQSE 1030 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious32TN, White Bluff1
WQSX Star 93.7 FMUSA MassachusettsAdult Cont.32MA, Brighton4
WQUE Q 93 FMUSA LouisianaHip-Hop32LA, New Orleans12
WQUN 1220 AMUSA ConnecticutCollege20CT, Hamden0
WQUS US 103.1 FMUSA MichiganClassic Hits32MI, Flint2
WQXC Cool 101.1 FMUSA MichiganOldies32MI, Otsego1
WQXD 97.9 FMUSA AlabamaCountry48AL, Athens10
WQXI The Zone 790 AMUSA GeorgiaChristian Cont.64GA, Atlanta3
WQXR 96.3 FMUSA New YorkClassical96NY, New York5
WRAK Magic 97.3 FMUSA GeorgiaRock & Pop32GA, Albany5
WRAL Mix 101.5 FMUSA North Carolina80s32NC, Raleigh47
WRAT The Rat Rocks 95.9 FMUSA New JerseyRock & Pop32NJ, Belmar12
WRBB 104.9 FMUSA MassachusettsCollege96MA, Boston2
WRBC 91.5 FMUSA MaineCollege128ME, Lewiston5
WRBR The Bear 103.9 FMUSA IndianaRock & Pop32IN, South Bend2
WRBS 95.1 FMUSA MarylandReligious32MD, Baltimore5
WRCJ 90.9 FMUSA MichiganClassical48MI, Detroit4
WRCM New Life 91.9 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32NC, Charlotte5
WRCU 90.1 FMUSA New YorkCollege128NY, Hamilton7
WRDR The Bridge 103.1 FMUSA New YorkReligious96NY, New York15
WRDR The Bridge FM 89.7USA New JerseyReligious96NJ, Howell4
WRDT The Word 560 AMUSA MichiganReligious32MI, Detroit1
WRDW Wired 96.5 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032PA, Pittsburg0
WRDX The River 94.7 FMUSA DelawareRock & Pop32DE, Claymont11
WREC 600 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TN, Memphis1
WREF Oldies 850 AMUSA ConnecticutOldies20CT, Danbury17
WREK 91.1 FMUSA GeorgiaCollege128GA, Atlanta3
WRFD The Word 880 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious20OH, Columbus1
WRFG 89.3 FMUSA GeorgiaJazz & Blues24GA, Atlanta7
WRFN Radio Free Nashville 98.9 FMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk48TN, Nashville3
WRFX The Fox 99.7 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32NC, Charlotte2
WRGP 88.1 FMUSA FloridaCollege128FL, Miami6
WRGS 1370 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious16TN, Rogersville0
WRGW 540 AMUSA North CarolinaCollege96DC, Washington0
WRHQ Quality Rock 105.3 FMUSA GeorgiaRock & Pop32GA, Savannah14
WRHU Radio Hofstra University 88.7 FMUSA New YorkCollege128NY, Hempstead17
WRIF 101.1 FMUSA MichiganRock & Pop32MI, Detroit4
WRIV 1390 AMUSA New YorkOldies32NY, Riverhead9
WRKA 103.1 FMUSA KentuckyOldies32KY, Louisville2
WRKE 100.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege32VA, Salem0
WRKF 89.3 FMUSA LouisianaPublic24LA, Baton Rouge3
WRKO 680 AMUSA MassachusettsNews/Talk32MA, Boston6
WRKQ 1250 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies24TN, Madisonville1
WRLL Real Oldies 1690 AMUSA IllinoisOldies32IL, Chicago18
WRLR Radio Active 98.3 FMUSA IllinoisPublic32IL, Round Lake3
WRMC 91.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege192VT, Middlebury1
WRMF 97.9 FMUSA FloridaClassic Hits22FL, West Palm Beach9
WRMN Radio Pinoy USA 558 AMUSA New JerseyGeneral Station8NJ, Nutley17
WRMN Radio Shopping Show 1410 AMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk16IL, Elgin1
WRNA 1140 AMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.20NC, Cannapolis0
WRNI 1290 AMUSA North CarolinaPublic40RI, Providence0
WRNJ Oldies 1510 AMUSA New JerseyOldies40NJ, Hackettstown4
WRNL Sports Radio 910 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32VA, Richmond1
WRNO The New Voice 99.5 FMUSA LouisianaNews/Talk32LA, New Orleans4
WRNQ 92.1 FMUSA New YorkSoft Rock32NY, Poughkeepsie11
WROK 88.5 FMUSA IndianaCollege96IN, Vincennes0
WROR 105.7 FMUSA MassachusettsOldies36MA, Boston4
WROS The Rose 1050 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious32TX, Jacksonville0
WRPI 91.5 FMUSA New YorkCollege64NY, Troy7
