Algeria is a country of many languages. Although the constitution in 1963 defined the official language of Algeria as Arabic, on May 8th, 2002, an amendment in the constitution also recognized Berber as the national language. It has been estimated that 72 percent of Algerians speak Arabic while 27 percent speak Berber. However, Arabic is actually the Algerian Arabic dialect, and the spoken version differs greatly from the written version. The Algerian Arabic dialect differs from Standard Arabic because it uses a simplified vowel system and it’s vocabulary borrows from French, Turkish, and Berber words. Moreover, the Algerian Arabic dialect breaks into many different variations; for example, Jijel Arabic, Andalusi Arabic, Maghrebi Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, and Tunisian Arabic. In the Sahara, the Bedouins speak Sahran Arabic. And in Tindouf, among the refugee population, Hassaniva Arabic is spoken. In addition, especially in Kabylia, the Kabyle language, which is part of the Berber tradition is spoken. However, since Algeria was once a French colony, French, continues to be used, although not as an officially recognized language. It is used in primary schools, in newspapers, and in official government business. WorldTVRadio Tuner radio station in Algeria broadcasts folklore, general station, and religious programs from the city of Algiers in Algeria. Radio Algerie Chaine 1 and Radio Algerie Chaine 2 broadcast Folklore, Radio Algerie El Bahdja and Radio Internationale broadcast a General Station, and Radio Corana broadcast a Religious station. Your many interest will be satisfied on WorldTVRadio Tuner because you’re likely to find what you enjoy on this extraordinary internet streaming service. Try it free. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a wide range of radio stations in Algeria.

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Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Radio Algerie Chaine 1AlgeriaFolklore20Algiers914
Radio Algerie Chaine 2AlgeriaFolklore20Algiers1042
Radio Algerie El BahdjaAlgeriaGeneral Station20Algiers1420
Radio CoranAlgeriaReligious20Algiers292
Radio InternationaleAlgeriaGeneral Station20Algiers312

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