Albanian is a language rooted in the Indo-European family, although it has been distinct enough to form its own branch in this language family. Today, it is spoken by an estimated 11 million people, most of which are in Southeastern Europe. Albanian is the official language of Albania and Kosovo, and it is a recognized minority language in the Balkans regions of western Macedonia, Montenegro, and southern Serbia. In addition, it is spoken in parts of Greece, Italy, and Sicily. The written language uses the Latin alphabet. However, the language has spread because of a diaspora of about 2 million people. This diaspora, originating in the Balkans region has spread Albanian to the North American countries of Canada and the United States, to the Western European countries of Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Germany, and Switzerland, and to countries like Turkey, Australia, and New Zealand. WorldTVRadio Tuner radio station in Albanian broadcasts folklore, ethnic, full service, and music hits from Albania and Canada. Folklore programs from Tirana, Albania, are broadcast on AlbaChat Radio, Radio Atdheu, Radio Dardania, and Top Iliria Radio. Ethnic programs are broadcast from Toronto, Canada, on Radio Iliria 100.7 FM. Full service programs are broadcast from Prishtine, Albania, on Radio Bluesky 93.3 FM and Radio Kosova 91.9 FM. And music hits are broadcast from Tirana, Albania, from Rrokum Radio. Whatever your interest, ranging from folklore to popular music, you’re likely to find it on this exceptional internet streaming service. Try it today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a rich assortment of Albanian radio stations.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Albanian

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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AlbaChat RadioAlbaniaFolklore24Tirana1
Radio AtdheuAlbaniaFolklore24Tirana208
Radio Bluesky 93.3 FMAlbaniaFull Service40Prishtine178
Radio DardaniaAlbaniaFolklore24Tirana0
Radio Iliria 100.7 FMCanadaEthnic32Toronto64
Radio Kosova 91.9 FMAlbaniaFull Service40Prishtine135
Rrokum RadioAlbaniaTop 40128Tirana139
Top Iliria RadioAlbaniaFolklore64Tirana119

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