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Internet Radio stations and Television From: China

MTV China is a Music and Entertainment TV network that offers 24 hour programming for the viewers in China and other areas in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Owned by the MTV Networks in Asia Pacific, MTV China has received a facelift and a new title, changing the entertainment scene in China. MTV China has been a part of the wider MTV spectrum in Asia, from MTV India, Indonesia, Thailand, Arabia, and MTV Pakistan among others.

Now, it is a major hit in China offering a wide array of programs that live up to the MTV tradition of entertainment reloaded. It was initially known as MTV Mandarin, where after breaking into MTV China and MTV Taiwan, it has been transformed to an impeccable television channel offering you the best of television that you might not get anywhere else. There are many shows scheduled every hour in MTV China, and for those who love reloaded, exceptional and true Chinese entertainment content, emanating from the glamour of China, MTV China will surely become their latest heart throb.

Music is a chief product of MTV and represents the success behind the MTV conglomerate, and in a more localized way, MTV China has been able to broadcast to those who tune to it through online the emerging songs, shows and entertainment in China. There is no better place to watch the best of home than through an online platform whenever you are, even if its thousands of kilometers from China. As much as there is a strong representation of local content, there is no way you will miss on the worldwide shows and hits in the world of music, since the 24 hour television knows the need of balancing the shows.

Music is generally inclusive of the hits in China and those hitting the entertainment scene worldwide. Just like in other MTV Stations around the world, the MTV China shows and programs are also varied and widely celebrated. Tune in to MTV China online and enjoy what fans in China are getting down to.

MTV China


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MTV China
MTV China - Online TV channel From :: China
Country/State China
City Pequin
Language Chinese
Speed 300
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV TV
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Music Television
Player Windows Media
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