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Vive la France! If you happen to speak French, then you’ll love all the television and radio stations that WorldTVRadio Tuner has to offer you – live from France! We have broadcasts from Paris to Bordeaux, and everywhere in-between. Whether you want to brush up on your French or listen to the language of your childhood, WorldTVRadio Tuner has your beloved France covered.

If you fancy moving your dancing feet, then you’ll love what Alouette 92.8 FM has for you. This station broadcasts top 40 music live from Les Herbiers around the clock. You’ll hear lots of popular French music along with music from across the world on Alouette 92.8 FM.

Arte TV is a wonderful television station that you’ll enjoy if you are into French culture. This station broadcasts cultural events, cultural programming, and anything to do with, well, culture. Arte TV is based in Paris, and this station is broadcast entirely in French.

Canal Academie is another television stations live from Paris that you shouldn’t miss. This station has many different programs ranging from cultural shows to popular dramas and sitcoms. When you want to watch something other than Western television, tune into Canal Academie.

In fact, all of our channels are drastically different from television stations that you’ll find anywhere else. While your cable or satellite company may offer you one or two unique stations, you won’t find such an extensive list of French broadcasting anywhere else. If you want to stay in-touch with the French culture, then select any one of our television or radio stations – you’ll soon find that we know France inside and out.  
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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  France


Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 |
13 97.6 FM Radio Marseille 21 French
13 FM 97.6 FM Radio Marseille 20 French
4U 80s Radio Webcast 64 French
4U Classic Rock Radio Webcast 128 French
4U Funky Classsics Radio Webcast 64 French
4U Rock N Metal Radio Webcast 128 French
A7J Radio Radio Paris 20 French
ABF - Alternative Bass Fréquence Radio Paris 192 French
ABF - Analog Radio Paris 160 French
ABF - Underground Radio Paris 160 French
Accent 4 Radio Strasbourg 128 French
Activ Radio 90 FM Radio Montbrison 128 French
ADO 97.8 FM Radio Paris 20 French
Agora 94 FM Radio Grasse 21 French
Agora FM Alternative Stream Radio Grasse 20 French
Akout Web Radio Radio Paris 32 French
Aktiv Radio / Coxiradio Radio Beiziers 192 French
Alouette 92.8 FM Radio Les Herbiers 128 French
Alpes 1 101.6 FM Radio Grenoble 20 French
Alpes 1 du Sud 90.9 FM Radio Gap 128 French
Alta Frequenza Radio Ajaccio 64 French
Alternantes 98.1 FM Radio Nantes 128 French
ARL 92.9 FM Radio Langon 20 French
ART Channel TV Paris 1100 French
Arte TV TV Paris 266 French
Astro Center TV TV Paris 273 French
Atila Radio Radio Reims 128 French
AYP 99.5 FM Radio Paris 20 French
Barousse FM Radio Paris 32 French
Beaub 89 FM Radio Limoges 20 French
Berbere Radio Radio Paris 20 French
Best Radio Radio Webcast 192 French
Beur 106.7 FM Radio Paris 32 French
BFM TV TV Paris 450 French
BFM TV (Alternate Stream) TV Paris 450 French
Bide et Musique Radio Webcast 128 French
Black Dog Radio Radio Webcast 128 French
Blackbox 103.7 FM Radio Bordeaux 20 French
Bloomberg TV France TV Paris 54 French
Boardriders TV TV Paris 500 English
Booster 106.8 FM Radio Toulouse 192 French
Booster 80 Radio Toulouse 160 French
Booster TV TV Toulouse 280 French
Bruaysis FM Radio Paris 20 French
C9 Radio Radio Lyon 128 French
C9 Television TV Lyon 289 French
Calais TV TV Calais 273 French
Cambos FM Radio Paris 192 French
Canal 7 Radio Webcast 128 French
Canal Academie Radio Paris 32 French