Station Name: La Kalle 96.3 FM

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Dominican Republic

La Kalle 96.3 FM online radio is the in thing today. Technology has given us this one and everyone is going for it. You can also become a fan so easily. The content will give you all that you have ever wanted on radio. The urban rock and blue collection played by La Kalle 96.3 FM is a pure selection that has the listener in mind. The young people make the large population of on online radio listener. This FM channel is a provision that has them enjoying radio more than they had it before. This is a station where the young musicians who play this kind of music can launch their albums and reach out to the exact population segment that they want.

Commercial segments that are directed to the young people have found a platform at La Kalle 96.3 FM. Specialization in the taste of the young generation. This is the new entertainment source for the young scholars who do not want to go the music halls. The collection is picked to fit the taste of the modern music industry trends so that no one can feel like there is something that is missing. The youth want songs that have a touch of modernity. La Kalle 96.3 FM have put all these facts together and gone online armed with these findings. It is the place to be for the generation that adores urban rock and blues kind of beats.

La Kalle 96.3 is an online radio that has been tailored to meet the standards of the modern radio listener and that is why it is offering equally trendy kind of music. One can listen to this FM channel while working online or even as you carry out you other duties. The internet has made radio so fun. You can play computer games with you music on and do so much more.

La Kalle 96.3 FM

Santo Domingo

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La Kalle 96.3 FM
La Kalle 96.3 FM - Internet radio station From :: Dominican Republic
Country/State Dominican Republic
City Santo Domingo
Language Spanish
Speed 48
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type 70s
Player Windows Media
Home Page La Kalle 96.3 FM Homepage
ScheduleLa Kalle 96.3 FMSchedule Not Available
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