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Whether you want to keep up with the Red and Blacks or whether you just want to hear about Albania’s current political forecast, WorldRadio and TV has all the best Albanian television and radio channels.  Albania is a diverse country filled with interesting culture, a passion for football, and plenty of hot topics. Even if you don’t speak Albanian, take a look at some of the television stations that WorldRadio and TV has to offer – you’re sure to be entertained by what you see!

If you do happen to speak Albanian, why settle for an English radio station based in North America when you can listen and watch live broadcasts straight from Albania? Instead, tune into any one of our Albanian channels (broadcast in Albanian) from the heart of Albania – including stations from Tirana and Prishtine.

We have more than 15 different radio and television stations for you to select from, and all of them are packed with exclusive Albanian content. Some of our top Albanian stations include Top Iliria Radio (Albanian folklore and culture), Vizion Plus (news and talk radio), Top Channel (news and talk television), and AlbaChat Radio (folklore and culture radio).

Forget about spending more money on your satellite bill every month in order to watch Albanian stations, and tune into our streaming broadcasts. Albania is a country full of unique ideas, cultural events, and lively music – all of which can be discovered by turning into Albanian television and radio on WorldTVRadio Tuner. When it comes to Albania, we’ve got all of your sports, news, current events, and favorite television shows covered.


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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Albania

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Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 |
AlbaChat Radio Radio Tirana 24 Albanian
Alsat TV TV Tirana 100 Albanian
Radio Atdheu Radio Tirana 24 Albanian
Radio Bluesky 93.3 FM Radio Prishtine 40 Albanian
Radio Dardania Radio Tirana 24 Albanian
Radio Kosova 91.9 FM Radio Prishtine 40 Albanian
Rrokum Radio Radio Tirana 128 Albanian
Rrokum TV TV Tirana 540 Albanian
RTK 1 Nedelji Kolaz TV Tirana 40 Albanian
RTK 1 Haber TV Tirana 40 Albanian
RTK 1 Info 17:00 TV Tirana 40 Albanian
RTK 1 Mostovi TV Tirana 40 Albanian
RTK 1 Mozaik TV Tirana 40 Albanian
RTK 1 Vesti TV Tirana 40 Albanian
RTK 1 Vijesti TV Tirana 40 Albanian
RTK 1 Yekhpe TV Tirana 40 Albanian
Top Channel TV Tirana 96 Albanian
Top Iliria Radio Radio Tirana 64 Albanian
Vizion Plus TV Tirana 85 Albanian