WRPJ The Sound of Life 88.9 FMUSA New YorkChristian Cont.32NY, Port Jervis24
WRPR 90.3 FMUSA New JerseyCollege128NJ, Mahwah1
WRR Classical 101.1 FMUSA North CarolinaClassical22TX, Dallas19
WRRK Bob 96.9 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32PA, Braddock2
WRRM Warm 98 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32OH, Cincinnati3
WRSC 1390 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32PA, State College3
WRSE 88.7 FMUSA IllinoisCollege128IL, Elmhurst8
WRSH Radio SoleilUSA New YorkEthnic32NY, Brooklin10
WRSN Sunny 93.9 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32NC, Raleigh3
WRSU 88.7 FMUSA New JerseyCollege44NJ, New Brunswick1
WRTB Bob 95.3 FMUSA IllinoisAdult Cont.32IL, Rockford3
WRTC Radio Trinity College 89.3 FMUSA ConnecticutCollege24CT, Hartford2
WRTI Classical 90.1 FMUSA North CarolinaClassical64PA, Philadelphia17
WRTI Jazz 90.1 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues64PA, Philadelphia15
WRTP His Radio 1000 AMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.40NC, Durham2
WRUC 89.7 FMUSA New YorkCollege128NY, Schenectady9
WRUR 88.5 FMUSA New YorkCollege96NY, Rochester9
WRUW 91.1 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock128OH, Cincinnati3
WRVA 1140 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32VA, Richmond5
WRVE The River 99.5 FMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Albany16
WRVF 101.5 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32OH, Cincinnati1
WRVL Victory 88.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege32VA, Lynchburg0
WRVO SUNY Oswego 89.9 FMUSA New YorkPublic24NY, Oswego6
WRVQ Q 94.5 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032VA, Richmond2
WRVU 91.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege45TN, Nashville0
WRVZ The Beat 98.7 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032WV, Charleston3
WRWD 107.3 FMUSA New YorkCountry32NY, Poughkeepsie9
WRXL The X 102.1 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32VA, Richmond2
WRXQ The Southlands Classic Rock 100.7 FMUSA IllinoisClassic Rock32IL, Joliet17
WRXT Spirit 90.3 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32VA, Lynchburg1
WRYR -LP 97.5 FMUSA MarylandPublic24MD, Sherwood4
WRZA 99.9 FMUSA IllinoisAdult Cont.32IL, Chicago2
WRZX X-103 FMUSA IndianaRock & Pop32IN, Indianapolis2
WSAI 1530 AMUSA North CarolinaOldies32OH, Cincinnati0
WSB 750 AMUSA GeorgiaNews/Talk32GA, Atlanta8
WSBA 910 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32PA, York2
WSBG 93.5 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32PA, Stroudsburg3
WSBN Sunny 99.1 FMUSA GeorgiaOldies56GA, Young Harris1
WSCA 106.1 FMUSA New HampshireCommunity40NH, Portsmouth3
WSCF Christian 91.9 FMUSA FloridaChristian Cont.48FL, Vero Beach9
WSCR The Score 670 AMUSA IllinoisSports32IL, Chicago2
WSCS 90.9 FMUSA New HampshireCollege112NH, New London3
WSDE 1190 AMUSA New YorkNews/Talk20NY, Cobleskill6
WSDM Crock 92.7 FMUSA IndianaCountry20IN, Terre Haute10
WSEW 88.5 FMUSA New HampshireReligious32NH, New Durham4
WSEW 91.7 FMUSA MaineChristian Cont.32ME, Sanford4
WSFR 107.7 FMUSA KentuckyClassic Rock32KY, Louisville6
WSGL The Mix 104.7 FMUSA FloridaAdult Cont.32FL, Naples14
WSHA 88.9 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues64NC, Raleigh12
WSHH Wish 99.7 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32PA, Pittsburgh3
WSHO Sonshine 800 AMUSA LouisianaReligious20LA, New Orleans10
WSHU 1260 AMUSA ConnecticutPublic24CT, Westport1
WSHU 91.1 FMUSA ConnecticutClassical24CT, Fairfield8
WSHZ 108.0 FMUSA MichiganGeneral Station32MI, Muskegon0
WSIA 88.9 FMUSA New YorkGeneral Station69NY, Staten Island7
WSIN 1590 AMUSA ConnecticutCollege96CT, New Haven0
