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Taiwan is located just off the Southeastern coast of China, and that setting has dictated much of the history that has influenced the country. The Portuguese were said to have labeled the island “Formosa”, or “beautiful”, and the title stuck until it became more commonly known as Taiwan in the mid-1900s. Japan ceded control of Taiwan to China after the second World War. However, in subsequent years, Taiwan’s ruling body democratized many of the structures of control and helped to develop its thriving economy. The result has been a quiet conflict between Communist China and Taiwan over its eventual status and rule of law. Mandarin Chinese remains the official language, though Taiwanese dialects are also spoken. The country offers busy cities, green mountains, and hot springs for travelers to explore. Its small size—tinier than most states in the U.S.—keeps all the action close. From those seeking a religious experience to technologists exploring the latest in computers and software, the country represents a mix of all things old and new. And now, WorldTVRadio Tuner gives you a broad spectrum of Taiwan programming from which to choose. Online TV channels include CTI TV, a Chinese language station broadcasting out of Taipei that offers the latest news and talk to its viewers. NER National Education Radio 100.5 FM is a live broadcast providing listeners with live cultural programming. And Hollywood TV, also based in Taipei, gives its audience access to movies and movie-related content. Your ticket to it all is right here with WorldTVRadio Tuner. Explore it now.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Taiwan


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
CTI TVTVTaipei200Chinese
CTS TVTVTaipei102Chinese
Da-Ai RadioRadioTaipei56Chinese
Da-Ai TVTVTaipei300Chinese
E Classical 99.7 FMRadioTaipei64Chinese
ET Mall TV Channel 1TVTaipei150Chinese
ET Mall TV Channel 2TVTaipei150Chinese
ET Mall TV Channel 3TVTaipei500Chinese
Good TVTVTaipei150Chinese
GreenPeace 97.3 FMRadioTaipei24Chinese
Heart Radio 95.3 FMRadioTaipei64Chinese
HIT FM 90.1 FMRadioTaipei64Chinese
HIT FM 91.5 FMRadioTaipei64Chinese
HIT FM 91.7 FMRadioTaipei64Chinese
Hito Radio VOT 107.7 FMRadioTaipei64Chinese
HLJ TVTVTaipei200Chinese
Hollywood TVTVTaipei270Chinese
Hwazan TVTVTaipei150Chinese
I Want RadioRadioWebcast64Chinese
Mac TVTVTaipei300Chinese
NER National Education Radio 100.5 FMRadioTai-tung32Chinese
NER National Education Radio 101.7 FMRadioTaipei20Chinese
NER National Education Radio 102.9 FMRadioTai-tung32Chinese
NER National Education Radio 1494 AMRadioTaipei32Chinese
NER National Education Radio VideoTVTaipei378Chinese
Star MoviesTVTaipei450Chinese

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