Station Name: Hit 94 FM Stereo

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Aruba

Hit 94 FM is an epitome of the media scene. The collection offered here brings on all the aspects of information to the audience like no other radio station without overlooking the importance of entertainment. Each session has its well picked content that keeps the audience listening and looking forward to some more. The early morning traffic can be an easy time for a listener as Hit 94 FM will give you a good company as it takes care of all types of music tastes. The icons in the music industry are played here non-stop.

This station is a must listen one for any age as it welcomes the audience with limiting the wrap up of constituents. The stuff that is played in this station is listener-oriented and the pick was made based on the requests of the audience. This is a fact everyone can enjoy. We all want a radio that will entertain and update us on the important things that are happening around us and in the world at large. This is the key drive of Hit 94 FM. Any time of the day, these basic elements of quality radio will never lack and keep the listeners tuned in.

When both local and global attributes are brought together by the Hit 94 FM presenters, the effect is unmistakable. The old hits bring back the nostalgia and the new hits give the listener the reality of the growing music industry. Anyone who tunes to this station will always be ahead of the crowd. Professions do this job and know all the relevant facts that you want here. The greatest point of all is the way the programs are scheduled. The taste of choice of the items to be aired at specified times of the day are impeccable. And you get all these through the internet from anywhere in the world.

Hit 94 FM Stereo


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Hit 94 FM Stereo
Hit 94 FM Stereo - Internet radio station From :: Aruba
Country/State Aruba
City Oranjestad
Language Papiamentu
Speed 64
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Top 40
Player Winamp /Quick Time / Other
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