International Satellite Radio

A satellite radio service has excellent programming content and is received in high quality digital audio. These are the major two factors that make it so popular. There are still only a few companies that give satellite radio service. In United States there is the Sirius XM satellite radio which is a merger of the previous two companies, XM and Sirius. This company has a coverage only in mainland United States and Canada. If we look for a company that is truly on an international scale it would be the Worldspace International Satellite Radio, which is now known as 1worldspace.

Worldspace International Satellite Radio was started by Noah Samara in 1990, and he was previously working with XM Satellite Radio. He became the Chairman and CEO of Worldspace, and his aim was to provide Africa and Asia, with services of satellite radio, multimedia and data. The company now provides satellite radio service, where such services are not available, and promotes the use of cheap radios that are portable, so that their subscription fee and cost of equipment is affordable to most of the people in such regions.

International Satellite Radio services need a globally allocated spectrum to broadcast their signals. Worlspace is the only company in the world to hold rights to such a spectrum, and its broadcasting coverage includes Africa, China, India, Middle East and many parts of Western Europe. The coverage area is 14 million square kilometers, having a population of 5 billion people, out of which there are 300 million car owners. The company is able to provide throughout this vast area, digital signals without any noise or interference. 1Worldspace has launched two satellites called the AfriStar and AsiaStar. Each of these satellites transmit through three beams covering East, West and South. Each of the beams is able to transmit 80 channels directly to portable satellite radios.

There is a proprietary chipset in the portable satellite radio, to lock on, to the 1worldspace satellite signal. Depending on your location and the beam that you are receiving, you will be able to enjoy more than 100 digital quality audio channels. The clarity of these channels is truly outstanding, and you can enjoy the high quality digital audio on the portable receiver's speakers or you can hear it on your computer or home audio systems. Every 1worldspace portable radio comes with a data port that can be used as a wireless modem, to download data, streaming video and multimedia content to your PC at a speed of 128kbps.

1worldspace International Satellite Radio service provides an excellent programming content that caters to the diverse cultures and preferences of this massive area. The programming has brand name content, news, sports, music, and informative programs, meant for educational purposes. Out of the 62 channels that are currently being broadcasted, 38 are provided by third parties, of which some are international, and the majority are regional and national. The remaining 24 channels are in-house productions of Worldspace, created by themselves or have been created for them. The music channels include the popular international music and genres like Rock, Country, Classical, Jazz and also contemporary hits. The studios of 1worldspace are in Washington DC in the US, Bangalore in India and Nairobi in Kenya.