Catalan is a unique language that is spoken in Andorra, the Balearic Islands, the Catalonia area, and the Valencian Community. Many people who reside in Sardinia also speak Catalan, and the language is popular throughout the south of France. In short, Catalan is a popular language that is spoken by more than 9 million people.

If you happen to be one of those 9 million people, then you’ll enjoy every moment spent listening to the Catalan radio stations that can be found on WorldTVRadio Tuner. At WorldTVRadio Tuner, we know how important it is to you to have a variety of Catalan stations to choose from. That’s why we’ve compiled the best Catalan radio stations in the world for your listening pleasure.

If you enjoy news and talk radio, then you’ll love Comradio 88.2 FM. This stations broadcasts all the latest news and hot debate topics from Barcelona around the clock. For those who want to hear the best classic rock throughout the day, Exa Radio 89.5 FM is the place to be – this station plays the best classic rock from Barcelona daily.

When you want to hear about what’s happening in the Catalan community, tune into Radio Castellar 90.1 FM. This radio station is a lot like a community calendar, and it will keep you in-touch with the Catalonian world. No matter what radio station you choose, you’ll find that the selection available on WorldTVRadio Tuner is hard to beat. You may find it hard to listen to Catalan stations anywhere else, but when it comes to WorldTVRadio Tuner, we have all the Catalan stations that you want to listen to.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Catalan

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Andorra 7 Radio 101.5 FMAndorraGeneral Station56Andorra La Vella75
Boca Radio 90.1 FMSpainGeneral Station36Barcelona110
Canal Blau 100.5 FMSpainGeneral Station40Vilanova I la Geltru59
Comradio 88.2 FMSpainNews/Talk32Barcelona39
El Prat Radio 91.6 FMSpainGeneral Station24El Prat de Llobregat36
Exa Radio 89.5 FMSpainClassic Hits40Barcelona59
Grama Radio 107.4 FMSpainTop 4064Santa Coloma55
KWFM Real RockAndorraRock & Pop64Andorra La Vella86
Nova Radio Lloret 90.2 FMSpainAdult Cont.20Lloret del Mar44
Ona Mallorca 99.2 FMSpainAdult Cont.35Mallorca55
RAC 1SpainSports24Barcelona129
RAC 1 RadioAndorraGeneral Station24Andorra La Vella57
RAC 105SpainAdult Cont.48Barcelona54
Radio Arenys 91.2 FMSpainNews/Talk128Arenys de Mar17
Radio Arenys de Munt 107 FMSpainGeneral Station32Arenys de Munt14
Radio Bahia 100.7 FMSpainGeneral Station24Lasarte16
Radio Berga 107.6 FMSpainGeneral Station24Berga20
Radio Castellar 90.1 FMSpainCommunity64Castellar del Valles16
Radio Cocentaina 107.9 FMSpainCommunity16Cocentaina15
Radio Corbera 107 FMSpainCommunity20Corbera de Llobregat9
Radio Cubelles 107.5 FMSpainCommunity64Cubelles11
Radio Despi 107.1 FMSpainGeneral Station20Sant Joan Desp8
Radio Dos 105.8 FMSpainGeneral Station24Hostalric13
Radio Estel 1.3 FMSpainGeneral Station16Barcelona11
Radio FalsetSpainGeneral Station64Falset6
Radio FlaixAndorraTop 40128Andorra La Vella201
Radio Flaix BacAndorraOldies32Andorra La Vella179
Radio Flaix BacSpainGeneral Station32Barcelona51
Radio Flaix FMSpainDance, Trance & Techno32Barcelona237
Radio Gladys Palmera 96.6 FMSpainLatin Hits10Barcelona120
Radio HoritzoSpainClassic Hits64Costa Brava32
Radio Kanal Barcelona 106.9 FMSpainGeneral Station32Barcelona43
Radio Litoral 107.2 FMSpainCommunity24Sant Pol de Mar17
Radio Marca 89.1 FMSpainGeneral Station32Barcelona148
Radio Marina 100.3 FMSpainAdult Cont.96Blanes49
Radio Nou AlacantSpainGeneral Station20Alicante21
Radio Nou CastelloSpainGeneral Station20Castilla19
Radio Nou ValenciaSpainGeneral Station20Valencia108
Radio Ona de Sants Montjuic 94.6 FMSpainSalsa & Tropical24Barcelona105
Radio Pego 107.8 FMSpainGeneral Station24Pego11
Radio Pica 96.6 FMSpainGeneral Station24Barcelona9
Radio Pineda 94.6 FMSpainGeneral Station20Pineda de Mar13
Radio Punt 7 Sant Celoni 107.7 FMSpainCommunity32Sant Celoni19
Radio Ripoll 90.6 FMSpainGeneral Station64Ripoll20
Radio Sabadell 94.6 FMSpainGeneral Station32Sabadell27
Radio Sant Cebria 103.2 FMSpainCommunity24Sant Cebria de Vallalta10
Radio Sant Feliu 88.8 FMSpainCommunity24Sant Feliu de Llobregat19
Radio Sant Sadurni 107.3 FMSpainAlternative24Sant Sadurni57
Radio Sele 106.5 FMSpainGeneral Station20Uvieu13
Radio SilenciSpainRock & Pop32Silenci18
Radio Vilafant 107.3 FMSpainGeneral Station48Vilafant9
Radio VilafrancaSpainFull Service128Vilafranca22
Radio Voltrega 107.8 FMSpainGeneral Station24Sant Hipolit de Voltrega12
RNA Radio Nacional de AndorraAndorraNews/Talk44Andorra La Vella54
Sants 3 Radio 103.2 FMSpainGeneral Station64Barcelona22
Scanner 107.7 FMSpainAlternative64Barcelona55
Styl 100.6 FMSpainAdult Cont.64Barcelona33
Styl FM ClassicsSpainClassic Hits64Barcelona58

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