Hack Satellite Radio

Today, there are many ways through which you can hack satellite radio. With a little knowledge on electronics and computers, you can enjoy free satellite radio wherever you are. Most satellite signals do not come encrypted and with a normal receiver with an antenna, you can get satellite radio waves and enjoy free listening.
Satellite radio is mostly used with specific hardware and but you can still receive the signals on your computer using a sound hardware plugged in the PC.  There are a number of commercial software that allow you record and store the songs being played on your PC' and later burn them as mp3s.
XM Satellite Radio has however discontinued the PC enabled service but this has not entirely made this impossible. This is especially after a number of companies and individuals came up with their own versions of the hardware.   The software can be plugged into radio recording software such as Time Trax, and thus you can still create your own mp3s from the satellite service.
Another popular way of hacking satellite radio is to do some modifications on the hardware. For this hack, you will need a BEV or DishNet receiver with a JTAG programmer and JTAG port.  Basically, you will have to subscribe to the satellite radio station, such as XM or WorldSpace, install a TSOP and then unsubscribe from the service. As long as your TSOP is locked, you will keep receiving the radio service. If you already have a subscription and you are willing to destroy your satellite radio receiver, remove its TSOP and put it in a BEV, DishNet or EchoStar receiver. After this, use a JTAG to read and then save it. The next step is to put a blank TSOP in the radio receiver, clone or duplicate the read BIN onto it and then insert this in your satellite radio. With that, you can enjoy free satellite radio services from your receiver. You can buy TSOPs chips and JTAGs from the internet.
A simple way to get free listening from Sirius Satellite radio is to cancel your subscription, unplug your car receiver for about a month, and simply plug it in again. With this, you can enjoy satellite programming for some time. Some receivers will also allow you to continue accessing satellite services if they are not switched off. Simply cancel your subscription and leave the receiver power on. As long as the receiver is powered, you will continue enjoy free satellite services.
It is worth noting that hacking XM radio is slightly harder than Sirius receivers. While you can hack Sirius by cloning the JTAGs, XM receivers do not use JTAGs. You can get a lot of information on hacking satellite radio from the internet. The best resources would be in hardware and software hacking forums where users share their experiences in hacking these services. In fact, some forums even provide a step by step instruction to enable you hack satellite radio.