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Australia, from the antediluvian gorges of Kakadu National Park to the spectacular architecture of the Sydney Opera House, is said to be a country as wide as your imagination .  It’s vast Outback display landscapes whose colors alter from a bronzed red to a burnished gold and it's biodiversity ranges from the red sunsets of Uluru to the gigantic forest trees of Tasmania.  This diversity is something you'll fully come to appreciate if you were to drive under an awning of deep azure across the 513 kilometer Victoria Highway through the variegated landscapes and tracts of cattle ranches from Katherine to Kununurra.   Whether you want to sample Semillon and Shiraz wine from the oldest wine region in the Hunter Valley or admire rare opals in Coober Pedy, you’ll find this country fascinating.   Perth, it’s capital in Western Australia, is considered one of the most isolated capital cities in the world, Denham nestles on the most crystalline clear waters you‘ll ever see, and Adelaide has the finest gardens, zoos, museums, and galleries in the world, a city famous for its Botanic Garden, Adelaide Zoo, the South Australian Museum, the State Library of South Australia, and the Art Gallery of South Australia.   So it certainly makes for a wonderful evening listening to TV and radio broadcasts from Gold Coast, Port Douglas, Hobart, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Wagga Wagga, Byron Bay, Gosford, Warrigal, Bendigo, Blacktown, Armidale, and Geelong -- to name but a handful of the many cities covered by WorldTVRadio Tuner.  Although most of stations broadcast in English, you can also tune into Arabic Radio, Greek Radio, and Italian Radio.  Whether you're in the mood for news, community, sports, easy listening music, or any other type of radio broadcast, you can find it easily on WorldTVRadio Tuner. (294 words) 01/13/2010_SR


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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Australia


Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
3KKZ Gold 104.3 FM Radio Melbourne 20 English
3LO 774 ABC Melbourne Radio Melbourne 40 English
3MBS 103.5 FM Classically Melbourne Radio Melbourne 20 English
3MDR 97.1 FM Mountain District Radio Radio Emerald 128 English
3MEL Nova 100.3 FM Radio Melbourne 32 English
3MMM Triple M 101.5 FM Radio Melbourne 32 English
3MP 1377 AM Pacific Star Network Radio Melbourne 32 English
3NNN 102.1 FM The Edge Radio Wangaratta 32 English
3PBS 106.7 FM Radio Melbourne 32 English
3PTV Vega 91.5 FM Radio Melbourne 32 English
3RIM 97.9 FM Community Radio Radio Melbourne 24 English
3RRR 102.7 Triple R FM Radio Melbourne 32 English
3SER 97.7 FM Radio Casey Radio Melbourne 128 English
3SYN 90.7 FM Radio Melbourne 128 English
3TTT Mix 101.1 FM Radio Melbourne 20 English
3UZ Sports 927 AM Radio Melbourne 32 English
3WPR 101.3 Oak FM Radio Wangaratta 24 English
4BAY 100.3 Bay FM Radio Brisbane 32 English
4BBB B-105 105.3 FM Radio Brisbane 32 English
4BC 1116 AM Radio Brisbane 20 English
4BFM 97.3 FM Radio Brisbane 20 English
4BH 882 AM Radio Brisbane 20 English
4BI Switch 1197 AM Radio Brisbane 128 English
4BNE Nova 106.9 FM Radio Brisbane 32 English
4CA 102.7 FM Cairns Radio Radio Cairns 32 English
4CBL 101 FM Radio Logan 32 English
4CCC 89.3 Rainbow FM Radio Warwick 24 English
4EB 98.1 FM Ethnic Radio Radio Brisbane 24 English
4FRB 96.5 96 Five FM Radio Brisbane 56 English
4GLD Gold 92.5 FM Radio Gold Coast 56 English
4K1G 107.1 FM Too Deadly Radio Radio Townsville 32 English
4KQ Classic Hits 693 AM Radio Brisbane 20 English
4KZ 531 AM Innisfail Radio Radio Innisfail 20 English
4MBS Classic 103.7 FM Radio Brisbane 192 English
4MET Radio Metro 105.7 FM Radio Gold Coast 128 English
4MIX 94.9 River FM Radio Ipswich 128 English
4MMM Triple M 104.5 FM Radio Brisbane 32 English
4SCR 90.3 ABC Coast FM Radio Nambour 40 English
4SDB 89.3 Rainbow FM Radio Warwick 32 English
4SEA 90.9 Sea FM Radio Gold Coast 32 English
5AA FiveAA 1395 AM Radio Adelaide 32 English
5ADD Mix 102.3 FM Radio Adelaide 32 English
5ADL Nova 91.9 FM Radio Adelaide 20 English
5FBI 92.7 Fresh FM Radio Adelaide 128 English
5RAM 107.9 Life FM Radio Adelaide 96 English
5RTI 531 AM Radio Italiana Radio Adelaide 128 Italian
5SSA SA FM 107.1 Radio Adelaide 32 English
5TAB Tab Radio 88.0 FM Radio Mount Gambier 32 English
5UV Radio Adelaide 531 AM Radio Adelaide 192 English
6CCR Radio Fremantle 107.9 FM Radio Fremantle 64 English