WSIX The Big 98 97.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TN, Nashville8
WSJO SoJO 104.9 FMUSA New JerseyAdult Cont.32NJ, Atlantic City5
WSJR JR 93.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32PA, Wilkes-Barre4
WSJT Smooth Jazz 94.1 FMUSA FloridaJazz & Blues32FL, Tampa Bay20
WSJW Smooth Jazz 92.7 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues32PA, Carlisle16
WSKO The Score 790 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32RI, Providence4
WSKR The Score 1210 AMUSA LouisianaSports32LA, Baton Rouge7
WSKS Kiss 97.9 FMUSA New YorkTop 4032NY, Utica22
WSM Online 650 AMUSA North CarolinaCountry32TN, Nashville5
WSMC Classical 90.5 FMUSA North CarolinaClassical64TN, Collegedale20
WSMJ Smooth Jazz 104.3 FMUSA MarylandJazz & Blues34MD, Baltimore16
WSMR Life FM 89.1 FMUSA FloridaReligious40FL, Sarasota15
WSNC 90.5 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues64NC, Winston Salem9
WSNE Coast 93.3 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32RI, Providence1
WSNI Sunny 104.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32PA, Philadelphia1
WSNP Snap 107.3 FMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Rochester5
WSNR AM 620USA New JerseySports56NJ, Jersey City3
WSNV Sunny 93.5 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32VA, Roanoke3
WSNX 104.5 FMUSA MichiganTop 4032MI, Grand Rapids0
WSNY Sunny 95 94.7 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32OH, Columbus2
WSOF Christian Rock 89.9 FMUSA KentuckyReligious64KY, Madisonville8
WSOU 89.5 FMUSA New JerseyCollege32NJ, South Orange1
WSPD 1370 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OH, Toledo2
WSPK K 104.7 FMUSA New YorkTop 4032NY, Poughkeepsie5
WSPN 91.1 FMUSA New YorkCollege56NY, Saratoga Springs3
WSRB Soul 106.3 FMUSA IllinoisSoul48IL, Chicago36
WSRG Star 97.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WI, Sturgeon Bay1
WSRI UWEC SRI-75 Student radioUSA North CarolinaCollege96WI, Eau Claire0
WSRN 91.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege96PA, Smarthmore0
WSRS 96.1 FMUSA MassachusettsAdult Cont.32MA, Worcester2
WSSK Sound of Life Radio 89.7 FMUSA New YorkChristian Cont.32NY, Saratoga Springs26
WSSM The Arch 106.5 FMUSA MissouriClassic Hits64MO, Saint Louis5
WSSP Sports Radio 1250 AMUSA North CarolinaSports32WI, Milwaukee5
WSSR Star 96.7 FMUSA IllinoisAdult Cont.32IL, Joliet2
WSTA Lucky 13 1340 AMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station32VI, St. Thomas0
WSTO Hot 96 FMUSA KentuckyAdult Cont.32KY, Lexington5
WSTR Star 94.1 FMUSA GeorgiaAdult Cont.32GA, Smyrna5
WSTW FMUSA IllinoisReligious32IL, Chicago1
WSTZ Z 106.7 FMUSA MississippiClassic Rock32MS, Jackson8
WSUH Super Hits 94.1 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Hits32VA, Charlottesville8
WSUI 910 AMUSA IowaCollege44IA, Iowa City1
WSUM 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128WI, Madison0
WSUN 97X 97 FMUSA FloridaRock & Pop32FL, Tampa5
WSUS 102.3 FMUSA New JerseySoft Rock32NJ, Sussex4
WSVO Mix 93.1 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32VA, Harrisonburg1
WSWI The Edge 820 AMUSA IndianaAlternative24IN, Evansville13
WSWT Lite Rock 107 FMUSA IllinoisSoft Rock32IL, Peoria7
WSYC 88.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege24PA, Shippensburg0
WSYR News Radio 570 AMUSA New YorkNews/Talk32NY, Syracuse23
WTAM The Big One 1100 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OH, Cleveland2
WTAN TanTalk 1340 AMUSA FloridaNews/Talk64FL, Clear Water5
WTAO Rock 105 FMUSA IllinoisRock & Pop32IL, Marion7
WTBB Truth Radio 89.9 FMUSA AlabamaReligious24AL, Gadsden16
WTBQ 1110 AMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Florida7
