Free Sirius Radio

There are a number of places you can buy Sirius satellite radio equipment. If you choose the online option you should expect free Sirius radio shipping when you buy your Sirius radio. Off course there are sites which will charge you for shipping, but it is advisable to look for online companies that are willing to offer free Sirius radio shipping. With all the online companies that are selling Sirius radio equipment, it should not be difficult to find one that offers free Sirius radio shipping.
You should also take advantage of the free Sirius radio standard installation when you buy your satellite radio kit. The kit and installation usually come at a package fee hence you should not be charged any extra installation fees. Once you pay for the package, expect free Sirius radio installation in your home. Alternatively if you want free Sirius radio installation, you can do it yourself. There is plenty of information online or from the user guides you get from your satellite kit for free. Installing Sirius satellite radio is not rocket science, so you should be able to do it in no time at all. Another way to get free Sirius radio installation if you are not electronically gifted is to ask a friend or relative to do it for you. Just ensure they know what they are doing first.
If you are not yet certain whether you want to subscribe to Sirius radio, you can check out the free Sirius radio programming schedule that is available on the internet. Looking through the free Sirius radio listings will enlighten you on the wide variety of programs that are available. It will also help you pick which channel option to subscribe to if you do not want to subscribe for all the available channels.
Some cars come with free Sirius radio already installed in them. If you want to listen to Sirius satellite radio, all you will have to do is pay subscription fees to Sirius Company. You will not need to buy any extra accessories if you do not want to.
If you cannot find free Sirius radio but you still want to listen to Sirius satellite radio, no need to worry. Subscribe to the internet option and all you will need is your computer to be able to tune in to Sirius radio channels. You will get the option of listening to over 80 channels online.
Free Sirus radio information is also available from the Sirus satellite radio company. If you want to stay updated on what is happening in the company or the latest technological developments made by the company, you can always look it up. Free Sirus radio updates are also available. For instance if there is a change in programming or there are new channels that are being added.
Sirius Radio Company guarantees it customers that commercial free Sirus radio is here to stay. If you cannot stand commercials that are characteristic of standard radio stations, choose Sirius satellite radio and sign that contract that guarantees you commercial free Sirus radio 7 days a week.
Sirius Radio Accessories
So you have decided to join the 21st century and get yourself Sirius satellite radio. As much as you are excited and jumping in delight, you might be wondering which Sirius radio accessories to get. There are several Sirius radio accessories that can be bought to increase the functionality of your Sirius radio. Sirius radio accessories include remote controls, jampack, cables, speakers, batteries, interface mounts, antennas, car cradles, iPods and mp3s.
The Sirius radio accessories you need should be determined by where you will be listening to the radio, whether in your vehicle, home, train etc. However, there are three main Sirius radio accessories that are a must have if you are to receive Sirius satellite radio. These are a Sirius satellite receiver, remote control and antennae.
There is a wide assortment of Sirius radio receivers available. Decide whether you need a receiver for your home, vehicle or a portable one that can be used in the car and home. You can choose a tuner or a boombox. For the home, you can choose a receiver that gives you the option of playing your CDs and Mp3s. some boomboxes also come with a functionality that allows you to rip songs from Sirius radio channels and burn them to make your own MP3s. There are tuners which can be hooked on to your car stereo and you are good to go. Choose a tuner that goes with the interior décor of your car.
Sirius radio accessories also include a remote control if you want to comfortably flip through channels when you are in a different room in the house or office. The remote control comes with an LCD display that displays the relevant information about the channels you are listening to such as the name of the program and host.
Other Sirius radio accessories are the Jampack and a car adapter the jampack works by allowing you to plug it into your car stereo system. This means that you do not need to buy additional batteries or look for another source of power. You also do not need additional speakers since it will use your car stereos speakers. The car adapter allows you to play your Sirius satellite radio through your normal car stereo system.
If you are constantly on the road, you can opt for Sirius radio accessories such as the Sirius Backseat TV. It comes with a video monitor and tuner. It will keep your kids occupied as you drive since it comes with children’s programming.
Other Sirius radio accessories include available storage especially if you have portable satellite radio. Storage is important since you want to be able to comfortably channel surf or listen to recorded radio. The Sirius stiletto is the best option for this. Moreover you can connect it to a Wi-Fi network.

Sirius radio accessories can be purchased from local electronic or hardware shops. They can also be accessed from various online stores such as and Also, they can be bought directly from the Sirius radio company especially if you are a first time subscriber.