There are approximately 12 million people throughout the world who speak Czech as a native language. While many of these people reside within the Czech Republic, many others live in various countries throughout the world.

If you speak Czech, then you may have noticed that many satellite companies don’t offer very many Czech radio stations. In fact, you may spend your days listening to the radio in English. At WorldTVRadio Tuner, we know what a difference a radio station in your own language makes. That’s why we’ve gathered the best Czech radio stations from around the globe for your listening pleasure.

For those who love the sounds of Hip Hop, tune into ABRadio Hip Hop Vibes Radio. This station broadcasts live from the Czech Republic on a regular basis. If Jazz is more your thing, then tune into ABRadio Hot Jazz Bohemia (also broadcasting live from the Czech Republic).

If you want a station that plays a bit of everything, then tune into Cesky Rozhlas Ceske Budijovice. This station has lots of interesting programming including some music from around the world (broadcasting live from Ceske Budijovice). Those who enjoy a good debate will also enjoy Cro 1 Radio Zurnal Cesky Rozhlas 1. This radio station has all the latest news and debate topics. When you listen to this station, you’ll find that it’s hard not to form a strong opinion about one topic or another (broadcasting live from Prague).

As you can tell, WorldTVRadio Tuner really does have a gigantic selection of Czech radio stations. The best part is that all of these selections are right at your fingertips. All you have to do is choose the station that you want to listen to, sit back, and enjoy the sounds of the Czech Republic on WorldTVRadio Tuner.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Czech

