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Activating world TV and Radio Tuner

world TVRT has two editions, depending on your installed edition the activation process is slightly different:

1. Digital River Edition

The Digital River Edition of our software is the one available to download from our website, this edition is also available in Digital River and affiliates online stores, if you purchased world TVRT from a Merchant Service different to PROTEXIS, please follow the next steps

Reminder window

1. Click on the ENTER KEY button from the reminder screen. Remember to have on hand the serial key sent by RegNow when you filled out the purchase order. The activation screen shows two fields: Name and key, it also shows a non editable field named Hardware fingerprint, it is composed by a combination of letters and numbers. RegNow will generate your key based on this code and your name (exactly as registered on the purchase order and case sensitive).

Activation window

2. Type the code delivered by RegNow with the Purchase order confirmation message, please remember that it is better to copy and paste the code instead of type it, this will help to avoid typing mistakes. Type your name as Registered on the confirmation message

Click on the OK button when done

If the key and name are correct you will see a short confirmation message and your world TVRT will be registered, if you receive an error message please check key and name to locate possible typing mistakes, if everything is exactly as sent by RegNow, please copy the hardware fingerprint, key, and name used to registered and send us a message to, we will check and correct the problem if any.

2. Protexis Edition

If your software was downloaded from Protexis and you used Protexis merchant services to buy our software, please follow the next steps:

Protexis purchase order Step 2

1. When the trial ends, this dialog gives the choice of buying a serial number for a full license, or, if the user already has a number, upgrading to the full license. After you click on the next button, a new dialog appears, containing a brief description of the purchase process

2. After you receive the serial number and activation code please copy and paste them in the fields provided (as shown on screenshot)

3 Click on the NEXT button, if the code and serial number are both correct your copy will be activated at this point.

If you receive error messages activating your copy, please follow the steps provided on screen to correct the problem