Are you one of the 6 million people in the world who speaks Croatian as a native language? If so, then you’ve found the best source for Croatian radio broadcasting on the planet. WorldTVRadio Tuner has a large amount of Croatian radio stations for you to choose from, and all of our stations are broadcast live from Croatia.

Narondni Radio is a great station to tune into if you enjoy listening to Adult Contemporary music. This station is popular for its excellent programming and interesting musical lineup. Narondni Radio broadcasts live from Zagreb every day. Another popular station is Hrvatski radio – Radio Pula. This station plays all the latest Electronica music from Croatia and from around the world. When you want to get your feet moving, Radio Pula is the best station to choose (Radio Pula broadcasts live from Pula every day).

You may also find that HR1 Hrvatski Radio – Prvi Program entirely entertaining. This radio station has lots of great broadcasts to listen to including tons of new music. Prvi Program broadcasts live from Zagreb regularly.

While the radio selections mentioned above are all excellent, WorldTVRadio Tuner has many more Croatian stations for you to choose from. Whether you feel like listening to talk radio or whether you feel like dancing, you’ll find the best Croatian radio stations right here. All you have to do is select a station, sit back, and get ready to be entertained. When it comes to connecting you with the Croatian world, WorldTVRadio Tuner has your Croatia covered – no matter where you are located.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Croatian

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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HR1 Hrvatski radio - Prvi programCroatiaGeneral Station32Zagreb120
HR2 Hrvatski radio - Drugi programCroatiaAdult Cont.32Zagreb76
HR3 Hrvatski radio - Treci programCroatiaNews/Talk32Zagreb51
Hrvatski Katolicki RadioCroatiaAdult Cont.128Zagreb38
Hrvatski radio - Glas HrvatskeCroatiaNews/Talk32Zagreb55
Hrvatski radio - Radio OsijekCroatiaGeneral Station32Osijek60
Hrvatski radio - Radio PulaCroatiaElectronica32Pula238
Hrvatski radio - Radio SljemeCroatiaNews/Talk32Sljeme68
Hrvatski radio - Radio SplitCroatiaGeneral Station32Split87
Narodni RadioCroatiaAdult Cont.128Zagreb178
Obiteljski Radio 89.7 FMCroatiaAdult Cont.128Zagreb54
Otvoreni RadioCroatiaAdult Cont.64Zagreb54
Radio 101 FMCroatiaTop 40176Zagreb64
Radio Koprivnica 91.7 FMCroatiaAdult Cont.128Zagreb110
Radio Lijepa NasaCroatiaFolklore64Lijepa Nasa71
Radio Marija CroatiaCroatiaReligious20Zagreb40
Radio VukovarCroatiaAdult Cont.12Vukovar0

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