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LS 82 TV Canal 7 Buenos Aires, Argentina is known in trade circles as Public TV. It has five main air stations. National coverage is ensured through use of repeaters.

Cultural programs are the main specialty for this station. These programs are in most cases in the form of documentaries. Sometimes the station employs the element of fiction in order to dig deeper into the cultural aspect of the Argentine people.

Canal 7 is the first TV station to ever broadcast in Argentina and it used frequency LS 82. This makes it the oldest TV station that exists in Argentina today. Regular broadcasts were initiated in 1951.  The broadcasts would last between 1730 hours and 2230.

Canal 7 is the only station that is within the national state orbit. The complex that is used to make these transmissions is in Avenida Figueroa which is also in Buenos Aires. This center was officially opened in 1978. Its original name was Argentinean TV Production Center.

It is also in 1978 that that the station played a major role of presenting broadcasts of Football World Cup. Injection payments were offered to different operators who facilitated the transmission of color signal through a coaxial cable network. This made it possible for video cinemas all over the country to show football matches live.

During the early years of NĂ©stor Kirchner presidency, Canal 7 used to broadcasts programs that had to fall within two categories: fiction and nonfiction. Musicals and concerts were also very common in the 70s and 80s. 

Canal 7 also prides itself with daily newscasts that last in four daily editions. The need for many programs meant that more camcorders and other technical equipment were needed. However, it is through repairs on existing equipment that a technical feat was achieved at Canal 7.

LS 82 TV Canal 7

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LS 82 TV Canal 7
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