WTBU 89.3 FMUSA MassachusettsRock & Pop128MA, Boston8
WTCC 90.7 FMUSA MassachusettsCollege32MA, Springfield1
WTCR 103.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32WV, Huntington4
WTDY Madison 1670 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32WI, Madison0
WTFX The Fox 93.1 FMUSA KentuckyHard Rock32KY, Louisville28
WTGN 97.7 FMUSA North CarolinaReligious21OH, Lima1
WTHE 1520 AMUSA New YorkGospel32NY, Mineola6
WTHT The Wolf 99.9 FMUSA MaineCountry32ME, Portland7
WTIC 1080 AMUSA ConnecticutNews/Talk32CT, Hartford4
WTIP North Shore Radio 90.7 FMUSA MinnesotaPublic64MN, Grand Marais8
WTKA Sports Talk 1050 AMUSA MichiganSports32MI, Ann Arbor3
WTKG 1230 AMUSA MichiganNews/Talk32MI, Grand Rapids3
WTKK 96.9 FMUSA MassachusettsNews/Talk32MA, Boston4
WTKL Kool 105.3 FMUSA LouisianaClassic Hits32LA, New Orleans8
WTKM 1540 AMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station32WI, Hartford0
WTKU Kool 98.3 FMUSA New JerseySoul32NJ, Atlantic City43
WTMB Classic Rock 94.5 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32WI, Tomah14
WTMD 89.7 FMUSA MarylandCollege32MD, Towson3
WTMI 93.1 FMUSA FloridaClassical32FL, Miami9
WTMJ 620 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32WI, Milwaukee5
WTMP 1150 AM 96.1 FMUSA FloridaUrban R&B32FL, Tampa17
WTMX The Mix 101.9 FMUSA IllinoisTop 40128IL, Chicago0
WTOP Washington Post Radio 1500 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk24DC, Washington4
WTPL The Pulse 107.7 FMUSA New HampshireNews/Talk24NH, Bow6
WTQR 104.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32NC, Greensboro7
WTRI Vegas Radio 1520 AMUSA MarylandOldies32MD, Brunswick7
WTRV The River 100.5 FMUSA MichiganAdult Cont.32MI, Grand Rapids2
WTRX Sports Xtra 1330 AMUSA MichiganSports32MI, Flint5
WTRX The Oldies Channel 93.7 FMUSA IllinoisOldies32IL, Pontiac16
WTRY 98.3 FMUSA New YorkOldies32NY, Albany10
WTSC 91.1 FMUSA New YorkCollege128NY, Potsdam6
WTSS Star 102.5 FMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Buffalo15
WTTF 1600 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OH, Tiffin4
WTTS 92.3 FMUSA IndianaRock & Pop32IN, Bloomington2
WTUE 104.7 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32OH, Dayton1
WTVN 610 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32OH, Columbus22
WTVR Lite 98.1 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32VA, Richmond3
WTVY 95.5 FMUSA AlabamaCountry64AL, Dothan15
WTXM Jack 95.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32TN, Knoxville1
WTYD The Tide 92.3 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32VA, Williamsburg1
WUAL 88.7 FMUSA AlabamaPublic24AL, Muscle Shoals7
WUBT 101.1 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032TN, Nashville2
WUCO St. Gabriel Radio 1270 AMUSA North CarolinaReligious48OH, Marysville1
WUEV 91.5 FMUSA IndianaCollege24IN, Evansville1
WUFL Family Life Radio 1030 AMUSA MichiganChristian Cont.32MI, Sterling Heights4
WUFT Classic 89.1 FMUSA FloridaClassical96FL, Miami16
WUGA The Classic 91.7 FMUSA GeorgiaClassical128GA, Athens14
WUIS 91.9 FMUSA IllinoisPublic24IL, Springfield0
WUKY 91.3 FMUSA KentuckyClassic Rock192KY, Lexington14
WUMB 91.9 FMUSA MassachusettsCountry56MA, Boston8
WUMF 100.1 FMUSA MaineCollege48ME, Farmington3
WUML 91.5 FMUSA MassachusettsCollege32MA, Lowell5
WUMX Mix 107.5 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32VA, Charlottesville1
WUNC 91.5 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic100NC, Chapel Hill0
WUNH 91.3 FMUSA New HampshireCollege128NH, Durham5
WUOG 90.5 FMUSA GeorgiaCollege177GA, Athens2
WUOL 90.5 FMUSA KentuckyPublic64KY, Louisville2
WUOT 91.9 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic256TN, Knoxville1
