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The South China Sea has cleaved Malaysia in half.  On the peninsula, Malay, Chinese, and Indian traditions create a harmonious blend of cultures and on Borneo, primitive tribes and wild animals live in a jungle of dense trees and granite hills.  Malaysia is a country of amazing contrasts--because, while Kuala Lumpur is an ultramodern city, almost like a future spaceport,  Sarawak, with its longhouse villages is a casual place, and the Perhentian Islands, with powdery sands and swaying palm trees, are paradisiacal.  However, what really makes Malaysia famous is the food because what Malaysians do better than any other country in the world is to cook a diversity of delicious ethnic Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Chinese-Malay spicy delicacies.  The various racial groups, social structures, religions and traditions have not only learned to get along but to thrive together to make this one of the safest, most stable political and economic regions in Southeast Asia. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Malaysia has five television and five radio stations broadcasting in Malay and Chinese.  On television, you can watch an extensive variety of educational and entertainment shows in Malay from Lumpur.  On radio, you can listen to political, economic, and cultural talk shows, the national news, and a inclusive medley of music.  Most of the radio shows are broadcast from Lumpur, but Melaka 102.3 FM is broadcast from Malacca.  Malay and Chinese speakers  will enjoy WorldTVRadio Tuner Malaysia television and radio stations for a broad coverage of talk shows, news and popular musical entertainment live from the cities of Lumpur and Malacca.


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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Malaysia


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
98.8 FMRadioKuala Lumpur32Chinese
Cyberjaya TVTVKuala Lumpur118Malay
Malay Net RadioRadioKuala Lumpur24Malay
Melaka 102.3 FMRadioMalacca20Malay
Nasional 94.9 FM ( Radio 1 )RadioPenang16Malay
Putra 90.7 FMRadioKuala Lumpur64Malay
Red 104.9 FMRadioKuala Lumpur32Malay
RTM Channel 1TVKuala Lumpur150Malay
RTM Channel 2TVKuala Lumpur150Malay
WTV 8TVKuala Lumpur102Malay

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