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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ABRadio ClubBeat RadioCzech RepublicElectronica96Webcast157
ABRadio Groove House RadioCzech RepublicElectronica96Webcast136
ABRadio Hip Hop Vibes RadioCzech RepublicHip-Hop64Webcast200
ABRadio Hot Jazz BohemiaCzech RepublicJazz & Blues32Webcast114
ABRadio Radio Best of RockCzech RepublicRock & Pop96Webcast71
ABRadio Radio Big BeatCzech RepublicRock & Pop32Webcast37
ABRadio Radio BluesCzech RepublicJazz & Blues64Webcast153
ABRadio Radio CelticCzech RepublicEthnic32Webcast26
ABRadio Radio CountryCzech RepublicCountry64Webcast181
ABRadio Radio CS HityCzech RepublicTop 4096Webcast45
ABRadio Radio Depeche ModeCzech RepublicRock & Pop96Webcast36
ABRadio Radio EtnoCzech RepublicEthnic32Webcast25
ABRadio Radio FolkCzech RepublicFolklore64Webcast53
ABRadio Radio HitCzech RepublicTop 4096Webcast51
ABRadio Radio HumorCzech RepublicComedy96Webcast324
ABRadio Radio JazzCzech RepublicJazz & Blues32Webcast99
ABRadio Radio Jozin z BazinCzech RepublicOther96Webcast102
ABRadio Radio LatinoCzech RepublicEthnic32Webcast7
ABRadio Radio MadonnaCzech RepublicRock & Pop96Webcast19
ABRadio Radio MetallicaCzech RepublicPunk and Metal32Webcast126
ABRadio Radio Oldies RockCzech RepublicRock & Pop96Webcast46
ABRadio Radio PohadkaCzech RepublicOther96Webcast84
ABRadio Radio QueenCzech RepublicRock & Pop96Webcast45
ABRadio Radio RoxetteCzech RepublicRock & Pop96Webcast34
ABRadio Radio SoundtrackCzech RepublicSoundtracks32Webcast69
ABRadio Radio Super 80sCzech Republic80s96Webcast254
ABRadio Radio SwingCzech RepublicJazz & Blues32Webcast50
ABRadio Radio U2Czech RepublicRock & Pop96Webcast20
ABRadio RNB Style RadioCzech RepublicUrban R&B64Webcast75
Alternative Times RadioCzech RepublicRock & Pop96Webcast58
AZ RadioCzech RepublicRock & Pop128Prague0
Cesky Rozhlas BrnoCzech RepublicClassical64Brno49
Cesky Rozhlas Ceske BudijoviceCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Ceske Budijovice13
Cesky Rozhlas D-DurCzech RepublicClassical64Prague33
Cesky Rozhlas Hradec KraloveCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Hradec Kralove21
Cesky Rozhlas LeonardoCzech RepublicClassical64Prague40
Cesky Rozhlas OlomoucCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Olomouc12
Cesky Rozhlas OstravaCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Ostrava18
Cesky Rozhlas PardubiceCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Pardubice10
Cesky Rozhlas PlzenCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Plzen12
Cesky Rozhlas Radio CeskoCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Prague13
Cesky Rozhlas Regina 92.5 FMCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Prague13
Cesky Rozhlas RegionCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Prague2
Cesky Rozhlas Region StrednicechyCzech RepublicAdult Cont.64Vltava12
Cesky Rozhlas Region Stredocesky KrajCzech RepublicAdult Cont.64Vltava0
Cesky Rozhlas Region VysocinaCzech RepublicAdult Cont.64Vltava8
Cesky Rozhlas SeverCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Sever3
ClubRadioCzech RepublicTop 40128Webcast19
Country Radio 1062 AMCzech RepublicCountry64Prague117
Cro 1 Radio Zurnal Cesky Rozhlas 1Czech RepublicNews/Talk64Prague32
Cro 2 Cesky Rozhlas 2 PrahaCzech RepublicNews/Talk64Prague12
Cro 3 Cesky Rozhlas 3 VltavaCzech RepublicNews/Talk32Vltava11
Cro 4 Cesky Rozhlas Radio WaveCzech RepublicTop 40128Prague12
Cro 6 Cesky Rozhlas 6Czech RepublicNews/Talk48Prague6
Cro 7 Cesky Rozhlas 7 PrahaCzech RepublicNews/Talk64Prague5
Dance RadioCzech RepublicDance, Trance & Techno64Prague332
E-Radio JazzinecCzech RepublicJazz & Blues64Webcast58
Express Radio 90.3 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop64Prague22
Fajn Radio HityCzech RepublicHip-Hop64Olomoucky117
Fill RadioCzech RepublicRock & Pop64Webcast14
Free Radio 107 FMCzech RepublicAdult Cont.128Brno17
Frekvence 1Czech RepublicRock & Pop64Celoplosne Vysilani39
Fun 1Czech RepublicDance, Trance & Techno64Stredocesky44
HitRadio Orion 88.1 FMCzech RepublicTop 40128Moravskoslezsky19
Info RadioCzech RepublicTop 4064Prague8
Kiss 98 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop128Prague53
Kiss Delta 92.9 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop128Stredocesky21
Kiss Hady 88.3 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop128Jihomoravsky16
Kiss Jizni Cechy 97.7 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop128Jihocesky11
Kiss Morova 89.8 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop48Olomoucky21
Kiss Proton 92.9 FMCzech RepublicDance, Trance & Techno64Plzensky80
Kiss Publikun 90.3 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop64Zlinsky9
Life Fajn RadioCzech RepublicTop 4064Pardubicky15
Limonadovy Joe RadioCzech RepublicGeneral Station128Prague18
Radio 1 91.9 FMCzech RepublicAlternative128Prague45
Radio 4UCzech Republic90s128Webcast197
Radio 7 Trans world radioCzech RepublicChristian Cont.128Jihomoravsky41
Radio AkropolisCzech RepublicDance, Trance & Techno32Prague42
Radio Apllo 89.3 FMCzech RepublicAdult Cont.64Olomouc16
Radio Beat 95.3 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop128Prague12
Radio Blanik 87.8 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop128Prague28
Radio BontonCzech RepublicRock & Pop64Prague14
Radio BrodCzech RepublicRock & Pop64Brod5
Radio Cas OlomoucCzech RepublicAdult Cont.128Olomouc6
Radio Cas OstravaCzech RepublicAdult Cont.128Ostrava17
Radio Cas ZlinCzech RepublicAdult Cont.128Zlin6
Radio Cerna HoraCzech RepublicClassic Hits128Karlovarsky42
Radio City 93.7 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop128Prague11
Radio City DevadesatkaCzech Republic90s128Prague176
Radio City OsmdesatkaCzech Republic80s128Prague147
Radio Classic 98.7 FMCzech RepublicClassical64Prague86
Radio Crystal 97.6 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop64Decin9
Radio DJ Urban Dance RadioCzech RepublicDance, Trance & Techno128Prague163
Radio DominoCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Prague4
Radio Dragon 90.0 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop48Karlovarsky14
Radio DrakCzech RepublicRock & Pop128Webcast13
Radio Egrensis 92.5 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop64Karlovarsky8
Radio Europa 2Czech RepublicTop 40128Prague43
Radio Halo FuturaCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Prague7
Radio Hana 92.3 FMCzech RepublicAdult Cont.64Jihomoravsky9
Radio Hey BrnoCzech RepublicAdult Cont.64Brno13
Radio Hey OstravaCzech RepublicAdult Cont.64Ostrava20
Radio Hey PrahaCzech RepublicAdult Cont.64Praha16
Radio Hey ProfilCzech RepublicAdult Cont.64Profil4
Radio Hey SeverCzech RepublicAdult Cont.64Sever9
Radio ImpulsCzech RepublicFolklore32Celoplosne Vysilani24
Radio JIH 88.9 FMCzech RepublicAdult Cont.64Jihomoravsky17
Radio Jizera 105.7 FMCzech RepublicOldies64Stredocesky20
Radio Kiss 98 FMCzech RepublicAdult Cont.64Praha24
Radio Krokodyl 102.6 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop64Jihomoravsky15
Radio Metuje 92.8 FMCzech RepublicTop 40128Kralovehradecky16
Radio Misto SetkavaniCzech RepublicGeneral Station32Webcast6
Radio Most 96.8 FMCzech RepublicTop 40128Ustecky13
Radio Music DreamerCzech RepublicRock & Pop128Webcast18
Radio Olympic 103.7 FMCzech RepublicOldies128Prague27
Radio Petrov 103.4 FMCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Jihomoravsky8
Radio ProglasCzech RepublicReligious128Jihomoravsky14
Radio Rubi 97.1 FMCzech RepublicDance, Trance & Techno128Olomouc42
Radio SamsomCzech RepublicCountry128Webcast42
Radio Sazava 89.3 FMCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Prague6
Radio Spin 96.2 FMCzech RepublicHip-Hop128Prague160
Radio Student 107 FMCzech RepublicAlternative128Jihomoravsky0
Radio Vysocina 94.3 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop64Vysocina13
Radio Wave 100.7 FMCzech RepublicTop 4064Prague16
Radio Zlin 91.7 FMCzech RepublicHard Rock128Zlinsky135
Rock Jam RadioCzech RepublicRock & Pop128Prague13
Rock Max 89.6 FMCzech RepublicRock & Pop128Zlin28
Rock Zone 105.9 FMCzech RepublicHard Rock128Prague95
Route 66Czech RepublicCountry128Webcast53
TrnkobraniCzech RepublicGeneral Station64Zlinsky0

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