Free SIRIUS Satellite Radio

You might be wondering how such a superb radio service can be available for free. Is there really anything like a free SIRIUS satellite radio? Everybody knows that Sirius radio listeners enjoy a commercial-free music for uninterrupted entertainment. Moreover, it is also graced by celebrities such as Martha Stewart, Howard Stern, Oprah, and Dr. Oz to name a few. The clear signals can be received in any location with the same quality of music due to the satellites orbiting in space. The portable radios can be taken from one place to another to seamlessly start broadcasting of channels immediately. So if all these features are present in Serius radio service, why would it be offered for free? Let us find out.

The radio company SIRIUS XM Radio aims at gaining maximum consumer satisfaction. And if they want to increase their customer base, the target market must know how good the radio service offered by them is. Typically, until a user subscribes to the Sirius satellite radio and listens to one of the 125 channels, he will not realize the quality of programming and service provided. Keeping this in mind, SIRIUS Inc. has come up with a fresh new idea- free SIRIUS satellite radio for a limited period of a week. In this way new users who are planning to buy Sirius radio service can listen and experience it first and then take a decision. All this can be done without paying a cent against the subscription. When you hear it yourself, you will believe in the quality of Sirius programming rather than reading it on some review website.

So what is the process for getting free SIRIUS satellite radio?

The process is not complicated at all. You have to register for a free trial of Serius radio on the internet by entering your complete name, phone number and email id on their website. There is no credit card needed at all. The password will be mailed to your email address. The only requirement is that you have to be 18 years of age for signing up here. Ensure that you read the privacy policies of Sirius and XM radio companies given there.

After taking these steps for free SIRIUS satellite radio, you can listen to their commercial-free music channels and selected talk and entertainment channels from Sirius and XM. These include:
§ Opie and Anthony and
§ Martha Stewart
§ Blue Collar comedy
§ Sirius Hits
§ Classic Vinyl
§ The Foxxhole
§ Raw Dog comedy
§ E Street radio
§ Metropolitan Opera Radio
§ Elvis Radio
§ Sirius Out Q
§ The Catholic Channel
§ SIRIUS Patriot
§ Grateful Dead Channel
§ The 80s on 8 channel
§ SIRIUS Left channel
§ SIRIUSLY Sinatra, and
§ Doctor Radio

Since your name and contact number is taken while sign-up for free SIRIUS satellite radio, you might receive promotional calls from the company to notify you of the latest offers and packages available. Don’t wait, register today and enjoy Sirius radio free!