WUPE 96 FMUSA MassachusettsOldies32MA, Pittsfield3
WURD 900 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32PA, Philadelphia2
WURP The Edge 1550 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32PA, Pittsburgh1
WUSB 90.1 FMUSA New YorkCollege128NY, Stony Brook12
WUSF 2 89.7 FMUSA FloridaCollege64FL, Tampa3
WUSF 89.7 FMUSA FloridaCollege64FL, Tampa1
WUSF HD Channel 2 89.7 FMUSA FloridaCollege64FL, Tampa5
WUSL Power 99 FMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32PA, Philadelphia15
WUSL Power HD2USA North CarolinaHip-Hop32PA, Philadelphia21
WUSN US 99.5 FMUSA IllinoisCountry32IL, Chicago7
WUSV Wide Open Country 98.5 FMUSA FloridaCountry32FL, Fort Myers22
WUSX 93.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32VT, Burlington5
WUTC 88.1 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic20TN, Chattanooga1
WUTK The Rock 90.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege176TN, Knoxville0
WUWF 88.1 FMUSA FloridaPublic128FL, Pensacola6
WUWF HD Channel 2 88.1 FMUSA FloridaPublic128FL, Pensacola8
WUWM 89.7 FMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk64WI, Milwaukee0
WUWM The Deuce HD2USA North CarolinaPublic128WI, Milwaukee2
WVAC Adrian College Radio 107.9 FMUSA MichiganCollege32MI, Adrian1
WVAQ The Hit Music Channel 102 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032WV, Morgantown5
WVBR 93.5 FMUSA New YorkCollege24NY, Ithaca9
WVBU 90.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege48PA, Lewisburg0
WVBZ 100.3 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32NC, Greensboro0
WVCP 88.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege32TN, Gallatin0
WVCR The Saint 88.3 FMUSA New YorkGeneral Station24NY, Albany7
WVCY America 107.7 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.20WI, Milwaukee4
WVEZ Lite 106.9 FMUSA KentuckyEasy Listening32KY, Louisville10
WVFI 640 AMUSA IndianaCollege128IN, Notre Dame2
WVFJ J 93.3 FMUSA GeorgiaAdult Cont.32GA, Peachtree City6
WVHU 800 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32WV, Huntington3
WVIA 89.9 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic32PA, Pittston1
WVIK Augustana 90.3 FMUSA IllinoisCollege56IL, Rock Island1
WVIL 101.3 FMUSA IllinoisSports32IL, Chatham0
WVKL 95.7 FMUSA North CarolinaUrban R&B32VA, Virginia Beach15
WVKR 91.3 FMUSA New YorkCollege32NY, Poughkeepsie9
WVKS 92.5 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032OH, Toledo1
WVMG Magic 100.7 FMUSA IllinoisAdult Cont.32IL, Bloomington4
WVMM 90.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege36PA, York0
WVMV Smooth Jazz 98.7 FMUSA MichiganJazz & Blues32MI, Detroit19
WVMX Mix 94.1 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32OH, Cincinnati1
WVMX Mix HD2USA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32OH, Cincinnati1
WVNJ The Voice 1160 AMUSA New JerseyNews/Talk32NJ, Teaneck6
WVNN 92.5 FM / 770 AMUSA AlabamaNews/Talk32AL, Athens8
WVNN Talk 770 AMUSA AlabamaNews/Talk32AL, Huntsville13
WVON 1450 AMUSA IllinoisUrban R&B21IL, Chicago7
WVOR The Drive 100.5 FMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Rochester18
WVOX 1460 AMUSA New YorkGeneral Station32NY, New Rochelle9
WVPH The Core 90.3 FMUSA New JerseyCollege64NJ, Piscataway6
WVRU 89.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege16VA, Radford1
WVRV Movin 101.1 FMUSA MissouriClassic Hits48MO, Saint Louis1
WVST 91.3 FMUSA North CarolinaJazz & Blues36VA, Petersburg12
WVTF 89.1 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic64VA, Roanoke0
WVTI Max 96 FMUSA MichiganAdult Cont.32MI, Grand Rapids1
WVUD 91.3 FMUSA DelawareCollege128DE, Newark7
WVUD D2 91.3 FMUSA DelawareCollege69DE, Newark2
