Station Name: Mortal 104.9 FM

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Dominican Republic

Mortal 104.9 FM radio plays salsa and tropical music all the time. This is the first of if its kind. The power of this radio station has become one to be reckoned with as it is online too. The internet is the new stepping stone for the media houses to reach out to the larger masses. This is the modern way too which any radio station that is success driven has to move to. Mortal 104.9 FM is already online. This a good step that has availed the radio station on your finger taps. When working, one can beat the boredom with the great collection of songs.

Such a radio station can make a good company in the office without distracting you from your work. In fact, it can be a source of esteem and morale to work. Research has shown an ever increasing number of Mortal 104.9 FM listeners as it is always available online and people can access at will without any added cost of this and that parameter. It is the new hum from which shoppers are finding their way to the best offers in the market. The principle rule of a radio has been developed some more to reach out more people at their convenience.

The scene is changing as the listeners become more and more technology driven. The online radio has brought more convenience more than it has ever been witnessed in the past. This is one of the elements that are making the Mortal 104.9 FM a hot spot for all who want entertainment at its best.

Mortal 104.9 FM

Santo Domingo

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Mortal 104.9 FM
Mortal 104.9 FM - Internet radio station From :: Dominican Republic
Country/State Dominican Republic
City Santo Domingo
Language Spanish
Speed 20
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type 70s
Player Windows Media
Home Page Mortal 104.9 FM Homepage
ScheduleMortal 104.9 FMSchedule Not Available
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