Whether you are one of the 22 million people who speak Dutch as a native language or one of the 5 million people who speaks Dutch as a second language, you’ll enjoy every moment of Dutch broadcasting on WorldTVRadio Tuner. At WorldTVRadio Tuner, we have many different Dutch radio stations for you to select from.

When it comes to music, you’ll love the many music stations that we have to offer. Top 40 stations such as 2B Fm are sure to have your feet tapping, while Electronica stations such as 3Voor 12 Tegentonen are sure to have your pulse pounding. We also have Adult Contemporary, Rock & Pop, House, Punk &Metal, and many other music stations for you to explore.

Aside from all the great Dutch music stations that WorldTVRadio Tuner has to offer, we also have News and Talk radio stations, Folklore stations, and General content stations. When it comes to listening to Dutch radio, why should you be confined to one or two stations? At WorldTVRadio Tuner, we believe in variety, which is why we offer you many different Dutch radio stations.

If you speak Dutch, you’ll find that a world of Dutch radio stations awaits you at WorldTVRadio Tuner. While other companies may offer you a couple of Dutch stations, WorldTVRadio Tuner has a number of different stations to listen to. The best part is that you don’t have to choose just one station – go ahead and check out all the Dutch station that we have to offer at no extra charge. If Dutch radio is what you want, then you’ll find just what you are looking for at WorldTVRadio Tuner.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Dutch

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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2B FMBelgiumTop 40128webcast49
3Voor12 AltNetherlandsRock & Pop160Amsterdam32
3Voor12 BMPNetherlandsHouse160Amsterdam139
3Voor12 BruutNetherlandsPunk and Metal160Amsterdam68
3Voor12 CentralNetherlandsTop 40160Amsterdam14
3Voor12 RootsNetherlandsAdult Cont.160Amsterdam22
3Voor12 TegentonenNetherlandsElectronica160Amsterdam62
3Voor12 XLNetherlandsHip-Hop160Amsterdam49
Aalburg 106.4 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station196Aalburg11
Accent 106.2 FMNetherlandsClassic Hits128Oldenzaal28
Accent FMBelgiumClassic Hits96Haaltert19
Achterhoek FMNetherlandsNews/Talk128Vorden15
Apintie RadioSurinameAdult Cont.18Paramaribo29
Arrow Classic RockNetherlandsClassic Rock32The Hague165
Arrow Jazz 90.7 FMNetherlandsJazz & Blues32The Hague109
Astra FMNetherlandsTop 40128Webcast0
AVRO Back to the Old SchoolNetherlands80s128Amsterdam76
AVRO Baroque around the ClockNetherlandsClassical96Amsterdam154
AVRO Easy ListeningNetherlandsEasy Listening128Amsterdam62
AVRO FilmNetherlandsClassical96Amsterdam42
AVRO Klassiek: het beste van het besteNetherlandsClassical96Amsterdam38
AVRO Steenen Tijdperk FiftiesNetherlandsOldies96Amsterdam34
AVRO Steenen Tijdperk SixtiesNetherlandsOldies128Amsterdam32
AVRO Toppers van ToenNetherlandsOldies128Amsterdam24
AVRO Ziel en ZaligheidNetherlandsClassical96Amsterdam25
Baarn 105.5 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Baarn3
Be OneBelgiumRock & Pop128Ternat30
Beat 106.3 FMNetherlandsDance, Trance & Techno128Heiloo74
Berklestroom 106.1 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Zutphen5
Blabaret RadioNetherlandsTop 40128Webcast6
Bloh Radio 96.0 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.96Hilvarenbeek0
Bonanza-RadioNetherlandsGeneral Station96Webcast12
Bosmeer 105.9 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station96Bosmeer4
BrugstadradioNetherlandsTop 40128Webcast5
Caribbean 105.5 FMNetherlandsCaribbean32Amsterdam131
Ceasar RadioNetherlandsElectronica128Webcast58
City FM Classic RockNetherlandsClassic Rock128Amsterdam133
City Gold 107.5 FMBelgiumTop 40128Ternat24
Classic 90.7 FMNetherlandsClassical138Bussum127
