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One canít help but ask how can such a tiny country as the US Virgin Islands hold so many people, yet still be so full of life, and information?  Part of that is due of course, to the gorgeous beaches and weatherówho doesnít want to lie out on the white sand beaches in the balmy, nearly perfect weather, or go diving?  On the other hand, listening to WorldTVRadio Tunerís WSTA Lucky 13 1340 AM to catch up on almost anything will be of great assistance, too.  Keeping up with political events, and regional news is just one important aspect of what this station does.

For the listeners who just have to have their fix in listening to regional musical, tuning into WorldTVRadio Tunerís WZIN The Buzz 104.3 FM will ease their soul.   Based in St. Thomas, like WSTA, both stations are live-streaming for the Internet, so listeners simply have to point and click to access the station.  Listening to The Buzz will give citizens and others the chance to relax to some tunes of different genres of music, still get live-streaming information about the Virgin Islands while working on their computer.

Dancing music, up to date sports news, talk shows and more are all port of the WorldTVRadio Tunerís WDHP 1620 AM specialty.  Based out of Christainted, updates on the latest microbrewery tastings and events along the Wall are also part of WDHPís lineup.  Information on kayaking, and tours all over the US Virgin Islands will be found here also.  Even economic events are kept up on by this well-rounded radio station that is live-streamed every day.  Wherever the listener may be, finding the WorldTVRadio Tunerís US Virgin Island stations will bring some sunshine into their day, mon!

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Virgin Islands


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
WDHP 1620 AMRadioVI, Christiansted16English
WSTA Lucky 13 1340 AMRadioVI, St. Thomas32English
WVWI Radio One 1000 AMRadioVI, St. Thomas16English
WZIN The Buzz 104.3 FMRadioVI, St. Thomas48English

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