Station Name: Meio Norte Television

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Brazil

Meio Norte Television broadcasts from the Brazilian city of Teresina, in the Portuguese language. The 56-speed transmission has enabled many people access the broadcasts online through media streams that are facilitated by Windows Media players. Since the channel went online, more and more people in the Portuguese speaking world are finding a new way to access information aired by the television network without having to turn on the traditional TV.

Unlike the traditional TV where program lineups are part of the information which is aired periodically, online TV is different. You can check out for changes in program line-ups at will.

Another name for this station is Middle America. This television has a strong affiliation to Rede Bandeirantes. Maranhão Fernando Sarney is an entrepreneur who is one of the founders of the television station. Prior to 1995, this station was simple known as Timon TV. This is a standardization strategy that Paulo Guimaraes, the 1993 buyer of a sizeable stake in the station, adopted in order to raise his stakes in the media world.

Although this station has embarked on an ambitious mission of maintaining an online presence, it still has strong affiliations with SBT or Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão. Local programs are available online just the way they are aired locally. In 1997, the station started using a signal owned by Central National Television after an agreement was reached that ensured that these two broadcasters continued to cultivate positive relations.

Although the station has been affected by local politics in Brazil, it has continued to air programs that attractive a large audience within and outside the borders of the country. With entry into the cyberspace, viewers expect the programming to be more liberal in order to reflect the global nature of the internet. So far, the expectations are high and indications positive as far as predictions relating to the station’s progress are concerned.

Meio Norte Television


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Meio Norte Television
Meio Norte Television - Online TV channel From :: Brazil
Country/State Brazil
City Teresina
Language Portuguese
Speed 56
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV TV
Live/On Demand Live
Station type General Station
Player Windows Media
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