Station Name: The LOL TV

Internet Radio stations and Television From: France

LOL TV is an internet TV station based in France; Paris to be exact. Its programming is all about comedy and is great if you are looking for a station that will keep you entertained. However, you will have to be fluent in French or you will miss all the jokes. This is because the broadcasts are done in French because the target market is the French speaking population. The show always goes on live and you can also stream the programs on your computer via Windows Media Player. The program schedule for the station is however not available, which might prove to be inconveniencing to viewers who will want to know what they will be watching. If you are looking for comedy in all forms and shapes, then LOL TV is the station for you. It is important to remember that comedy from all possible corners of the globe will be available. The best thing about it is that you can get your favorite programs on your computer anytime you want. Also, the shows are also live and you can participate and laugh your heads off. Unfortunately, because the schedule is not provided, you will have to guess or wait until the programs start. Designed to be an entertainment TV station, you can expect LOL TV to be all that and more. IT is also possible to record your favorite shows when you play them on your computer. LOL TV broadcasts all its programs in stereo sound, giving the viewers excellent sound and does not let you have to deal with static; therefore you can focus on the programs and enjoying them. Despite the lack of proper scheduling and the few details available on the comedies available, LOL TV is the perfect online TV station when you are looking for quality humorous entertainment.



Station Information and links
The LOL TV - Online TV channel From :: France
Country/State France
City Paris
Language French
Speed 200
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV TV
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Comedy
Player Windows Media
Home Page The LOL TV Homepage
ScheduleThe LOL TVSchedule Not Available
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