Hacking Satellite Radio

Who doesn’t want to listen to satellite radio for free, without having to bother about paying bills every month? It turns out that it is possible to do that by hacking satellite radio. Though a lot of unauthorized people hack the signals, this is illegal and is punishable by law. The only expenditure on your part will be the basic installation of the devices and compared to what you will be saving, this will amount to nothing. Though you can save a lot, this can affect the satellite radio a lot and if they start running on loss, you may not be able to listen much after they shut down.
Some people pay for the basic channels and then fix the decoders to get channels they have not subscribed to. This is referred to as satellite theft and is one of the major problems faced by satellite radios. The disturbing fact is people not only do this for themselves but the ones who are good at it will reprogram the service for a price and make a business out of it. It is quite easy to gain access to the locked receivers with satellite radio. Even if the service gets disabled an updated software can be used to unlock it. If you look online a number of websites even tell you how to get it done.
The hacked programs are sometimes even recorded and sold which is another problem faced by satellite radio. Though the law is not very strict the in many areas, the companies are now getting the police to take some action against the hackers so the risk is probably not worth taking.  In spite of all the laws there seems to be no decline in the rate at which the satellite radios are getting hacked. More than a million households use the hacked satellite TV. They even watch the pay per view channels for free. The estimated loss is more than a billion dollars per year.
The distributers of the devices used to hack and even the manufacturers can be sued by the satellite radio under the copyright laws. The customers of these manufacturers who are found to be using the service will be asked to pay a few thousand dollars if found guilty. You can end up in jail so the consequences aren’t worth what you save as you will lose much more than you can save with the hacking.
If saving money is the reason you want to hack the satellite radio, you can opt for satellite TV software which can be installed on your PC or laptop. Those who want to play safe and not get onto trouble can listen to satellite radio for free by using some other methods like assembling a satellite dish yourself, using a PCTV card and using satellite TV software. Some channels can also be listened to on the internet for free. These legal ways are far safer for you as and you can listen to radio with a clear conscience.