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Qatar, locally known as Dawlat Qatar and officially known as the State of Qatar, is in the Middle East.  It is located on the Qatar Peninsula, which is northeast of the Arabian Peninsula.  Surrounded by the Persian Gulf, it is bordered by Saudi Arabia in the south.  The Persian Gulf separates it from Bahrain, an island nation.  It used to have long-standing disputes with both its neighbors, but resolved them in 2001.  Once a British protectorate, known for it’s pearl diving, it is now an oil and gas state with the second highest gross domestic product in the world.  Ruled by the al-Thani family, it has been an absolute Monarchy since the mid 19th century.   Qatar has many interesting  complexes to meld the old culture with the modern world, like the Al-Sharq Village Resort & Spa, the Al-Waqif souq sports passageways, and the air-conditioned tented accommodation in Khor al-Adaid.  WorldTVRadio Tuner for Qatar has 3 television and 3 radio stations broadcasting in English and Arabic.  On television, you can watch an extensive variety of educational and entertainment shows.  Al Jazeera is available for both English and Arabic Speakers.  For English, tune into Al Jazeera TV English.  For Arabic, tune into  Al Jazeera.  On radio, you can listen to political, economic, religious and cultural talk shows, as well as news and music.  Qatar radio is available for both English and Arabic Speakers.  For English, tune into Qatar Radio English.  For Arabic, tune into Qatar Radio Arabic.  In addition, for those studying Islam, there is Qatar Radio Holly Quran.  Both English and Arabic speakers  will enjoy WorldTVRadio Tuner Qatar television and radio stations for a wide range of talk shows, news and popular music broadcast live from the capital Doha.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Qatar


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Al Jazeera TV EnglishTVDoha300English
Aljazeera TVTVDoha100Arabic
Aljazeera TV Signal 2TVDoha100Arabic
Qatar Radio ArabicRadioDoha20Arabic
Qatar Radio EnglishRadioDoha32English
Qatar Radio Holly QuranRadioDoha32Arabic

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