WVWI Radio One 1000 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk16VI, St. Thomas4
WVYC 640 AMUSA North CarolinaCollege40PA, York0
WVYC 99.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege96PA, York2
WVZA KISS 92.7 FMUSA IllinoisTop 4032IL, Marion2
WWBA 1040 AMUSA FloridaNews/Talk64FL, Tampa9
WWBN 101.5 FMUSA MichiganRock & Pop32MI, Flint1
WWCD CD 101 FMUSA North CarolinaAlternative32OH, Columbus3
WWDE 2WD 101.3 FMUSA ConnecticutAdult Cont.32CT, Norfolk1
WWDG Nova 105.1 FMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Syracuse18
WWEC 88.3 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege96PA, Elizabethtown4
WWEG The Eagle 106.9 FMUSA MarylandClassic Hits32MD, Hagerstown8
WWEV 91.5 FMUSA GeorgiaChristian Cont.20GA, Cumming6
WWFM 89.5 Radio PalauPalauGeneral Station20Koror24
WWFM The Classical Network 89.1 FMUSA New JerseyClassical20NJ, Trenton32
WWFX The Pike 100.1 FMUSA MassachusettsClassic Rock32MA, Worcester8
WWGE The Edge 1400 AMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk24PA, Loretto1
WWGR Gator Country 101.9 FMUSA FloridaCountry32FL, Naples25
WWHK The Hawk 102.3 FMUSA New HampshireClassic Rock32NH, Manchester11
WWHP The Whip 98.3 FMUSA IllinoisUrban R&B32IL, Farmer City13
WWHS Tiger 92.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128VA, Hampden-Sydney0
WWHT Hot 107.9 FMUSA New YorkTop 4032NY, Syracuse31
WWIB 103.7 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32WI, Chippewa Falls2
WWJ 950 AMUSA MichiganNews/Talk32MI, Detroit5
WWJC 850 AMUSA MinnesotaReligious32MN, Duluth3
WWJO 98 Country 98.1 FMUSA MinnesotaCountry32MN, Grand Marais23
WWKA 92.3 FMUSA FloridaCountry32FL, Orlando15
WWKF 99.3 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032TN, Union City0
WWKX Hot 106.0 FMUSA North CarolinaHip-Hop32RI, Providence23
WWL 870 AMUSA LouisianaSports32LA, New Orleans4
WWLI Lite Rock 105 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32RI, Providence6
WWLS The Sports Animal 104.9 FMUSA North CarolinaSports32OK, Oklahoma City4
WWMC The Light 90.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege32VA, Lynchburg2
WWNC 570 FMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32NC, Asheville1
WWNO 89.9 FMUSA LouisianaPublic32LA, New Orleans6
WWOZ 90.7 FMUSA LouisianaJazz & Blues24LA, New Orleans16
WWPR Power 105.1 FMUSA New YorkUrban R&B32NY, New York30
WWPV 88.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege96VT, Colchester1
WWRL Air America Radio 1600 AMUSA New YorkNews/Talk32NY, New York122
WWRM 94.9 FMUSA FloridaAdult Cont.32FL, Tampa6
WWRX 107.7 FMUSA ConnecticutHip-Hop32CT, Ledyard21
WWRZ Max 98.3 FMUSA FloridaSoft Rock32FL, Lakeland15
WWSJ Joy 1580 AMUSA MichiganGospel32MI, St. Johns5
WWSP 89.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege20WI, Stevens Point1
WWST Star 102.1 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032TN, Knoxville3
WWSU 106.9 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128OH, Dayton0
WWSW 94.5 FMUSA North CarolinaOldies32PA, Pittsburg1
WWTN Supertalk 99.7 FMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32TN, Nashville3
WWTX The Ticket 1290 AMUSA DelawareSports32DE, Claymont1
WWUH 91.3 FMUSA ConnecticutPublic96CT, West Hartford0
WWUS US-1 104.1 FMUSA FloridaClassic Rock32FL, Big Pine Key9
WWVU U92 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128WV, Morgantown0
WWWQ Q-100 100.5 FMUSA GeorgiaTop 4032GA, Atlanta4
WWWW W4 102.9 FMUSA MichiganCountry32MI, Ann Arbor7
WWWX The Fox 96.9 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32WI, Oshkosh3
WWYL Wild 104 FMUSA New YorkTop 4032NY, Binghamton13
WWYW Y 103.9 FMUSA IllinoisClassic Hits32IL, Crystal Lake5
WWYY 107.0 FMUSA North CarolinaSoft Rock32PA, Allentown7
