Bulgarian is a language that spans many different borders. While the majority of native Bulgarian speakers reside in Bulgaria, many people who speak Bulgarian reside in Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Albania, Kosovo, and many other countries worldwide.

There are roughly 9 million people who speak Bulgarian scattered across the world, though most companies that offer radio stations in different languages don’t offer many Bulgarian stations. This is not the case with WorldTVRadio Tuner.

At WorldTVRadio Tuner, we know how important it is to you to hear radio broadcasts in your native language. This is precisely why we have gathered the best Bulgarian stations on the planet for your listening enjoyment. You’ll find that we have all kinds of different Bulgarian stations ranging from adult contemporary stations to stations broadcasting the latest news from around the world.

You’ll love stations like Alpha Radio 91.7 FM, BG Radio, Black City radio, and Darik Radio (to name a few). If you aren’t sure where to begin, then take your time looking around. You can choose one Bulgarian station or many Bulgarian stations to listen to – without being charged any extra amount!

When it comes to staying in touch with the Bulgarian world, there’s no better way to do it than with WorldTVRadio Tuner. No matter where you live, no matter where you are -- you can enjoy all that WorldTVRadio Tuner has to offer on a daily basis. Now, the only question is: what station are you going to listen to first?

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Bulgarian

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Alpha Radio 91.7 FMBulgariaAdult Cont.32Webcast62
BG RadioBulgariaGeneral Station128Sofia56
Black City RadioBulgariaGeneral Station150Sofia31
Bulgarian National Radio HorizontBulgariaClassical20Sofia114
Bulgarian National Radio Hristo BotevBulgariaClassical20Sofia105
Darik RadioBulgariaClassic Hits20Sofia109
FM PlusBulgariaAdult Cont.128Webcast56
Folk Radio NazdraveBulgariaFolklore64Sofia62
Hip Hop RadioBulgariaHip-Hop190Webcast400
Radio 1BulgariaAdult Cont.128Sofia42
Radio BravoBulgariaAdult Cont.128Sofia42
Radio Bravo 96.4 FMBulgariaTop 4032Varna39
Radio CityBulgariaTop 4032Sofia60
Radio Daga 99.6 FMBulgariaAdult Cont.64Sofia30
Radio FM+ 89.9 PlovdivBulgariaClassic Hits32Plovdiv93
Radio FreshBulgariaDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast230
Radio Hit 7 107.9 FMBulgariaDance, Trance & Techno190Sofia162
Radio Hot FMBulgariaAdult Cont.64Sofia52
Radio Jazz FMBulgariaJazz & Blues134Webcast185
Radio KatraBulgariaTop 4096Plovdiv19
Radio Maya 103.9BulgariaClassic Hits128Bourgas62
Radio NjoyBulgariaAdult Cont.42Webcast34
Radio NovaBulgariaGeneral Station32Webcast23
Radio Ultra 97.0 FMBulgariaAlternative128Pernik90
Radio Vaselina 99.1 FMBulgariaFolklore56Sofia3
Radio VeronikaBulgariaAdult Cont.96Webcast81
Radio Vitosha 93.6 FMBulgariaTop 4064Sofia5
Radio Z-RockBulgariaRock & Pop128Sofia90
Retro RadioBulgariaAdult Cont.32Sofia48
Signal High 90 FMBulgariaGeneral Station48Sofia13
Viva Hit 93.9 FMBulgariaClassic Hits48Sofia79

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