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Imagine deep forests, dense jungles, and rushing river waters. Then picture modern, bright cities, restaurants, night life, and shopping. If you can envision these settings together, you can begin to understand Suriname. The country is located next to French Guiana in the Amazon and bears the imprint of years of colonial influence. The Spanish and British explored Suriname through the 1500s and into the 1600s, until finally, the Dutch took over the territory. Fast-forward to present-day. Suriname has been controlled by a democratically elected government since 1991, despite many years of enduring the slave system and military rule. The result of this history is that the descendants of escaped slaves live side by side with those of the Dutch and British settlers. Indian and Chinese influence is also felt throughout the country. Having this mix of cultures presents challenges, such as an enormous amount of languages and dialects that are spoken. There are, of course, many benefits, including incredible food that represents the best of all cultures. WorldTVRadio Tuner is giving you a way to experience all that Suriname has to offer through free Internet radio and television. Radio ABC out of Paramaribo is your Dutch language gateway to the Top 40. Live streaming content ensures you do not miss out on the latest in music. ATV is Suriname’s online television broadcast providing a selection of Dutch content. And for those seeking Adult Contemporary programming, Apintie Radio, also based in Paramaribo, broadcasts live streaming music for its audience. Access the best from all over Suriname right here at WorldTVRadio Tuner.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Suriname


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Apintie RadioRadioParamaribo18Dutch
Radio 10RadioParamaribo24Dutch
Radio ABCRadioParamaribo20Dutch
Radio Garuda 105.7 FMRadioParamaribo20Dutch
Radio RaparRadioParamaribo24Dutch
Sky RadioRadioParamaribo64Dutch

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