Station Name: LCI

Internet Radio stations and Television From: France

LCI is an internet TV station that is based in Paris, France. Broadcasts on this station are done in the French language because most of its target viewers are the French. You can receive broadcasts upon demand. It is not live, and the types of shows that are found on LCI are mostly news and talk shows on topical issues like politics and other issues that the public may be interested in. It is possible for a user to get the station by using Windows Media Player on their computers for a clear signal. Its stereo sound means that streaming is crystal clear and does not bother you with those scratchy noises that are normally heard on other mono lines. The home page does not provide a lot of details on the station, which is not good because consumers will need more information about the station. Also, the target market for news shows and talk programs are usually a more mature audience, hence it is important that the station considers that they do not like to waste time navigating endless pages. A good point in their favor is that the programs can be played by Windows Media Player. This means that LCI is easily available to anyone with a computer that has Windows Media Player capability. The speed of streaming is also impressive and the viewers will not have to wait for long.

LCI TV targets French speaking viewers and they can be found all across the globe since it is a well documented fact that French is the fourth most spoken language in the world. The shows can be received upon demand, meaning viewers get recorded material; this can be a disadvantage because recorded material can be distorted and misleading. However, this can be counteracted by providing sufficient details that will assure viewers.



Station Information and links
LCI - Online TV channel From :: France
Country/State France
City Paris
Language French
Speed 350
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV TV
Live/On Demand On Demand
Station type News/Talk
Player Windows Media
Home Page LCI Homepage
ScheduleLCISchedule Not Available
Tune in Launch Station