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The Republic of Peru in western South America, is a vast, sprawling land.  It’s estimated population of 29 million people spring from ethnic groups like Amerindians, Asians, Africans, and Europeans.  In the north, it is bordered by Ecuador and Colombia; in the east, by Brazil; in the southeast, by Bolivia; in the south, by Chile; and in the west, by the Pacific Ocean.  Conquered in the 16th century by the Spanish Empire, it achieved independence in 1821, and since then has swung between political unrest and stability and between economic booms and busts.  Today, it is a democracy that is divided into 25 political regions and the economic focus is on textile manufacturing, as well as, mining, fishing, and agriculture.  It’s geography, like it’s history, multiethnic, and politico-economic fate, is rich and diverse, from the dry plains of the Pacific coast to the tropical rainforests of the Amazon Basin.  Here, too, are the lofty peaks of the Andes mountain range.  Once the home of Inca warriors and Spanish conquistadors, Peru is often associated with primeval  temples entangled by gigantic vines,  imperial tombs knotted by cobwebs, and ancient treasures hidden in jungles guarded by wild rivers, pumas, and shamanic rituals.  WorldTVRadio Tuner for Peru has nine television and 36 radio stations broadcasting in Spanish.  On television, you can watch an extensive variety of educational and entertainment shows in Spanish.  On radio, you can listen to Spanish political, economic, religious and cultural talk shows, as well as news and music broadcast from a wide assortment of stations.  Spanish speakers  will enjoy WorldTVRadio Tuner Peru television and radio stations for a wide range of talk shows, news and popular music live from the cities of Ayacucho, Jesus Maria, Lima, Moquegua, Huancayo, and many others.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Peru


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Bethel TVTVLima96Spanish
Canal del CongresoTVLima100Spanish
Cinetica Radio 96.1 FMRadioAyacucho32Spanish
CNR Coordinadora Nacional de RadioRadioJesus Maria24Spanish
CPN Cadena Peruana de Noticias 90.5 FMRadioLima10Spanish
Frecuencia LatinaTVLima70Spanish
Frecuencia PrimeraRadioWebcast56Spanish
Nuevo Tiempo RadioRadioLima31Spanish
Nuevo Tiempo TVTVLima90Spanish
Pacifico Television Canal 42TVLima140Spanish
Panamericana RadioRadioLima20Spanish
Peru TV OnlineTVInternet225Spanish
Punto RadicalRadioWebcast32Spanish
Radio Americana 95.7 FMRadioMoquegua32Spanish
Radio Antena Sur 90.3 FMRadioHuancayo48Spanish
Radio Comas 1300 AMRadioComas24Spanish
Radio Del Pacifico 640 AMRadioLima16Spanish
Radio Doble N 95.3 FMRadioCajamarca24Spanish
Radio Doble Nueve 99.1 FMRadioLima64Spanish
Radio Estacion Solar 103.3 FMRadioAbancay24Spanish
Radio Estudio LatinoRadioWebcast32Spanish
Radio Filarmonia 102.7 FMRadioLima32Spanish
Radio Huanuco 98.5 FMRadioHuanuco24Spanish
Radio Impacto 90.7 FMRadioHuaral21Spanish
Radio InterstellaRadioLima24Spanish
Radio Libertad MundoRadioTrujillo8Spanish
Radio MaraƱon 580 AMRadioJaen24Spanish
Radio Maria PeruRadioLima16Spanish
Radio Milenea 1530 AMRadioHuaral21Spanish
Radio Nacional del PeruRadioLima32Spanish
Radio Ovacion 620 AMRadioLima8Spanish
Radio San Borja 91.1 FMRadioLima24Spanish
Radio San Martin 97.5 FMRadioTarapoto24Spanish
Radio Stereo 92 FMRadioHuacho40Spanish
Radio Tropical 99.1 FMRadioTarapoto24Spanish
Radio Universal Cusco 103.3 FMRadioCusco24Spanish
Radio Uno 93.7 FMRadioTacna24Spanish
Radio Virgen del Carmen 99.1 FMRadioHuancavelica24Spanish
Radio Yarabi 930 AMRadioArequipa24Spanish
RPP Radio Programas del PeruRadioLima8Spanish
Stereo 92 FMRadioHuacho40Spanish
Tevesur Canal 9TVCusco50Spanish
TNP Television Nacional del PeruTVLima100Spanish
TV PeruTVLima200Spanish

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