Columbia Radio FMNetherlandsTop 40192Webcast10
Cool FMBelgiumClassic Hits128Antwerp28
Costa HolandaNetherlandsGeneral Station64Webcast0
Counterpoint FMNetherlandsLove Songs128Webcast95
Crazy FMBelgiumDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast100
Crooze FM 104.2BelgiumJazz & Blues128Antwerp31
Damn FMNetherlandsDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast0
DBS RadioNetherlandsDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast46
Deep FMNetherlandsDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast57
Delta 107.7 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Vroomshoop5
Disco FreakNetherlandsDisco128Webcast291
Enterprise 103NetherlandsTop 40128Webcast7
Extra 105.5 FMNetherlandsTop 40128Boven Leeuwen14
Extra Gold Radio 94 FMBelgiumClassic Hits32Koksijde40
Falcon Radio 97.1 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Berg en Terblyt12
Flash FMNetherlandsClassic Hits128Webcast37
FM Brussel 98.8 FMBelgiumTop 4064Brussels13
FM Goud 107.7BelgiumAdult Cont.96Webcast10
FM Goud 107.7 FMBelgiumAdult Cont.128Peer11
Frequent RadioNetherlandsTop 4096Webcast8
Games FMNetherlandsOther160Webcast4
Geel FMBelgiumAdult Cont.32Geel5
Gertjan FMNetherlandsDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast30
Halo Radio 107.7 FMNetherlandsRock & Pop128Harderwijk9
Hit FMBelgiumTop 40128Limburg23
Hofstreek 107.6 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Hof van Twente3
Holland FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Webcast18
HOS Radio 107.7FMNetherlandsGeneral Station96Heerenveen0
Ijsselstreek RadioNetherlandsClassic Hits128Webcast13
Internet Radio SchuimkoppenNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Webcast10
JouwradioBelgiumDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast23
Juize FMNetherlandsHip-Hop128Amsterdam48
Kempen 97.2 FMNetherlandsTop 4096Hapert4
Kleine Piraat InternetradioNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Webcast63
Komilfoo 106.9 FMBelgiumGeneral Station128Aarschot1
KX RadioNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Webcast11
L 105 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Landerd2
Laser RadioNetherlandsAdult Cont.96Webcast11
Liemers 105.2 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Duiven3
LOCO Lokale omroep Oldebroek 107.2 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Oldebroek4
LOE 105.5 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Elburg2
Lokaal 7 107.4 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Berlicum3
Lokale Omroep Edam Volendam (LOVE) 106.6 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Volendam10
LON Lokale Omroep Nieuwerkerk 107.3 FMNetherlandsDance, Trance & Techno128Nieuwerkerk24
M-FM Streekradio 107.2 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.132Rheden9
Maasland 105.2 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Oss3
Maasland Radio 106.3 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station64Nieuw Bergen2
Maasstad 106.8 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.64Waalwijk9
Mascotte RadioNetherlandsGeneral Station128Webcast2
Meertour Radio 107.0NetherlandsGeneral Station128Wieringermeer2
Megastad FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.64Rotterdam7
Melody RadioNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Webcast16
Mercurius Radio 106.1 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station56Leeuwarden2
Merweradio 105.4 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.96Sliedrecht3
Mix 105 105.4 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station65Steenwijkerland7
Mix FMBelgiumTop 4096Wijgmaal24
Mokum Radio 102.4 FMNetherlandsEasy Listening32Amsterdam33
Monster Hits FMNetherlandsTop 4048Webcast11
More RadioNetherlandsClassic Rock128Webcast65
Nederlands Trots RadioNetherlandsFolklore96Webcast1
NPS Output WebradioNetherlandsJazz & Blues128Hilversum47
