Good Online Radio Stations is an excellent site, which offers a free and paid version of world TV and Radio Tuner (TVRT). The current version 7 has been launched after a lot of trials and testings. The tuner has been tested for bandwidth consumption, load on the server and the performance of its database. This new version of world TVRT is also now equipped with a sound recorder and CD ripper.

The site is very easy to navigate and all the main topics are listed in a navigation window on the left. With the world TV and radio tuner you can watch 1240 TV channels and listen to more than 7500 radio stations from across the world. The TV channels include channels available only through the internet and also the standard channels which are simultaneously telecast for regular viewing and for the internet. Due to the difficulty faced by many viewers of choosing the channels from such a huge line-up the website offers a simple ordering menu where the channels are categorised by name, language, country and type. This makes navigation very easy among the different channels and you can narrow down your search very fast. offers world TVRT in two forms. One is a totally free version available for download and other has a reduced registration price of $9.99 which can be paid through Paypal. Both the versions have the latest features and access the same database, but the paid version has some extra services and features and is available as a stand-alone version, which works independently without any restrictions.

The paid version of world TVRT has the capacity to load channels much faster and an extra 100 TV channels compared to the free version. There is also a weekly service of updates in the database. The free version of the world TVRT is a Toolbar driven edition and can be downloaded for main browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and so on. This toolbar also includes 20 games and other gadgets, tools and utilities. The free version of world TVRT can only be used with the toolbar and not independently. The website has the required download buttons for both the toolbar and free world TVRT. also has an online tuner. This web page has a line-up of TV and radio channels which are categorised under each country. Next to the name of the country there are two figures in brackets, the first one being the number of TV channels and the other radio channels. If you click on the country name you will be taken to the web page which lists the TV and radio channels of that country. It also gives the name of the city from which the channel is telecast, the language and the speed of the telecast. Clicking on the channel name another web page will open which gives more details about the channel and there will be a button which will launch the station in your browser. has a detailed section on help and support which explains everything lucidly from downloading, installation and using the tuner. The website also has an interesting blog which discusses various topics on Sirius Satellite Radio.