MyFi Satellite Radio

The MyFi Satellite Radio is a product manufactured by the well known Delphi company. This is the first truly portable satellite radio, as it has a built-in antenna which enables you to receive XM Satellite Radio service on the go. It even has a clip-on antenna which works very well. XM satellite radio service will give you more than 150 channels, comprising of commercial-free music, sports, news/talk and entertainment. The MyFi Satellite Radio is the best device to listen to this amazing array of channels and you can enjoy them in your car, home or anywhere else.

The MyFi Satellite Radio comes in a package which is full of accessories, to make the device even more versatile. You will get three kits which include the car kit, office kit and the portable kit. You will also get a full function wireless remote control. The car kit comprises of a number of mounting options for the car docking station. The docking station has a number of connections like a power jack for the supplied DC power adapter, input for the antenna, and an audio output. An adapter can be used to connect to your head unit or in-dash stereo. The MyFi also has a built-in wireless FM transmitter, that will enable you to receive XM broadcast on an unused frequency of your FM radio. The supplied car antenna has a very strong magnetic base and can be placed on the roof or the trunk lid of your vehicle. The office kit has all the necessary components that you will need to play the MyFi over a SAT Radio-ready receiver at your home or office. It also includes an antenna that can be placed on a window sill. The Portable Kit includes a belt clip carrying case, a clip-on antenna and earbud headphones.

The MyFi Satellite Radio has a My XM, recording function and an on-board memory which will enable you to record more than five hours of live radio. With this function you can pause, rewind and replay the recorded stream. You can also schedule a recording, or start a new one any time. Once the memory is full, the radio will start recording over the earlier material, starting from the very beginning. The MyFi has quite a large six-line LCD display, which is well illuminated and easy to read. The radio allows you to preset 30 of your favourite channels. You can also browse the channels by category or by each station or you can directly key in the channels number. You can also store data of up to 20 song titles and artist names, so that you can be alerted when any of those songs are playing on any of the channels. The LCD display can also be configured to show certain stock prices or sport scores of your favourite teams. The radio also has a built-in alarm clock and a sleep timer, which will either beep or start playing XM programming.