Nu Op Radio DrentheNetherlandsGeneral Station40Drenthe1
O Radio 107.0 FMBelgiumTop 40128Antwerpen7
Omroep Baarle De Stille Genieter 87.8 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station96Baarle-Nassau2
Omroep Centraal 105.7 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station64Gemert1
Omroep LandsmeerNetherlandsAdult Cont.96Landsmeer6
Omroep Leudal Radio 105.7 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Heythuysen0
Omroep Radio 1NetherlandsNews/Talk96Amsterdam75
Omroep Radio 2NetherlandsGeneral Station32Amsterdam25
Omroep Radio 3NetherlandsTop 4096Amsterdam11
Omroep Radio 4NetherlandsClassical96Amsterdam21
Omroep Radio 747NetherlandsGeneral Station96Amsterdam4
Omroep Reest & VechtNetherlandsGeneral Station64Reest en Vecht1
Omroep Rijswijk 105.9 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.96Rijswijk2
Omroep Rotterdam 106.5 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station32Rotterdam3
Omroep Rotterdam 107.1 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station32Rotterdam3
Omroep Rotterdam 107.5 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.32Rotterdam8
Omroep Rotterdam 107.9 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.32Rotterdam3
Omroep Scheemda 105.8 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Scheemda3
Omroep Vlaardingen 107.8 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.64Vlaardingen3
Omroep Zwolle 105 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Zwolle4
Oog Radio 106.6 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.64Groningen6
Optimaal 94.7 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Bergh6
Oskar Radio 107.1 FMNetherlandsClassic Hits32Joure11
Pam RadioNetherlandsClassic Rock41Webcast44
Peelstar 107.0 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Sint Anthonis0
Piratenhits InternetradioNetherlandsTop 4048Webcast1
Polderpop RadioNetherlandsDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast21
Pro-FM WebradioNetherlandsDance, Trance & Techno224Webcast36
Q RadioNetherlandsClassic Hits64Webcast15
Q-MusicBelgiumTop 4096Vilvoorde14
Radio 0511Netherlands70s128Webcast276
Radio 10SurinameReggae24Paramaribo111
Radio 123NetherlandsLove Songs128Webcast80
Radio 2 West-VlaanderenBelgiumRock & Pop32West Vlaanderen13
Radio 350 106.4 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station96Rijssen6
Radio 538NetherlandsAdult Cont.253Amsterdam33
Radio 80 105.9 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Bergen9
Radio 8FM 93.9 FMNetherlandsTop 40112Breda6
Radio 90 91.7 FMNetherlandsTop 40128Leersum5
Radio A 107.8 FMNetherlandsTop 40128Korenstraat8
Radio ABCSurinameTop 4020Paramaribo19
Radio Amsterdam NoordNetherlandsGeneral Station128Webcast10
Radio Arnhem 105.9 FMNetherlandsNews/Talk24Arnhem8
Radio Bolsward 106.6 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station96Bolsward3
Radio Branding 106.2 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.56Heemstede12
Radio Capelle 105.3 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station96Capelle2
Radio Centraal 106.7 FMBelgiumGeneral Station48Antwerp4
Radio CobraNetherlandsFolklore128Webcast9
Radio Compagnie 105.2 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.32Groningen3
Radio Decibel 105.9 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Nuenen13
Radio DixicanaNetherlandsClassic Hits128Webcast0
Radio DonnaBelgiumTop 4064Brussels6
Radio Donna HitbitsBelgiumTop 4064Brussels10
Radio E 94.0 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station96Eindhoven1
Radio Eenhoorn 107.5 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Menaldum3
Radio Excellent 105.2 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.64Nootdorp11
Radio Fantasy Classic GoldBelgiumOldies64Weelde29
Radio Favoriet 94.0 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Zevenaar3
