Howard stern satellite radio

Satellite radios have been the new trend of the season. People continuously seek for technological developments. Listening is always been the favorite passion of man. People often tend to get mesmerized by lovely tunes. People and music are often linked and no travel is complete without music in it! Thus it is essential for the listeners to hear to unlimited tunes when they travel. The conventional radio system has the great disadvantage of having area constraint. One may not able to hear to the same station after leaving the radio coverage area. Thus there comes the need for a system which offers uninterrupted music through out travel. Satellite radios have become an instant hit where people overcome the radio coverage constraints. Satellite radios are based on satellites which offers wide footprint and thus it guarantees uninterrupted tunes! It is often based on a pay for service model in which the users are required to get subscribed to channels they tend to listen. Thus Satellite radio offer commercial free entertainment. The reason for FM to broadcast commercials is that it offers free channels, hence in order to generate revenue it broadcasts commercials along with the channels. But in case of satellite radios the channels are offered free of cost thus one overcomes the irritation due to commercials in the middle of the favorite programs. The two famous service providers for satellite radios are Sirius and XM. They both are tough competitors and one has to decide their service provider before buying their device as the satellite radio equipment is service provider dependant. Sirius has been trying to offer great programs for its listeners and its latest popular program includes the Howard stern show. It is broadcasted at 6 am in the morning from Monday to Thursday and is repeated every day.
    One can also hear the best segment from the previous week. Howard Stern is on the channels 100 and 101 and the show is immensely popular among the listeners. There are lots of fans for Howard Stern for his obscene jokes. He has created a name in the world of comedy and there are lots of fans for him. The channels covers a wide range of shows namely shows from Chuck Zito, Greg. Chuck Zito is a famous former Golden gloves Boxer. He is also an actor on the award winning HBO drama Oz and he hosts famous programs on Howard 101.There are also good comedy shows hosted by big celebrities. These celebrities include Adam Corolla, Jimmy Kimmel, and Sarah Silverman etc. The show by Greg and team is very popular. There are shows by Bubba which gets completely uncensored and there are also shows on sports opinion, politics etc. They have good ratings and have lots of listeners. All shows are very unique and been hosted up with lost of originality and creativity. The sports shows are hosted by Scott Ferrall and he dominates the show every night with lots of liveliness! He completely understands the audience and makes perfect shows that are liked by them.