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While it’s endowed with splendid Caribbean beaches and sultry rainforest jungles, Belize is much more than just a pretty country. Belize’s tourist-based economy is complemented by its environmentally-active and passionate people who want to preserve not only their livelihoods but the pristine wilderness around them. By tuning in with WorldTVRadio Tuner, you can stay abreast of all the latest political and cultural news of this feisty Central American nation.

While Belizeans speak a range of languages including Spanish, Garifuna and three Mayan languages, English is still spoken all over – a small wonder given the nation’s reliance on tourism. Most of our channels are, in fact, in English, with a smattering of Spanish channels for good measure.

There’s no shortage of content to choose from Belize’s TV and radio. WorldTVRadio Tuner offers a host of different channels including 7 News (News and Talkback TV), Positive Vibes radio (for General Music and News) and Love FM (an Adult Contemporary radio channel in both Spanish and English).

Whether you’re thinking of one day travelling to Belize or just have an interest in the nation, you can keep track of what’s going on with our free streaming media channels. Belize has put environmental activism and eco-tourism on the map, thanks to the verve and spirit of its friendly people. It’s an ever-changing nation which is bound to surprise, and WorldTVRadio Tuner is the best way to watch and hear it happen. For everything Belizean, from breaking news to Spanish music to even love-in radio, we’ve got you covered from your living room.


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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Belize


Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 |
7 News TV Belize City 100 English
BFBS Radio Belize 1 Radio Belize City 32 English
BFBS Radio Belize 2 Radio Belize City 32 English
BFBS Radio Belize 3 Gurkha Radio Belize City 32 English
Channel 5 News TV Belize City 1100 English
Integrity Radio Radio Belize City 20 English
Krem Radio Radio Belize City 32 English
Love FM Radio Belize City 16 Spanish
Love FM 2000 90.5 FM Radio Belize City 20 English
Peoples Radio Radio Belize City 20 English
Positive Vibes Radio Radio Belize City 20 English
Wave Radio 105.9 FM Radio Belize City 20 English