Radio FunX 91.7 FMNetherlandsTop 40128Rotterdam5
Radio FunX 91.8 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station96Amsterdam3
Radio FunX 96.1 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Utrecht2
Radio FunX 98.4FMNetherlandsGeneral Station96Den Haag4
Radio FunX PlusNetherlandsTop 40128Amsterdam0
Radio Garuda 105.7 FMSurinameGeneral Station20Paramaribo19
Radio GerdelandNetherlandsNews/Talk48Gelderland4
Radio Go4ItBelgiumOldies32Webcast8
Radio GRKBelgiumGeneral Station128Genk2
Radio Ham 104.9 FMBelgiumGeneral Station96Ham2
Radio Happy Gold 107.8 FMBelgiumGeneral Station96Overijse6
Radio Heemskerk 107.4 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Heemskerk3
Radio Hengelo 105.8 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station48Hengelo3
Radio Hoeksche Waard 96.0 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Binnenmaas1
Radio Holland OnlineNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Webcast15
Radio Hoorn 105.8 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station96Hoorn7
Radio Horizon 107.1 FMNetherlandsRock & Pop64Leende7
Radio IdeaalNetherlandsAdult Cont.56Zelhem6
Radio Kontakt 106.8 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Laarbeek3
Radio Land Van Waas 106.4 FMBelgiumGeneral Station40Sint-Niklaas3
Radio Lelystad 106.9 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.196Lelystad1
Radio Lingewaal 107.2 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.96Leerdam2
Radio Lingewaal AMNetherlandsGeneral Station24Leerdam0
Radio Lingewaard 106.3 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Lingewaard5
Radio LOT 107.4 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Ter Aar1
Radio MaicoNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Webcast2
Radio Markant 106.3 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Sneek2
Radio Meander 106.9 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Cuijk1
Radio Mebora 106.4 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station48Rijnsburg2
Radio Mi Amigo 192NetherlandsAdult Cont.128Webcast21
Radio Mi Amigo 94 FMBelgiumOldies64Roeselare22
Radio Minerva 98 FMBelgiumOldies96Antwerp17
Radio Noordoost Friesland 107.0 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Dokkum6
Radio Nunspeet 105.9 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Nunspeet2
Radio Paloma 106 FMBelgiumGeneral Station64Poppel10
Radio Parkstad 105.7 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.32Limburg7
Radio Parkstad 106.9 FMNetherlandsTop 40128Veendam0
Radio RaparSurinameGeneral Station24Paramaribo32
Radio Rick 106.3 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station96Uithoorn1
Radio Schiedam 106.7 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Schiedam2
Radio SpesBelgiumReligious96Brussels4
Radio Stad 107.8 FMBelgiumTop 4056Webcast0
Radio Superstar 107.3 FMNetherlandsDance, Trance & Techno128Middelharnis52
Radio Unity 106.1 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.64Leiderdorp6
Radio Utopia 107.9 FMBelgiumGeneral Station96Baal3
Radio Vlaanderen InternationaalBelgiumGeneral Station64West Vlaanderen5
Radio Vlok 106.8 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.64Katwijk6
Radio VrijbuiterNetherlandsOldies56Webcast16
Radio VRW 104.9 FMBelgiumGeneral Station64Wallen3
Radio VRW 104.9 FMBelgiumGeneral Station64Wallen0
Radio Westerwolde 106.5 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station56Vlagtwedde4
Radio ZevenBelgiumAdult Cont.64Voorkempen5
Radio Zilverstad 105.9 FMNetherlandsJazz & Blues128Schoonhoven25
Radio Zuiderzee 106.6 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Hippolytushoef6
Razo 103.8 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station32Amsterdam2
Real Hardcore RadioNetherlandsDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast88