WWYZ Country 92.5 FM HD 1USA ConnecticutCountry32CT, Hartford23
WWYZ Country 92.5 FM HD 2USA ConnecticutCountry32CT, Hartford25
WWZN The Zone 1510 AMUSA MassachusettsSports16MA, Boston2
WXAJ Kiss 99.7 FMUSA IllinoisTop 4032IL, Springfield9
WXAL MP 103.3 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.64VT, Burlington1
WXCD True Oldies Channel 94.7 FMUSA IllinoisOldies32IL, Chicago7
WXCY The Country Station 103.7 FMUSA MarylandCountry32MD, Havre de Grace30
WXDU 88.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege256NC, Durham0
WXEG New Rock 103.9 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32OH, Dayton5
WXEG New Rock HD2USA North CarolinaRock & Pop52OH, Dayton8
WXGR 101.5 FMUSA New HampshireOther96NH, Portsmouth7
WXIN 90.7 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege64RI, Providence0
WXKS Kiss 108 107.9 FMUSA MassachusettsTop 4032MA, Boston8
WXLC 102.3 FMUSA IllinoisGeneral Station32IL, Waukegan0
WXLK K 92.0 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4064VA, Roanoke2
WXLO 104.5 FMUSA MassachusettsAdult Cont.32MA, Worcester3
WXLT Jack 103.5 FMUSA IllinoisAdult Cont.40IL, Carterville4
WXLW ESPN Radio 950 AMUSA IndianaSports24IN, Indianapolis5
WXMM Max 100.5 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop20VA, Virginia Beach1
WXNT 1430 AMUSA IndianaNews/Talk32IN, Indianapolis2
WXOK Heaven 1460 AMUSA LouisianaGospel32LA, Baton Rouge18
WXOU 88.3 FMUSA MichiganCollege32MI, Rochester1
WXPK The Peak 107.1 FMUSA New YorkAlternative32NY, White Plains26
WXPN 88.5 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic96PA, Philadelphia0
WXPR 91.7 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic64WI, Rhinelander0
WXRC The Ride 95.7 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock64NC, Charlotte11
WXRI Joy FMUSA North CarolinaReligious32NC, Winston Salem1
WXRT 93 XRT 93.0 FMUSA IllinoisGeneral Station32IL, Chicago0
WXRV The River 92.5 FMUSA MassachusettsAdult Cont.32MA, Haverhill6
WXTU 92.5 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32PA, Philadelphia13
WXVU Villanova 89.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege128PA, Villanova2
WXXI 1370 AMUSA New YorkNews/Talk96NY, Rochester25
WXXI 91.5 FMUSA New YorkClassical96NY, Rochester26
WXXK 100.5 FMUSA New HampshireCountry32NH, Claremont14
WXXM The Mic 92.1 FMUSA North CarolinaNews/Talk32WI, Madison3
WXYB Hawk Radio 1520 AMUSA FloridaCollege20FL, Tampa14
WXYC 89.3 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.128NC, Chapel Hill2
WXYM Mix 96.1 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Hits32WI, Sparta5
WXYT The Sports Station 1270 AMUSA MichiganSports32MI, Detroit3
WYBC 1340 AMUSA ConnecticutCollege40CT, New Haven1
WYBF The Burn 89.1 FMUSA North CarolinaCollege32PA, Radnor2
WYCA Rejoice 102.3 FMUSA IllinoisGospel50IL, Chicago14
WYCE 88.1 FMUSA MichiganCommunity22MI, Grand Rapids1
WYEP 91.3 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic64PA, Pittsburg1
WYGS 91.1 FMUSA IndianaGospel64IN, Columbus9
WYIL The Sports Animal 99.3 FMUSA North CarolinaSports32TN, Knoxville3
WYIR 96.9 FMUSA IndianaPublic128IN, Evansville2
WYKS Kiss 105.3 FMUSA FloridaTop 4032FL, Gainesville26
WYLD 98 FMUSA LouisianaUrban R&B32LA, New Orleans7
WYLL 106.7 FMUSA IllinoisNews/Talk22IL, Chicago3
WYLV Love 89.1 FMUSA North CarolinaChristian Cont.32TN, Knoxville6
WYNG ESPN Radio 94.9 FMUSA IllinoisSports32IL, Evansville3
WYNG ESPN Radio 950 AMUSA IndianaSports30IN, Indianapolis4
WYNK 101.5 FMUSA LouisianaCountry32LA, Baton Rouge9
WYPR 88.1 FMUSA MarylandJazz & Blues24MD, Baltimore14
WYPW Power 95.7 FMUSA IndianaHip-Hop32IN, Nappanee24
WYRK 106.5 FMUSA New YorkCountry32NY, Buffalo23
WYSL 1040 AMUSA New YorkNews/Talk32NY, Avon16
