Installing Satellite Radio

Satellite radio services in United Sates are quite popular and people like to listen these services, even though they have to pay a monthly subscription fee. There are more than 130 channels available, which comprise of commercial-free music, sports, news/talk and entertainment. You need a satellite radio to receive these broadcasts and they have to be properly installed.

Satellite radios come in many different kinds of models and designs. There are ones built for home use and there are models that can be installed in vehicles and boats. The latest ones are the portable models which can be used in the home and in your vehicle and on the go. Usually a satellite radio is sold as a package and you will get all the components necessary to make a successful installation. For the home there are models available that can seamlessly integrate into your A/V receivers or home theater systems. Installing satellite radio at home is relatively easy, than installing it in a vehicle. You will either have to place the radio along with your other audio equipments, or if it is a tuner you can even mount it on the wall. You will have to connect the radio to your SAT Radio-ready receiver, with the supplied DIN connecting cable. This cable usually will take care of the power requirements, transfer of audio and controls. An AC adapter is also supplied in case your receiver is not able to supply the power through this cable.

The most important part in Installing Satellite Radio is the correct mounting and positioning of the antenna. The antenna is mostly supplied along with the radio, and also the connecting cable. For home installations the antenna is ideally mounted on the roof of the house. If this is not possible, then the window sill is the next best place. The antenna should have a direct line of sight of the sky and should be free of any obstructions. The direction of the antenna will depend on the location of your house and this information is provided in the manuals. Once you have correctly positioned the antenna, you can see the signal strength on the signal indicator, which will be usually displayed on you receiver's screen. You can move the antennas in small degrees until you have got the optimum position. The rest is easy, as you just lay the connecting cable and start receiving the broadcasts after paying the subscription fee.

Installing Satellite Radio in a vehicle is more tricky and if you are not having any idea, you should get professional help. The portable models of satellite radios which are available now, are very sleek and compact, and are easy to install, as they usually come with a car kit. The kit will have all the necessary components for an effective installation. You will have to decide where you would like to mount the satellite radio. The portable models can be fitted on the dash or the windscreen with the supplied docking brackets and arms. The antenna will have a magnetic base and can be placed on the roof or the trunk lid.