Regio 103.3 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Slochteren3
Regio 107.2 FMNetherlandsClassic Hits128Wierden0
Retro RadioNetherlands70s128Webcast151
RGR 105.3 FMBelgiumDance, Trance & Techno128Leuven25
ROB FMBelgiumAdult Cont.96Heverlee6
Roots RadioBelgiumJazz & Blues80Ternhout30
Rosa 107.6 FMNetherlandsHip-Hop128Abcoude40
Roulette 103 106.6 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.128De Bilt3
RTL FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Amsterdam9
RTME Radio 106.8 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Meerssen2
RTV Noord-Holland RadioNetherlandsGeneral Station64Noord-Holland39
RTV Oost RadioNetherlandsGeneral Station128Oost4
RTV West Radio 89.3 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station64Zuid Holland3
RTW Omroep Waddinxveen 105.8 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.100Waddinxveen5
Schagen 107.7 FMNetherlandsNews/Talk96Schagen4
Scheldemond 107.5 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Breskens4
Siris 107.6 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Someren3
Sky RadioSurinameTop 4064Paramaribo24
Skyline Radio 106.0 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Uden19
Smart Radio 105.4 FMNetherlandsRock & Pop128Papendrecht12
Spits 87.8 FMBelgiumAdult Cont.128Opwijk0
Spix FMNetherlands90s128Webcast73
Stads 106.8 FMNetherlandsNews/Talk32Amsterdam3
Stads Radio 107.8 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Almere0
Stads Radio Breda 107.3 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.96Breda6
Stads Radio Nijmegen 107.8 FMNetherlandsClassic Hits64Arnhem10
Star 107.5 FMNetherlandsRock & Pop96Maastricht0
Streekradio de Wolden 106.1 FMNetherlandsOldies64Zuidwolde6
Studio BrusselBelgiumTop 4064Brussels7
Studio West Ijsselmonde 107.1 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.96Albrandswaard7
Suc6 105.3 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.96Zundert3
The Music DoctorsNetherlandsDisco171Webcast0
TNT Radio 107.3 FMBelgiumDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast25
Top Radio TRL 105.2 FMBelgiumDance, Trance & Techno128Eeklo36
Track FMNetherlandsDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast78
Trendy FM 106.0BelgiumDance, Trance & Techno128Ham22
TROS Ministry of Beats RadioNetherlandsDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast39
TROS Nederlandstalige muziekNetherlandsTop 40128Webcast22
Tsarina 104.9 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.160Anna Paulowna6
Twente 105 FMNetherlandsClassic Hits128Denekamp13
Unique 106.2 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station64Malden2
Urgent FM 105.3BelgiumCollege128Gent14
VBROBelgiumFull Service128Brugge2
Vechtdal 105.9 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station96Dalfsen3
Veluwe 106.1 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Putten7
Veronica 192NetherlandsClassic Hits96Webcast40
Viva FM 105.1BelgiumAdult Cont.128Bilzen6
VRT Radio 2 AntwerpenBelgiumGeneral Station64Antwerpen5
VRT Radio 2 LimburgBelgiumGeneral Station64Limburg0
VRT Radio 2 Oost-VlaanderenBelgiumNews/Talk64Oost Vlaanderen3
VRT Radio 2 Vlaams BrabantBelgiumGeneral Station64Vlaams Brabant5
VRT Radio 2 West-VlaanderenBelgiumGeneral Station32Oost Vlaanderen5
VRT Radio KlaraBelgiumClassical64Brussels23
VRT Radio Klara ContinuoBelgiumClassical96Brussels31
Wbits Internet RadioNetherlandsClassic Hits128Webcast11
Web 105.4 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station128Beuningen6
WebRadio 80Belgium80s128Webcast195
Weert 107.5 FMNetherlandsAdult Cont.128Weert6
Wereld 104.6 FMNetherlandsGeneral Station32Amsterdam8
WOS Radio 89.3 FMNetherlandsTop 40196Westland13
Yora 103.8 FMBelgiumAdult Cont.48Geel8
Zen FMBelgiumElectronica128Kempen67
Zwartewater 105.3 FMNetherlandsOldies64Zwartsluis18

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