Do you speak Bangla? Bangla (or Bengali) is one of the most popular languages in the entire world with more than 230 speakers. People who speak Bangla usually come from Bengal, though there are many people who speak Bangla residing outside of Bengal too.

Whether you live in Bengal, used to live in Bengal, or have never lived in Bengal, WorldTVRadio Tuner has every kind of Bengali radio programming that you could ever want. While some satellite radio companies may offer one or two stations in Bangla, we have an entire line-up of Bangla stations for you to select from.

Some stations that might interest you include: SmasHits Radio – Artist (an artistic station broadcasting live from Dhaka); SmasHits Radio – Instrumental (music from Bengal and from around the world); SmasHits Radio – Karaoke (if you love karaoke, this one’s for you), and many other radio stations. We even have a station that plays wedding songs all day long!

If you want to get your feet moving, listen to some hot debates, or simply find out what’s happening in Bengal, then tune into any one of our Bengali stations. There’s nothing quite as familiar as listening to the radio in your native tongue, so why settle for other radio stations? When it comes to Bengali variety, WorldTVRadio Tuner knows what you want. That’s why we’ve gathered all the best radio stations from Bengal for you to listen to and enjoy. If you want Bengali music and radio all the time, then you can’t go another day without WorldTVRadio Tuner.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Bangla

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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SmasHits Radio - ArtistBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka26
SmasHits Radio - BengaliBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka62
SmasHits Radio - BhangraBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka22
SmasHits Radio - CarnaticBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka16
SmasHits Radio - GhazalsBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka20
SmasHits Radio - GujaratiBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka10
SmasHits Radio - InstrumentalBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka13
SmasHits Radio - KannadaBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka5
SmasHits Radio - KaraokeBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka11
SmasHits Radio - MalayalamBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka11
SmasHits Radio - MarathiBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka7
SmasHits Radio - Marriage SongsBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka5
SmasHits Radio - MeditationBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka8
SmasHits Radio - OldiesBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka9
SmasHits Radio - PatrioticBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka8
SmasHits Radio - PopBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka4
SmasHits Radio - QawwaliBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka8
SmasHits Radio - RemixBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka15
SmasHits Radio - Smash HitsBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka4
SmasHits Radio - TamilBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka6
SmasHits Radio - TeluguBangladeshEthnic24Dhaka8

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