Free TV And Radio Online

It’s Come A Long Way

Some of us may remember those early, tiny, black and white televisions.  At the time, they certainly seemed miraculous, but developments in the intervening years now make them seem hopelessly primitive.  From a screen that was little larger than a dinner plate, you can now have a television screen that will fill a wall.  There is a wide range of programs available via satellite dish or cable, and these have offered a chance for nearly everyone to expand their viewing horizons greatly.

However, a television of any kind is not the only way to view a wide selection of shows, or listen to nearly any radio station you want.  Now, your own computer can deliver television shows, and radio programs to you at no cost whatsoever.  This can help to expand your choice of shows and introduce you to television programs from 100 countries.  Your radio selections will be even more expansive, as you will have access to over 10,000 radio stations from all points of the globe.

At No Cost To You

It may seem incredible, but this website actually offers you the opportunity to receive free television, radio, games, and more to expand your enjoyment of your computer.  All you need do is download the Toolbar and the World TVRT Edition and you will be ready to go.  These are easy to download and install on your computer and will help you get even more out of your computer.  The Toolbar and TVRT Edition are available in English and five other languages:  Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian. 

When You Want An Upgrade In Service

Although the Toolbar is absolutely free, and there will be no cost to you at any time for using it, some people might want to upgrade their service to give them even more choice when it comes to their entertainment. 

Unlike the Toolbar, the Stand Alone Edition carries no restrictions with it, and even uses its own database.  With the Stand Alone Edition, you will be able to access over 100 more television channels than you were able to with the Toolbar.  The stations will also load more quickly than they will with the Toolbar alone.  Imagine surfing through this many sites; it will keep you busy and engaged for days.  Weekly updates of the database will provide you with ever more great sites and channels to use.

You can register for the Stand Alone Edition for under ten dollars.  This version will require PayPal to institute, so your payment will be received quickly and you will be able to start enjoying your expanded viewing and listening right away.  You will be able to do away with expensive monthly cable and satellite fees and enjoy your favorite shows at little cost.

PayPal is also a safe and secure way to pay for the Stand Alone Edition, so you can feel confident using this payment method.