WYSO 91.3 FMUSA North CarolinaPublic128OH, Yellow Springs0
WYSP Free 94.1 FMUSA North CarolinaGeneral Station32PA, Philadelphia0
WYSU 88.5 FMUSA North CarolinaClassical44OH, Youngstown4
Wyvern 96.7 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.128Hereford7
WYVR The River 97.7 FMUSA IllinoisRock & Pop32IL, Springfield2
WYYD 108.0 FMUSA North CarolinaCountry32VA, Roanoke10
WYYX 97X 97.7 FMUSA FloridaRock & Pop32FL, Panama City6
WYYY 94 FMUSA New YorkAdult Cont.32NY, Syracuse23
WZBA The Bay 100.7 FMUSA MarylandClassic Rock128MD, Hunt Valley8
WZBC 90.3 FMUSA MassachusettsCollege56MA, Chestnut Hill2
WZBH The Beach 93.5 FMUSA MarylandRock & Pop32MD, Ocean City5
WZBY The Bay 99.7 FMUSA North CarolinaAdult Cont.32WI, Green Bay3
WZBZ The Buzz 99.3 FMUSA New JerseyHip-Hop32NJ, Atlantic City27
WZEB The B 101.7 FMUSA DelawareGeneral Station32DE, Ocean View2
WZFI Lift 98.5 FMUSA New JerseyReligious32NJ, Bridgeton6
WZID 95.7 FMUSA New HampshireAdult Cont.32NH, Manchester2
WZIN The Buzz 104.3 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop48VI, St. Thomas2
WZJZ 107.9 FMUSA FloridaJazz & Blues32FL, Fort Myers19
WZKL Q92 92.0 FMUSA North CarolinaTop 4032OH, Canton2
WZLR The Eagle 95.3 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Rock32OH, Dayton11
WZNK 680 AMUSA MichiganNews/Talk24MI, Detroit6
WZON The Sports Zone 620 AMUSA MaineSports48ME, Bangor4
WZOW 102.3 FMUSA IndianaClassic Rock32IN, South Bend8
WZPW Power 92.3 FMUSA IllinoisHip-Hop32IL, Peoria30
WZSR Star 105.5 FMUSA IllinoisAdult Cont.32IL, Crystal Lake3
WZUN The subby Spot 102.0 FMUSA New YorkSoft Rock32NY, Syracuse43
WZUU 92.3 FMUSA MichiganRock & Pop32MI, Otsego0
WZZK 104.7 FMUSA AlabamaCountry24AL, Birmingham20
WZZN Zone 94.7 FMUSA IllinoisOldies32IL, Chicago1
WZZO 95.1 FMUSA North CarolinaRock & Pop32PA, Allentown1
X 104.9 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128London11
X 105.7 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop128Central Scotland8
X 97.7 FMUnited KingdomRock & Pop64Manchester8
XEPE Cash 1700 AMUSA CaliforniaFinancial News32CA, San Diego9
XEPRS XX Sports Radio 105.7 FMMexicoSports21Tijuana50
XETRA 91X 91.1 FMMexicoAdult Cont.32Tijuana36
XHEPR The Eagle 99.1 FMUSA North CarolinaClassic Hits32TX, El Paso6
XHITZ Jammin 790 AMMexicoHip-Hop32Tijuana38
XHMORE Blazin' 98.9 FMMexicoHip-Hop64Tijuana37
XHRM Magic 92.5 FMUSA CaliforniaAdult Cont.33CA, San Diego14
XHTO Hit 104.3 FMMexicoTop 4033Ciudad Juarez34
XHTZ Z 90 90.3 FMUSA CaliforniaAdult Cont.33CA, San Diego7
XLNC Radio Classical Music 90.7 FMUSA CaliforniaClassical32CA, Chula Vista41
XMOR Blazin' 98.9 FMUSA CaliforniaHip-Hop128CA, San Diego55
XPRS The Mighty XX 1090 AMUSA CaliforniaSports21CA, Los Angeles11
XTRA 91X 91.1 FMUSA CaliforniaAlternative32CA, Tijuana23
Xtra FM Costa Blanca 91.5 FMSpainAdult Cont.96Costa Blanca21
Xtra FM Costa Brava 101.3 FMSpainAdult Cont.96Costa Brava54
XTSR The New Edge FMUSA MarylandCollege21MD, Towson9
Y 99.2 FMSouth AfricaGeneral Station16Cape Town50
Y.E.S. 93.3 FMSingaporeAdult Cont.16Singapore33
Yar RadioUnited KingdomEthnic32London15
Yes 89.5 FMSri LankaGeneral Station10Colombo21
Yorkshire Coast Radio 103.1 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Scarborough17
Yorkshire Coast Radio 96.2 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.24Bridlington12
Yorkshire RadioUnited KingdomAdult Cont.32London27
Your Radio 103 FMUnited KingdomAdult Cont.64Dumbarton34
Zinc 96.1 FMAustraliaClassic Rock32Maroochydore15
ZJB Radio MonserratMontserratTop 4020Montserrat19
ZM NetworkNew ZealandTop 4032Auckland5
ZNBC Radio 1ZambiaGeneral Station16Lusaka35
ZNBC Radio 4ZambiaGeneral Station16Lusaka31

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