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In a small country packed full of people--25.2 million to be exactóWorldTVRadio Tuner has four radio stations available in Uzbekistan.  This darling little country, situated in an area between Russia and China is home to not only an opera, but the greatest art museum in Middle Asia.   Packed full of breath-taking architecture that most would not expect to see, listen to cultural events taking place on a regular basis on Radio Uzbekistan, based out of Tashkent. 

Political events most certainly are not forgottenóthey are an important part of the daily life of the Uzbekistani people.  WorldTVRadio Tunerís Radio Tashkent will catch listeners upónot only on the politics, but on the economic and agricultural events going on as well.  Staying in touch with the arts and crafts found in the country, like those found in Bukhara and Margilon, can be done by tuning into WorldTVRadio Tunerís Radio Yoshlar at any time.

Sports aficionados will be able to easily find the information that they are looking for on WorldTVRadio Tunerís Radio Mashal.   Keeping up with football and soccer teams is easy enough to do with a simple point and click.  Staying in touch with what is going on in such a gem of a country is effortlessótake advantage of WorldTVRadio and pick one of the Uzbekistan radio stations.  Listen, and listen some moreóhow is it possible to beat listening to the real regional music of Uzbekistan?  Using WorldTVRadio and one of the Uzbekistan radio stations to roam the countryside as never beforeóit will be interesting!

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Uzbekistan


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Radio MashalRadioMashal20Russian
Radio TashkentRadioTashkent20Russian
Radio UzbekistanRadioTashkent20Russian
Radio YoshlarRadioYoshlar20Russian
TV UzbekistanTVTashkent128Russian
TV YoshlarTVYoshlar128Russian

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